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  • Labor lawyer Robert Dean (Will Smith) finds himself being chased by rogue U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) agents looking for a tape that shows politician Thomas Reynolds (Jon Voight) murdering Congressman Phillip Hammersley (Jason Robards) because Hammersley doesn't support a Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act that would expand domestic surveillance powers of law enforcement agencies. As Dean's life begins to fall apart, the only one who can help him is former government operative turned surveillance expert Edward Lyle (Gene Hackman). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Enemy of the State is based on an original script by American screenwriter David Marconi. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Reynolds shoots Lyle in the hand and demands the tape, so Robert takes him to the restaurant where the Pinteros are having dinner, knowing that it is being watched by the FBI. Saying only that Reynolds wants "the videotape", Robert makes Joey Pintero believe he's asking for the tape of Pintero and his mob buddies while Reynolds thinks he's talking about the Hammersley tape. Reynolds gets in Pintero's face and demands the tape, and Pintero reacts by pushing him away. Suddenly everyone pulls out their guns. Pintero refuses again to hand over the tape, so Reynolds and his NSA goons head for the door. Suddenly, the cook fires a shot, and everyone else opens fire on each other. Minutes later, the FBI breaks in to find Robert and the cook the only ones left standing. As the paramedics take away the two survivors, Fiedler (Jack Black) and Jamie (Jamie Kennedy), Robert slips out the door. Lyle exits the van and, carrying Babe, they slip away. In the final scene, Robert and Carla (Regina King) are watching a news report about the bill being dead—for now. Robert, who has been cleared of any wrong doings, changes the channel and discovers a goodbye message from Lyle, who has escaped to a tropical location. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The unrated version of Enemy of the State that has been released on DVD features several extended plot scenes but one has to decide on one's own whether they are an enrichment for the movie or not. But there are also some new scenes that feature some more cursing or erotic. Edit (Coming Soon)


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