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good trucking action
SnoopyStyle23 September 2016
Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) is an ex-con trying to go straight for his family Melanie (Brenda Strong) and daughter Tracy. He's an expert driver and the court took away his license. His boss Cutler offers him a job off the books to pick up a mysterious load from Atlanta. His home is threatened with foreclosure and he decides to take the job. In Atlanta, Red (Meat Loaf) pairs Jack up with Earl (Randy Travis) with Sonny (Gabriel Casseus) and Wes (Brian Kelly) driving behind them. Ford (Charles S. Dutton) and McClaren (Stephen Tobolowsky) are bickering agents from different federal agencies looking to shut down the smuggling ring. The cops are not the only one after them. Red is looking to doublecross them.

While I appreciate creating a sense that everybody's coming after Jack, it makes no sense that Red would fight his own men for the load. Red should have replaced the entire crew with his men. He definitely has plenty of men to spare. The cops are tracking the load but nobody is following them. The writing is terribly flawed but there is good trucking action. I like the unusual truck on truck violence but that's about all. Red keeps coming back to annoy me.
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Run for your life - it's Smokey & the Bandit 4!!!
bob the moo23 January 2002
Ex-con Jack Crews is offered an one-time job to drive a truck dross-country and deliver it's load of stolen guns on time. Despite having lost his licence he takes the job for the money. However once he starts his trip with an escort he finds that the original holder of the guns is trying to not only get paid for the weapons but also steal the load back. Crews finds himself trying to avoid police and criminals alike to get the job done.

Who said they don't make Smokey and the Bandit movies anymore?! This mixes both elements of those movies with modern thriller strands. The plot is therefore pretty mixed. It starts out ignoring the fact that Crews is carrying illegal weapons and ignores the moral issues this may throw up regarding the film painting him as a good man, it then focuses on big truck action with plenty of cars, trucks, jeeps blowing up and skidding all round the place. The second half keeps some of this action but it realises that it needs to end with Crews being a good guy and suddenly the guns issue is brought up and it looks for a "happy" thriller style end. The plot is quite unlikely - Why did Red suddenly seem happy to steal this load - he'd never done it before, and the "twists" aren't exactly a surprise. The action is distracting for the most part - but overblown spectacle doesn't replace genuine excitement, and, as Burt Reynolds discovered, how many times can you watch a truck crash before it gets old.

The performances are not great. Swayze is poor and just has a pained expression on his face throughout. Meat Loaf is a not so much a meatloaf as he is a huge glazed ham - he overacts and looks bugeyed like he was in one of his videos. Charles Dutton and Stephen Tobolowsky aren't great but their odd-couple interplay at least makes them interesting. The rest of the cast are familiar faces (Randy Travis, Gabriel Casseus etc) but don't really have very much to do.

Overall it's quite enjoyable because the action scenes are quite good. The story is daft and the actors don't have much to do but the sheer spectacle of it covers the whole for most of the film. Almost. The final five minutes is dumb and typical of the film's sense of spectacle over substance.
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A Fun, Fast Little Action Film
gavin694218 March 2013
An ex-con (Patrick Swayze) takes a job driving a truck cross country. What he does not know is that the truck is filled with illegal weapons and now he must fight to survive and save his family.

This film is given low ratings, and I suspect the reason is that people wanted it to be more than it is. This is the story of a man who has one chance to make a big score, and he is followed by trouble -- explosions and car crashes ensue. If you wanted more than a nice popcorn-munching film, you put the wrong DVD in, my friend.

I enjoyed this one. I did have a question or two about the plot that I think was never fully answered, but then I had to refer myself to the previous paragraph: I was expecting too much and should just relax. After that change of perspective, it is a joy.
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Unstopped action movie with trucks, guns and violence
ma-cortes27 September 2007
The movie talks upon an ex-con named Jack(Patrick Swayze), he's working as mechanic in New Jersey, the bank is about to evict his house and he has no other choice taking a job for Red(Meat Loaf), driving a large truck in a long ride cross county, all the way from Atlanta . The truck is filled with illegal arms and he must to fight for saving his spouse(Brenda Strong) and daughter. Meanwhile the ATF and Feds (Stephen Tobolowski, Charles S Dutton, Lorraine Toussaint)are after from him.

The motion picture packs noisy action, race trucks, exciting thriller and is quite amusing, furthermore contains an eerie twist plot with the legend of apparition an ominous black dog. It's entertaining because from the beginning to the end the action packed and suspense is nonstop. Patrick Swayze( unforgettable in Dirty dancing) as a two-fisted action man saving his family is cool though a little wizened.Colorful cinematography and catching musical score by George S Clinton. The picture is professionally directed by Kevin Hooks( son of actor Robert Hooks).He's an action movies expert (Passenger 57 , Fled, among others), though he usually works for television , filming known and famous series( Prison break, 24, Lost, Cold case, NYPD Blue..). Rating : Acceptable and passable and it will like to action movies buffs and Patrick Swayze fans.
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Cliched But Fun
Theo Robertson30 March 2003
I`ve got to agree with the contributers who think BLACK DOG is extremely cliched and dumb , however for those people who describe it as a SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT sequel I`ve got to disagree . Gawd SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 3 has got to be the worst film I`ve ever seen , at least in the comedy genre . BLACK DOG is a very entertaining road movie with Patrick Swayze playing the role of a reluctant criminal very well , his character and his sidekicks are all very likeable and there`s lots of good stunts and explosions . Yeah I know juggernauts crashing and bursting into flames never seems to come to the attention of the highway patrol but like I said it`s a dumb movie . I was firmly on the side of the heroes and that`s all that matters
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Drivin' my life away.
Hey_Sweden1 November 2015
Patrick Swayze stars as Jack Crews, a New Jersey dock worker in some serious financial trouble. His crooked boss, Cutler (Graham Beckel), offers Jack a sizable sum to transport some goods, despite the fact that Jack has no licence and legally is not allowed to drive. Desperate for the cash, Jack takes the job, but soon finds out that he's running guns. Together with sidekicks like aspiring country songwriter Earl (real life country star Randy Travis), he must avoid goons like the relentless Red (singer Meat Loaf), who tries to hijack the weapons for himself.

"Black Dog" is just the kind of thing you watch when you don't want to have to think too much. The script is very unimaginative, but then the story is merely a set up for a non-stop array of extremely impressive vehicular stunts, which all seem to be done the old fashioned, practical way. As a no-brainer action movie, "Black Dog" *does* do its job well enough. It also helps that some of the characters are genuinely engaging. Cutler and Red are very much stock villains; it comes as no surprise when Cutler barges in on Jacks' wife (Brenda Strong) and daughter (Erin Broderick) and threatens them in order to manipulate Jack. The comedy relief doesn't particularly work, coming from characters such as Wes (Brian Vincent) and ATF Agent McClaren (Stephen Tobolowsky); McClaren has a predictably antagonistic relationship with Ford (Charles Dutton), a hot tempered FBI agent on the case.

The supporting cast is fairly solid. Travis is pretty darn amusing, as is Meat Loaf, although the latters' dialogue gets to be annoying towards the end. The late Swayze never was an especially dynamic actor, but he creates a reasonably sympathetic and reasonably bad ass hero.

For what this is, it's enjoyable. This viewer just wishes that it wouldn't have had two separate climaxes.

Good soundtrack, too.

Six out of 10.
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Funny action film.
poolandrews3 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Black Dog starts as just out on parole truck mechanic Jack Crews (Patrick Swayze) is called into the office by his boss Cutler (Graham Beckel), he tells Jack he's got a job for him to drive a truck from Atlanta to new Jersey & he'll get paid $10,000 for it. Jack isn't keen on the idea since he has no license & wants to stay out of trouble for his families sake, at home that night Jack finds a foreclosure letter hidden by his wife from the bank who are going to repossess his families house. Amazingly they owe the bank $9,000 so that $10,000 he was offered just hours before suddenly looks very tempting. Jack accepts the job but soon finds himself hauling a lorry of guns which are being tracked by the FBI & local redneck scumbag Red (Meat Loaf) wants to hijack the truck & steal them for himself, I guess Jack is just having one of those days...

Directed Kevin Hooks Black Dog is a cheesy but sort of fun action flick that could have been better but also could have been worse. The somewhat predictable script by William Mickelberry & Dan Vining doesn't take itself too seriously & feels like an extended version of the final climatic truck chase from Mad Max 2 (1981) in the sense Jack has to protect his truck from all sorts of marauding bad guy's, obviously Swayze is no Mel Gibson & the two don't compare in terms of excitement or quality but that's what I kept think while I was watching it. The character's are clichéd & one dimensional but they serve their purpose well enough, there's some alright one-liners including a funny one where a bad guy ends up splattered on the road & Swayze says 'Eeww, roadkill'! That line alone is almost worth watching this for. It certainly moves along at a brisk enough pace, you've got your bad guy's & you've got your good guy's as well as those caught up in the middle & you know what I actually thought Black Dog was pretty fun, it's not art but it's entertaining & how can you not like a film in which the main villain is Meat Loaf & the main hero is Patrick Swayze? You can't & it's as simple & straight forward as that.

Director Hooks does alright, some of the truck crashes are impressive although the actual chase scenes lack a little spark, they are OK but not quite as exciting as I'd have liked. There's not much violence apart from a few shoot-outs & a fight at the end. Talking of the end even though Swayze has been hauling a lorry of guns & making lots of things blow up the FBI give him back his license, they let him go scott free, they take care of his $9,000 debt & let him drive the truck to the police pound. Isn't that a bit, well, generous? I mean he beat Cutler up didn't he? That in itself is assault & it doesn't matter if the guy he beat up is a scumbag either, also what about all the destruction he caused? Surely he broke the terms of his parole somewhere along the way, didn't he?

Technically the film is fine, it looks like it had some money spent on it although it doesn't quite look like a mega budget affair. The acting is OK, Swayze looks bored & embarrassed, Meat Loaf is Meat Loaf while Charles S. Dutton puts in a funny performance as FBI agent Alan Ford (Ford? Trucks? Is that meant to be an in-joke because I ain't laughing guy's!).

Black Dog is a silly, cheesy & amusing way to pass 90 odd minutes, it's a light hearted action flick using big trucks. It's watchable enough for sure.
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Road rage with Patrick Swayze and Meat Loaf.
Boba_Fett113819 June 2008
For the genre movie that this is, it's a pretty enjoyable movie to watch. It's definitely no worse or better than any other similar simple straight-forward action flick from the '90's.

Of course the movie is suffering from more than 1 problem though. One obviously is its story. It's simple and actually doesn't make a lot of sense and is a real unlikely one. I mean, why did Red ever let the truck drive off from his place, only to dangerously attempt to hijack it later, on the very same day. But oh well, without this story we wouldn't had all those exploding trucks and action scenes within this movie.

Well, it's not like the action is much spectacular though. Funny enough there are lots of exploding trucks and cars but they already seem to blow up when one of the passengers farts. Action-wise this movie just isn't good or spectacular enough to watch.

Another problem with the movie is that it has far too many villains in it. It's like the main characters against the rest of the world. The movie also doesn't seem to be able to make a choice who to make the main and most important villain of the movie, with as a result that all of the villainous characters aren't really anything memorable or evil enough, since the movie spends to much time on showing the many different villainous characters of the movie.

The movie is from the period when Patrick Swayze's career of course already was more or less on a death end. Nevertheless he's always good and serious with every role that he plays. He's also credible in this role, despite his already showing age. He was perhaps a tad bit too old at the time of this movie to play the main lead in an action movie. Meat Loaf mostly seemed to have had fun with playing his role, which shows on the screen. But like I said before, since he plays a villain, he didn't get the screen time he deserved. There are parts in the movie were he completely disappears, only to show up 20 minutes later again.

But despite this all, the movie is good and entertaining enough to watch. It's current rating on here would suggest that this is one of the worst action flicks of the '90's but it hardly is. It's also no better than some action flicks but also definitely no worse than some others.

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Not a dog, but...
Wizard-83 January 1999
This resembles a made-for-tv movie, though one with a slightly higher budget than usual. Not very interesting; though there's a lot of smash-n-burn, it somehow comes across as very unexciting. Swayze needs an agent who can find better scripts.
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A Real Dog Show.
anaconda-406588 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Black Dog (1998): Dir: Kevin Hooks / Cast: Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, Meatloaf, Charles S. Dutton, Brenda Strong: Nauseating chunk of dirt with lame dialogue such as, "You're finished Crews!" Title refers to long-distance truckers who believe that a black dog is charging for the windshield. Smart people call it drunk driving and accept responsibility as oppose to blaming it all on man's best friend. It bares little to the plot but that is Patrick Swayze's excuse when he swerves and kills two people resulting in a two year prison stay. Patrick Swayze reluctantly accepts a job of illegal transporting of weapons. He cannot trust his companions, bullets are flying, and trucks flip over and explode. And if that isn't enough, he will be met with the reality that this film sucks. Director Kevin Hooks handles the action well but the screen writing is a problem all its own. Swayze is cardboard while Randy Travis plays an embarrassing country singing trucker. Meatloaf plays a villain that is about as threatening as Ronald McDonald. He shouts threats over the phone that are unfortunately not aimed at whoever talked him into signing on to this film to begin with. Brenda Strong plays Swayze's wife who likely suspects his bullshit and just plays good wife because that is all the screenplay can summon her to do. The film is about as exciting as a kick in the crotch. A suggestion would be to use one of those trucks to run this film over. Score: 1 / 10
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Truckers Story
whpratt127 June 2006
Patrick Swayze,(Jack Crews) plays an ex-con who gets out of prison and joins his wife and child and finds out he is very deep in debt and will also lose his home. Jack is offered to drive a truck which was his profession before he visited jail and is offered ten-thousand dollars for the delivery. You can see that anyone offering that kind of money for a delivery of merchandise is a bit nuts or the entire matter is very fishy and stinks. Well, Jack decides to take this job and at the same time save the foreclosure of his home. Meat Loaf,(Red) joins Jack on this trip along with Randy Travis,(Earl) in order to make certain the goods are delivered safe and sound at their destination. There are plenty of wild scenes dealing with trucks playing all kinds of stunt tricks on the road and more action than you can handle. This is a very entertaining film, although, some of the acting and the story line go down the drain.
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Something just doesn't sound right
StevePulaski22 February 2012
Consistent readers of mine know how I love a good car/trucker movie, and Black Dog adds to the decent category of the list. It doesn't rank as high as Joy Ride or Maximum Overdrive did with me, but it proves itself worthy of recognition. It has a capable cast, a thin, yet efficient premise, but a modest level of suspense.

Our main character is Jack Crews (Swayze), a man recently released from prison for vehicular manslaughter who agrees to take a job delivering "toilets" from Atlanta to New Jersey for $10,000. His no longer has a license, but takes the job out of desperation to prevent his house from getting repossessed. When he goes to pick up a truck to deliver the "toilets," he meets Red (Loaf) a suspicious, and utterly unsettling Jesus freak who winds up being more than meets the eye.

Crews' partners on the delivery are Earl (Travis), Sonny (Cassesus), and Wes (Vincent). It isn't long before the four men discover they are being hunted by Red's men who want to turn this into a deadly cat and mouse game.

The film is low on substance, but manages to make up for the film in terms of action scenes. Some are coherently shown, and sometimes, others serve as just set pieces. The film lacks the suspense of films like Joy Ride and Speed, although it does bring a considerable amount of talent to the table. Black Dog isn't bad, but it's thin and ordinary. It lacks in the field of suspense, which is something that is almost required in the high speed trucker genre.

Starring: Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, Meat Loaf, Graham Beckel, Brenda Strong, Charles S. Dutton, Lorraine Toussaint, and Stephen Tobolowsky. Directed by: Kevin Hooks.
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"I'm just here to drive".
lost-in-limbo29 November 2014
You get plenty bang for your buck in the on-the-road action joint "Black Dog". Ex-con Jack Crews unwillingly agrees to drive a semi-trailer loaded with illegal weapons from Georgia to New Jersey in order to save his family. While it might be a one-idea action fling, it's got enough gusto and energy making it predictably routine, but still rousing Mack truck ride packed with smashing stunt work that's nothing short than spectacular. Total destruction follows. It's dangerous and it shows (look at the chase through the hills), as the imagery is important due to its simplicity. The script is thick with drama, but this never takes away from the thrills or the build of them. Even though the ending was overly cheery for my liking. Patrick Swayze emit's a natural coolness to his laid-back ex-con character that sure knows how to handle a rig. Then chuck in the villains (hit-men, bikers and FBI) who hound Swayze, where you have the larger-than-life Meat Loaf and the usual twists and turns. Distinguishable, but competently done and very exciting as we get the screeching guitar riffs to remind us that.

"That son of a b!tch can drive"
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I was thoroughly entertained!
paulclaassen29 May 2021
If you enjoyed 1978's 'Convoy' I'm certain you'll enjoy 'Black Dog, as well.

'Black Dog' is a cat and mouse action thriller with impressive action sequences, as good soundtrack, and good all-round performances - especially Patrick Swayze as the protagonist. His back story also made me root for him all the way. It wasn't very clear who the main antagonist was, though: Cutler (Graham Beckel) or Red (Meat Loaf). I presume it to be Red, since he was during the final showdown.

The stunts are incredible and the film is fast-paced and exhilarating. There's more than enough action to keep the action junkies satisfied, and suspense, too, as well as drama, and a bit of humor here and there. Very good climax. Wow, what an exciting film! I loved it!

Would I watch it again? Yes.
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And they don't even play Led Zepplin
The-Sarkologist22 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
One would expect that a movie of this name would actually play the Led Zepplin song of the same name somewhere. They don't, though they do mention it. Maybe they just couldn't get the rights to the song. That doesn't matter because it is a pretty decent film anyway and they don't need one Led Zepplin song to make it any better.

The movie is based around a truck driver that has had his license suspended for life for culpable driving (vehicular manslaughter in the US). He has just been released and is given a job repairing trucks. His boss is a crook though and wants him to run a shipment of guns from Atlanta to New Jersey, something which he does not want to do. When he discovers that his house is about to be repossessed by the bank, he changes his mind and takes the job.

The movie thus becomes a road movie in a very big truck. But there are numerous other aspects, like the theme of appearance and reality and trust. There are numerous people in the movie that have many different motives and we are never sure who is on the truckies side. The only people we know are who they claim to be are the driver and his family. Everybody else seem to have other things on their mind, and even more, they may seem bad and turn out to be good.

One may be interested in why the movie is called Black Dog. Decent name, but there is a reason behind it. It seems at first that it may have something to do with the black pitbull in the back of the truck, but this is not the case. It is actually a truckie legend, that before the truckie falls, they will see the black dog. It is a harbinger of doom and a humbler of proud souls. The black dog is only added as character background and there is never any appearance of it during the journey.

Black Dog is an action movie with big trucks. If you like trucks, then Black Dog is a good movie. If you like seeing trucks get smashed up and destroyed, then you will seriously like Black Dog. It has a simple plot with a fair bit of action. There is time where is focuses on character development, but it is seeing the truck scenes that captures your minds with this movie rather than the interaction.
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Dangerous Driving
sol-30 July 2016
Desperate for money, a former truck driver with a suspended licence reluctantly takes a job driving unspecified contraband across the country, but a double cross results in things being less straightforward than they first seem in this high octane action film starring Patrick Swayze. The title refers to a common hallucination among sleep deprived drivers (which the film hauntingly depicts in flashback at one point) but it actually has very little bearing on the central story, other than it being the reason why Swayze lost his licence. There is also an actual black dog in the film, but again its purpose is minimal, a lame joke or two aside. And yet, while reading up about the actual 'black dog' legend is in many ways more interesting than the film itself, 'Black Dog' offers a pretty decent ride. The story is too sentimental for its own good as Swayze is saddled with a beautiful doting daughter and wife who are just so desperately short on cash, and a maudlin music score does not help, but the action sequences -- most of them filmed on moving vehicles (!) -- are quite well assembled. The movie also successfully derives humour from Stephen Tobolowsky and Charles S. Dutton as government agents from different sectors who keep clashing in funny ways (Tobolowsky reckons that Dutton gets angry so easily due to masculinity issues, etc.). With two-dimensional villains, a plot that does not entirely make sense and the aforementioned heavy sentiment, this is a flawed film for sure, but it is also nowhere near as worthless as some out there would suggest.
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Black Dog!
Movie Nuttball24 March 2005
Black Dog is a great film that has a good cast which includes Patrick Swayze, Meat Loaf, Randy Travis, Gabriel Casseus, Brian Vincent, Graham Beckel, Brenda Strong, Charles S. Dutton, and Stephen Tobolowsky! The acting by all of these actors is very good. Swayze is really excellent in this film. I thought that he performed good. Meat Loaf, Travis, Beckel, Dutton, and Tobolowsky were all very good! The thrills is really good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed very good. The music is good. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Patrick Swayze, Meat Loaf, Randy Travis, Graham Beckel, Brenda Strong, Charles S. Dutton, Stephen Tobolowsky, the rest of the cast in the film, Action, Thrillers, and interesting films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!
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There's nothing like a caterpillar engine
kapelusznik1818 October 2016
***SPOILERS*** Better then you would have expected action flick staring the late, who sadly left us in 2009, Patrick Swayze as trucker Jack Crews who's house as well as future of his family in on the line if he doesn't come up with $10,000.00 to pay off him home mortgage or else end up being thrown out on the street. With his commercial license suspended due to a vehicular homicide conviction Jack has no choice but to take a job gun running military hardware from Atlanta to Newark for the mob that if caught can put him away for the rest of his life.

While in transit the person who organized the gun running operation Frank Cutler,Graham Beckel, has a falling out with his partner Red, Meat Loaf, putting Jack behind the eight ball with Red doing everything to keep him from making the trip. That includes Red having Jackk's wife & daughter Melanie & Tracy, Brenda Strong & Erin Broderick, kidnapped and threatened with death if he tries to successfully complete it! Non-stop action on the highways and side roads from Georgia to New Jersey with Jack pulling out all stops and wrecking some dozen cars and trucks as he's chased by Red's goons as well as the FBI and ATF lead by Agents Allen "Butterball" Ford, Charles C. Dutton, and Joe McClaren,Stephen Tobolowsky, trying to-For different reasons-to stop him.

****SPOILERS**** Very shocking and unexpected final just when you thought that the movie was finally over with a fired up Red who already had his goose cooked by Jack-And by now having completely lost it- and the ATF & FBI making a last desperate attempt to knock off Jack and his family just for sheer and naked revenge. That in Jack dumping all the $3000,000.00 worth in military equipment on his truck with the help of his trucker partner Earl, Randy Travis, into Chesapeake Bay only to get himself burned to a crisp and-as for his Meatloaf cooked well done-pulverized in the end.
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Black dog, an actioner of many flat spots, marks a blacker day for it's lead
videorama-759-85939130 June 2014
Black dog was not any real inspiration, Swayze's career was still intact. The is an unexceptional action film, the norm, with really a simple scenario, we rely on car crashes, explosions to keep it going, which helps break the tedium of the actor's talk in between, with not the best written characters either, all though I did like the rambling Randy Travis, as the budding song writer. In Black Dog, age has worn and wearied Swayze, who plays a ex con, who did time on account of vehicular manslaughter, where his trucking days are now over. Now with his dream house in foreclosure, as he's just found out, he's trucking days have returned, when he's forced to take a 15 hour truck route offer at his work, he originally turned down, threats and all, to make the cash. This turns out to be a big mistake, as this truck, unbeknown to him, is hauling a lot of gun armor, where Meatloaf, and it's great to see him really seeing red, is ripping off the weaponry, but of course Swayze overpowers him, where now he's in over his head as breaking parole, where it just takes a call, but also his wife and cute little daughter, become hostages. There are a couple of suspense bits, one at a way station, where really they aren't impressive, but this is a standard action if bordering on commonplace movie, with some situations and very few plot points. We have two bickering cops to fill in the rest of the movie. One ATF, the other's FBI, one has a angry temperament, the other much more passive, it's a highpoint of this time passer. Oh they're the best performances in the movie, although Swayze's blonde and beautiful wife in this was good too. Even when we find out one of the trucking crew was FBI, we're not really even surprised, or don't care, which as I said before, they're the most memorably written characters. I admit, some of the action sequences were thrilling and well choreographed, but this is what this movie needed if to survive. It's mostly flat. Meatloaf, like only a couple of other actors turned in good or semi good performances. I did like the shock moment in the second ending with Meatloaf. Sadly Black dog just earns it place in the cheap, average, if B grade standard. One could say it was painfully average. The title actually refers to fatigued and worn truckers who a black dog leaping before them which instinctively has them realizing, when veered over, they're about to hit another vehicle. I'd like to hear other truckers opinions on that.
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pretty good, mostly action
mattkratz25 March 2001
Not a bad action movie featuring a just-paroled Patrick Swayze hired to ship a load of ammunition via truck to help pay for his family. He later finds out that his load was stolen and is soon in the run for his life. If you like Patrick Swayze, you might like this one. The action and road sequences are first-rate.

** 1/2 out of ****
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Corny and predictable, but harmless enough
Rob_Taylor1 April 2003
I have to say that it's been a while since I saw a Patrick Swayze movie. He seems to have done the John Travolta disappearing act. He's not the best actor in the world, anyway, and he certainly wasn't challenged by this film. But he certainly is looking OLD!

That said, the movie is entertaining enough in a "See how many exploding vehicles we can cram into it" kind of way.

Meat Loaf, although immensely entertaining, is hopelessly miscast as the villain. It's just impossible to take him seriously. He was much better in Fight Club. Here he has about as much menace as Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard.

The movie is predictable, but entertaining. It even has the two cops who start out hating each other becoming best buddies.

However, they missed the obvious opportunity at the end to have "The Black Dog" come for Meat Loaf's character. It would have made the movie even cheesier, but more fun. The ending, as it stands, is rather dull.
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Lame and Predictable
mhorg201830 June 2018
Sigh. Another lame, predictable 'action' movie. This one has a down on his luck trucker blackmailed into smuggling weapons by having his family kidnapped. Really a paint by numbers movie, is there any doubt as to how things will end
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If this is the only film available to hire at your favorite video store - I'd think twice before renting it!
uds323 May 2002
How desperate must Swayze have been to do this one? Sure he IS the best thing in it...though Meat Loaf runs a close second with his gloriously hammy turn as psychotic "Red."

Has anyone actually HEARD of this ludicrous "Black Dog" theory? I'm guessing it must be steeped in some reality, its just so damned idiotic.....why not a feral jackrabbit? Whatever, Swayze plays the licenceless driver (poor sap saw the dreaded 'black dog' and killed some unfortunate in a head-on!) coerced to drive a truckload of naughty stuff for "Red" with the promise of a big pay-day! "Don't do it" wisely protests pretty wife Melanie. "I gotta do it- just one last run honey!" coos our Pat, hoisting himself up into the big rig (cutesie daughter hugs mum!)

Sheesh! cliche heaped on cliche and if this isn't the most underwhelming of truck-wrecking movies, I don't know what it is! Obviously you can fool some of the people ALL of the time as several viewers appear to think they have witnessed greatness here! Scripted obviously by a first year drama student, this is as bad as it gets in the mouthing-off department. A trite, corny, uninvolving, juvenile loser of a movie! (and I love 4-wheeled mayhem on the highway!) Wanna see what I call a truck? watch BATTLETRUCK!

Oh, and anyone care to tell me how Meat Loaf returns at the very end, jousting for one last duel with the Swayze and his wide-eyed family? Not three minutes earlier, we saw him punched out and being bundled into a police car by two strapping cops? This is bull---- !

Hey Patrick, aim a bit higher next time wouldja?
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Black Dog
btreakle13 August 2019
I thought Patrick Swayze and Randy Travis them pretty well with this movie Black Dog. Patrick Swayze in typical fashion played his part as a truck driver with a Criminal past to perfection. Randy Travis was very good as well and his soundtracks added to the movie if our guy who was had very little acting experience he does pretty well in this movie. I know the average ratings 5.6 stars but I think this movie deserves an easy 6 Stars I gave it a 7 Stars. The boobies got lots of action, pretty decent Acton and to keep your attention throughout the whole movie well done!
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Black Dog
btreakle16 August 2019
Patrick Swayze does an incredible job in this movie. A lot of action pretty good storyline. Definitely worth the watch. Patrick Swayze does not disappoint
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