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One of the Most Original Films Ever Made
Mark19889 April 2007
'The Truman Show' epitomizes strong and original storytelling on screen. This film is emotionally engaging, didactic, witty, dramatic and very unique. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Truman Burbank has never left his ideal home town of Sea Haven. What he doesn't know is that his entire environment is a materialized set and he is the ignorant star of a reality TV show of epic proportions.

Taking this entirely original concept, writer Andrew Niccol and director Peter Wier take the viewer into territory uncharted by anything in film history. Thus, the plot is entirely unpredictable but still flows along expertly. The tightness of the screenplay and the immaculate pacing of Peter Wier contribute largely to this film's brilliance.

The acting performances are amongst the best I've ever seen. Jim Carey is superb as Truman, effortlessly conveying his fears, desires and personality. Ed Harris is excellent as the reclusive creator of the production. In addition, the entire support cast appears synthetic enough to let the audience know they are "acting" for Truman but in some scenes let their "genuine" feelings shine through. The ensemble simply cannot be faulted. Carey was hardly done by not to get an Oscar nomination for his performance.

The music and visuals are top notch. The cinematography has a reality TV feel that is clever but never intrusive. The shot selection is of the highest quality, particularly in the movie's final sequence. Muscially, this film is incredible. Phillip Glass is a dream on the piano, perfectly evoking the mood for each section of the narrative. The two combine excellently during the scene in which Truman breaks his routine for the first time. During the sequence, Truman makes subtle changes to the bland routine he follows compliantly every day. The emotion of the music when combined with the apparent simplicity of Truman's actions makes this scene one the most powerful I'v ever experienced.

This film is an absolute gem. It effortlessly combines everything a classic film should have. It has comedy, drama, strong character development, atmosphere, originality, superb visuals, a superb score, tight writing, raises interesting moral questions as well as providing insight into the human condition. One cannot watch this spectacular film without wondering how a human would react when put in that kind of situation. It touches on our sense of adventure, desire for conformity and the courage we require to question the life we are presented with. 'The Truman Show' does all this in the most accessible and compelling fashion. One of the greatest films of our time.
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Very good!
wlay-8185213 September 2016
I've seen The Truman Show a multitude of times, and each time it gets better. First watching it at a young age (Roughly 10 years old), I never picked up on much of the deeper meaning behind the film. The idea of someone's whole life being a television program was simply entertaining. Now, as an older viewer and with more experience in analyzing books and movies, I can really pick up on the satirical meaning behind the plot. Truman plays the star of a 24/7 television program. His entire life is broadcasted for all the world to see. He is raised to believe that there is no real reason to try and leave his perfect "island". Throughout the film, we watch as Truman tries time and time again to discover the truth behind his life, and as he attempts to escape. The struggle he experiences while trying to break free from the artificial world can be seen as a satirical message. The world is trying to oppress you, and although difficult, you can escape. This is supported by a statement made by the creator of the Truman show. He said, "We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented. It's as simple as that". Several other hidden messages (Ideas) appear throughout the film. All the actors who play roles in Truman's life, are indeed fake. Despite directly lying to a person whose life is immediately affected by that lie, the actors/actresses show no emotion for Truman. This is comparable to the lack of care society has for the majority of its citizens. Overall, The Truman Show is filled with subliminal messages and hidden meanings, all of which can be directly tied back to daily life.
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Altaira12 June 1999
I asked a friend to describe The Truman Show. He said, "No, it's not a comedy, well...not exactly." I didn't quite understand until I watched it myself. Truman takes on a tone quite different than any parody/comedies I've seen lately. The point (the media and its destructive powers) is subtlely relayed through dark humor, and you don't feel like the director is smashing you over the head with his morals. Peter Weir demonstrated his artistic genius in Dead Poets Society and here as well. The soundtrack is great, Ed Harris is stellar (what were they THINKING at the Academy?) and for once I actually liked Jim Carrey. His performance wasn't ribald for once. The final scene--I will not reveal it--is a majestic, long-awaited finish to an intellectual movie. Some people will insist that it was boring or pointless. Those are the same viewers who prefer slapstick, obvious humor to the subtle layers presented here. This is a thinking person's movie. If you can't see the underlying message here, of course you won't like it!
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A True American Classic
kingoham515 December 1999
When I first saw 'The Truman Show' I came out of the theatre amazed. This is your first clue that you are watching something different from your normal Jim Carrey movie. I love the dialogue, camera shot, performances, direction, music, and running time of this movie. There is nothing I would do to change it. I came away from 'The Truman Show' feeling inspired which is the goal of good filmmaking Jim Carrey was outstanding as Truman, underplaying him, not making him too comic or too dramatic, but giving true sincerity when asked. He deserved an Oscar nomination. Ed Harris has always been a good actor, but in this movie he's a great actor. He plays Christof with such arrogance and bullheadedness that you don't know whether he's helping or destroying Truman. He and the director, Peter Weir, deserved their Oscar nods.

Weir, who directed the great 'Witness', uses different camera angles to make you feel like you're actually watching 'The Truman Show' and not a movie. He ends it before you get tired of the concept and helped Carrey and Harris give immaculate performances. Andrew Niccol script is a real star in the movie too because of it's inventiveness and ingenuity. Overall, 'The Truman Show' is what I like to call a true American classic.
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skepticskeptical19 July 2019
The Truman Show is a film I never got around to watching until now, despite having heard references to it here and there over the past ... twenty years?! Now that I have seen it, I am somewhat glad that I waited, because from this vista, twenty years later, it really seems prophetic. Think about all of the children who were born after the ascendance of the internet. Many of their lives are not unlike Truman´s life: every moment captured for all the world for all of time.

What is even more disconcerting is that many people willingly choose to focus on and cultivate their internet presence at the expense of everything else. We have become a selfie culture, and reality t.v. thrives because people not only like to watch other people but also to put themselves and their lives on display. Modern people have become narcissistic exhibitionists--and are proud of it!
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It's undoubtedly one of my favorite movies, the kind of movie that changes our lives, as well as looking like a long episode of Black Mirror.
MrPupkin25 October 2019
As inventive and creative as Weir's staging is, The Truman Show wouldn't work without credible Truman. And Carrey carries off the tricky role with a chipperness that belies a deep-seeded longing for more in life than surface perfection in all this movie is one of my all time favorites.
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One of the best movies in history
Valdemort1 December 2006
I loved this movie. Everything about it. It is one you just want to watch over and over again. Jim Carey, as usually, played an amazing role. He made you think you were him, as the whole movie did. Watch it... its a must.

Imagine being captivated all your life in a show, without knowing. Your neighbors, your family, your loved ones... everyone you ever knew were just actors, pretending to be people they are not. Well Truman Burbank not only imagined it, but also lived it. This is a hilarious movie, that will catch you from the first minute you watch it. Just be aware... once you start watching it, it will be difficult to stop. I rate this movie 5/5, with no negative comments.
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Lawn Mowing At Its Best
daveisit10 July 2005
"The Truman Show" owes a lot to the direction of Peter Weir. Weir refuses to pump out the movies in a search for extra dollars. Instead he chooses wisely and directs brilliantly. Just by looking at a list of his movies will surprise and even amaze you. So as you would imagine "The Truman Show" is another success.

Truman Burbank has the perfect life, or so he thought until finally his life long suspicions about his world begin to unravel. Even though the idea for Truman is not totally original, it is thought provoking enough and allows the audience to wonder, what if? If you think this couldn't happen, just look back over the years at the stupidity of the human race and think again.

Jim Carrey once again nails his role, as do the entire cast. It is rare he fails to perform at a level that perfectly complements the movie and its genre. This is something he does not receive enough credit for. Acting for a comical role or a more dramatic role requires no less effort for the performance to be spot on.
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A good film for those who think they hate Jim Carey.
MartinHafer16 February 2014
I have never liked Jim Carey's humor. I have found it to very broad and boorish. However, I was very happy that I saw "The Truman Show" and am surprised I did considering my feelings about his earlier 'comedies'. Thankfully, Carey showed he could act and NOT ham it up--a tribute to his native talents as well as the director and writer. With a weak director, Carey might have begun to seek laughs in 1001 crazy ways. Here, however, it's straight and quite endearing. I could talk about the plot, but there are already a bazillion reviews for this one. The bottom line is that don't assume because you don't like "Dumb and Dumber" or "Ace Ventura" you won't love this film. And, I really loved "The Truman Show" and think it's a lovely film with a lot of heart and an awful lot of imagination.

By the way, I would say the same things about Will Farrell and Adam Sandler. Despite disliking some of there very broad films, there serious films (such as "Reign Over Me" or "Stranger Than Fiction") are exceptional. Additionally, I gotta admit that I did enjoy a few of their 'stupid' films such as "Water Boy" and "Talladega Nights". So don't assume that just because you may not like a few of their films means they all are not your cup of tea.
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Ambitious and Entertaining Treatise on the Reality Media Creates for Us
WriterDave20 March 2003
It's not often a Hollywood film arrives with such lofty ambitions as this. On one hand this is a high concept comedy in the vein of "Groundhog Day" about an unwitting man whose entire life has been a TV show. This is also a Jim Carrey vehicle designed to display his charms. On the other hand this a very satirical look at the way the media manipulates our reality. The film also wants to take a philosophical look at free will vs. a higher power and reality vs. fantasy. It doesn't always work as the satire often keeps you from thinking too deeply about the underlying themes and the philosophical stuff keeps the satire from biting as well as it could. Credit engaging performances and solid and thoughtful direction from Weir for keeping things afloat and entertaining. There are some great cinematic moments here. I loved the "stolen kiss on the beach at night" and "Cue the sun!"

In the end this film is closer in spirit to psychological dramas and sci-fi movies where a person suddenly realizes they are the pawn in some grand experiment or a prisoner in an alien world than it is to anything in our current "reality TV" obsessed culture. Eventually it touches on a very basic conflict all humans must face (most people do so in childhood, some I fear never do). The universe does not revolve around us. In the closing moments we are excited for Truman because he finally realizes there is a whole new world out there to explore, but also slightly saddened because we know all to well that he will never be able to return to that idyllic "childhood" existence. How's it going to end? Who knows...but things will never be the same.
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Brilliant. One of the most interesting films of the last 10 years
hankhanks1234522 April 2007
"The Truman Show" is a rarity in Hollywood - or movies in general - a film that actually makes the audience think, and is about ideas. How do we know what we see is real? Why do we accept what is around us without questioning it? What would happen if we found out that a fundamental we were making about the world turned out to be completely wrong? You'd think a movie that was about those things would be a chore to get through, but in fact "The Truman Show" is great fun. I certainly wouldn't call it a comedy (although there are a few light moments here and there), but it's not too heavy and goes down easy.

It might sound like exaggeration, but the scene where Truman first starts to realize what's going on is one of the best scenes I've seen in any movie, because of Carrey's acting, the direction, and also because of the Philip Glass soundtrack (which was critical to making that scene work).

If you haven't seen The Truman Show, do yourself a favor and check it out.
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An On-Film Miracle
J.Bond8 August 1998
Although it sometimes seems that Hollywood is catering to the lowest common denominator of everything, The Truman Show is proof that there are great ideas that are able to be turned into great movies. Jim Carrey plays an excellent role as a man with whom you can emphasize as well as be entertained by. The film's surrealistic nature is frightening when the viewer realizes the legal feasibility in today's society, and it offers a great message about who or what we assume God to be and how He (he?) would react to our personal drives for discovery to challenge a world we treat as an aquarium. Some things to note and ponder: The way the real-life viewers ignore the real lives of their compatriots and customers while focusing on a false life on screen; whose life is more real and whose is worth living? Also, note that Christof does not have his name listed among the "real world" in the credits, but in "Christof's World." His high-profile media-driven life is no different from Truman's!
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We are The Truman Show
rstraatman17 April 2021
"We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented". 1998 vs 2020/2021.
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Very engaging even for non Jim Carrey fans
As many fans know, Jim Carrey is the man when it comes to slapstick comedy. His comical physicality is outrageous and his ability to emulate anything from cartoons to other actors is top notch. But anytime before 1998 I think I can safely say that not many people saw Carrey try and jump out of his shell and try a role that wasn't truly in the comedy genre. I definitely didn't see it coming. And to be honest, I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy it. But in the end, I did, not only because of how well Carrey portrayed his character but with an excellent story to back if up.

The plot is about Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) who is viewed live 24 hours a day, uncensored, as a soap opera to the real world through public broadcasting. The thing is, Truman Burbank is the only one who doesn't know this. Everything else around is all a set-up. And when I mean everything, a set-up. Even the sun is fake! Nothing is real. All the people Burbank knows are all actors. People who go through the same routine every day.

And that's partially what makes this film so great. Every piece of the "set" that Truman Burbank lives in is so believable. Along with this is Christof, acted by Ed Harris. Christof is the creator of Truman's world and he essentially plays God. Everything that Truman Burbank is as a person, was created under the supervision of Christof. The whole story itself, written by Andrew Niccol, brings up the controversial issue of nature vs nurture. Who should have control over whose life. Well I think that answer is obvious.

Jim Carrey himself actually does have some comedic moments but it's not because he wants the movie to be a comedy. Carrey does what he does because it is the connection to how a human would react to such a situation that makes it funny. And along with those funny moments comes a real emotional performance. Sure Carrey can deliver laughs but also proves that he can portray human drama. That's a question a lot of people wanted to see if Carrey could pull off and he did it well.

Adding to the emotion is composer Philip Glass' score. Yes, it did evoke the right emotions and I don't think it needed a theme either for this particular story. Usually I do, but it didn't seem necessary here. Unfortunately for me, I prefer to see Jim Carrey in his comedic skin. I didn't mind the different role that he took on here but it didn't feel like I was watching the movie I wanted to see. And I'll admit, I put too much thought into believing Jim Carrey would've made the film more comedy than drama, so basically I disappointed myself. So on that note, it could be disappointing to fans of Carrey for his comedic films as well.

As the first drama film that comic gut buster Jim Carrey stars in, it is not that bad as some would expect it to be. Carrey can deliver a performance like real human but for the hardcore fans, it may upset.
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Tru(man)ly remarkable!
moviemanMA3 July 2005
Have you ever thought you were being watched? Like you life was possibly a Television show? Well, Truman Burbank never did and this movie tells of how he found out his life was a TV show.

Quite possibly one of the most imaginative plots ever, Peter Weir's The Truman Show shows how one man's vision (Ed Harris) of having someone's life be on TV (that being Truman played by Jim Carey)...without him knowing it. A totally real show that has no boundaries except the walls of the enormous set. With actors playing the roles of the townspeople in this perfect community, as it seems.

Jim Carey is brilliant as the confused insurance salesman who just wants the truth about his life. The death of his "father" drowning at sea has given Truman a reason to stay in his town and not venture off. But the urge to see the woman of his dreams is all to much. She was moved to "Fiji" because of some problems. Laura Linney plays Truman's wife. She isn't only his wife but is a walking commercial. Whenever there is a product she brings home, it seems like she is telling the world how great it is. Noah Emmerich plays Truman's best friend Marlon. This always uplifting character brings comic relief for Truman when he needs it most. When Truman's world seems to be falling apart, he's there. When Truman just needs a friend, he's there. Marlon is the one part of his life that makes it seem so real when everything else seems so fake.

What makes this movie so enjoyable other than the story is how the people act in this "town". The way they make sure Truman stays there and doesn't leave. How everybody has a routine and even the weather is controlled. In the opening scene Truman wakes up and heads off to work to have a stage light fall right in the street. Where it came from?...he doesn't know. But doesn't worry about it because life is going great...for now. Ed Harris's character Cristof a.k.a. the Creator is genius and maniacal. With his people working around the clock to make sure all is well, this world he has created is now a world wide phenomenon. He is on top of the world with millions of people watching his creation unfold.

This sensational film about a man trying to find his way in the world is incredible. When everything seems like it doesn't add up, it just keeps getting more complicated and giving the viewer one hell of a good movie. The Truman Show is in a league of it's own.
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very good
tobyholbrook0113 December 2012
Have you ever felt like your not alone in you house. That maybe just maybe there's over half of the world watching you. The Truman Show is a film about a man called Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey). Who lives a normal life; with his normal job. But he is living in an abnormal world. Because Truman is living in his own world called sea heaven; sea heaven is actually a set and his home and job is all a lie. Truman has a world based around him and what ever he does the citizens of sea heaven have to go along with it. His Mum, Dad, Wife and even his best friend are all actors. The Truman show is filmed with the highest technology in cameras around. Small clip on cameras that can clip on to a jacket and not be seen. But when Truman sees that elevators have 4 men drinking tea in the back of them and that the radio has co-ordinates of his position on it he starts to get suspicious. The Truman Show has been nominated for three Oscars and has won three Baftas. Award winning director peter weir worked with paramount pictures to make this film a masterpiece. The Truman Show is a film that just about makes up for the horrible disasters of Godzilla and Armageddon, this film might be the film of the 90's.

The Truman Show had a strict budget of $60 million and earned $125 million in film screenings alone. The Truman Show hasn't got any fancy graphics or any expensive cars or props its just pure film making and passion.

Overall the Truman Show is a very good film, but my only criticism is that some of the background actors didn't look like they knew what they were doing. But overall there was no big mistakes in the plot. I would give this a five star rating.
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Oh, and in case I don't see ya
itamarscomix30 March 2006
With its (all intentional of course) cheerfully colorful cinematography, cheesy music and one-dimensional supporting characters, it's easy to miss just how brilliant The Truman Show is; it's in fact one of the most important cinematic creations of the 1990's, at least as important as darker films like American History X and Fight Club, and one that works on several different levels. Because while it works quite clearly as a sarcastic satire and a commentary on the destructive and intrusive nature of the media in the post-modern age, in the light of the reality TV syndrome which was at the time just starting to grow, it's also a philosophical metaphor about the state of mankind.

For Truman's story is man's story; and it's difficult not to see the importance in the names given to the lead characters. True Man's life, the film says, is an illusion, a lie. Or perhaps – all our lives are illusions, but the True Man is the one who figures it out and seeks a deeper truth. In its essence the point is very similar to the one The Matrix made; The Truman Show is a fascinating trip through Plato's Cave, and while it takes a rather simplistic look at Plato's philosophy – because any other way would be impossible in a film of less than two hours – it doesn't dumb it down. The Truman Show is a deep and intricate film that deserves repeated viewing and gets better with time, and can be discussed for hours.

Writer Andrew Niccol – who made his breakthrough debut one year before with the critically acclaimed cult favorite Gattaca – lost the Oscar that year to the Academy's favorite Shakespeare In Love, and director Peter Weir got most of the credit for the film; but while it's certainly an important achievement for Weir and the best film of his long career, it's Niccol's sarcastic, intelligent, innovative script that made The Truman Show great; that, and the amazing performance by Jim Carrey, who showed his fantastic dramatic skills here for the first time. Carrey is enchanting in the lead role as the ultimate everyman Truman, and we're as fascinated with him as the show's fans in the film. Praise should also go to Ed Harris, who plays Christof, creator and director of The Truman Show (and again, special attention should be given to the character's name) – and also to Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natasha McElhone, Harry Shearer, Peter Krause, Paul Giamatti and the rest of the wonderful supporting cast, both in Truman's world of Seahavan and in Christof's 'real' world. Finally, a word of praise for the excellent musical score, composed by Burkhard von Dallwitz and the great Philip Glass, which compliments the film's atmosphere to perfection.

The Truman Show is not an easy movie to absorb; it's a disturbing tale and a disturbing message, which takes some time to seep in, and while it's entirely unconvincing as a reality and even as sci-fi, and feels more like a metaphor than a story of a specific man, it's also entirely involving and demands to be taken at face value. Truman's character is irresistibly charming, and just like the people watching The Truman Show, we believe in him and identify with him completely. The beauty of The Truman Show is that it's lots of fun; it proves that entertainment and art are not necessarily opposing ideals. By being entirely entertaining and gripping, it gets its messages across a whole lot better.

The Truman Show is now eight years old: the way I see it, once a decade has passed, a film can begins to be considered a classic. The Truman Show will pass that test. In any possible aspect, The Truman Show is one of the absolute best films of the 90's, and one that will remain relevant long after reality TV has bitten the dust.
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A Masterpiece
Hudsconey29 June 2021
After rewatching The Truman Show (twice) I've come to the conclusion that the film is, indeed, a masterpiece. It's just a perfect movie.

1. The plotline is smart. Not only does the film open itself up for a lot of social commentary, but it's constantly intriguing. It leaves you a bit in the dark at the beginning, but everything gets revealed to you so well.

2. It's not pretentious. The movie knows how to be smart, not self-indulgent.

3. It's VERY well acted. Everyone is a class act in this movie. No one is average.

I really have no qualms about this movie. It's terrific.
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this makes big brother look like child s play
lagudafuad7 September 2012
I sometimes wonder how my life will be if it were a TV show, I see this movie and i quit the wonder.

The Truman Show was written by Andrew Niccol who got the inspiration from an episode of The Twilight Zone called "Special Service".

After the script had gone through some re-writes, Jim Carrey was picked for the role, although the makers had to wait for him to have a clear schedule before he could start shooting.

Made with a budget of over $ 60 million dollars, The Truman Show was a financial success and also was nominated for three categories in the Academy Awards, but did not win any awards.

The movie tells the tale of an Insurance salesman Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) who lived his entire life, since before birth, in front of cameras for The Truman Show.

Unaware of this fact, Truman's life is filmed through thousands of hidden cameras, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and broadcast live around the world, allowing executive producer Christof (Ed Harris) to capture Truman's real emotion and human behavior when put in certain situations that are concocted by the writers.

The thrill about Truman's life is that everything is arranged for him, down to the woman he married to his best friend.

The movie cinematography is such a way that you get to see mistakes from the show makers and how they arrange things in the back end to make Truman do some particular things.

The script and the movie lines are fun, especially when the Actors had to advertise on the show. The could be a conversation going on then one of the actors will just drift to talk about an object in such a manner you wonder if they have lost it, only for you to figure out seconds later that it was an advert in the show, that was very creative.

Before making this masterpiece, Jim Carrey had just finish Cable Guy (1996) and Liar Liar (1997).

The movie is directed by Peter Weir (Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)), who did a great job pulling the viewers along as they watch a movie of a show. Andrew Niccol went ahead to do more great movies from S1m0ne with Al pacino in 2002 to The Terminal with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks in 2004.
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camera lucida
bax-224 August 1999
Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) is the most famous man in the world, and he doesn't even know it. Raised entirely 'within' a television show which comprises his entire world, Truman is an Everyman for the post-television age. Truman's world, "Seahaven", is an Eisenhower-era model of American bliss, recalling the prison-like Port Meirion and the moral certainty of Bedford Falls (Its a Wonderful Life). Surreptitiously filmed around the clock by 5000 hidden cameras, the show exists inside an enormous geodesic dome with simulated weather and even its own ocean. Through a series of production blunders Truman slowly realises that he is being controlled and that perhaps all in his world is not as it seems. His surrogate father by proxy, 'Christof' the producer/director, goes from being benevolent social scientist to evil genius as his attempts to frustrate Truman's wanderlust become more and more deadly. Will he escape?

The film raises some interesting points about our fascination with life as seen through the magnifying lens of tv, and the morality of real lives viewed as so much entertainment. But like most soaps the scenes from "The Truman Show" that appear within the movie are variously dull, mawkish and sentimental. At points the film has a problem deciding on whether it is going to be a straight escape-chase movie or a philosophical piece about morality and technology. The t.v. show's inherent blandess also lends little to the pace or our sense that there are characters worth caring about.

Carrey is good. This in itself is gratifying, and a tribute to a script that walks the tightrope of imitating bad t.v. in tandem with the metaphysical angst of Truman's unique situation. If it isn't quite the film it could have been, The Truman Show is still pretty much unique in the recent crop from our cultural overlords in Hollywood. No arthouse here, this is a watchable, big-budget think piece, with well-executed and stylish direction. Its too early to say but this film may have given some execs at NBC, ABC et al. one very bad idea...
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The Truman Show
auuwws12 December 2020
A very beautiful movie, I really enjoyed watching it. Jim Carrey's performance in the film was excellent. The story of the film was excellent and weird. The dialogue of the film was well directed and filming in the film was excellent. I recommend watching it.
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Carrey's first serious role
acedj22 November 2019
This is the first movie I saw where Jim Carrey plays it pretty straight laced and goes more dramatic. This movie is about the ultimate Big Brother television show. Truman Burbank is adopted by a network and his life is on full display 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all without his knowledge. He lives in a giant dome that recreates an island town. To prevent him wanting to leave, as a small child they instill a deep, fierce fear of the water. Every resident of the town is an actor, some of them having been there for the majority of their lives. Every interaction of his life is scripted as best they can, until one day Truman gets an inclination that not is all as it seems. While Truman struggles to find the truth, the world watches on. While I have enjoyed watching this movie many a time, it does have one flaw, to me.Laura Linney, an actor that I have in all her other roles, seems miscast to me in the part of Truman's forced happy wife. Laura typically plays such a strong female lead that perhaps it was just her having to play an actress cowed into catering to Truman, a person she clearly dislikes, was what I did not like about her here. Were it not for this small flaw I would have given this 10 stars. This is a great look at mass consumption of media and the ultimate greed that is at the core of the human species.
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The Truman Show — Exposing reality TV, and giving a sweet tale to make you think
AvidClimber11 January 2013
The Truman Show is a tale that will tug at your heart strings. It's the movie that showed the world that Jim Carrey could play drama. His wild gesticulating or face distortion barely make an appearance compared to his previous incarnations.

The film feels a little tacky, but it's dealing with a tacky subject: reality TV. It rode the wave of its inception as well as initial popularity and at the same time as it was making fun of it. Each character, but the main one, is a caricature of reality TV and its entourage, even its dissidents. It feels as fake as its subject, yet it brings important points. Is happy ignorance better than truth? Do you define yourself, or does your environment?

The sweetness of it all will capture you. Truman's predicament will rivet you. The last scene will move you.

See it, it's worth it.
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Reality TV
kosmasp2 June 2021
Rewatching this I can't help but wonder: What would today be possible? In creating a world and havng someone in that world being oblivious about being just a pawn ... being a "prisoner" ... I'm not sure I need the ", but you understand surely what I mean.

I had watched this, but it was a long time ago, so it was interesting to rewatch this and understand how relevant this still is today. Or rather even more relevant than it was back then. The movie takes us into a town that is artificial ... to so many extras in a show ... I mean if you think about many things, there may be some issues (holes in the internal logic it has or hasn't, the father thing that seems to be a problem, just to almost be totally ignored towards the end, without any explanation - maybe deleted scenes?) .... but if you do not let those things muddle your impression/effect the movie has ... you will be more than entertained. It may even be able to make you question some of your own choices ... because after all, this is not just a stab at society in general, but also choices we make ... the limitations we set ourselves ... imprison us.

A classic in so many ways - and showing that Jim Carey can do more than just being crazy ... he can actually act.
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Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Goodnight
aidanratesmovies16 May 2021
One of the most creative films ever conceived, let alone made and executed- The Truman Show is on all fronts an absolutely perfect film- and will stand the test of time as an absolute classic. On every singular level this film works astoundly- jim Carrey provides a pitch perfect performance as our titular star Truman Burbank- in an incredible casting decision that I am sure turned a lot of heads at the time. Yes we see some of that classic Carrey throughout the film- but the man can act, and never before had it been brought to such attention as it had with this film- and he captures his role perfectly. The other actors do an excellent job as well, namely Ed Harris and Natascha McElhone- as well as Laura Linney and Noah Emmerich. The direction is fantastic, and much needed for the creative vision of the film at hand. The script is not only well done, but incredibly thought provoking, original, and brilliantly put into flm format. The music is fantastic, letting us feel so much emotion from such simple and classic pieces of work. The pacing is excellent, and the film leaves you with a smile and you wanting more- as I think any good film should. In the end, I have absolutely no complaints about The Truman Show. I've seen it more times than I can count, and it's easily one of my favorite films out there. Its a creative masterpiece that is unlike anything we would ever see today, or anything before it. It may be 20 years old, but The Truman Show may just be one of the most brilliant and influential films ever made.

My Rating: 10/10.
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