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Sex & Nudity

  • In a street setting (seen twice), we see several women in very skimpy bikinis that show a great deal of cleavage (as well as the sides of breasts), and some partially bare butts in high cut bottoms (including a frontal view of an extremely narrow bathing suit front).
  • Zootie gives live-birth to twins, although it happened off-screen the scene is slightly graphic.
  • Mrs. Hoggett gets strip searched at the airport after an accident involving a drug sniffing dog. Not as explicit as it sounds.

Violence & Gore

  • When Babe accidentally messes up Floom's circus act, the room catches on fire. After a moment of chaos, all seems well. But later Mr. Floom is sent away, and is presumed to have died.
  • Flealick, who had been holding onto an animal control truck speeding down the road, is violently flung across the road and we then see his little body quivering (and he seems to be dead since we momentarily see him in "dog heaven," but he's later okay and apparently no worse for the wear).
  • Ferdinand is briefly targeted by hunters. There is no graphic violence, but guns are fired at him.
  • While chasing Babe (in a scene mentioned below), the Bull Terrier gets a metal object with wheels caught around his leash. The Bull Terrier chases Babe onto a bridge, and in a freak accident, gets flung off the bridge, and slowly lowers to the water. The dog is shown slowly in the process of drowning, struggling to get free until his entire head is submerged and passes out. The scene is quite violent and disturbing to younger children in which it shows a dog in a near death experience.
  • A fish is seen dying out of it's bowl (but is ultimately saved by Babe).
  • In a scene also mentioned below, the Chimpanzees intentionally put Babe in a life-threatening situation, which results in the above (Bull Terrier almost drowning) scene. One of the wild dogs says that Babe must be suicidal willingly put himself before them.
  • A man's fingers are slammed and he falls.


  • There was one use of what sounded like "God" as an exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At a luxurious event party, various alcoholic drinks are seen being consumed by background characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The primates have Babe go into a dark, fenced area (supposedly for sheep in there), but once inside he hears growling and then two guard dogs try to attack him, but are restrained by their collars and chain leashes. They do eventually break free, however, and chase after Babe (for several minutes that may scare some younger kids).
  • Animal Control Service breaks into the hotel and capture many (almost all) of the animals. The scene is prolonged, features numerous emotional separations, and can be traumatizing to young children. Several animals are shown being caged, thrown, dragged, shocked, and (temporarily) separated from their families.
  • Several stray dogs that Babe be-friends, mention cruel situations in which their human owners disowned them.
  • Men in dark coats (business men) slowly approach the Hoggett farm, in a scene where they know their farm is about to be foreclosed. With the 2008-2010 recession, the scene may be disturbing and emotional to some families.

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