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The Worst Rated TV Special
xeidon8 May 2003
If I remember right, this special won the distinction of being the lowest rated TV special of all time (as of 1997). I don't know if any other special has taken the crown, but, to be fair, it had to be expected, considering it aired on the Saturday 10-11 pm slot--the generally lowest rated hour of the television week.

It was an interesting special, though, and U2 fans will recognize clips of this special in the U2.com video section. Overall, it's a worthwhile documentary that chronicles a bit of U2 musical history and the PopMart tour. If you can locate it, it would be worth watching.
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Package Over Product (vhs)
leplatypus9 October 2017
This Pop album was like a Zooropa 2 : rich and colored visual but this time, the songs were really disappointing (1,4,6,8 & 10) even if the guitar riffs and electronic sound was great… However the live stage was fantastic with this amazing big screen which was skipped for TV because the camera focus on the band! This short documentary is watchable in spite of the usual empty, boring, pretentious analysis of the band about their music... However they stay cool, open and interested about the world so i suppose there is worst!
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