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Not as funny as I remember
Kristine15 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The Waterboy is one of those movies that I really loved as a kid, I was 12 years old when this movie came out and I thought it was just the most hilarious movie I had ever seen. So growing up I re-watched it thinking that I would still enjoy the movie as much as I did when I was younger. But honestly I wasn't laughing as much as I did when I was 12, I think because it was for the most part it was just junior high humor. Is The Waterboy a funny movie? Yeah, I'm not going to lie, I still got a few good laughs out of it; it's just baffling to me that a grown man could make millions of dollars while making baby voices, that's the power of Adam Sandler.

Bobby Boucher, a pretty stupid, stuttering, water boy with anger issues due to constant teasing and his mother's excessive sheltering. He was the water boy for the University of Louisiana Cougars or the past 18 years, but the players tormented him, and the team's head coach, Coach Red Beaulieu, fired him for disrupting his team's practices. He later goes to Coach Klein, coach of the Mud Dogs, and volunteers to work as the team's water boy for free after seeing the filthy water that the coach provides his players. During his first few hours of being waterboy for the Mud Dogs, one of the players spits into the water can. A flashback is then seen when the waterboy was a young kid working for the Cougars. Coach Beaulieu refuses the right for the waterboy to retaliate against one of his players for spitting in the cooler. Coach Klein notices his anger problem and encourages Bobby to stand up for himself instead of letting the players walk all over him. After Grenouille, the team's captain taunts him, Bobby then sees flashbacks of the people that also made his life a living hell. Bobby then effortlessly runs onto the field, grunting and growling in sheer anger and tackles Grenouille, shocking the whole team and prompting Coach Klein to put him on the field, with positive results. Despite his overprotective mother's disapproval, he secretly continues to play football, and also secretly goes to school. He uses his anger to tackle the opposing players by pretending they're the people who made fun of him throughout his life. He quickly becomes one of the most feared linebackers in college football and love interest of Vicki Vallencourt.

While The Waterboy is stupid in a lot of moments, over all it's just a harmless comedy that is just for fun. I still love quoting certain lines to it, especially when Bobby attacks his college professor because his mama was insulted. Another reason I can't hate this movie is that this was the time that Adam Sandler was actually funny and we enjoyed seeing his movies. I think the reason why people just didn't respond as well to this movie as his other films was due to the fact that a lot of his movies are the same plot with a different character: Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. The Wedding Singer was his first movie that was completely original and that's why it's so well loved. But I still would recommend seeing The Waterboy for a few good laughs, you have to love some of the fantasies that Bobby comes up with, such as "Water sucks, Gatorade tastes better", you'll have to see what I mean, but trust me, it's a good scene.

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Revenge Of The Cajun Nerd
ccthemovieman-127 February 2006
I have to admit: this Adam Sandler no-brainer is hilarious, just had me laughing right from the start. I'd rank it in my top ten funny movies of my collection and it features one of my favorite characters in film: Bobby Boucher Jr., a heckuva lot nicer guy than Sandler's "Happy Gilmore."

"Bobby" is about as innocent and a gentle-natured a guy as you'll find this side of Forrest Gump. You can't help but root for him, and that's the idea. What the film basically involves is another "Revenge Of The Nerds" theme except it's "nerd "- singular - as the picked-on waterboy turning the tables on the football jocks. Interesting to once again see Jerry Reed, whom I haven't seen much of since his days in "Smokey And The Bandit." He has much fatter face but everything else looked the same. Then there is Henry Winkler, "The Fonz" who now is the opposite: a guy with a terrible inferiority complex. All the characters in here are wildly exaggerated.

This cartoon-like comedy may not be high-brow, but so what? It's not totally low- brow either, but I do wonder why modern filmmakers cannot seem to make a comedy without all the sex references and the profanity. Nonetheless, Sandler's Cajun accent, his strange-looking-but pretty girlfriend (Fairuza Balk) and crazy mother (Kathy Bates, in the funniest role she's ever played) are all great fun to watch.

It's silly, particularly the ridiculous climactic football game, but then this movie is hardly to be taken seriously. It's all absurd humor, and 90 minutes was just right amount of time for it.
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Oh Come ON!! This was not meant to be high art..just great fun
rdambroso26 August 2005
All of the characters were well developed and entertaining. This movie never pretended to be anything more than it was..a fun, wacky comedy with a bizarre plot. Anyone who beats this up for being dumb should be taken out back and paddled. It is obvious THEY are too dumb to realize that this was DESIGNED to be dumb. Anyway..there are too many scenes that I STILL laugh at today, even though I have seen this 1/2 dozen times. So, if you are looking for the greatest film ever made on all levels..give this a pass..if you can relate to the humor, it's a wonderful hoot! I am not a die hard Adam Sandler fan, but I think he scored a 10 in this one for likability and laughs.
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Another score for Sandler!
mattymatt4ever17 October 2001
It's Adam Sandler. Are we expecting a smart comedy, along the lines of Woody Allen and Albert Brooks? Of course not. But like all his comedies, it works. Some of the jokes are truly lame (not in a funny way), but most of them worked. Sandler helped pen the script, so naturally the humor is cheap and juvenile. But everyone, young and old, has a kid or teenager inside of them that is dying to break out. That explains the success of "There's Something About Mary." I'm sure a movie with such widespread success didn't reach only a young audience. When an old man dressed like Colonel Sanders gets hit in the head by a paperweight, call me immature, but I'm going to laugh out loud! Sandler does a great job at awakening the kid in all of us. It's truly evident that the kid in him is fully awakened.

Honestly, I still prefer Sandler's "Billy Madison" (I will always love that movie!) and "Happy Gilmore," but this is a good one too. I never thought Fairuza Balk was hot, before checking out this film. Anyone who has seen "The Craft" knows damn well she looked horrible! And for good reason--she was playing a witch! Here, she looks hot, and walks around in a lot of skimpy outfits--MMMM! No matter how many times I watch this film, I can't help but crack up at Blake Clark as Farmer Fran. God, what an underrated talent! His main gag is you can't understand what the hell he's saying. Sure, it doesn't sound like much on paper--shows how the timing and execution of a joke can really work wonders. He also made a short appearance in "Joe Dirt," so look for him in that one as well. There are a good deal of notable gags: the Roy Orbison tattoo, Rob Schneider's "You can do it!" character, etc. I can't say this is a subtle comedy that you'll want to check out over and over again to search for jokes you may have missed. To tell the truth, I think the film gets more lame in further viewings. Which is why it's good to watch it once or twice. Don't wear it out, because this kind of comedy can wear out easily--like those supermarket brand AA batteries.

"The Waterboy" is funny, mindless entertainment. I recommend watching it--just read a book afterwards...LOL. Critics have criticized Sandler for lowering viewers' comic standards. Sure, his gags may not be as intelligently crafted as those of the late Marx Brothers or Buster Keaton, but he knows how to make people laugh and I'm not going to fry him for that. Some don't find him funny--and if you don't, I understand. But I'm not going to view Sandler as comedy's Hitler. Believe me, I've seen much worse.

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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Check your brain, then get ready to laugh
Steave5 December 1998
A lot of people are shocked at how dumb, unbelievable, and campy this movie is. Obviously they've lived in a cave and never seen an Adam Sandler movie before.

You don't watch Adam Sandler for a cerebral workout. You'll never see him starring opposite Anthony Hopkins or Merryl Streep. Okay, I realize his IS cast opposite Oscar-Winner Kathy Bates, but don't confuse me with details. This movie is just a bunch of jokes wrapped around a weak plot.

Still, the jokes are really funny. I don't usually laugh out loud at the movies, but I guffawed at many parts of this movie. If nothing else, it stimulates the Three Stooges area of the frontal lobe of your brain.

On the down side, Rob Schneider must be a good friend, because his role was obviously a last-minute toss in. Schneider is not funny in this movie and his "lines" are by far the campiest element of this movie.

Still, it was amazing how the crowd with which I saw it reacted to the football scenes in the movie. I looked around and everyone was anxious or cheering like they're best friend was playing in the Super Bowl. Also, this is the hardest I've seen an audience laugh since "There's Something About Mary".

In short, if you can accept the fact that the plot is completely unbelievable and just watch it for laughs, you will enjoy this movie. If you're looking for Oscar-winning drama, go elsewhere.
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Silly but satisfying
Rumples8 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a real no-brainer, but if that's what you're looking for then this baby is right up your alley. Adam Sandler specialises in this type of film, switch off the cerebellum and just revel in the stupidity. The Waterboy is not going to win any awards or even make its audience think, but it will inspire some laughs if you let it. As for it being similar to Happy Gilmour, you might as well say that it is identical to half of the movies produced in Hollywood - unlikely hero comes good, gets faced with a difficult challenge, overcomes it an wins the game in the last few minutes! Sheesh, what movie doesn't use this formula nowadays? In short, don't expect too much from the film and you won't be disappointed. My vote 6/10
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Another silly but genuinely funny outing from Sandler
SmileysWorld3 October 2002
Adam Sandler's brand of humor may not be award winning,but it doesn't have to be.He creates another memorable character here,and surrounds himself with a good cast,including Henry Winkler,and Oscar winner Kathy Bates.You would be hard pressed to find a film about the sport of football that could be considered a great one,but the majority that I have seen are entertaining enough,and this one is no exception to that. If you are smart,you won't view this movie with an expectation of greatness,but if you want genuinely funny silliness,this is a film for you.It's a worthy edition to the comedy section of anyone's home library.
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Sandler's best since Billy Madison
MisterWhiplash30 April 2000
I really liked the Waterboy. It was crude, raw, and utterly funny. Adam Sandler gives his funniest yet since his 1995 cult hit Billy Madison. In this feel good movie, Sandler plays a dumb waterboy who gets on a football team and becomes a damn good tackler. Everything in this film is funny, from beginning to end. Henry Winkler has his best in years as a down on his luck coach and Kathy Bates is Dead Pan funny as mama. Great all around. A+
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The Funnyboy.
MovieAddict201628 August 2003
Amusing but typical Adam Sandler vehicle about a water boy for a football team who has the amazing ability to get extremely mad and violent (picture Sandler as the Incredible Hulk). When a football coach (Henry Winkler, a.k.a. The Fonz) sees Sandler's amazing talent, he gets him on his football team...much to the dissaproval of his overcontrolling mother (Kathy Bates).

A lightweight comedy handled with playfulness. "The Waterboy" scores big points for laughs. If you want an hour and a half of fun, see this movie!

3.5/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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The Waterboy is one of Adam Sandlers best comedy films.
dobbin-413 December 2007
Now I am a huge fan of Adam Sandlers dumb-ass films but I think that is why people have let him a have a career so long. They just love his dumb-ass movies. The movie centres around the local water boy who when the coach of the football team notices he can tackle hard when mad he puts him as the new quarterback of tackeler guy sorry I am Australian. The movie is good on many pointers as it shows that Adam Sandler can play 2 different types of dumb guys, nice dumb and guys and mean dumb guys. If you have not already seen this you should take some time to seat down and enjoy the movie. Overall this movie is a fun excuse to seat down and dumb out but I can see why people would not like this film. I rate this film 83%.
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One of Adam Sandlers best movies
atinder28 December 2010
This movie Bobby Boucher who is a 31 year old male, who still a water boy since he was a kid.

All the football players always seem to tease him and he also seem to have a way over the top protecting mothers, who calls everything and everyone the devil dose not seem help him, she dose not what him to go as she told Bobby that his father as died.

There a football training going and Bobby Boucher is doing his work, one of the players come over to him and spit in the water.

Then in that moment Bobby Boucher remembers all the people that Have been teasing or bulled him over the years and he final snaps and runs on to filed a knock out a player twice his size.

Then coach asks him to the join the team but he as to keep it secret of from his over protecting mother is played by Kath Bates.

I have seen this movie so many times now, I have lost count, I found this movie really funny, there were some really great jokes in this movie and there also a little big of drama in this movie.

Adam Sandlers was really good and funny in this movie but still not is best movie However Kathy Bates was very funny in this movie.

I going give this 7 out of 10
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great timing
brilliantblue24 January 2007
for some reason this is one of my favorite movies. the timing is great. i've seen some movies that were potentially funnier but the editing/timing was off. but here the humor is only magnified. occasional tired spots do exist, but they only help to set up some hilarious physical comedy and gleefully goofy dialog. and Sandler's character occasionally makes me tear up with such a weird vulnerability (like his "lunchlady land" song). Kathy Bates does a great job playing his mother, and Fairuza Balk's Becky Ballencort is sinfully sexy. best of all is Henry Winkler's Coach Kline, though i can't tell if its really his character or just the contrast of his character to the Fonz character that I grew up with. Regardless, this movie cracks me up.
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This is clearly one of the worst films ever made!
Bernold26 October 2002
Now I have seen plenty of bad movies in my life but seldom have I ever thought that any of them were as bad as The Waterboy. The Waterboy is clearly at the final frontier when it comes to childish jokes and hopeless acting. Now I am not a fan of Adam Sandler but don't get me wrong, even I have laughed to his films. I even think that watching Happy Gilmore is a good way to waste 1.5 hours. But, and I mean but with a capital b, the Waterboy really stinks. I don't know what other people think but when I see Adam Sandler sticking out his chin and talking like a retard, I don't exactly burst into laugh. When I saw the waterboy I didn't know what to do with it, were I to laugh or cry? actually I think crying would be the best way of describing how I felt. Now, some people may think that this sense of humour suits children perfectly, and in ways it does, but if I were a parent I wouldn't let my children see this film. I would be affraid that the children would suffer deep phsycological injuries if they saw this kind of crap. I know I haven't written about anything particular that I don't like about this film, and that's because I think the whole movie, from pre-creds to aftercreds literally SUCKS. I'd like to end this review by giving the film atleast one good comment and that is that it atleast beats the crap out of films such as "The Neverending Story 2". And please do me a favor... wash your eyes after seeing this film.
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You pray for the WaterBoy to drown in this pathetic loser...
Donald J. Lamb22 March 1999
THE WATERBOY is without a doubt one of the worst movies ever made, plain and simple. I can't even say that it was a waste of money because it was a huge hit. Sandler and his cronies have actually stolen our money with this mindless piece of crap. I know critics are rough on Sandler's films. WEDDING SINGER was actually a good flick that poked fun at the 1980's and why not? The 80's are an open wound that WEDDING SINGER exposed with hilarity. It even developed a half-decent love story with the help of Drew Barrymore. What the hell happened with this? Did they think this was funny while they were making it or was it in post-production when they realized that it sucked? Sandler is too talented to think this was any good. The public bought it. Why? We'll never know.

I saw it on video, so thank God I did not pay $7.50 for a theater run. After watching it, I didn't even want it in the house overnight. Sandler and his funny buddies, who get paid handsomely to make this garbage, go after the deep south for laughs. You get the impression that every person in cajun Louisiana is dirty and stupid. They can't be any dumber than the writers of this dud. The filmmakers, and I use this term loosely, have no knowledge of the sport of football. It is absolutely painful to sit through.

I know some people will read this and say I am too analytical or that I did not "suspend my disbelief" enough to enjoy this debacle. Get real. "Bobby Bouche" is boring, and a good ending would've been for him to drown in the Gulf of Mexico with a football in his mouth. (-1 of 10)
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don't bother watching this if you're not American
Ian Bradley16 July 2002
Ive just sat and watched this tonight, and wasn't really impressed. Most of the humour is based around old jokes about people with special needs. I can't understand why people find that so mind numbingly funny. I like Adam Sandler, and I loved The Wedding Singer, but i can't be bothered with this movie. I don't think this film should have been released outside America. Why? Because no other country on the planet actually plays American Football! I sat there looking around the room and everyone had the same expression on their face. What the hell was going on? one minute they seemed to be starting the game, the next someone knocked out someone else and the game was over! I mean, it's not exactly what you'd call sport, people just running about flying jumping through the air knocking people out is it?? And why did every person in the stadium seem to be supporting the same team? The team who had lost so many games in a row? To be honest, i just don't care.

The Waterboy had a weak plot, weak characters, unfunny humour, bad acting and rubbish dialogue. If youi want to see a proper sports movie, go and rent 'Fever Pitch' or 'When Saturday Comes', cos the British know how to do it best! 2/10
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The Prime Years Of Adam Sandler
CandidlyCandid8 March 2009
Adam Sandler is known all around the world for his comedy, when is a good era' and time to see Sandler at his best? Of course the golden years of the late nineties, this was Adam Sandler at his very best. His performance is way-over-the-top, but his character provides plenty, and plenty of laughter for all ages. Sure many rant his performance as "too silly" or "just not funny", but who can't find Adam Sandler in his golden years funny? The movie is just for laughs, there's no Oscar winning performances nor is it any "movie stand-out", just a normal, fun basic Adam Sandler movie with the funny characters and quotable dialog.
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Captain Insano Shows No Mercy!
inferno27223 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
how anyone could not like this movie is beyond me. Not only does it have a pretty darn good acting core with Fariuza Balk (sp?) Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, and the great Henry Winkler, it also has a lovable story, and some insane football hits.

a hilarious comedic action flick is what i would call it, just a different kind of action flick :) anyway, i really don't have to say the story outline, as I'm sure 99% of the people reading this have already seen it, so all i am going to say is, that i think this is a great movie, i think everyone should see it, and i think you should see it with an open mind. you are NOT going to get a flick like the shawshank redemption, but you will get a flick that will make you say, you know what, that last 90 minutes of my life was pretty darn good :) watch it, you'll like it, trust me :)
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Adam Sandler is funny
Steven21 May 2010
What do you get when you combine Adam Sandler and a football movie? A fun movie. Adam Sandler plays Bobby Boucher, a longtime waterboy for the local college football team. However, the players have always made fun of him and have given him a hard time. One day, Bobby has had enough of the players making fun of him so he decides to tackle one of the players out of nowhere. When the coach, played by Henry Winkler (a.k.a. Fonzie), notices Bobby's tackle, he decides to see what it would be like to make him a linebacker.

Despite Bobby's mother (played by Kathy Bates) not approving of Bobby playing, the coach decides to play him anyway. The coach makes the objective to Bobby to picture somebody's head on the quarterback's body. This works for a while.

There is a love interest, played by Fairuza Balk. Some of the frequent supporting players in Adam Sandler's movies appear in bit parts. Director Frank Coraci mixes the football action with the comedy.
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Sometimes you just need a stupid film like this to make you laugh
MartinHafer1 March 2009
Although I love a good foreign or independent film, sometimes I am in the mood for a good old stupid film like THE WATERBOY. This is not meant as an insult, as the makers of this film intended for it to be very dumb and in the process the film is also quite entertaining. There are many times I could just use some mindless fun and I am thankful that films like the Bill and Ted films, UHF, TALLADEGA NIGHTS and THE WATERBOY are there when I am in the mood for goofiness.

Adam Sandler stars as Bobby Boucher--a guy so socially inept people assume he is an idiot. His sole desire in life when he film begins is to be a water boy for a football team--even though he's in his 30s! When he shows up at South Central Louisiana State University looking for this job, the coach (Henry Winkler) lets him do it---provided he doesn't have to pay Boucher! Oddly, Boucher looks at his job as if it were a science and he takes amazing pride in such a menial and worthless job. In the process, he looks like a total geek and the players make fun of him constantly. Eventually, all the needling reminds him of all the many, many, many times others have made fun of him over the years and he reacts by knocking one of the players off his feet. Not realizing it, Boucher was able to channel his 31 years of rage into tackling. Winkler realizes Boucher's potential and gets him to agree to play football--even though Boucher's mama (Kathy Bates) thinks "foosball is of the Devil!". This is accomplished by pretending that he's just the team's water boy. I loved when he came home bruised up after a game and explained that it was because he was beaten up by an escaped gorilla....and she believed it!! However, when Mama finally learns the truth, she slips into an unknown illness and Waterboy is unable to bring himself to play in the super-important Bourbon Bowl!

The film abounds with stupid moments--the sort that make kids laugh and adult often pretend aren't funny. I believe that most sophisticated adults WILL like the film but should probably only watch it when the kids are asleep--otherwise the children will realize that their parents are capable of laughing at Adam Sandler.

Clever writing, lots of silly gags (such as his run-in with 'Colonel Sanders') and a part that works well for Sandler, this is one of his better films. I also recommend you try watching THE WEDDING SINGER. And, because I care about you, I advise you to avoid LITTLE NICKY like the plague, as its juvenile humor is something only the most seriously brain damaged can appreciate. It's just not funny.

By the way, the plot of THE WATERBOY is in many ways a variation on Stephen King's CARRIE. Carrie's mother IS Bobby Boucher's mother in many different ways. And, instead of cool telekinesis, Bobby's "magic power" is his ability to tackle. Think about it.
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One of the year's VERY WORST movies. Equivalent to fingernails on a chalkboard.
Dale-313 December 1998
I believe in giving bad movies a chance. I wanted to like "The Waterboy" and I went in with a positive attitude. Then... Adam Sandler spoke. I can't tell you how much I cringed whenever he spoke. I have lived in the South and no one is that ridiculous in their accent. This is, by far, his absolute worst movie. His ONLY funny movie was "Bulletproof," and that wasn't even that good. The only person I was interested in was Kathy Bates because she is one of my favorite actresses. I don't know what she was thinking when she signed on to do this movie. Thank God she wasn't bad in her role. Other than her, I couldn't care less for anyone else in the film. There were some funny lines and the football scenes were pretty brutal, but that DOES NOT make up for bad writing and REALLY bad acting. There were times when I was bored. Sandler doesn't have the charisma or acting ability to play a lead role. He would only work as a supporting character, like the obnoxious best friend. Why can't he be as funny as he is in his CD's? His CD's are absolutely hilarious. I have lost all respect for Sandler with this film, and I can't BELIEVE it made this much money, it's ridiculous. "The Waterboy" is the 2nd worst movie of the year, after the extremely atrocious "I Got The Hookup." There is nothing worse than an unfunny comedy. Well, maybe torture; but, then I would take that over watching "The Waterboy" any day of the week.
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I can't believe the first week's run....It's amazing
dino-1514 November 1998
I found the movie to be stupid and the lead actor, Mr Sandler was very superficial.
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Yes, it's foolish and campy, but that's exactly what it's supposed to be.
Michael DeZubiria5 April 2002
In Adam Sandler's tremendously successful 1998 comedy, The Waterboy, he plays the part of intellectually stunted Bobby Boucher. Bobby is a waterboy for various footballs teams, from whom he receives and seems to expect no respect whatsoever. This is obviously not the kind of movie that is meant to win any awards (what Sandler movie is?), but there is a definite place for movies like this. The character that Sandler creates is hideously annoying, but the comedy that comes from that is unmistakable. The laughs aren't very durable, but there are some good laughs that come from the lines that Boucher mumbles throughout the movie, and the situations are even better.

While it's true that The Waterboy is a thinly veiled version of the age-old structure of the underdog coming back and winning big, the film as a whole serves its purpose well, as long as you keep in mind what that purpose is. You watch a movie like this in order to get a few cheap laughs, and that's exactly what it gives you. It's well written because it was made to be exactly the kind of movie that it is, and it can't be criticized for that. Kathy Bates is wonderful as Bobby's horribly over-bearing mother, and Henry Winkler, who was The Fonz about 1,000 years ago, has stooped to a heart-breakingly low level as the pathetic coach of the pathetic football team that Boucher saves as the star tackler. The scene with Coach Klein (Winkler) talking to his grandmother about his problems on a disconnected phone while wearing a pair of high heels is a particularly sad thing to see the original Arthur Fonzarelli to have degenerated to.

On the other hand, the football scenes, which are clearly the emphasis of the film, are undeniably fun to watch. It's a classic underdog structure, but it's great to watch Bobby earnestly wish the opposing players the best of luck on the upcoming play, only to receive an offensive reply and then throw everyone else aside on his way to that player to deliver a massive tackle, even if it means sacrificing the play. We've already seen dozens of football movies, so we already know exactly how this is going to end, but luckily we have a lot of fun getting there. There is some shallow writing and an uninteresting romantic subplot (involving the simultaneously hideous yet strangely attractive Fairuza Balk) thrown into the film, as well as the obligatory happy ending, but as is generally the case with Sandler's movies, The Waterboy delivers what it is expected to deliver, as long as you don't expect something unreasonable from it. This was not meant to be a great film, and will be seriously considered that by virtually no one, but as a cheesy comedy with some genuinely amusing moments, The Waterboy is a huge success.
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good role for Adam Sandler
mattkratz7 September 2001
This movie was a good part for Adam Sandler. True, the jokes tended to misfire a bit, and you'll be annoyed with the way Sandler talks during the movie (You'll understand what I mean if you've seen this), but I liked it. Sandler gives a funny portrayal of a waterboy-turned-linebacker who is taught to take out all his frustrations for everyone who's ever given him grief when he tackles- and boy does he TACKLE!

*** out of ****
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Painfully unfunny
howard-518 September 2002
This was without a doubt one of the least funny "comedy" films I have ever seen. I sat though nearly an hour and a half of this drivel waiting for all the hilarious scenes mentioned in other reviews - I saw them, but just can't see why people thought they were so funny. It was by turn predictable, boring, badly acted,

irritating - and that was just Sandler (who is without a doubt the most over-rated and least talented "comedians" I've ever had to suffer through). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against moronic or vulgar humour, but only if it is funny and this certainly isn't.

Why Sandler is so popular is a complete mystery to me, he can't act (unless

doing a bad voice impression of Eric Cartman from South Park counts as acting nowadays), he has no discernable writing ability or comic timing. If I could I would give this film a negative rating

The scariest thing about this film is that it is apparently better than Little Nicky which is hard to imagine. 0 out of 5
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