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Lots of Fun, But Check Your Brains At The Door
ccthemovieman-19 December 2005
Here's one of those films that wears you out. By the end, you're exhausted. I really liked this the first two times but three viewings were enough. By then, the absurdity of the whole thing had fried what few brain cells I have left.

Ray Liotta is excellent as the psycho serial killer who puts on a charming Ted Bundy-like appearance for a short while before publicly showing his insanity. He's fascinating, start to finish here, even providing some very humorous lines.

I wish I could say I enjoyed the other people in here but, except for Ben Cross, I couldn't. Lauren Holly, the female star of the film, is decent for much of the "ride" but becomes annoying and totally non-believable in the final phase of the film, becoming out-of-character profane and nasty herself. (Of course, her flight did turn out to be a tiny bit stressful which might have affected her patience. ha ha)

Of course, with a film like this, there are going to be some severe questions with credibility, but when did that ever stop filmmakers? Other reviewers in here have already detailed some of the non--sensible parts, so no need to dwell on that. This is not brainfood: it's just escapist entertainment for a night, something to show your girlfriend so she'll hold onto you during all the suspense!

Anyway, I enjoyed the special effects, especially with the plane smashing a few buildings, and the sound was awesome, at least on the DVD. For much of the flight, they are flying through a storm and the rumbles form the shaking airliner, was dramatic.
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Hokum-and hugely entertaining
zippgun25 June 2004
Many people are very critical of this movie-but it does have some fans,including me!Okay,the whole thing is full of absurdities-but so what!Butler takes the old "stewardess flies the plane" cliche,runs with it,and delivers an enormously entertaining slice of hokum.The formula is paired down to basics,as mad serial killer Weaver(Ray Liotta),creates havoc aboard the plane,determined it will crash into L.A.-so he can go out in a blaze of vengeful glory.All that stands in his way is plucky flight attendant Teri(Lauren Holly).The stage is set for a frantic live action "Tom and Jerry" wing ding between monstrous male psycho predator,and winsome female "prey". Liotta really seems to be enjoying himself here,and is given lots of goofy "psycho speak" to deliver with relish.Weaver has a sense of humor too!"I'm never flying this airline again!",he shouts to himself,after being tumbled backwards down some stairs,a leg painfully crushed in a door. Then there's Terri-cute,willowy and Bambi eyed-I found myself pretty upset seeing what poor Teri goes through in this movie!But despite insults,threats,punches,assaults,smoke attacks and all,she has the moxie to keep going.Battered,bruised and bloodied she still looks stunning!And at the beginning,we are told some guy just broke off his engagement to THIS girl!HE must've been crazier than Weaver!
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How's this for rationalizing?
=G=1 December 2002
There's a bizarre human appetite for that which is awful. From lookie-looing at traffic accidents to Man Show mooks to Lettreman's stupid pet tricks to worst home videos, etc., people like to watch people being stupid, outrageous, and ridiculous. Therein lies the appeal of "Turbulence", a not-to-be-taken-seriously white knuckle ride into the realm of the ridiculous with Holly as the "Stew" who's got to save a 747 jumbo jet with a handful of passengers against all odds including one very whacked out serial killer (Liotta). Ok, ok...this movie is stupid. However, for those who can get to that place in their heads where they don't intellectualize, just go with it, and enjoy the humor-tinged hair raising suspense and silliness, 100 minutes of entertainment awaits. (C)
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"Buffalo Gals, won't you come out tonight . . . . "
icfarm16 July 2007
An implausible but intense thrill ride with a more than competent cast.

As the film opens, it is Christmas Eve, and we get our introduction to our Bad Guy, Ryan Weaver (Ray Liotta, doing the kind of character he does best). He's a good-looking, charming-on-the-surface killer who has come to be known as the "Lonely Hearts Strangler" because his M.O. is apparently to target a single woman, romance her for a time, and then . . . well, they do call him "Strangler". After leaving a toy store with a cute stuffed animal and arriving at his new girlfriend (next intended victim's) place, he is arrested and kicked in the stomach by the detective (Hector Elizondo) who has been after him for years and even framed him by planting evidence (although it's okay in this case because HE DONE IT! Who cares what they had to do to get him?) In a clever bit of opening misdirection, we see shots of Bad Guy on his way to his latest target's place intercut with shots of our Heroine (waifish but not anorexic, blonde-haired-big-blue-eyed Lauren Holly) in her own place in such a way as to make us think that she is his new "girlfriend", when in fact she is not.

The two do meet, however, since our Heroine is a flight attendant assigned to the Christmas Eve flight on which Bad Guy is being transported to prison to await his execution. Along with Bad Guy is another con (Brendan Gleeson, in a Glee-ful performance) who's first words are his reply to our Heroine's question, "What would you like?", referring to drinks. His response? "I'd like to nail you, baby,", in the slimiest-sounding Cornpone accent you've ever heard. Is this guy really British?! Anyway, our charming con goes on to ask to be taken to the plane's bathroom, uses the soap-thingy as a weapon to kill the officer who is guarding him, and proceeds to make like Jeff Foxworthy if Foxy was a BAD-ASS Redneck. He ends up holding our Heroine hostage with a gun to her pretty blonde head, and who talks him into letting her go? None other than our Bad Guy, who at this point is still making like an unjustly accused and convicted Good Guy. In another dust-up, the other con and several others are shot. (The pilots have, in the midst of all this, been killed).

Our Heroine is told by our Bad Guy that the pilot hit his head but is all right and is going to land. He begins to win her sympathy, asking her if she believes in capital punishment, to which she answers "No". Our Heroine is sharp, however, and notices that the plane does not appear to be descending. She decides to go to the cockpit herself to check things out and finds the pilot and his co-pilot dead. She manages to make contact with the ground, however, and they patch her through to a pilot (Ben Cross, who brings his presence and accent to the role)who instructs her on how to communicate with the people on the ground and how to operate the plane(to LAND it, of course). Our Bad Guy, however, is determined that they will crash and, he hopes, take as many other people with them as possible. He shows his true colors, and it is at this point that it becomes almost impossible not to enjoy watching Mr. Liotta; he simply seems to be having so much FUN playing this particular wack-pot. As the plane tosses them to-and-fro (did I mention that they're headed into a six-on-a-scale-of-one-to-six thunderstorm?) our Heroine must defend herself after being coaxed out of the cockpit by our Bad Guy. While not trying to come across as the Xena of flight attendants, Ms. Holly is determined and tough mentally and also physically when forced to fight for her life. Yes, at one point, she uses sex - or at least the promise of sex - to get our Bad Guy to let his guard down for a moment, but, hey, it's one of the few "weapons" she has at her disposal, along with the fire extinguisher she clobbers him with shortly after the bogus come-on. (Why, under these circumstances, does our psycho-but-sharp Bad Guy believe for a MOMENT that the woman he's terrorizing would have sex with him, even to save herself and the few other people on board the plane he hasn't killed? Because it's a movie, children!) Anyway, after kicking a little Bad Guy butt and ultimately getting ahold of a Marshall's gun and killing him, our Heroine manages to land the plane. Merry Christmas! If you just want to shut down your higher brain functions and watch a good psycho-killer-chiller, and especially if you like it when said chiller supposedly takes place on Christmas, this is highly recommended for you. Cheers.
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It's Airport 1975 meets Friday the 13th in this thriller at 35,000 feet.
tgodel24 October 2002
  • 3/5 STARS -

It's Airport 1975 meets Friday the 13th in this thriller at 35,000 feet. Set aboard the ultra-sophisticated Boeing 747-200, a serial killer and flight attendant battle for control of the airplane as both his mental condition and the plane's altitude deteriorate.

A group of U.S. marshals is escorting two convicts aboard a nearly empty 747 on Christmas Eve. One convict escapes and kills all of the guards, along with the pilot. (The copilot is taken out just as efficiently by failing to observe the fasten seat belt sign!) After sitting back and letting them kill each other, serial killer Ryan Weaver (Liotta) fills the power vacuum and systematically secures control of the airplane. He has no intention of mounting an escape, however. Because he was already en route to death row, he plans to slowly torture his group of holiday captives while the plane flies itself into the ground.

Flight Attendant Teri Halloran (Holly) will have none of that, and we find ourselves with a far more capable flight attendant than Karen Black (from Airport 1975) at the helm of this 747. A lot can change in 22 years, and this time our flight attendant is strong-willed, empowered, and ready to brandish a gun, if necessary, to defend her safe passage to the ground. But just as significantly, it's the technology that has changed in two decades.

The airplane, the set design, and the special effects steal the show. Airplane buffs will be wowed at the display of real-world commercial jet technology, including the autoland system, which effectively replaces Charlton Heston (from Airport 1975) as the emergency pilot-in-command. Most of these whiz-bang gizmos are already present and functioning aboard commercial jets worldwide. By choosing such a high-tech plane, the producers were able to simplify the plot and omit the flight engineer altogether. He's been replaced by a bank of computers, as is becoming standard practice among domestic carriers.

The reality factor does have to be put on hold rather often, such as when the 747 flips over and our stars are forced to struggle on the ceiling of the cabin. Or when the plane's landing gear becomes entangled in a rooftop restaurant and subsequently scoops up a parked car. The 747-200's autopilot isn't nearly smart enough to recover from either crisis, but it's easy to let the disbelief slide because the visuals are so startlingly fresh.

External shots of the plane are well lit and light-years beyond what we have seen in any other aviation disaster film. Inside the plane, the sets are vibrant and alive with color. Brilliantly lit instrument panels, along with a talkative computer warning system, keep the audience involved. Even the avionics bay is bright and downright inviting!

It's a good thing the director let the art designers run amuck, because the psychosis of our serial killer would've sunk the picture otherwise. This character should have been penned as a standard mental case, but instead he's a serial killer and a sex fiend, which makes for a variety of uncomfortable confrontations between himself and the flight attendants. Women generally do NOT like this movie, primarily because the sexually-charged power struggles are repulsive to a modern temperament. The audience is officially fed up when Teri strips to seduce Ryan, just so that she can hit him in the head. Of course, he regains the upper hand moments later.

If just five minutes of this rubbish had been cut out the film, the result would have been much more satisfying. Liotta demonstrates his rendition of the crazed lunatic very well, and is highly entertaining until the script leads him to overly indulgent pastures. But ultimately, Turbulence is reluctant to decide whether it wants to be an action thriller or a teenage slasher movie. Although it eventually makes the right decision, half the movie has already passed by that point and those who would have abandoned ship, have already hit rewind.

Compared to Airport 1975, Turbulence is at once both a much bigger and a much smaller film. Turbulence has an abundance of top-notch special effects and is a colorful visual assault. Yet, the simple story of a frightened stewardess, struggling to fly a jumbo jet, is lost in this psychotic game of cat-and-mouse. In the world of the seven minute attention span, Turbulence plays by the new rules and thus belays its weakness: it is too youthful to know that by simply sitting back and letting the suspense build, the end result can be so much more satisfying.
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highly entertaining mindless action movie
chilla-black11 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Action/disaster movies involving planes are good and enjoyable (Die Hard 2, Snakes On A Plane, Con-Air, Air Force One, Executive Decision etc). Same goes for action movies where the bad guy is a total lunatic. So this personal favourite of mine has the best of both world's - a wisecracking total lunatic in charge of a 747 he intends to crash.

Ray Liotta is absolutely excellent as a sarcastic lunatic in this movie! I love indulging in Turbulence every now and then. Just to watch Ray Liotta's character 'giving it large' to his nemesis - some cop who framed him - on a plane that he intends to crash, just for him (the cop) - to make him famous cos he was hopeless at catching Liotta and had to plant a teddy bear in his car to get a conviction (Liotta's character supposedly strangles women after giving them a teddy bear for Christmas btw).

Anyway, the dialogue on the plane between the cast in the early stages is quite good. Especially the drinks and dinner menu scenes. Once the movie becomes cat and mouse between Liotta and the air stewardess, some of the dialogue is very good and quite amusing if you view it from the point that Liotta's character is a crazed psycho with nothing to lose but wants to have a bit of fun along the way.

Some of the scenes involving the landing of the plane are quite good as well especially when it almost collides with a hotel restaurant and you get a POV on it. Forget that it is a stupid idea where a stewardess gets a crash course from the ground crew (pun intended) to land a 747. Plane movies are always spectacular when they involve some kind of crash idea or a novice attempting to land one.

So Ray Liotta as a crazed psycho with a grudge against a cop and on a hijacked empty 747, a guy who is destined for the chair and with nothing to lose is pretty good idea for a movie....in my opinion. The premise may be mindless, but who cares - it's a wonderful life.

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Very Silly Thriller
Theo Robertson20 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
on the evening of the 20th June 2004 I had the choice of watching either Ray Liotta in GOODFELLAS or Ray Liotta in TURBULENCE . To be honest it wasn`t really a choice since I`d already reviewed GOODFELLAS and I hadn`t got round to seeing TURBULENCE so decided to watch the movie I hadn`t seen


As soon as the credits started I`d worked out how this movie was going to play out . Don`t ask me how but I`d got it into my head that this was going to be very similar to CON AIR with a serial killer taking over a jumbo jet with Ray Liotta`s character Ryan Weaver saving the day . In this respect my prediction was half right with a psychotic nutcase taking over a jumbo jet but it`s Weaver who`s the serial killer . I guess the producers can claim this is a shocking plot twist but for some strange reason it doesn`t feel convincing in anyway , in fact it feels downright ridiculous . Judging by the comments on this page it seems that many people like myself feel cheated as to how the story progresses , here we were expecting the doe eyed Weaver to risk life and limb to over come evil scumbags ( And getting a pardon from the President after the feds finally track down the real serial killer ) only to find Weaver`s the main scumbag

I don`t know if it`s down to the script but Liotta doesn`t make a convincing bad guy . No hold on , the more I think about it the more I believe Liotta should start taking more and more of the blame for this fiasco . It`s difficult to tell how his career might have panned out if he`d been given roles as good guys but Liotta has always seemed miscast as a violent killer and TURBULENCE proves it . Just so Stevie Wonder and all the blind people in the audience can get the point Liotta goes so over the top that he`s in danger of going into orbit - into orbit around the planet Jupiter by my reckoning , there`s no subtlety at all to Weaver and would have probably brought the film down if it wasn`t for the fact that there wasn`t much of a film to begin with

Note to Hollywood producers - Try casting Ray Liotta as a good guy . Considering he`s appeared in so many turkeys since GOODFELLAS I`m sure he`d be very cheap to employ
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I enjoyed it
raisleygordon5 June 2012
I happen to love movies that take place on airplanes, maybe because they're usually, or always about the same thing: A terrorist (or more) hijacks the plane and threatens to kill the passengers, sometimes along with the pilot. Plus, there's a storm too, making matters worse. That's basically all you can do in an airplane movie. The only exception is "Snakes on a Plane". Anyway, I had a good time the whole way through, even though I think the film could have used more characters (and complications), and a flight attendant who is a lot more smarter. This flight attendant, played by Holly, isn't very bright, even for a victim. Maybe she should have been the one choked to death. The other stewardess, played by Hicks, is more interesting. Besides, aren't the victims killed off in horror movies usually the not-so-smart ones? I suppose I could give the movie credit for trying something a little different.

*** out of ****
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Sure the movie's cheesy...
drealm2522 July 2003
But who cares? Ray Liotta is hands down unforgettable. Every time he gets hurt it's very funny to watch. I had to rewind the part where Teri blows the fire extinguisher in his face. The way he reacts is priceless! That and when Teri shoves him down stairs and closes an automatic door on his foot. He starts crying like a baby. Hilarious! And his lines, "You aren't having much luck with men lately, are you Teri?" or "I'm never flying this airline again." are by far worse than anything imaginable but thats what makes it all the more entertaining. Other than that the movie is pretty lame. I would recommend renting Turbulence for Liotta's performance only, and yes that makes it worth renting.
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Christmas double feature with Die Hard
cledakling20 September 2020
I'm a Ray Liotta fan and I'd never heard of this over the top airplane disaster movie. But it's not like the old Airport movies where you're supposed to get emotionally involved with the secondary characters. And while it's not a spoof, it certainly isn't to be taken seriously. It's just a somewhat silly thrill ride set at the holidays. Like Die Hard on a plane.
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Wholesome Christmas entertainment
Chance_Boudreaux1923 December 2019
I love Christmas movies and I'm always on the lookout for new ones. Every year I watch a whole bunch of them during the Christmas season and often they might be set around the season but they don't do too much with it. Turbulence does a lot with its Christmas theme as the plane is fully decorated, characters talk about Christmas, and Ray Liotta sings a song from It's A Wonderful Life. Ray is the absolute star of this movie and unleashes his acting abilities to the full extent, Nic Cage style. He completely steals the show and makes this movie as watchable as it is. On top of that, I was very surprised by how genuinely tense it was and that there were some decently filmed, very atmospheric scenes. All the special effects are terrible, even by 1997 standards but they add to the charm of the movie and give a few laugh out loud moments. I love 80s and 90s ridiculousness and I would've likely given Turbulence 6 stars but the Christmas setting gets that one extra star from me. It's not a good movie by any means but it's very entertaining and underrated and is a good movie to watch to get yourself in the mood for Christmas.
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Your life is too short...
ddd320 June 2004
Don't watch this film. It will plant the idea that flight crew really

might be this stupid in your mind and make you afraid to fly. This is

one of those movies where no-one does anything sensible, from the

pilot, who, knowing that there are two violent criminals on board his

'plane, hears gunshots and goes out to see what's happening, to the

stewardess who's locked herself in the cabin because she KNOWS what's

going on, and then comes out because the bad guy tells her that her

friend is asking for her, despite the trifling fact that the cops, the

FBI, and the ground crew have all told her that her friend is probably

already dead, and they need her in the cabin to monitor what the

'plane's doing or everyone will be dead anyway.

You will, however, be pleased to learn that, after being set alight,

flying into a casino and a parking garage, having a truck wedged on its

undercarriage, and being fired at by a fighter plane (Not to mention

the scene, right out of 'Airplane', where the 'plane flies upside down

for a while, entirely of its own volition...), the aeroplane itself

emerges unscathed.

This isn't so bad that it's good, it's so bad that it should have been

strangled at birth, and I'm a pacifist by nature.
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The most unintentionally hilarious film I have ever seen.
rich-3197 February 2001
If I was a director and wanted to make a film that set out to parody the action-thriller genre I think I would have produced something like Turbulence.

It is so packed with ludicrous sequences, stereotyped characters and predictable plot lines that it becomes impossible to take it seriously. This film ends up being entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons. It is so unbelievably bad that you won't be able to help yourself but laugh at it - should you actually decide to ever see this piece of nonsense.

Its a killer ride alright - its so hilarious you'll kill yourself laughing! This is to action movies what 'Plan 9' is to Science Fiction.

So awful its amazing!
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The Worst Aviation Movie. Period.
topsail3316 March 2003
Disgusting. That sums up the train-wreck-in-the-sky entitled "Turbulence". The DVD should come with its' own air-sick bag, because you'll be nauseaous from the time it lifts off the runway.

A thin story is anchored even more by horrible, and I mean horrible acting from both Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly. This is yet another Ray Liotta psychopath flick. When is he not type-cast as a thug or maniac? Very predictable lines from him. Lauren Holly looked like a genius - in Dumb and Dumber. "Turbulence" highlights the lowest point in her acting career. From horrible make-up, to times in the movie where she goes from calm (when she shouldn't be) to a screaming mess defending herself from Liotta's killer habits.

Luckily, a friend lent me this DVD, so I didn't actually waste any money on it, but I did waste an hour and 37 minutes.

This is no Airport '75 - not by a long shot.
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Move over "Roadhouse"--another contender in the riotously bad category
muscato-321 January 2006
In the tradition of hilariously bad movies like "Roadhouse" and "The Postman", "Turbulence" truly delivers the goods. Convicted serial killer, Ray Liotta, is on his way to LA to take up residence on death row. What follows makes one wonder if they're watching a twisted remake of "Airplane." After the lampooning that air disaster movies took with that landmark spoof, you would think filmmakers would be wary about returning to the skies with such a half-baked, over the top implausi-fest. I get the feeling that after a while they realized the comic potential of the movie and started playing it for laughs. How else to explain the truck stuck on the landing gear sequence, the "she's not a stewardess, she's a flight attendant" quote, and the plugging of a gun fire induced hole in the fuselage with a briefcase. Of course, my favorite is when Liotta finds himself in the avionics bay, and discovers what appears to be a tomahawk like ax. Ground control notes his presence and gasps that "He may take out the autopilot." Cue the next shot, a sign on a panel "Caution: Autopilot controls" which is dutifully smashed by our ax wielding friend. The landing sequence is hilarious as well. If you're looking for a serious, thoughtful action movie, skip this one. If you're looking for a few good laughs, check it out.
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This one will get your blood pumping!! (Possible minor spoiler)
spida12 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sure, it's not the best movie in the world, but for action, suspense and a Lauren Holly/Ray Liotta combo, it's pretty darned good. I watched this on a lazy Saturday morning and ended up nearly hyperventilating by the time it was over, not to mention having enough excess adrenalin to turn the lazy morning into a more productive one. One viewer commented that this was the best worse movie they'd seen. I wouldn't go so far as saying it is in the 'worse' category, because it had a lot of good qualities. There was a long list of favorite character actors, enough suspense to keep you interested, great performances by Holly and Liotta (two of my favorite Soap turned Hollywood actors), one of everyone's 'worst nightmares come true', and...none of it was spoiled by a romantic element often inserted in a good heart stopper action movie.

Kudos to Ms. Holly on her performance during the last fight scene. By this point, I was having to remember this was a movie, not live action. I was asking myself what I would do and how I would be feeling in a similar situation. That was the time when I realized I was hyperventilating and had to make myself take a breath. This is definitely a movie that I am glad I didn't watch just before bedtime. I would have not slept from the charge this movie gave the nervous system.
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Can a more stupid script be written?
rp_roger16 February 2005
Ray Liotta is one of my favorite actors, but this movie is just plain stupid!! A flight attendant is left flying the plane and she leaves the cockpit to search the 747 for a friend while its in the midst of a major storm. This insults the intelligence of anyone with a brain! It is just plain STUPID! Just watch it. You'll see stupidity at its best.

Or better yet, take the dog for a walk and have more fun and intelligence watching him sniff and pee. This is the dumbest movie I have ever seen. What a waste of a great actor. this is a stupid movie very dumb laugh at it but don't waste your evening or money watching it

stupid stupid stupid
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A more appropriate title for this terrifically tacky trash would have been "Airport '97"
Woodyanders1 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The central premise for this so-outrageously-awful-that-it's-highly-entertaining airborne suspense thriller must have been devised in the third or fourth circle of "high concept" movie hell. To wit: a belated overblown "Airport" sequel about a wild-eyed sanguinary sickpup psycho terrorizing folks on board a Christmas Eve red-eye airplane flight some 35,000 feet up in the air. The fact that the murderously deranged and dangerous, yet still diabolically charming and cunning fruitcake in question is played by consummate celluloid creepo specialist Ray Liotta in full-tilt let it all hang out something freaky hambone histrionic mode firmly ensures that the viewer is in for one hell of a terrifically wacky'n'tacky schlock hoot; Ray overacts with such hysterically maniacal and unrestrained cackling relish that it's an honest miracle his nose doesn't start profusely bleeding some fifteen-odd minutes into the picture.

Robert Butler's shameless anything-for-a-cheap-jolt direction likewise eschews tact and subtlety with expectedly atrocious results, thereby maintaining a consistently crummy level of pure jaw-dropping trashiness from start to finish. In jarring contrast to Liotta's astonishingly out-of-control and over-the-top eye-rolling twitchy thesping is the comparably startling woodenness of Lauren Holly's stupendously stiff and stoical performance as a beleaguered stewardess; Holly's grim-faced reserve in the context of this ridiculously wretched enterprise provides a particularly rich source of unintentional hilarity. The crassly exploited yuletide angle adds a substantial deliciously cheesy touch to the already delightfully dire proceedings, especially when the bloodied bodies of several slain passengers are propped up in their seats so they can watch an in-flight screening of "It's a Wonderful Life"! Toss in a supporting cast which includes such down and out, desperately slumming for an easy paycheck faded luminaries as Catherine Hicks, Ben Cross, Hector Elizondo, Brendon Gleeson (sporting a hilariously horrendous won't-fool-you-for-a-second overdone Southern accent), Rachel Ticotin and Jeffrey DeMunn, jazz it up with Shirley Walker's barnstorming score, have the punchy pace scoot along at a whiplash-inducing breakneck clip, crank the tension to the electrifyingly gaga ninth degree, and the net result of all this ill-advised go-for-broke berserk effort is a gloriously ghastly bad film treat that's eminently worthy of crap camp classic status.
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The worst film of the decade
HBeachBabe30 June 1999
The worst? ABSOLUTELY! This movie is so bad on so many levels I'm not sure where to start. The premise is that a Christmas Eve plane flight from NY to L.A. (decorated for X-mas no less) will have less than a dozen passengers. Obviously the scriptwriter hasn't been near an airport in some time. Even if such a thing were to happen, the flight would be canceled and the passengers put on other flights, it's simply not feasable for an airline to fly a jumbo jet cross country for 12 people. Lauren Holley's flight attendant is the stupidest hero ever committed to celluoid. The fact that as someone who supposedly works on a plane doesn't know how to the use the radio is not only moronic but rather scary. That she is also unaware of the rating system used for storms proves that the writer has very little respect for the profession. (As a related stupidity, said storm lasts from Cleveland to L.A. It must be the biggest storm in recorded history) Other writing blunders: we are expected to believe that a jumbo jet, flying on auto pilot can not only fly upside down(??!!) but then miraculously, right itself. The big "action" scenes near the end are of various collisions between plane and land bound objects. Let's see, in a battle between aluminum plane wing and steel framed billboard who do you think will win? A similar question is then asked about the cement roof of a parking garage vs. plane landing gear. Of course in this movie, the plane somehow wins both of those contests. With this much care put into the believablity of the script you can only guess at how much care was taken with the acting or direction. Even bad movies often have something to make them at least worth sitting through. Not this one. It is a complete and utter waste of 90 minutes that you could spend cleaning lint out of your navel. It is the only film in the 90's I have ever given a 0 on my 1-10 scale.
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Words fail me
tetsab20 June 2004
If they had tried a little harder, this could have been as good a spoof of the genre as 'Airplane'. It IS a spoof isn't it???? A few more lines like "I'm never flying this airline again" would have worked wonders. And where was Leslie 'Don't call me Shirley' Nielsen??? No, this is unmitigated rubbish. I worked at an airport for many years, and know a little about aviation. Aeroplanes do not behave like the one in this film. And one post 9/11 thought: I believe that cockpits now can only be opened from the inside. Once the co-pilot is incapacitated, no-one would be able to get in.... erm end of film, I think!!!
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4 out of 10 is about right.
mm-3914 September 2002
I agree with the other users comments that this film is pointless. I found this movie lacks any feeling, or emotion. No one cares how this movie ends. I do not know if it was the directors fault or the script. My wife likes it, and it could be lost to the male audience. This film is neither scary or tense. I did not like the preview, and it represents this movie well. Another forgettable movie that will someday fade away. 4/10
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It's not as bad as you think!
Rumples9 May 1999
Ok, this movie isn't fantastic and if I'd paid $12 bucks or whatever to watch it at the cinema I too would probably be feeling a little ripped-off. But I paid $2 bucks for me, the wife and a mate to watch it and, quite frankly, it was better than Mulan which we'd also hired. I also have to say I think it's superior to Con Air, Executive Decision, Air Force One, or any other recent aeroplane highjacking movie I've seen recently. Ray Liotta does make a great psycho and, although his character was rather confused, he was still pretty creepy. Yes, the film was full of inconsistencies - the empty plane at Christmas, why they didn't use a smaller aircraft or bump the passengers to another airline, the bullet-hole patched with a suitcase, the failure of the oxygen masks to drop when cabin pressure was lost, the ability to hear the pilot's radio through a closed cockpit door, etc etc etc... the list is almost endless. But this was still a fairly entertaining movie. If anything 'though, it made air travel look safe. If Lauren Holly can land a 747 on autopilot with a lunatic trying to kill her, anyone could do it! My vote 6/10
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Do Not Watch This Movie
radiotesla20011 February 2006
This has got to be one of the 5 worst movies ever unleashed upon the world. It is stupid beyond belief. Thankfully, my TV is on for 'noise only' while I work from home, because no one should spend a single second of their life on this mess if they have anything. even remotely worth doing.

I have to print at least ten lines. There is nothing else that needs to be said about this movie that I have not already said.

I have to print at least ten lines. There is nothing else that needs to be said about this movie that I have not already said.

I have to print at least ten lines. There is nothing else that needs to be said about this movie that I have not already said.
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747-200 or 747-400
Sandrahst121 May 2005
Turbulence, it's such a stupid, pointless movie. The aircraft, a Trans Con 747-200, has the controls of a 747-400. This is a 747-200! not a 747-400. The cockpit should have gouges, switches, and a flight engineer station, rather than having computers. How can a 747 have very little passengers on a holiday? Why would the police transport a convict on a civilian airliner? I thought that convicts should be transported on a Boeing 727 (like the one they used in the film Eraser and U.S. Marshals) rather than a Boeing 747, unless there are more than 300 convicts. Why would the autopilot kill the pilot? Pretty stupid invention. I tested what would happened if a Boeing 747-200 would do if flies upside down on Flight Simulator ( by Microsoft not the real one). The 747 would lose a lot of altitude instead of flying at leveled altitude, And there is no way a 747 would have an outside viewing window in the avionics bay. Neither does it have a sliding door on the staircase to block access to the upper deck. The staircase of a 747-200 is not suppose to be straight it's suppose to be spiral styled. Even the Tower Air 747 ( the aircraft that Capt. Bowen flies while helping Teri to fly the plane ) has the same stuff like the Trans Con 747. Most of the scenes in Turbulence has been placed in films like, Turbulence 2 and 3 and Ground Control. Turbulence 2 and 3 all have something in common, and that is their destination is always LAX. I really don't like this film, but I like to keep on watching it whenever there is nothing to watch on TV.
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