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Season 1

22 Sep. 1997
The Heart of the Elephant: Part 1
Conan befriends Tamira who takes him to her village. The village elder prophesies that Conan will end the tyranny of wizard king Hissah Zul. That's when Zul's troops arrive and capture Conan and Tamira. Conan must fight as a gladiator.
22 Sep. 1997
The Heart of the Elephant: Part 2
In order to save Tamira, Conan must retrieve a mystical gem, Heart of the Elephantan, and bring it to Hissah Zul's shunned court wizard. Dwarf Otli, corpulent warrior Bayu, mute warrior Zzeban and thief queen Karella help him.
6 Oct. 1997
Lair of the Beastmen
While traveling east in search of Hisa-Zull's stronghold, Conan gets captured by beastmen who enslave humans.
13 Oct. 1997
The Siege of Ahl Sohn-Bar
Conan and his allies fight to protect a mysterious young woman they rescue in a river while evading an army poised to attack the legendary village of Ahl Sohn-Bar. Little do they know the village holds it share of dark secrets.
25 Oct. 1997
A Friend in Need
Conan runs across a longtime warrior friend, Savann, and accompanies him to the castle of the Cult of the Blue Stone which plundered his village and stole his woman.
31 Oct. 1997
The Ruby Fruit Forest
Our heroes enter an enchanted forest terrorized by a monster known as the Kala. Meanwhile, Hissh Zul send General Nor to the forest to get more rubies to toss in the magic pool, which makes the Skull-That-Talks give omens and predictions about Conan's destiny.
7 Nov. 1997
The Three Virgins
Conan rescues three temple virgins consecrated to the goddess Xanata, Despiser of Men, from slaver Mog and agrees to help them retrieve Xanata's sacred talisman stolen by Hissah Zul's rival, evil wizard Badai. But Karella betrays them.
14 Nov. 1997
Bandit chief Garth and his raiders capture Baron Ursath's bride-to-be, Adraina. An old blind witch casts a spell over the Sword of Atlantis causing Conan and his men to head unwillingly toward Ursath's castle.
21 Nov. 1997
The Curse of Afka
Beautiful gypsy dancer Katrina and her pickpocket partner steal money from Conan and his pals. They track the culprits to a gypsy camp where Gagool, a wizened seer, persuades Conan to accompany them on an adventure involving a stolen throne and the Circle of Stones.
28 Nov. 1997
The wizard Evad creates an inpostor identical to Conan who destroys a harmless village. Later, when the real Conan and his pals enter the village, everyone is poised to attack.
7 Dec. 1997
Amazon Woman
Conan saves beautiful Amazon warrior, Aura, from attackers who are after a baby she's protecting. He agress to help Aura get the baby to Prada and is entangled in a battle at Zorga's castle.
24 Jan. 1998
Conan passes through Bayu's homeland as Lord Sen, ruler of the warlike Tarons, riders in to collect his taxes and threatens to behead anyone who cannot pay his price.
30 Jan. 1998
The Taming
King Orad, who once saved Conan's life, asks him to rescue his daughter, Princess Hana, who is held captive by the wizard Novia. The rescue attempt pits him against Lizor, a fierce creature with a man's body and a lizard's head.
8 Feb. 1998
Red Sonja
Conan and his men help some soldiers repair a bridge so their wagon can cross. The warrioress, Red Sonja, appears and leads them in pursuit of the bandit soldiers, the Hartans, to save a young boy wizard, one of the Keepers of the Truth.
15 Feb. 1998
Shadows of Death
Against his better judgment, Conan saves Karella from Hissah Zul's General Nor. Soldiers charge up, forcing Conan and his men, and Karella, to escape in a boat to the island of Vilayet, also known as the Island of Death.
22 Feb. 1998
The Child
Conan and his men are captured by cannibals. Meanwhile Hissah Zul and the Skull-That-Talks prepare for an astral phenomenon, a wandering star that heralds the birth of a "Special Child".
1 Mar. 1998
The Crystal Arrow
Conan comes upon an old archer fighting off attacking soldiers, led by an evil sorcerer, Khartan, who hurls a fiery skull that kills the archer. As he's dying, the old archer gives Conan a special Crystal Arrow that possesses great magic and must be returned to his people who live beyond the Misty Gates, which are sealed with black magic.
26 Apr. 1998
The Labyrinth
Conan, Bayu and Zzeben come across a man named Barr traveling with three women who claim their child has been abducted. Soon they uncover a plot involving a half-man, half-bull beast called a Bucentaur.
3 May 1998
The Cavern
Hissah Zul conjures up a violent storm, driving Conan and his friends into a cave. Zul then causes an earthquake that rips open the floor, and Conan plunges through to confront the ultimate warrior, Kamikon, along with rising levels of scorching, molten lava. Once past the lava, Kamikon knows a way out. And because Conan saved his life, he leads the Cimmerian out of the cavern. Outside, Bayu, Otli and Zzeben are still trying to dig Conan out. All seems fine - until Zul magically hurls a fireball at Kamikon, killing him.
10 May 1998
While Conan celebrates in a tavern, an unseen assassin shoots the Cimmerian with a poisoned arrow. A medicine man examines the wound and says Conan will die if someone doesn't get the antidote, which must be taken through a wall of Hissah Zul warriors.
17 May 1998
Lethal Wizards
Three wizards, Penor, Gero and Norbu, decide to join the Cimmerian so they can be Conan's "advisors" when he becomes the new ruler. Their plan is to worm their way into Conan's confidence, then destroy him and take over as rulers.
24 May 1998
Heir Apparent
Conan and his men help Queen Vita emerge from her self-imposed exile in a cave to defeat a lake monster that is controlled by a wizard who is trying to take over her domain.

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