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Christopher Walken: Cutter



  • General Mandible : [Z has broken through to the surface where Mandible and his soldiers wait for them to be drowned]  Let go! Don't you understand? It's for the good of the colony!

    Z : What are you saying? We are the colony!

    [Mandible is about to strike Z when Cutter knocks his aside] 

    General Mandible : Cutter, what are you doing?

    Colonel Cutter : Something I should have done a long time ago.

    [extends his hand to the worker ants] 

    Colonel Cutter : *This* is for the good of the colony, General.

    General Mandible : You useless, ungrateful maggot! *I* am the colony!

  • Colonel Cutter : I have my orders.

    Bala : Don't you ever think for yourself, Cutter?

    [Cutter pauses briefly as he considers this] 

    Colonel Cutter : Well, that was impressive. Ah, where's Z?

  • Colonel Cutter : She's about yay tall, fairly easy


    Colonel Cutter : on the eyes.

  • Bala : Z's dead. You don't have to worry about him.

    Colonel Cutter : Dead? Well... he was an ant with ideas. Too bad for him.

  • General Mandible : Seal up the doors. Cutter, did you hear me?

    Colonel Cutter : Sir, I've been thinking. Do we need to go through with this? Look at what these workers have done. They've got the right stuff. Isn't there any other way?

    General Mandible : Cutter, you're a fine officer. You have discipline, courage, ability... but you seem to have a weakness for the lower orders that I find disturbing. Now, are you with me?

  • Colonel Cutter : Time stands still for no ant.

  • Colonel Cutter : Attack a termite colony? That's suicide.

    General Mandible : Exactly.

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