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David Thornton: Richard Aufiero


  • Jerome Facher : You were aware that when you moved the Woburn the water didn't taste good

    Richard Aufiero : [during his deposition]  A lot of places the water doesn't taste good

    Jerome Facher : Do you ever use bottled water?

    Richard Aufiero : We use bottled water off and on, we cook with regular tap water if were to make something like orange juice we'd use half bottled water and half tap water but to drink straight water we'd drink bottled water

    Jerome Facher : Has any doctor ever tell you, you had any dysfunction with your immune system?

    Richard Aufiero : No, when my son died they told us that's why he died his immune system tore down to nothing

    Jerome Facher : Why'd you have him autopsied?

    Richard Aufiero : Because he was doing good he only lived three months with Leukemia he looked fine

    Jerome Facher : Did you talk to the doctor after?

    Richard Aufiero : More like a "violent" talk

    Jerome Facher : "Violent" meaning you were angry?

    Richard Aufiero : Yelling at him

    Jerome Facher : Your son seemed to be doing alright he was admission and doctors were optimistic about his future suddenly he became ill and died

    Richard Aufiero : They said that was expected and anybody with a disease like leukemia could die at any minute, you can tell if your child isn't feeling good you try to explain it over the phone and they'll ask "does he have a temperature?" I said "no, they said doesn't worry he'll be fine bring him into the clinic Monday morning, he died Monday morning

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