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Season 1

7 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.1
Using money left her by Edgar Halcyon Mary Ann pays for herself and Mouse to go on a cruise where she meets and falls for Burke Andrew, a young man with a mysterious past. Mona, dissatisfied with city life, takes a bus ride and ends up near Reno, Nevada, where she is befriended by a potty-mouthed, eccentric old lady known as Mother Mucca. She is a brothel keeper and, calling herself Judy, Mona becomes her receptionist. Dede tells D'Or that her unborn babies' father is not Beauchamp but a Chinese delivery boy with whom she had rough, one-off sex. Brian, taking over ...
7 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.2
Mona is amazed to discover a recipe book at the brothel with the name Mona Ransay written inside it. She telephones Mrs. Madrigal and discovers that she is Mrs. Madrigal's daughter and that Mrs. Madrigal, prior to her sex realignment operation, was Andy, the son of Mother Mucca, who is also called Mona Ramsay. Mary Ann gets close to Burke and is intrigued by the fact that he is an amnesiac. Brian and his high rise admirer continue their long distance sexual encounters, watched by a group of elderly gays who are much taken with Brian's performance. Dede leaves ...
14 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.3
Mouse is jealous of Mary Ann's involvement with Burke until his old flame Dr. Jon Fielding reappears. Mona takes Mother Mucca back to Barbary Lane for an emotional reunion with her long lost 'son'. Beauchamp, angry that Dede has had sex with another man -despite his own bi-sexual exploits in saunas- seeks out a young punk girl known as Douchebag and pays her to punch Dede and cause a miscarriage. Frannie is much cheered when her friend Helena Parrish takes her to the Prius Club where elderly matrons are danced attendance on by gorgeous, nearly nude, young men.
14 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.4
Mary Ann and Mouse return from the cruise, Mary Ann being puzzled by the fact that the sight of roses makes Burke feel sick. After Mrs. Madrigal has explained to her lodgers about her previous life and the fact that Mona is her daughter, Mouse is struck down with paralysis which leaves him unable to walk. In bed with his friends around him he writes to his parents, who are anti-homosexuality, outing himself and declaring that, whatever their reaction, he has a new 'family' in Barbary Lane. Mary Ann quits her job after a row with Beachamp whilst Douchebag waits in a ...
21 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.5
Dede does not mourn Beauchamp's passing and Mary Ann learns that Beauchamp never officially acknowledged her resignation so, with time on her hands, she decides to help Burke regain his memory. He believes that he may have been investigating a cult. Mouse begins to get feeling back in his legs and Jon agrees that he will move into Barbary Lane with him when he is discharged from hospital to act as his therapist. Mrs. Madrigal encourages Mona and Brian to be more than friends but Mona is put off when she sees him going through his nightly performance for his distant ...
21 Jun. 1998
Episode #1.6
Brian's secret admirer turns out to be Betty, Mona's mother and former spouse of 'Andy', who has been spying on Barbary Lane for some months, following the disappearance of Norman, actually a private eye Betty engaged. She threatens to expose Mary Ann for her part in Norman's disappearance but Mrs. Madrigal gets her to back off by countering that she will expose Betty for her sessions with Brian. Dede gives birth to her twins, cheered by D'Or's loyalty and love for her and soon after they head for Guyana and Jonestown. Mouse, almost fully recovered thanks to resident ...

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