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10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Big Hit”

The Big Hit was nothing special to be honest. You can say whatever you want to about this movie but the truth is that it wasn’t that great and what special mojo it did have revolved around the frantic action sequences that it doled out so sparingly. Forget the fact that it did feature four popular movie stars that would supposedly have a future after this action stinker and you could almost forgive it for not being that great, but squandering talent such as this and in such a dumb way was kind of hard to stomach. Still, it wasn’t

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Big Hit
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Play Expo Leeds 2017 – Report

This weekend Replay Events, one of the UK’s premier gaming and event entertainment companies and the driving force behind Play Expo Blackpool And Manchester (both events that team Nerdly have attended in the past), added another Northern event to their roster: Play Expo Leeds, an all-day gaming celebration taking place which took place at Leeds United Football Club’s Centenary Pavillion on Sunday April 16th.

Of course the Play Expo events are all about playing games: be it pinball, arcade games or consoles, be they retro or modern. There are plenty of items to buy too – gamers can stock up on retro games, consoles and all sorts of collectables. Many from local vendors (a great way to get your name out there in the community for sure). But the focus of Play Expo’s is most definitely on games.

This latest event in Leeds is easily one of the
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The 12 Mark Wahlberg films where he holds a gun on the poster

Jake Wilson Feb 28, 2017

From The Big Hit to Patriots Day, we explore Mark Wahlberg's dozen films where he holds a gun on the promo poster....

Mark Wahlberg is a man of many talents. His rhymes are fresh, his frown is legendary, and it turns out he’s pretty decent in a bout of fisticuffs.

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And then there's his acting. He has been in a wealth of films, usually fighting for, or alongside, the American flag. He's a gun-toting ass-kicker, and the world seems to dig it.

This is his game, his brand. Wahlberg moves between moral, no-nonsense cop and powerful, maverick law breaker and whilst he doesn’t always play armed characters, it is through these films that we can see the strands that
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Oscars 2017: This Year’s Top 15 Oscar-Worthy Films Premiered at Which Festivals?

Moonlight’ (Courtesy: A24)

By: Carson Blackwelder

Managing Editor

The current Oscar race is turning into a real bloodbath, with a handful of films showing up in the discussion for Hollywood’s top prizes. This site’s namesake, The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg, lists 15 movies as frontrunners in vying for the top categories across best picture, best director, and best acting categories for the top. When did these works debut at film festivals and, is there an overwhelming time of the year that seems to have churned out more buzz?

Sundance Film Festival: January 21 through January 31

Sundance Film Festival is the first gathering, according to when they happened during the calendar year. Captain Fantastic — considered a frontrunner for best actor (Viggo Mortensen) — premiered here before heading to Cannes Film Festival, among others. Manchester by the Sea — considered a frontrunner for best picture, best director for (Kenneth Lonergan), best actor (Casey Affleck
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James Caan's Divorce Tab, More Than $400k Going Out

  • TMZ
The numbers are in for James Caan's divorce, and he's forking over a hefty check to his ex-wife to square up their assets.  According to docs, obtained by TMZ, James will give Linda Stokes $400k for retroactive spousal support, child support, and to split their property and business holdings. In addition, James has to pay $3,124 per month in child support until their son finishes high school next year. The big hit -- at least
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Dragonball Evolution Writer Apologizes for Horrible Script

Dragonball Evolution Writer Apologizes for Horrible Script
While adaptations of comic books and other popular brands most often drum up big business at the box office, that isn't always the case. One of the most infamous flops over the past few years was 20th Century Fox's Dragonball Evolution, which earned just $9.3 million domestically and $57.4 million worldwide back in 2009, while posting a horrid 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Just over seven years after the movie hit theaters, the movie's screenwriter, Ben Ramsey is apologizing for such a bad attempt at making something worthwhile.

The screenwriter was contacted by Derek Padula, who runs the fan blog The Dao of Dragonball. Derek Padula had initially called the screenwriter to interview him for a book he's writing entitled USA Dbz, which will have a chapter devoted to telling the untold story of Dragonball Evolution. Ben Ramsey responded with a heartfelt apology to Dragonball Z fans everywhere, which you can check out below.
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The Hateful Eight

Did Quentin Tarantino stumble this time out? His tale of western killers sharing a snowbound cabin builds almost zero suspense, and the verbal excess and violent grossness lack Tarantino's usual clever, wickedly funny edge. And 70mm cooped up in a dim interior? It's A Long Day's Journey into Lincoln Logs. Totally dig Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ennio Morricone, though. The Hateful Eight Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Anchor Bay / Weinstein 2015 / Color / 2.76 widescreen (Ultra Panavision 70) / 187 min. / Street Date March 29, 2016 / 39.99 Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Michael Madsen, James Parks, Dana Gourrier, Zoë Bell, Lee Horsley, Gene Jones, Channing Tatum. Cinematography Robert Richardson Film Editor Fred Raskin Original Music Ennio Morricone Production Design Yohei Taneda Produced by Richard N. Gladstein, Shannon McIntosh, Stacey Sher Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Quentin Tarantino's opening title sequence card announces
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Mark Wahlberg versus Mark Wahlberg: A tale of two actors

  • Hitfix
Mark Wahlberg versus Mark Wahlberg: A tale of two actors
How many Mark Wahlbergs are there? I ask because I like the guy who showed up in this week's "Ted 2." I like goofball Mark Wahlberg. I like belligerent Boston Mark Wahlberg. I like dancing silly Mark Wahlberg. I like dim bulb but well-meaning Mark Wahlberg. I do not, however, care for "I'm smarter than I look" Mark Wahlberg. I do not like humorless Mark Wahlberg. I do not particularly care for serious action mode Mark Wahlberg. And when I look at the ones I don't like side-by-side with the ones I like, I find it hard to reconcile that this is all one person. So again… I ask… how many Mark Wahlbergs are there? When Paul Thomas Anderson's "Boogie Nights" was released, it was a breakthrough for the young actor, part of a banner year in his nascent acting career. He had made a few films before that, including
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‘Myst’ TV Series Will Be Found on Hulu

‘Myst’ TV Series Will Be Found on Hulu
The big hit of CD-rom gaming from 1993 is coming back to computer screens, but not via a game sequel. Myst, the title which became one of the runaway hits of the early CD-rom scene and spawned several sequels and many ports, is in development as a TV series from Legendary TV. Now the Myst […]

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Mark Wahlberg in 'Transformers' is the best bad performance of the year

Mark Wahlberg in 'Transformers' is the best bad performance of the year
So maybe we all can just agree to disagree about Transformers. The critical establishment collectively agreed to give Michael Bay the benefit of the doubt with 2011′s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which earned semi-decent reviews mainly because it was less obnoxiously worse than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. But Trans4mers led that same critical establishment into hilarious paroxysms of scathing invective. (EW’s own Chris Nashawaty called it “numbing, exhausting, and migraine-inducing.”) Predictably, the movie made $100 million over the weekend.

Bad movies have made a lot of money since forever. There’s a generation of young-dude moviegoers who
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David O. Russell, Amy Adams Celebrate ‘American Hustle’

David O. Russell, Amy Adams Celebrate ‘American Hustle’
Hollywood continued to party Thursday before the Oscars as Vanity Fair and Chrysler celebrated David O. Russell and the cast of “American Hustle.”

The event was held at Ago restaurant in support of the Ghetto Film School, an org that Russell has supported for 12 years.

“It’s a wonderful public high school that the city of New York has embraced, where kids from every borough can go to high school and have a cinema-based curriculum,” Russell said. “It’s come a long a way from a little gleam in (founder) Joe Hall’s eyes.”

Russell has brought friends like Amy Adams and Spike Jonze to the school to help educate and develop the next generation of American storytellers.

Robert De Niro, who had a small role in “Hustle,” graced the ’70s-themed party by having dinner at the restaurant he part owns, and he gave Russell a kiss on the cheek
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Rugby World Cup 2013: A Preview

It’s almost here! What’s being billed as ‘the global sporting event of 2013′ is almost upon us, and with the teams arriving on UK soil earlier this week, a real sense of anticipation is beginning to grow around the Rugby League world. On October and November, 14 nations will battle it out across 21 venues to become the world champions and take home the coveted Rugby League World Cup trophy. The tournament will see some of the sports very best ply their trade on these shores, with superstars such as; Cooper Cronk, Greg Inglis, Billy Slater, Sonny Bill Williams and Cameron Smith to name but a few. If you’re new to Rugby League, the World Cup would no doubt be a great starting block for you to watch what is sometimes described as ‘the greatest game of all’.

The tournament organisers appear to have done a wonderful job, with innovative
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"Crazy Ones," "Michael J. Fox" Ratings

The Fall TV show premiere week continues. A quiet Wednesday saw only one new show debut, "Back In The Game," which managed only a modest 2.2 rating.

Otherwise it was a mix of returning shows which all seemed to be down on previous years. Suffering drops were "Criminal Minds" (-10%), Survivor" (-12%), "CSI" (-16%), "The Middle" (-17%), "Modern Family" (-25%) and "Nashville" (-25%).

NBC's "Revolution" in particular was down 56% compared with its launch last year, but only 10% down from its first season finale. Having lost its "The Voice" lead-in had a major impact as well.

One veteran show that did well was "South Park" over on Comedy Central. The animated series pulled in 2.89 million viewers and a 4.1 rating, up 10% on last year.

On Thursday night, things heated up again with several new shows and a bunch of major returning series.

The big hit of the night was David E. Kelley's
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Mark Wahlberg on wanting to play Iron Man after Rdj and "dodging a bullet" with Batman & Robin

  • JoBlo
I'll always have a soft spot for Mark Wahlberg and it's because of three movies he did between 1997 and 1999: Boogie Nights, The Big Hit and Three Kings. He was great in Fear and he's done some awesome work since, but those three films are why I love me some Marky Mark. Wahlberg is currently making the rounds promoting 2 Guns, and in an interview yesterday with Yahoo! Movies UK the actor says he would love to play Iron Man after Robert Downey Jr. retires from...
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2 Guns – The Review

Review by Michael Haffner

With all the dynamic duos that have graced the screen over the years, it’s kind of shocking that it has taken this long for Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington to team-up. Especially considering the fact that both actors often juggle many of the same types of roles. An equal amount of time is given in their respective careers to more serious and dramatic fare with interludes of action intertwined. Wahlberg will do a film like the action-comedy The Other Guys and follow it up with a more serious award contender like The Fighter; much earlier he did the same with Boogie Nights followed by The Big Hit (which was anything but). Washington also will do films like The Hurricane and Flight but pepper in some more fun and explosive roles with Man On Fire and Out Of Time. Some action fans might even be shocked
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Who Else Remembers This? Mark Wahlberg's baggy jorts in 'The Big Hit'

Who Else Remembers This? Mark Wahlberg's baggy jorts in 'The Big Hit'
Today, Mark Wahlberg is a big box office draw, an Oscar nominee, the producer of half of HBO, and the co-lead in this weekend’s bicep-fest Pain & Gain. But follow me, fellow travelers, to a different time and place. The time? The ’90s. The place? The ’90s. Mark Wahlberg’s role as a sensitive American Dreamer/porn star in Boogie Nights ensured that he had a bright future beyond Calvin Klein and the Funky Bunch.

But first came the growing pains. Specifically, first came The Big Hit, a cuckoo action-romcom-martial arts-heist mash-up produced by John Woo. Wahlberg plays a hitman
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John Woo’s WWII Flying Tigers To Be 2-Pt Feature And Six-Hr Television Miniseries

Terence Chang, John Woo, Charlie Coker, Frank Botman, Han Sanping, Zhao Haicheng, Miao Xiaotian and Deng Meng (Director of contracts & cooperation China Film Co.)

Dutch-based strategic investment boutique Cyrte Investments and China Film Co., Ltd. are teaming with legendary action director John Woo (Face Off, Red Cliff, Mission Impossible II) on Flying Tigers, a feature film and six-hour television drama miniseries about a group of American pilots who volunteered to fight under the Chinese flag alongside their Chinese counterparts during WWII.

The project will be a two-part feature film released theatrically in greater China, and additionally crafted into a six-hour television drama miniseries for distribution in the rest of the world. The announcement was made today during the Beijing International Film Festival at a signing ceremony attended by Cyrte CEO Frank Botman, Cfg Chairman Han Sanping and John Woo.

The epic action drama tells the legendary story of the Flying Tigers,
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Does Mark Wahlberg Hate America?

Apparently, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars isn’t afraid to bite the hand that feeds him. While in Toronto for a children’s charity event last week, Mark Wahlberg called for the Canadian government to restore the country’s tax credits for Hollywood film productions—thereby luring more productions away from L.A. in favor of the Great White North. “We are really trying to encourage the government to reinstate these tax incentives to bring film and cinema back to Canada,” Wahlberg told the Globe and Mail last week. “I’ve made four movies in Toronto and three in Vancouver. It’s the best working experience, some of the best crew, the best people I’ve ever worked with, and there’s just not enough film being made here.” Federal and state tax credit programs are intended to attract film and television productions to locations outside Hollywood by offering
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Crime Story & The Protector

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Jan. 15, 2013

Price: DVD $12.99, Blu-ray $19.93

Studio: Shout! Factory

Jackie Chan aims to take care of business in Crime Story.

Jackie Chan does some serious ass-kicking in two of his earlier—but not too early—action thriller movies: The Protector (1985) and Crime Story (1993).

Written and directed by James Glickenhaus, The Protector, an American production, stars Jackie and Danny Aiello (Once Upon a Time in America) as a pair of New York cops sent to Hong Kong to catch a drug lord who has kidnapped the daughter of his former associate. There’s a healthy amount of Chan’s trademark martial arts and stuntwork, but the Hollywood-styled action sequences definitely dominate the film in this case.

In Crime Story, Jackie is the proverbial police detective on the edge, who must race against time to solve a deadly kidnapping case. Based on the true story of a billionaire abducted in an ambush,
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