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Kevin J. O'Connor: Beni Gabor



  • Beni : [after a shipwreck]  O'Connell! Hey, O'Connell! It looks to me like I've got all the horses!

    Rick : Hey, Beni! Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the *river*!

  • Rick : Well if it ain't my little buddy Beni. I think I'll kill you.

    Beni : Think of my children.

    Rick : You don't have any children

    Beni : Someday I might.

  • Beni : As long as I serve him, I am immune.

    Rick : Immune from what?

    Beni : [in Hungarian]  Filthy animal.

    Rick : What did you say?

    Beni : I don't wanna tell you. You'll just hurt me some more.

  • Beni : It is better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path.

  • Rick : You came back from the desert with a new friend, didn't you, Beni?

    Beni : What friend? You are my only friend.

  • Beni : You never believed in Hamunaptra, O'Connell. Why are you going back?

    Rick : You see that girl?

    [points to Evelyn] 

    Rick : She saved my neck.

    Beni : You always did have more balls than brains.

  • Beni : [about Imhotep's sand storm]  I loved the whole sand wall trick. It was beautiful. Bastard.

  • Evelyn : You know, nasty little fellows such as yourself always get their comeuppance.

    Beni : [laughing]  Really? They do?

    Evelyn : Oh, yes. Always.

  • Rick : So, what's the scam, Beni? You take them out into the middle of the desert and then you leave 'em to rot?

    Beni : Unfortunately, no. These Americans are smart. They pay me only half now, half when I get them back to Cairo. So this time I must go all the way.

    Rick : Them's the breaks, huh?

  • [after seeing their commander turn and flee] 

    Beni : You just got promoted.

    Rick : [shouting to troops]  Prenez vos positions! Steady!

    Rick : [to Beni]  You're with me on this one, right?

    Beni : Oh, your strength gives me strength.

    [as the enemy continue to advance, Beni runs away] 

  • [Imhotep, not fully regenerated yet, walks toward Beni. Beni fearfully speaks incantations in three languages, at last speaking one in Hebrew as he is backed against a wall, waving a Star of David] 

    Beni : Al tastir panech mimeni...

    [= Do not fail to protect me] 

    Imhotep : [speaking Ancient Egyptian]  The language of the slaves...

    Imhotep : [speaking Hebrew]  Ulai uchal lehishtamesh bach. Vehaprasim...

    [= I may have use for you. And the rewards... ] 

    Imhotep : [Imhotep holds out a handful of gold to Beni] 

    Imhotep : [speaking Hebrew]  ... ihyu gdolim.

    [= will be great] 

    Beni : [relieved]  My prince.

    Imhotep : [speaking Hebrew]  Eifo havasot hakdoshot haacherot?

    [= Where are the other sacred jars?] 

  • Rick : You're gonna get yours, Beni! You hear me? You're gonna get yours!

    Beni : Oh, like I've never heard *that* before!

  • [Imhotep, fully regenerated, and Beni walk through the possessed crowd towards Rick, Evelyn, Jonathan, Dr. Bey, and Ardeth] 

    Dr. Bey : It's the creature. He's fully regenerated.

    [Imhotep speaks in ancient Arabic] 

    Beni : [translating for Imhotep]  Come with me, my princess. It is time to make you mine, forever.

    Evelyn : For all eternity, idiot.

    [Imhotep speaks in ancient Arabic] 

    Beni : [translating for Imhotep]  Take my hand and I will spare your friends.

    [Rick scoffs] 

  • Beni : Mr. Burns, Prince Imhotep thanks you for your hospitality.

    Mr. Burns : No.

    Beni : And for your eyes, and for your tongue.

    Mr. Burns : Wha...

    Beni : But I'm afraid more is needed. The prince must finish the job... and consummate the curse, which you and your friends have brought down upon yourselves.

  • Beni : [after being thrown out of Imhotep's sand storm]  I need a new job.

  • Beni : [from deleted scene]  It is three days down the Nile, then two days by camel, Barat'm.

    Mr. Daniels : All the money we're payin' you, there better be something under that sand.

    Mr. Henderson : Hamunaptra, Daniels. That's all you gotta keep telling yourself. Hamunaptra.

    Mr. Burns : We're gonna find it, boys, and we're gonna make history.

    Mr. Henderson : And get rich doin' it.

    Dr. Allen Chamberlain : [to native workers loading equipment into the riverboat]  Let's load it up! Let's load it up! Everything's in order, gentlemen.

    Mr. Burns : Thank you, Doctor.

  • Evelyn : [to Imhotep about his sand storm]  Stop it! You'll kill them!

    Beni : That's the idea.

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