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MPAA Rated R for language and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman feels John M. drying his body in a shower, and enjoys it.
  • A man feels a woman's clothed breast.
  • clothed sex scene.
  • man fondles a woman's buttock.
  • clothed sex scene
  • man kisses woman's groin area; a blanket hides his lips.
  • A young boy sees people, presumably his parents, having sex. No explicit content is seen but the movement of the covers.
  • a man smells panties.
  • a woman kisses another woman unexpectedly
  • two women hug with romantic feelings
  • A male puppet is naked. Its buttocks have cleavage and the pubic area has a ridge that may vaguely suggest a penis.
  • A woman is seen in a nightgown post-coital, revealing cleavage and the sides of her breast briefly.
  • a man is shown naked from behind .
  • A circumcised penis, viewed from above, in shower, is briefly shown.
  • puppets in a show act out sexual movements they "imagine," while a child watches.
  • A puppet has characters whose "speech" suggests sexual desire.)
  • A man says he's not "b*nging" somebody.
  • A woman responds to a man that there are "50 other lines to get in a girl's pants".
  • sexual innuendo.
  • sexual fantasies are mentioned.
  • adultery joke.
  • "T*ts".
  • "f*ck" in sexual manner .
  • "letch".
  • woman talks about male- and female-specific anatomy .
  • woman talks about transsexuality.
  • sex-/anatomy-related speech.
  • adulterous thoughts and actions
  • transsexual feelings
  • homosexual feelings

Violence & Gore

  • A main character is punched in the face from a brief scuffle at a bar.
  • Craig threatens Lotte with a gun.
  • Lotte chases after and tries to shoot Maxine.
  • A reference to abortion implies a woman would have killed her fetus under different circumstances, over personal rather than medical reasons.


  • 16 uses of 'fuck', 9 of 'shit', 2 of 'fag','cunt', and 'dick', and 1 of 'tits', 'son of a bitch', and 'asshole'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There's a scene where Craig and Maxine make and smoke a joint.
  • Drugs and "being stoned" are mentioned occasionally.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie is very surreal and strange at times.

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