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A Most Entertaining Movie
donlhumphries19 July 2000
I found this movie to be most entertaining, with all the cast giving excellent performances. I'm not one to criticise or analyse, but tend to view a film as a whole. The courtroom scenes were infomative(as to procedure)as well as amusing, and the romantic interest was endearing. Especially enchanting was Charlize Theron, as waitress Billie Tyler, as she was cheerful, kindly, and even brave (when she thought she had lost her boyfriend to a rival). Yet it was she who innocently caused the whole problem - by serving her own alcoholic cocktail!

I'm putting this movie among my favourites.
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paulgemelli18 August 2005
Richard Rietti!!! Best character name in movie history. Worth the price of admission just to watch Rietti fall and bumble...and fall...and bumble. Let us also not forget another vintage performance by the one and only Rip Torn. I would pay money to watch a Ron Popeil Infomercial if Rip Torn was prominently involved.

Jeff Daniels gets it done as the schlub lawyer who likes his chicken salad with mustard, not mayonnaise. Finally, we have Charlize Theron at her absolute apex (lookswise, not as an actress...clearly). You just knew it would lead to bigger & better things for her, and it did.

Worth checking out. RIETTI!!!!!
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Better than most reviews let on
ReturnOfTheLivingFatGuy13 November 2004
We spend so much time as movie enthusiasts that we often only look for films people would consider revolutionary (e.g. Donnie Darko, Fight Club, etc.) but every once in awhile a noraml run of the mill comedy is nice. Trial and Error, however, had some of the most ridiculously funny scenes I have ever seen Micheal Richards in - his audtion near the beginning, his cross examination of 'Buck.' These scenes a lone are enough reason to see the movie. All said and done, Micheal Richards kills it in this movie... Some people have said that he still is trying to play off his role of Kramer but what we must understand is that regardless the role Micheal Richards constantly brings his own personality to the characters he plays and I wouldn't have it any other way. See it. Twice.
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Excellent film
JerryWeaver1 March 2002
This film illustrates that appearances can be deceiving. Each of the main characters is playing a role that is somehow contrary to that person's real identity. In the case of the Rip Torn character, who is on trial for fraud, the deception is obvious, despite his ludicrous attempt to justify his fraudulent actions. And it is equally obvious in the case of the Michael Richards character, who is pretending to be a lawyer to help out his friend. But the other characters also are revealed to be different than who they appear to be.

This is a wonderful movie, which raises important questions about the veneer most of us use to hide our real selves. Like most good comedians (e.g., Robin Williams, Steve Martin), Michael Richards is also a fine actor, and his closing argument in the case is an especially masterful piece of acting.
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mindless humor, great afternoon film
mgrasty9 June 2006
Lots of A-list actors, simple story to follow with light hearted humor. Another movie showing how beautiful Charlize Theron is, fans of her will appreciate that. Michael Richards is funny as always. Jeff Daniels is very good, none of that stupid humor like in Dumb and Dumber. Austin Pendleton plays his typical character, goofy yet professional. The whole movie is very predictable but the actors that are cast keep it interesting. Recommend watching it without great expectations. So for a relaxing afternoon stick a bag of popcorn in the microwave and rent this movie for an hour and a half of a good story with entertaining acting.
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A farce film beyond its comedy romance build up
SimonJack18 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If Hollywood had promoted "Trial and Error" as more than a comedy romance, I'm sure it would have drawn a bigger audience and some discerning reviews about the breadth of the film. That's because this film is much more than a comedy romance. How can anyone miss the satire of our court system and the law profession? This film has some wonderful spoofing of attorneys, judges, juries, witnesses, and big law firms.

It also has a very clear critique and commentary on social classes, the trifles of high society weddings, ambition and personal quest for power and wealth, marriages of convenience without love, and more. In an early scene, we see the two leading men in one's new law office. It's a wrap-around corner with glass windows and views over the whole city, and a huge waste of space. The ridiculousness of it is accentuated by the solitary desk and chair across a huge room with nothing else in it.

The film touches on the scams and frauds being perpetrated in our country, especially against the gullible. My one complaint is that the writers might have chosen a better scam to be prosecuting – one in which older people especially get taken to the cleaners. But then, this one lends itself perfectly to spoofing and the hilarious courtroom "drama." To get an engraved likeness of Abraham Lincoln for just $17.99? Who couldn't bite? Indeed, how we no longer count our pennies as a society!

"Trial and Error" is not a movie of many funny and witty lines. Or even a great deal of romance. It doesn't have a lot of situations for out-loud laughter. That may be why many of the viewers drawn to it don't think much of the film. But, again, had the film been promoted for its satire and breadth, it likely would have drawn a wider audience and much greater appreciation.

Of course, there are some very good scenes of laughter. Michael Richards plays Richard Rietti, an actor who is out of work at the time. Jeff Daniels plays his friend, Charles Tuttle, who is a lawyer. Jeff says he hopes Richard didn't do his godfather routine at his recent tryout. In a flashback, we see Richard doing just that. He's hilarious and has tremendous body machinations. He bounces from one wall to another, flies across a room, falls to the floor and twists and turns in reaction to imaginary punches, kicks and throws from imaginary mob men. The courtroom scenes are peppered with very funny antics from various people – Richard and Charles especially. But the judge too gets in the picture. Austin Pendleton plays Judge Graff. Could his name be an intentional play on words (as in graft and corruption)? And the jury members are definitely part of the fun and farce.

Rip Torn, as Benny Gibbs, gives one of the best down and out pity stories on film intended to evoke laughter. And it does, with me. In another scene, Richard is in his hotel room watching a video on trial procedures. The speaker is the legendary Wyoming trial attorney Gerry Spence. He strikes a chord with Richard when he says that the courtroom is like a stage play and the trial lawyer is in charge. He's the producer, director and star of the show.

The film has subtle humor throughout, as Charles tries to stick to the facts while Richard goes for the theatrics. The court system is supposed to rely on the facts, but clearly, emotions will win out most of the time. That's because of the human element. One must wonder if justice is truly served, or if it is mostly a huge stage for lawyers to get rich. This film brings all that to the fore; and it spoofs the testimony of "expert" witnesses as well. Charles says to Richard at one point, that money will always find people willing to testify one way or another. Lying is a part of the game.

But, after a while, our heroes decide they want to change and have the system work for real justice. That's the conclusion of the film. And, oh yes, there is romance and "real" love for both leading men. They are helped along by good performances from Charlize Theron as Billie Tyler and Jessica Steen as Elizabeth.

One last plus for the film is the setting. It's supposed to be in Lone Pine, Nevada, for which road signs were made. But it was shot in and around Lone Pine, California. So, the film has nice scenic shots of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

This is a delightful film and spoof. Those who watch it for what it is are sure to enjoy it immensely.
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person3091 November 2002
This one had all ingredients for a great comedic recipe. It surprises me that it didn't recieve more attention.

A great view of how something seemingly simple can quickly become absurd. All through this movie were characters of stark contrasts. What ensues is a complete loss of control of a simple thing and the way in which the different characters handle it.

The irony of the whole thing is that the harder the serious ones tried to control the situation, the more out of control the thing got.

The real brilliance though, lies in Richards' character, Richard Rietti. Playing as an actor, he approaches life as one big play, and the lawyer as yet another role. All the world's a stage. I think this movie points this out for us. In the end, we can only laugh at man's attempt to establish order, whether in the courtroom, or in life, in the face of chaos.
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Far from spectacular, but Michael Richards and Jeff Daniels make a good comedy duo
Electrified_Voltage8 October 2009
I think it was about five years ago when I first discovered that this 1997 lawyer comedy existed. It took me this long to finally get around to seeing it, even though I've been familiar with the two stars for quite some time now. I've seen Jeff Daniels as Jim Carrey's co-star in "Dumb & Dumber", and knew the now infamous Michael Richards obviously for his role as Kramer in the popular sitcom, "Seinfeld", plus his roles in comedy films such as "UHF" and "So I Married an Axe Murderer". Since I had seen both of these actors in funny movies/TV shows, I figured I might find "Trial and Error" mildly amusing, nothing more, judging by its general reception. Expecting a mixed blessing, I didn't get any big surprises, pleasant or unpleasant.

Charles Tuttle (Daniels) is a lawyer who will soon be married. His best friend, and best man for the wedding, is an out-of-work actor named Richard Rietti (Richards). Tuttle has been called over to Paradise Bluff, Nevada to defend his fiancée's relative, Benny Gibbs, in a class action fraud suit. When he arrives in the town, Richard (or "Ricky") is there, and is ready to throw a bachelor party for his friend. After drinking and getting attacked in the bar, Charlie is not well enough to work the next day, so Ricky decides to go to the courtroom and claim to be a lawyer named Charles Tuttle! Charlie is not happy when he hears what Ricky has done, and soon finds that he now has to pose as an actor named Richard Rietti! Since the real Rietti is not trained to be a lawyer, the real Charlie pretends to be his assistant, using cue cards to tell him what to do on the job while he defends Benny. Obviously, this leads to a horrible mess!

There weren't too many times when I laughed really hard while watching this 1997 comedy, but there were many parts I found at least mildly amusing. I can't forget Ricky discovering that his sick friend in bed has emptied out his pill bottle, Ricky trying to prepare Charlie for the trial while he is ill, Charlie's reaction when he learns what Ricky has done, and many things the main characters go through while they pose as each other. Michael Richards and Jeff Daniels are a good pair in the lead roles, which might be the main reason why this film is funny. Richards, with his over-the-top antics, playing a character with good intentions who keeps lousing up, and Daniels, with some of the faces he makes and his character's reactions to Ricky's doings. Unfortunately, the plot isn't too interesting, and if the film were hilarious, that wouldn't matter, but it's not funny enough to prevent the movie from being a little dull. Also, the romance wasn't done so well, eventually getting a little sappy, and the ending leaves much to be desired.

This movie came out the same year as "Liar Liar", another lawyer comedy. That film is definitely the more popular of the two, but I have to be honest, I prefer this one, as crazy as many people might think I am for that. While Jim Carrey has made me laugh in other films, I found that his antics went too far in that one. Richards and Daniels, while not usually hilarious in the film, are still pretty funny. I'm sure we all know about Richards' racist tirade in November 2006, which obviously permanently damaged his reputation and started a never ending debate over whether he really meant what he said and whether his apology was honest or not. It clearly had more impact than Mel Gibson's tirade earlier that year, and the main reason for that was probably because Richards was caught on video. I remember feeling like I could never watch anything with Richards in it again after I first heard about the incident and saw the footage, but now, regardless of his reputation and what may go on in his head, I have to admit, he can still make me laugh in the comedies I see him in. If you like the two co-stars in "Trial and Error" as comedians, then this flick could easily make you laugh, or at least some parts could.
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familiar formula elevated by good casting and writing
Special-K8829 July 2012
Charlie Tuttle is a workaholic lawyer who just made partner at his law firm and is also engaged to his boss's daughter; his best friend Richard Rietti is an out of work actor who throws him a wild bachelor party the night before Charlie has to defend his boss's relative. When Charlie is too incapacitated to appear in court the next morning, Richard assumes his identity but gets in over his head when the case is ordered to proceed. Director Lynn, who employed a similar formula in My Cousin Vinny, avoids turning this into a strained redo thanks to the pairing of Richards and Daniels who play exceptionally well off one another, aided by a script that offers plenty of clever and very funny moments, and a surprisingly effective romantic subplot. Good casting, writing, and laughs make this more fun than it should be. ***
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Great Courtroom Comedy
bessy0420003 April 2007
This is an interesting and hilariously funny movie! A lawyer about to get married is incapacitated after a bachelor party just prior to a court appearance on a routine case where he represents the defendant. His buddy, an unemployed actor, takes his place at the trial for what is supposed to be a 5 minute appearance. The attractive female prosecutor wants to move on with the case, and the substitute lawyer is committed to participate in the trial. The recovering real lawyer meets a cute waitress and enjoys her company on his day off, only later to find that his friend's errors in court force a continued role as his doppelganger. The courtroom scenes are are absolutely hilarious, as are the off-courtroom romantic entanglements of both friends. Don't miss this movie! It's the kind you will enjoy seeing over and over again.
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Not hilarious, but it was funny.
LebowskiT100027 April 2002
I've always been a fan of Michael Richards, Jeff Daniels and who doesn't love Charlize Theron? I couldn't dare say this movie anywhere near the top 10 funniest movies I've ever seen, but it's got some really good stuff in it. If you're a fan of Charlize Theron like I am, than you really don't need to know anything else other than the fact that she is in the film.

The only real complaint I have about the movie is the way that Jeff Daniels gets detained from court in the first place. I thought they could have come up with a better way of getting Michael Richards in the court room than having Jeff Daniels get in a bar fight and then taking too much medicine to go to court the next day.

Anyhow, if you have the time and like the actors in the film, then go ahead and see it, but I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to see it. Thanks for reading.

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Predictable Farce
paul sloan19 August 2000
Michael Richards was always great as Kramer in Seinfeld.Here he stars in predictable but quite enjoyable farce.He doesn't always appear comfortable in a starring role but has able support here from the ever-reliable Jeff Daniels.The movie itself is rather predictable but is a capable good-natured comedy.It plays much better as a video or a movie on TV than a film that you would pay for and wait in line to see at a cinema.
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The Women Actors Were Great
whpratt118 February 2006
Taped this film which was shown in the wee wee hours of the night and decided I had nothing to lose. The plot starts out with a guy who is a young lawyer recently out of Yale who is in the process of marrying a gal who has a dad who is very rich. This lawyer is bossed around by his intended bride and even gets a fancy corner office given by this girls father. The father sends his son-in-law to be to a remote small town in Boonville, USA and he meets up with Charlize Theron, (Billie Tyler) and plenty of things start to happen to his life. Jessica Stein,(Elizabeth Gardner) gives a great supporting role. If it were not for these two women in the picture, it would simply Stand on Its Head.
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It's no "My Cousin Vinny," but funny nonetheless
mattymatt4ever4 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I was severely disappointed with this movie the first time it came out, mainly because at the time I was at the peak of my "Seinfeld" fanaticism. I thought Michael Richards was one of the funniest actors out there, and I absolutely loved him as Kramer. And of course, the film doesn't live up to its trailer--and that's something I still feel, even after my second viewing. The trailers make us assume this is a raucous, fast-paced comedy with lots of physical schtick, when it's actually a lot more low-key. It's strange because at the time I wasn't aware that Jonathan Lynn directed this film and I thought to myself, "Geez, 'My Cousin Vinny' was so much funnier. Whoever this director is should've learned from that movie." Of course, "Vinny" is one of my favorite comedies of all time and it's extremely difficult to top a wonderfully original courtroom comedy of that kind.

Anyway, there was a sale at my local West Coast Video, where I was able to purchase 5 videos for 19.99, so I decided to pick up "Trial and Error," with a gut feeling that this time I'll probably keep a more open mind and enjoy it a lot more. Well, I popped in the tape and I was impressed. This is a funny film, and I got a lot more laughs than I did when sitting in the theater. Sure, it's no "My Cousin Vinny" and I can't help but watch a courtroom comedy with that comparison in mind, but I was still able to enjoy it for what it is.

Michael Richards is not nearly as funny as Joe Pesci, but he was able to deliver some laughs without being over-the-top, which I found impressive. Sure, I loved him as Kramer, but the movie's name is "Trial and Error" and not "Seinfeld," and his job to play a CHARACTER. And he did a fine job at playing this character, even showing in certain scenes that he has potential as a serious actor. Richards is a good actor, and not simply a comedian who transfers his act to the big screen, like in the case of a Chris Tucker or Cedric the Entertainer. Jeff Daniels is a very funny straight man, and some of his emotional outbursts are really enjoyable to watch. Charlize Theron is her normal beautiful, charming self. I just wish Alexandra Wentworth could've been given a less thankless role. She doesn't get much chance to flaunt her talents as a comic actress.

*******SPOILERS AHEAD*********

What prevents the movie from being a great, memorable comedy is its predictable, utterly formulaic plot. Daniels is engaged to a woman, who he obviously doesn't like in the first place, and from one twist of fate he falls for another woman and decides to bump the marriage. And of course, there's the case with Richards, where he pulls his "fake lawyer" act disastrously at first, improves as he goes along and finally has an attack of conscience and decides to lose the case, allowing the slimy defendant to pay his debt to society. Didn't I see that in "Liar Liar"? And other movies of this sort?

Despite its flaws, I liked the movie and was able to accept it for what it is...the second time around. I imagine others had the same feelings as I did on the first viewing. "Trial and Error" isn't a must-see, but it's worth watching.

My score: 7 (out of 10)
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What's a courtroom circus without a couple of clowns?
Hey_Sweden10 March 2019
"My Cousin Vinny" director Jonathan Lynn returns to skewer the legal profession (and the acting profession, as well) in this tale of rising legal star Charles Tuttle (Jeff Daniels), a newly minted partner in a prestigious firm. Engaged to marry the boss' daughter (Alexandra Wentworth), he agrees to an impromptu bachelor party thrown by his actor friend Richard Rietti (Michael Richards). This results in him being badly incapacitated, and Richard actually fills in for him when a fraud case goes to trial; since the local court now believes that Richard is the attorney for the defence, he's obliged to continue with this ruse, leading to some amusing complications.

It's all about the appeal and comic abilities of this cast. Ultimately, the film is nothing special, with no real comedy fireworks, but it's still funny and engaging enough to make it pleasant throughout. It's too bad Richards, a.k.a. Cosmo Kramer, didn't get more feature film opportunities in this vein, as he's really able to strut his stuff. And he has fine chemistry with Daniels, who gets to alternate between being a "straight man", of sorts, and getting hilariously flustered as things go completely awry. Charlize Theron may be the MAIN reason to watch "Trial and Error", however, as she *is* utterly adorable as the cute & perky waitress to whom Charles becomes attracted.

They all receive very capable support from Rip Torn as the con man, Austin Pendleton (who was the stuttering temporary replacement for Vinny in "My Cousin Vinny") as the judge, a strikingly sexy Jessica Steen as the exasperated prosecutor, Lawrence Pressman as Charles' boss, Max Casella as a VERY young looking doctor, Dale Dye as a psychiatric expert, and Jennifer Coolidge as a priceless "dietary expert" of some kind.

This would make an agreeable double feature with another 1997 comedy about a lawyer, "Liar Liar", although "Trial and Error" never does get as cartoonish as that Jim Carrey vehicle.

Among the highlights: Charles having to sit in a car parked outside the courthouse (he ends up getting banned from the courtroom), beeping in Morse code the sort of dialogue that he needs Richard to deliver.

Seven out of 10.
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Sweet movie...
lilszoo201113 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Funny, and committed to a fun time with actors blazing their talents without a care in the world other than entertainment for entertainments' sake. Sometimes that is all that is needed when you are down, I have been down and this has lifted me up again (& again)... this movie has been a mainstay in my collection of movies to look to for a good time and has never let me down. Good Job! Look for an early play by Charlize Theron and don't forget to look for who is now George Stephanopolous' wife as the bitter Fiancée. And Thanks for many a night of joy and happiness ( since I watch it over and over again!) So, thanks!
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Reason to watch
bocajon17 November 2012
If this film is inspired by my cousin Vinny they did a good job.The only reason to watch this film is if you like Jeff and Mike. They both give you the characters they have built their carers on. Mike stumbles around Jeff makes his funny faces. The plot is very simple. Lawyer caught in a lie and good girl helps him find himself. That said Charlize may be one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Oh and Jenny Coolidge is so fun. If you are reading this Jenny, you are way more than Stiffler's mom. I think you have a suspense comedy drama in you. You should talk to the Coen Bros. Especially Ethan could write you a Oscar winner. Back to Trial and error, its worth a rainy night watch. Just don't expect too much. I wouldn't watch it twice.
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The most awesomest movie ever!!
markdavidchapman6 January 2006
I got this movie from Papa Johns Pizza and I watch it twice a week. It is awesome - for serious. I love all things Jeff Daniels and Michael Richards is wonderfully believable as a whacko party animal. The jokes come at you like a million hummingbirds and a billion bumblebees with little tiny tap shoes on. I was skeptical at first but was convinced that this movie was terrific after having watched the first five minutes of it. If I were a martian from the future and had a mission to destroy earth unless the human race presented me with their best work of art; I hope that this is what they would show me. I ate a pizza and loved every second of this film. Scorcese can take a hike for all I care. This is where it's at!! I give this film my highest award - the Bilka award for excellence in a movie starring Jeff Daniels. KIT
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Many Trials and Errors.
tfrizzell16 October 2003
Lawyer Jeff Daniels gets wasted at his bachelor party just as he is about to defend one of his future wife's relatives in a fraud suit. Enter best friend Michael Richards (of "Seinfeld" fame) who decides to pose as Daniels when he is unable to go to court the first day of trial. Richards, a ham actor in the film, naturally knows nothing about law and Daniels has to teach and instruct as the trial starts and continues. Light-weight fluff that is not bad for the genre, but really this is nothing more than a long-running gag. Richards does his usual television routine and ends up stealing the show from the usually impressive Daniels (I don't know what he is doing in this). Charlize Theron, in one of her early roles, once again illuminates an otherwise unspectacular movie with her beauty and charisma. 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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mattkratz6 March 2001
This movie was one of the funniest I have seen in recent years, as Richards and Daniels make a great team. True, it might get predictable, formulaic, and absurd at times, but what comic movie isn't? I enjoyed watching it and guarantee that you will too.

*** out of ****
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Care for a little Paradise with your Manhattan...?
lyincryin1 May 2004
Jeff Daniels has made a career of playing straight laced boring dweebs who only need a tiny little push in the opposite direction to make them go wild - he does it again here nicely. Michael Richards is basically playing "Kramer" here but it is funny and likable. And the ever wonderful Rip Torn playing a bad guy you just gotta love. Last but not least, there is the fantastic, pre-Oscar Charlize Theron who lights up the movie with a sweet, naive, free-spirited character whose simple life is something we all wish for sometime in our lives.

A great cast rounds out a lighthearted, good-natured, mellow yet cheerful little comedy. You wont be sorry to spend the time with this movie.

3/5 Stars

Anyone got the recipe for a Paradise Manhattan ?
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Surprisingly great.
cableaddict1 February 2004
This one took me by surprise. Being as it co-stars Michael Richards, and the tag line is "THE 2nd MOST OUTRAGEOUS TRIAL OF THE CENTURY," you naturally expect this to be one of those "wacky, zany" movies. It is anything but.

The main focus is on Jeff Daniels' character, and the personal catharsis he goes through. Michael Richards' performance is surprisingly toned-down and complex, and Charlize Therone adds the perfect romantic side-story.

Nothing earth-shaking here, and Oscar nominations weren't in the cards, but this is a really engaging little gem.
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Hilarious farce, then bittersweet romance (spoilers)
vchimpanzee31 December 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Jeff Daniels plays a lawyer who has finally made it to partner in a big-city law firm, and he is about to marry the boss' daughter. Michael Richards is his best man, a struggling actor. The firm sends Daniels to a town in the middle of nowhere to defend a man accused of fraud, which means his bachelor party has to be postponed. No, it doesn't! Richards and the gang show up in Nowheresville and have the party anyway. Daniels gets beat up, and Richards makes a mistake with his medication, meaning Daniels is in no shape to go to court the next day. Richards knows all Daniels plans to do is ask for a continuance, so he goes to court posing as Daniels' character. The beautiful female prosecutor (romantic interest for Richards?) refuses, demanding that the trial start right away. Daniels is feeling better when the trial starts but, of course, he and Richards could get in a lot of trouble, so Daniels poses as Richards' associate. Richards stumbles through jury selection and the first part of the trial and the judge can't understand why an associate is giving him so much help. Daniels ends up getting himself thrown out of the courtroom, and the funniest moments in the movie come from his attempts to communicate with Richards. Later, Daniels starts a romance with a waitress he met at the bachelor party, who he later met and told he was Richards' character. The movie's tone changes about halfway through, still funny at times but no longer farcical. Richards reminds me a lot of his Kramer character, clumsy but able to pull off a scam quite well, even if he never approaches being convincing as a real lawyer. But the prosecutor describes his performance as Oscar-worthy, and that's not too far off. SPOILERS FOLLOW: Richards eventually gets what he wants but isn't happy about it, and Daniels realizes he wasn't happy in his old life. There is still more to the movie, and it isn't entirely clear what will happen. The moral dilemmas and how they were handled make the movie a little more substantial. Still, how Daniels handled his romantic situation seemed a little too neat and tidy. We are left to assume how it must have happened. An enjoyable picture. If you really want to know the funniest moments, Daniels falls through the courtroom ceiling after communicating through the heating vent, and using a walkie-talkie and a variation on Morse Code with the car horn, Daniels attempts to feed signals to Richards , but a near-accident resulting in lots of angry horn-blowing results in a frenzy of ridiculous objections from Richards.
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Don't Waste your time
david-sarkies25 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What happens when a lawyer gets so drunk that in the morning he cannot make his court case and his friend has to cover for him? Well this movie outlines it quite well. The plot is interesting but the movie is nothing more than pure stupidity. The judge does not seem to be at all interested in actually running the case while the lawyer, Jeff Daniels, turns out to be nothing more than a bumbling fool.

His friend, the one who takes over the case for him, knows absolutely nothing about law and can do absolutely nothing with out his friend beside him (or at least in communication range). Yet the movie always takes the lawyer away to leave us laughing at the ineptitude of the friend, who happens to be an actor.

This movie really has nothing that makes it stand out. The lawyer is engaged to be married to a rich girl who is the daughter of the boss of the law firm for whom he works, but he gives her up for a sweet city girl come country girl who has a humble background. The actor is chasing one particular woman all the way through the movie, that is the prosecutor, and gets away with things such as sexual harassment. In the end he lands up with her, which is very typical of Hollywood.

The name of the town, Paradise Bluff, brings up some thoughts, as if it is a place that on the outside seems perfect, but deep within there is some rotting evil. In this movie though, there is no allusion, nor is there any hidden evil. Paradise Bluff is a Paradise where the heroes live happily ever after.

In my opinion, Trial and Error is a very dull movie with little to no comedy in it at all. It is not worth hiring, nor is it worth wasting one's time watching it on TV. The only time one should even consider watching this movie is when you are stuck on a bus between Adelaide and Sydney, and there is no way off.
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