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Awesome action movie; One of the best action movies ever!
Asbohra24 January 2007
Ziddi is definitely one of Sunny Deol's best action movies ever! It is also one of the ultimate action movies of Bollywood. Sunny shines with a brilliant performance (one of his best ever). The stubbornness against baddies, raw energy and emotion, tons of raw action, and revenge theme with twists. Only Sunny Deol could pull this one off as the explosive action hero with the Dharmendra Power. This is easily one of Sunny Deol's best performances! Personally, this is my all-time favorite Sunny Deol action movie of the 90's. This nonstop action bonanza was a runaway hit, thanks to Sunny Deol, who is just brilliant in all action scenes, which are explosive! Everyone else did well, but the movie belongs to Sunny Deol. The Guddu-Sunny team has made other decent films like Salaakhen in '98 and Shaheed and Jaal in '02 and Big Brother in '07, but Ziddi remains their best film to date. Recommended for Hindi action movie buffs. This movie is just terrific, and the best thing about it is its repeat value; you could watch this umpteen times and still NOT get bored with it! The action scenes are some of the best ever, and I would definitely give this one a 15/10! Ziddi definitely matches up well to Ghayal (1990).
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An action film that offers you much more!
ankurkrazyy7 November 2018
When it comes to actors like Sunny Deol, we usually expect a solid packed action flick with tons of blood and great dialogues. Well, this film is no different!

However what makes Ziddi special is the wide range of emotions starting right from the beginning itself. Apart from Sunny its Sachin Khedkar and Anupam Kher who give power packed performances and lend great support.

However the antagonists played by Raj Babbar and Ashish Vidyarthi delivers an equally fabulous performance, specially Ashish! You will love to hate him!!

The female leads do an equally good work, however the main lead Raveena Tandon had very few space.

Overall, a wonderful film to look out for! One helluva ride to look out for!
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Nonstop action at its best!
shyambohra20 April 2015
This is one of Sunny Deol's best action movies ever. As asbohra said, it matches up to Ghayal. Sunny as the leader of the poor is brilliant, especially in action. As it goes on, it gets more thrilling all the way to the explosive climax. One of my favorites of all-time! Sunny really does rock in action (nobody else could do what he did)! Even the villains are convincing! How Sunny takes revenge against his enemies (and some new ones) is the crux of Ziddi. It deserves more than a 10 out of 10. These roles were tailor-made for him as they are hard-hitting. Stunts are superb. Sunny makes them believable better than the rest of the current crop. Rock on Paaji!!
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Ruling days of Sunny
silvan-desouza28 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In the 90s Sunny Deol's name was a crowd puller especially in action movies, His cousin Guddu Dhanoa often cast him in such type films His movies had the same story, same dialogues, same stuff In this film Sunny plays a self employed Judge... don't bother to ask questions In flashback we are shown that he lived with his family Anupam Kher, Sachin Khedekar and often gets into fights till one day he breaks the hand of a goon who tries to rape his sister and then Anupam bashes him out of his house and he is arrested The rest of the plot can be predicted by anyone. We have many bad guys, There is one corrupt police inspector to settle scores, There is the villain Raj Babbar, There is Sharat Saxena who sells drugs and a builder Shahbaaz Khan All typical stuff There are some unintentional hilarious scenes like Sunny coming to know the entire plot as Ashish Vidhyarthi and Raj Babbar keep fighting it out even though the phone is on and several convenient plot twists

Direction by Guddu Dhanoa is routine Music is typical, but most songs come at wrong places

Sunny Deol does his usual wide-eyed act, which was typecast Guddu Dhanoa cashed more on his action image unlike Santoshi who at least got some great act out of him in DAMINI, GHAYAL Raveena Tandon is easily forgotten Raj Babbar is typical, Ashish Vidhyarthi is good, Anupam Kher is typecast, Farida Jalal is okay Virendra Saxena, Sharat Saxena, Shahbaaz Khan all are functional
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Really good plot and acting but mediocre action
superindrajit24 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ziddi is another movie directed by Guddu Dhanoa who directed Sunny in Salakhen which was a flop. This movie wasn't a flop but an average hit. The movie has its goods but also has its bads. Sunny deol as the angry and stubborn man who can cross his limits for his family acted really well. Sachin Khedkar as the timid and weak brother of Sunny did pretty well even in his death scene and others were just OK. The plot didn't have any holes in it. The story was fantastic, the betrayal of suspense was pretty good, the revenge angle of Sunny is usually good and was good as usual. But, the action was the only reason I was disappointed. The action itself makes this movie a 6 because not only is it bad but one action scene is just too violent for a little reason. Sunny pulls someone's hand off for him teasing his sister. Then the action sequences later on contain Sunny using barrels to blow up cars that are tailing him, horrible action I cannot explain anymore. The romance angle is OK better than other angles like Akshay Kumar and Shipa Shetty in Insaaf. Overall, an average movie. Worth watching once.
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