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Compilation of other genres is the perfect title
UniqueParticle6 June 2019
I love cheesy underrated movies like this! It really is like a mix of X-Files, Alien, Robocop, and Terminator. Loaded with an awesome cast and some ridiculous mindless writing not meant to be taken seriously. Sci-Fi like this really should be appreciated more!
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I liked it anyway
LJ2723 August 1999
I've heard people trash this movie left and right yet I found that it kept my attention for the duration of it's running time and all the technical aspects were top-notch (especially Tippett Studio's CGI realization of Goliath). The characters weren't great and weren't bad either. Sure, we've seen it all before in other films but I have little hope of finding a film that's completely original. Frankly, I got about what I expected out of it - motion picture fastfood. You enjoy it as you take it in and digest it and forget about it after you leave the theater. It's just entertainment and not bad for what it is. Unlike LOST IN SPACE or BATMAN AND ROBIN, this film isn't boring. It moves at a quick enough pace to where you don't find yourself checking your watch all the time. I'm not sure what the deal was with Donald Sutherland's character who displays no sense of logic whatsoever. Had they dropped the stuff with his character, it would've helped the film. If you're bored, check it out. It's worth at least one viewing.
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Salvage, salvage
shhazam230 December 2005
Say what you want about this movie not meeting expectations of the 90's but it was very entertaining and thats most of what I expect from any good movie.

Bad aliens, greed, bravery, bravado, science gone bad and survival all play major parts in this flick.

Strong women, brave men and treacherous men are a good mix for any story and this movie has them in abundance.

The aliens seem to want something from humans and its not in the best interest of these humans to meet their needs.

Try not to be comparing this movie to other sci-fi and just enjoy an interesting twist on the genre.
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Better than evreyone makes it out to be
Christopher-Peznola13 July 2006
A mediocre storyline (i.e. Titanic) can become a world class film with character development, believable dialogue, and, for lack of a better word, some Hollywood magic. This film could have been a blockbuster with less action, less noise, less effects and more humans being human. Look at 2001 A Space Odyssey, Jaws, Titanic and countless other films, and you'll see that the story was about as interesting as Virus, and the actors, equally talented. Virus failed to deliver characters that we could believe and identify with.

I still recommend this film highly, as its interesting, it contains Jamie Lee Curtis (a hottie) and Donald Sutherland (a 20th century legend), lots of effects and action. In a way its sort of fun to watch quality actors attempt to make the best of horrible dialogue.

A 7 out of 10 for storyline and casting
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That's one hell of a flare
Clive_W26 October 2019
This is a terribly great film, everything that is wrong with this flick just couldn't stop me from laughing, got to love 90s sci fi sorta b movie level, though we do have quite the cast everything just feels very off with the film, yet if you want to enjoy something for a laugh this would be the film, the effects are poor, the acting is very wooden, and the plot is well been done many times before. I first court this film on late night tv in the uk back when channel 5 used to do there late night films that were always guaranteed to be a terrible movie and had the wonderful pleasure to rewatch the film found on YouTube, this is a little bit of a guilty pleasure. Enjoy!
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This is what I always imagined the BORG to really be like!
Holohead28 August 1999
After reading less than favourable reviews, I was concerned this movie would not live up to the potential of the plot scenario. That is, an Alien entity arriving on Earth and fusing humans, or parts of humans, with mechanical technology to further it own existence.Fortunately, the movie lived up totally to my expectations. We start off with a BANG! and than it's non-stop, sit on the edge of your seat stuff until the end. Anyone who watches STAR TREK knows the BORG. This movie makes what we've seen of the Borg look like a stroll in the park. Whilst extremely graphic in nature, VIRUS's depiction of this Aliens handiwork is as it would be...gruesome! Without giving away the plot, you have a claustrophobic situation reminiscent of ALIENS with Jamie Lee and Bill Baldwin & crew being hunted down one by one. Chase scenes involving a multitude of half human/half machine monstrosities keep coming at you like Arnie in TERMIMATOR. The special effects and art concepts are original and really make this movie stand out. Interestingly you'll see Mr. James Cameron thanked in the fine print of the credits. The mechanical marvels are certainly up to his standard. I loved the movie and now on DVD its straight into my collection.
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Compilation of other genre movies
Alex-37223 April 2004
Don't take this movie too seriously, and Virus is actually an enjoyable romp, that pays homage, excuse me, rips off many venerable movies from the same and similar genres.

It starts of as an X-Files episode, turns into The Perfect Storm, Sutherland is clearly inspired by mad Quint in Jaws, then the movie becomes Johnny 2.0 meets Robocop and Alien II.

The drawbacks are of course obvious - the Life Form behaves more like a space moron, than a higher form of intelligence. If it was the latter, it would simply have the entire crew set port in Australia and have taken it from there. Instead, the "humans are viruses" approach simply brings it down. Bummer. Billions of miles of space travel, and it gets bested by the motley crew of a tugboat with a demented skipper.

Anyway, 21 years after Halloween, Jamie Lee still looks delectable with a perfect figure. The rest of the crew are funny and charming, in a forgettable way. Sutherland puts in the best acting he has in years, which isn't saying too much as he has been phoning his performances in since JFK.

Anyway, this movie is low on originality, but if you like the genres above, it is a pretty nice diversion.
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Not as bad as its reputation suggests.
gridoon22 July 2000
"The Terminator" meets "The Predator" and "Alien", and what we get is this routine but moderately effective horror thriller, which isn't quite as bad as its reputation might lead you to believe. Sure, it lacks substance and (except for a few details)originality, but the energetic direction, the fast pacing and some impressively filmed explosions keep it painless. Effects aren't particularly outstanding, though.
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Great popcorn movie!
leif-1323 July 1999
Saw this one on DVD last night and I really liked it. It was a fast paced comicbookaction popcorn movie with scares that made me jump the chair a couple of times. The story is nothing new. We´ve seen it numerous times before. Like Alien. But nothings original these days anyway. The FX where great and I liked the frankensteinish look of it. It rates high on my popcornmovie chart.
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*** out of ****
clay-817 January 1999
What I noticed about "Virus" is that ANYTHING can happen to ANY of the characters. They actually get the crap beaten out of them, even Jamie lee. The special-effects are fantastic for this film and the robots are actually menacing. The characters aren't too interesting but they suit the film. I was surprised at how the movie wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be. "Virus" takes a new direction. Instead of having a bunch of aliens or monsters running around, killing people, they have robots. It's an original idea that hasn't been tackled that often in this type of genre. A good movie.
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Good entertainment
Teddy-1620 January 1999
This movie will probably not go to the history as one of the greatest. It will probably not even be remembered a couple of years from now. But it is a good horror/thriller movie with some decent effects. It's been a while since I actually jumped more than three times in the chair. Ok, the tricks to make you jump is kind of common, but they obviously worked.

Apart from the end (that is very strange) this is a good movie. The weird thing though is that right after Kit Foster and her boyfriend ejects from the ship the storm goes away. Hmm... Of course you can't compare this with milestones like any of the Alien movies, but it is well spent money, and two hours killed time.
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mr_ghost23 January 1999
Because of the poor reviews I wasn't expecting too much when I went to see Virus. Boy, was I surprised. Pleasantly suprised. Virus is one of the best Science Fiction/Horror movies I have seen in a VERY long time. The acting was good and the special effects were great. Jamie Lee Curtis was good and Donald Sutherland was hilarious. If you are looking for a good time, GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
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A hidden gem
omdawe29 February 2020
Amazing actors and superb story with over the top special effects, as they are mostly practial and not CGI. Terminator/Predator/Star Trek Borg and the Aliens movies all mixed in to one. Even a reboot of this story would be amzing to see
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Gave me nightmares as a kid
estheticsbyamber31 December 2019
I recommend it, it isn't great but it's better than most of the garbage that came out that year.
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Great effects, good story
Evildead-622 January 1999
People don't seem to see this film in the right way. This movie was excellent. People must have had their hopes set too high for this, and it a shame this movie is going to bomb. in a world where so many horror rip-offs (scream, I still know..., urban legend.......), it's great to see a very original movie. Based on an excellent comic book series from over a decade ago, this movie delivers some suspense and some great special effects with plenty of blood and gore for the TRUE horror fan...
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Underrated gem with some amazing effects
majerhawk4 March 2019
I want to compare this to 'the thing' but with a technological twist to it. Effects are top notch, creepy, and well crafted. Story suffices and characters are alright but the real star is obviously the effects. It is a great Sci fi horror film.
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MatrixFan0211 July 2004
I first watched this movie in 1999 I got it on DVD a year later.

This movie has a so-so story line to it. An alien in the form of electricity comes to earth and starts to kill everybody on board the ship. The Crew of a tug boat come across it and start to die. 6/10

The VFX and special FX were great. With the giant goliath and the animatronacs. The Action was equally good. Like the gun FX, and the tug boat going down. FX 8/10

The actors were good in the film, whit some good lines. 6/10

I liked it
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Sci-fi, Alien type thriller with a lot of tense
sam200025 September 1999
Despite its bad reviews the movie was good, may be not the best but worth watching. It contains excellent f/x and realistic gore. If you are into all that stuff, you should definetely watch this film.

It's sort of a mixture of Alien, Predator and Event Horizon. It quite a lot of tense thrilling and scary scences which I really enjoy watching in a film.

The characters aren't so solid and the story is not really original but than again this was not a movie made to win oscars.

If you want some of cool f/x, tension, horror, cool robots, displaced human the moive.
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Not as bad as you might think
JohnSeal16 January 2000
OK, by the half way mark Virus is turning into a pretty typical aliens are here to destroy us movie, but till then it's a reasonably suspenseful, not badly written, well cast and well acted film. Jamie Lee Curtis looks remarkably normal playing a sailor, Donald Sutherland delivers another good villainous performance, and new actor of the year Cliff Curtis (Three Kings, Bringing Out the Dead) is excellent. This is a good popcorn movie, much better than most genre films.
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Better Than Its Reputation
utgard1424 April 2014
Decent sci-fi horror/thriller. OK, it's not exceptional in any way but it's also not the steaming pile of poo that its rating here would suggest. I was expecting it to be a real stinker judging by some of the reviews I've read. On the contrary, it was a perfectly watchable movie of its type. Entertaining to a small degree but never dull. The cast isn't bad. Jamie Lee Curtis is the best of the lot. Donald Sutherland hams it up some with a silly Lucky Charms accent. I ask you though -- in what way is that not fun? Maybe people hate it because it has a "dumb action movie" quality about it. Sci-fi fans can be a prickly sort sometimes.
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One of the greatest
deexsocalygal4 August 2019
I can't understand why this movie got low ratings. I think it's one of the top sci fi films. It's got all star actors, superb action, and a good storyline of America against the bad aliens. I rewatch it all the time & it never fails to hold my interest. There's never a dull moment from the second it starts to end. You've gotta watch it!
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Clichés - All Aboard!
BaronBl00d12 June 2006
Laughable, extremely poorly scripted and acted effort about a small crew boarding what seems to be a "dead" huge Russian science ship that has been taken over by an alien life form in the form of electrical current. The small crew from the other ship quickly find out that boarding the ship was a bad idea, and soon they begin to, I know this will surprise you, ...DIE. Okay, for starters the film is very derivative of other films, most notably Alien with the same premise of a small group investigating a large "foreign" vessel and ultimately led by a strong female protagonist. Ther are many other obvious similarities, but time and a total lack of desire to rehash that drivel must excuse me. I could live with a less than original story if it had some better dialog and some characters you might give a hoot about, but Virus has none of that. Jamie Lee Curtis does a serviceable job at best and gives the film's best performance, but that is not saying anything as virtually everyone else is just awful. This is a surprise when one sees Donald Sutherland's name attached to this project. I have never seen him give quite as bad a performance as he does in Virus. He goes for every cliché and stereotype of an old sea captain save a wooden leg and a parrot on his shoulder. The accent he uses I found excruciating. The rest of the crew has a group of guys that you will not care about in the least. None of the guys can act. This applies mostly to male "lead" Wiulliam Baldwin who looks like he is lost at sea playing an actor. The script aids the actors in being inadequate as half the time it just makes no sense and other times begins to show promise and ends abruptly. Wow, the way Jamie Lee Curtis gets out of a jam near the film's end was so ridiculous. What about the captain and why he was almost going to shoot himself in the beginning of the picture? What was that all about? It was never brought up again. What does Virus have going for it? It is the very embodiment of mindless entertainment with almost no thinking required. The special effects are pretty good too. But for me the film was a great big let-down. Not that I was expecting something great, but I was expecting something suspenseful. I was laughing and turning my head a lot more times in this one then I was on the edge of my seat - except when I was ready to turn the movie off!
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Great Special Effects
claudio_carvalho13 December 2020
The space station MIR is communicating with the Russian research vessel Vladislav Volkov, when the astronauts witness a surge of energy coming to Earth, killing them at the station and reaching the ship, attacking the captain, officers and crew. The tugboat Sea Star is towing a barge with cargo not covered by insurance when she crosses a typhoon and loses the cargo. The alcoholic Captain Robert Everton (Donald Sutherland) is informed that the engine room is flooded and the bilge pump does not have enough capacity to pump all the water overboard. Captain Everton is ready to commit suicide when the tug stumbles upon the Russian vessel and he believes the salvage would worth about thirty-million dollars. Captain Everton and his crew goes onboard of the dead ship considering derelict and soon they find the Russian officer Nadia (Joanna Pacula), who tells an incredible story. She explains that an alien force needs electrical power to build robots and destroy the human race, but they believe she is haywire. But soon they find the threat on board.

"Virus" is a 1999 film with great special effects. However, the story is not so good, despite the cast with Donald Sutherland, Jamie Lee Curtis and William Baldwin. Anyway, it is worthwhile watching especially for those that like the marine environment and sci-fi. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Virus"
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High Tech Sea Yarn
DJBlackSwan19 November 2005
Part outer space movie, part nefarious robots, part sea yarn, I'm assuming the key to Virus is the Dark Horse comic series, which I have yet to read. How else to explain the non-credible, cartoon character appearance of Donald Sutherland in this movie? While Jamie Lee has been quoted as saying, "Virus is a piece of sh..." it's clear that somebody, somewhere had fun making this movie. Fancy CGI, live action puppets, telemetry suits, 10 by 10 foot robot models, plenty of moving parts to keep the gearheads happy, and of course enough obligatory dental drill sound effects to make anyone squirm...somebody's gotta have fun watching that.

Any misanthrope will readily agree with the premise, that human beings are the "virus". Greedy, destructive, out of control reproduction, etc. And the Luddites will also enjoy the flip side of the same coin, that eeeevil computers (with REALLY unsophisticated interfaces!) are somehow in competition with human greed, destruction, etc.

And the documentary "Ghost in the Machine" really should have been entitled "The Body Electric". Rush is better than The Police, any old day.

Speaking of music, I come from a classic musicals background, so film music is extremely important to me. If you enjoy male choruses, be sure to suffer through the credits where composer Joel McNealy's fairly cool take on a Russian march, based on his own orchestral themes, will make it worth your while.

See, something for everybody in this movie. 7/10, three points for letting Jamie Lee Curtis cut loose with a few well-timed yelps.
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The Infection of Pure Perfection!!!
Rudy-Welpe27 April 2005
Alien rip-off or no - this is one gem of a sci-fi horror flick. And please bear in mind that Alien itself is an amalgam of various other films in the B movie mould.

The gory cyborgs depicted with such mastery in "Virus" are, of course, one of the main reasons I keep on coming back to watch this film - and after repeated viewings I can still say in all honesty that they continue to keep me on the edge of my seat. Marvellous creations! In spite of what many reviewers have said about this film, I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good horror movie in the science fiction mode. In fact, I ordered the DVD a few days ago and have just received notification that I can collect it from my local Video/DVD store. Whoopee! I'm in for a real treat - I know it!
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