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Pixar is improving: near perfect...
bapper24 February 2000
I just saw Toy Story 2 an hour ago and I must say that, despite all the great reviews, I was still surprised about the quality....It started absolutely marvellous; one of the greatest and humorous opening sequences ever. The plot is really smart, the animation is brilliant and the humor...Oh man! The last 50 minutes must be the most fun 50 minutes I had in years and believe me, I'm NOT exaggerating. It seems impossible to imagine the fun the writers must have had, because this is a true film-fest whether you do like Disney-esque films or don't.

Having this fast-paced storyline, John Lasseter & Co. exploited it to a maximum. Cameo's from Pixar-characters (Geri's the coolest), unexpected and obliged references to other big films (really love the Jurrasic Park one), great new characters (Wheezy!!), and more jokes and gags rammed in an animated feature than you'll ever see and of course the out takes.

The action-department is also greatly represented in some astonishing sequences with great, original shots and angles. The music is moody and Randy Newman is at his best with the really non-disturbing, appropriate song about Jessie, which is definitely the message of this film.

O.K., I know I'm raving, but I really meant it when I chose the ten and clicked the "Vote" button. This film is great and I recommend it to every film-lover.

A few downsides (this hardly affects the overall film) are I think, first of all the lack of originality, which is excusable and acceptable for a sequel. Second, the still somewhat jerky animation of the humans (I know they said it was supposed to be, but I disagree that). And third: the ratio, 1:1,85 (I thought it was the theater, but Pixar is forgiven, seen the quality of the film.) These are minors things and my decision is final, Toy Story 2 is certainly included in my top 20.

O.K., now you may stand up and ring a friend to go and see it, come on!!
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Funny, Exciting and Thoughtful: What more do you want?
Atouk6 December 1999
PIXAR has done the impossible, and significantly improved on their original groundbreaking film Toy Story. Not only is the movie hysterically funny, but every time I thought I knew where the plot was headed something completely new and original was thrown into the mix. One minute I'm laughing hysterically at "Tour Guide" Barbie, the next I'm nearly brought to tears watching a sequence where Emily grows up and leaves Jessie behind.

What more can be said? If you think you're too old to enjoy something like this then I feel sorry for you, because this film has more to say about friendship, loss, loyalty and the value of life itself than any of the so-called "grown up" movies I've seen this year.

I rarely do this, but I'm rating this one a "10".
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A great sequel
keyoar24 November 1999
This has to be by far one of the cleanest and most well-designed movie to come from any studio for a while now. The plot is trim and concise and this film is not just for kids, there are plenty of grown-up themes to satisfy even critical viewers. The animation is tremendous, especially if you pay attention to the details, and the cameo from Geri and the underlying Star Wars spoofs are just great. All in all, one of the best films I've seen to date. Just one disappointment, no outtakes during the credits. But still, I don't think I'll forget this one for a while, if you get a chance to see it in the cinemas don't miss it...
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Best animated movies ever made
MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
More thematically compelling and with better action set-pieces, Toy Story 2 is a sequel that is just as good as the original - and one that isn't afraid to go to the more emotional side of storytelling.
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Entertains adults just as much as it will children. One of the years best films. ***1/2 out of ****
Movie-1211 January 2000
TOY STORY 2 (1999) ***1/2

With the voices of: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Kelsey Grammer, Joan Cusack, Jim Varney, & Wayne Knight Director: John Lasseter Running time: 85 minutes Rated G

By Blake French:

In an era where audiences are given such few family movies, and in a time where such films are seldom given decent scripts, "Toy Story 2" is a jolt of lightening in the fast fading genre of unobjectionable entertainment. Over the past several years we've received filmmaker's poor attempts at granting us enjoyment with an orphaned raised by jungle apes, bouncy green slime, a massive gorilla reeking havoc on a major city, a child fending off robbers by himself near Christmas, a small boy's attempts to rescue a battered dog from his cruel owner, a canine playing football, a colony of ants in trouble, a talking mouse, and even a film version of an old cartoon about a man filtered with countless gizmos. None of those desperate family tales work. I think you can understand through these examples that when a great children's film does finally open, and entertains adults equally as much as it mesmerizes its target audience I give it the honor of being one of the years best movies.

"Toy Story 2" continues the traditional lives of the characters brought to our attention in the original movie released in 1995. What makes "Toy Story" unique is the fact that the characters are mostly toys. The familiar faces include everyone's favorite cowboy Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm the piggy bank, Mr. Potato Head, Rex the cowardly Tyrannosaurs Rex, the Army Sergeant, Little Bo Peep, and the Slinky Dog. The sequel film introduces several new characters in its presence consisting of Prospector Pete, Jessie the Cowgirl, and antagonists, a greedy human named Big Al and robotic video game figure called Zurg. The plot has to do with several of the toys rescue attempts to save Woody from a money hungry thief who intends to sell him to a different country.

Just a few days ago I screened the somewhat similar, although unsuccessful, family comedy "Stuart Little." That movie failed because it attempted to blend our human world with the likes of pure fictional fantasy; a talking mouse that acts like a human. It is hard to except something like that without an explanation--giving the filmmakers no choice but to get into a complicated, logical explanation that would bore the majority of an audience. "Toy Story 2" needs none of that explication. It contains its illusion outside of our world, creating a tale that inspires our imagination. The filmmakers do not try to compare the likes of toys being alive with reality. It creates its own atmosphere which seems unfamiliar and magical. It is a place that lives within our dreams; everyone has hoped for their toys to come alive at one time or another. "Toy Story 2" brings this world to life to the quality of the original "Toy Story." This movie is a landmark in the gender of animated family comedies that should be treasured for all that its worth.

Brought to you by Walt Disney Pictures.
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To Infinity and Beyond ?
Outworld-32 February 2000
Well it's a sequel, and I watched with trepidation, and glad to say I enjoyed every minute of this, it was good to see the voices of all the characters still voiced by the original actors/actresses, as well as welcoming new characters 'Stinky Pete the Prospector' and the Round-up gang, as well as a nemesis for Buzz ! Some very 'tounge in cheek' movie gags (Jurassic Park and Star Wars to name but two). I would hope in years to come to see more quality productions like this.

This will be a family favourite again.
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Wonderful, imaginative film
jwisdom2 December 1999
This film is definitely a pleasure and a joy to see, a very well done sequel. I wouldn't be surprised if it would spawn yet another sequel, raising the bar even more for computer animation, such as this film has done. Toy Story 2 looks even more lifelike and realistic than its original, I found myself several times 'forgetting' that it was computer animation. Definitely a must see for all ages.
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Better than the original
cinatyte24 November 1999
I thought the original Toy Story was great. I went to this movie hardly knowing anything about it. Toy Story 2 exceeded my expectations; it's better than the original Toy Story. This movie works on two levels. It's aimed at younger kids, who will love the wackiness of the characters and the situations they find themselves in, though some of the jokes might sail over their heads (but they'll laugh anyway). It's also aimed at adults, who, when I saw it, laughed louder than the kids at some points. The voice work is excellent, especially Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, reprising their roles from the original. The supporting toys (Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, et al.) have much bigger roles this time around.

This movie has everything: Andy's new dog Buster; two dueling Buzz Lightyears; partying Barbie dolls; three 3-eyed aliens from the original; even the Evil Emperor Zurg! I can't emphasize enough how great this movie is and I highly recommend it for kids and adults.

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Another Instant Classic From Disney
tfrizzell5 January 2002
"Toy Story 2" is equal to its predecessor. Some may say it is better (I am not sure about that) but it is on par with the original. This time Woody is stolen by a greedy toy collector and it is up to Buzz Lightyear and their friends to rescue him. The film is great-looking, the voice characterizations are all perfect and the film's screenplay is so intelligent that "Toy Story 2" would have been successful under the worst of circumstances. 5 stars out of 5.
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Cute Toys Are Back With A Bang For More Adventure
Chrysanthepop22 March 2008
It's been about a decade since I last saw 'Toy Story'. Thus, it would be unfair to compare that with 'Toy Story 2'. Pixar has produced numerous gems since the first 'Toy Story'. This one is a sheer delightful adventure and it's not one that is only limited to entertaining children. There are the charming characters from the old one and some wonderful new characters that include the energetic Jessie the Yodelling Cowgirl, the hot barbies and Woody's faithful and hyper steed. The animation is superb and looks refreshing. The story too takes a new turn that presents the dilemma of whether one should live an eternal life of wealth and security or an unpredictable life that at least promises a few years of love. The actors do a fine job lending their voice. Hanks and Allen are back as Woody and Buzz and Joan Cusack is a treat as the vivacious Jessie. But I must add that I loved Buzz's gang that includes the hilarious Rex and the lovable Slinky, the resourceful Mr. Potatohead and the cute Hamm, and their attempts to rescue Woody and bring him back home. There's a beautiful song by Sarah Mclachlan that dictates Jessie's pain. The sequel being a huge hit just proves how timeless the characters are and I want to see 'Toy Story' again just to follow the whole story. It's already been a decade since, but I wonder whether they'll make a sequel and what the fate of our toy friends will be once Andy has grown up. 'Toy Story 2' is an unforgettable adventure with a beautiful soul.
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Better than the original...
doomedmac1 January 2020
Which should be impossible, as the original is pretty amazing. Extremely impressive and always entertaining.
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Amazingly Good
BB-1526 November 1999
It is very rare when an excellent movie is followed by an excellent sequel. Toy Story 2 has done just that. The blending of wonderful animation artistry, terrific writing and great voice overs continues thanks to Pixar. Lots of films claim to be appropriate for all ages and rarely are. I'd recommend this movie to adults with no children! Toy Story 2 is that clever.

Toy Story 2 has a great time making fun of itself and other movies such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park. The humor is constant and is simply right on. As Toy Story was a buddy picture, Toy Story 2 pokes fun of commando rescue films, as well as computer games and barbies. But as with Toy Story this is a film with a heart highlighting not only the friendship of the original group of toys but adding some interesting new ones too.

Toy Story 2 is an escape into a rich and wonderful fantasy world. It is well worth a visit.
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Even Better Than The First 'Toy Story'
ccthemovieman-121 April 2006
Here's yet one more sequel that more than lived up to its original great start. The first Toy Story was outstanding. This is just as good, if not better.

Very fast-paced and very entertaining, this doesn't have a lot of laugh-out-loud parts but is definitely fun to watch with many good lines. What I appreciated was the lack of a nasty villain and any evil overtones, as was the case with the rotten neighborhood kid in the first film.

I also appreciated the fantastic surround sound on the DVD, along with the magnificent colors. Not to be forgotten is a wonderful, tear-jerking song in here, sung by Sarah MacLaclan. It gets to me every time.

When you factor in all the nice characters, music, colors and sounds, this has to be one of the most beloved animated films of the modern era.
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Great plot, great characters and laughs for all ages – not really a bad word to say about it
bob the moo9 September 2004
In every toy's life there comes a time where damage and fading interest will take its toll. For Woody this comes when a ripped arm sees him left behind on the shelf awaiting repair while Andy goes off to summer camp. When another toy is taken for a yard sale, Woody goes to rescue him only to find himself trapped at the sale and picked up by a collector – who recognises the worth of the rare dolls. The gang set out to rescue Woody but, with his value as a collector's item and his new friends around him, will Woody want to be rescued?

Pixar are going to have a flop sooner or later – either they will misfire or the usual mix of material will start to feel stale. However this has not happened yet and it certainly did not happen with this sequel to their great Toy Story. Keeping similar themes the film delivers a plot that is quite moving at points and has plenty of thought for adults to ponder while the kids laugh at Buzz falling over. In fact this mix of adult material and kiddie material is, as ever, the film's appeal as it does cater so well to both extremes of the market.

The plot is great too and is well supported by great characters in the main who really draw us into the story – considering how often computer effects can just be 'effects' and nothing more, it is to Pixar's credit that so often you just forget these are effects and see them as characters in their own right. The plot gives them plenty to do but their delivery is also spot on – actors can have off days and get their body language wrong, but here the computer characters can be manipulated just how the director wants them to be – this really helps the delivery of the character as body language and movement is a big part of it. The voice work also really helps and, as before, everyone is spot on whether they be just delivering jokes, playing comic bad guys or dealing with more emotional stuff. Hanks is really good, Allen is much better than his TV work and other films would suggest and the support cast is very good – with great turns from new voices such as Knight, Cusack and Grammer but also the regulars of Shawn, Ratzenberger, Varney and Rickles.

The laughs are consistent and great. I'm sure kids love it but for me the adults get the best deal – getting the universal laughs as well as the adult stuff and the loads of movie references. I won't start listing best bits or references but suffice to say that the film gets it right – enough straight laughs and enough general references to make sure the film lasts and is not tied to the period in the way that, say, the Scary Movie films are (by spoofing recent films).

Overall this is a very funny, very enjoyable film that has a great plot, great characters and the cast to back them up. The laughs are good for all ages but the adults will get the majority while the kids miss most of the better stuff. I don't like gushing, so I'd like to counter my praise with some critical observations but, to be honest, I don't really have anything bad to really say about it. A great film to see with the kids.
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This is one of those rare sequels that's even better than the first one!
TheHonestCritic14 December 2019
"Toy Story 2" (1999), this took a legendary first movie idea, and made a sequel that's even better. Still to this day, it's nothing short of an iconic film, just like most of the other films made by Pixar Animation Studios! Everything is once again 100% perfect, and fires on all cylinders. The story is more complex, yet more engaging than the first movie. The plot line is very unique and creative, it pulls you in right away and keeps you hooked from beginning to end. The voice acting is stellar from all of the voice actors. The CGI animation holds up to this day, as does the animation in the other Pixar films. Finally, the soundtrack is phenomenal and it truly brings this movie to life. You can play a little part from any part of the music score, and be able to identify what movie it is right away. That just shows you that you have a memorable soundtrack! Pixar, without a shadow of a doubt, makes the best CGI animated films of all-time. "Toy Story 2" took the creative premise from the first one and dove even further. There is more character development, more going on and takes a perfect movie and rises it up to 11. I can watch this movie over and over again and never get tired of it. I give this film a full 5 out of 5 star rating, which equates to 10 out of 10 IMDB stars. This movie is perfect for people of all ages. If you haven't seen "Toy Story 2" yet, which would surprise me greatly, I mean seriously, who hasn't seen it? Go watch it, I guarantee you'll love it! Just ignore "Toy Story 3" (2010) and "Toy Story 4" (2019), and pretend that those "movies" don't exist.
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A Nutshell Review: (DVD) Toy Story 2 (1999)
DICK STEEL10 October 2006
There are few sequels that can equal or even surpass its original, and for an animated feature, perhaps Toy Story 2 is the first of its kind that didn't end up going direct to video. I'm unsure why I hadn't caught this in the theatres, given that I've thoroughly enjoyed the first Toy Story. I've taken 7 years to finally watch this gem, and of course, to include myself into the legions of Pixar fans out there who have watched every single animated feature they produced.

Toy Story 2 remains the only sequel that Pixar put out, though I'm rooting for The Incredibles to make another appearance on the silver screen. Bringing back its stellar voice cast like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, and favourite characters that have endeared themselves to us, I'm thrilled that there is so much more story that can be told of our favourite toys in Andy's room.

What worked, at least for me, is that the story and characters appealed to the child inside. I own quite a number of toys as a kid, and yes, I outgrew them, although most of them are still stored in boxes somewhere around the house. Perhaps some of them are small collector's item in their own right, and as a child I did wonder if the toys do come alive to wreck havoc around the room before they retire in time and clean up before I wake up.

Of course toys do not come to life (or do they?) but here in this sequel, the exploration of the friendship theme takes on a different dimension when Woody finds himself with other toys from the same collection as he is - a cowgirl Jessie, his trusty steed Bullseye, and a prospecting character known as Stinky Pete. The dilemma he faces is whether to cast aside his constant fear of Andy abandoning him for good, and opt for life with his new found family in some museum somewhere, where he'll be appreciated for many moons to come, or to return with Buzz and his friends for the life he has grown so accustomed to.

The adaptation to change, loyalty, abandonment, friendship - a lot of themes for a children's movie, but that again is the appeal of Toy Story, that it can be viewed at different levels, for a child who can enjoy the animation and the story at one level, and for adults to reminisce and enjoy it on another. By deftly handling the different themes, and appealing to different segments of audiences with the same movie, Pixar exhibited exactly why they're top dogs in this field.

As always, the music and animation are excellent, and given that I'm watching this now and found it enjoyable, I think they have a film that can stand the test of time. I hear of rumours of a third Toy Story movie, and if that were true, I'd say bring it on!
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The best Pixar film (so far) and a good bit better than the original
MartinHafer10 June 2007
I liked TOY STORY but didn't love it. It had some wonderful moments (I liked the creepy and destructive kid next door), but it seemed marketed almost exclusively to young boys. In light of this, I was absolutely thrilled when I saw TOY STORY II, as it's a wonderful film for the entire family. For the boys, you have the familiar characters of Woody and Buzz, for the girls you have a new girl toy (Jessie) and for the adult, you have some great characters as well (Stinky Pete and the guy in the chicken costume). Plus, the writing is so amazingly clever and engaging you can't help but love the film. I particularly loved the showdown with Emperor Zurg, Barbie's guest appearance and all the cute little touches as well as homages to toys of yesteryear. And, for once in my jaded career as a reviewer, I have absolutely nothing negative or critical to mention--I enjoyed every minute of this delightful film.
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A sequel that really works
dpg-875226 August 2019
Toy story 2 is a second part that it really works, for me this is the best movie in the saga, because it didnt feels like a sequel, considering the fact that the movie handles mature issues, and add new characters but without even doing side to those we already knew, but the movie has the same problems as the fist one, but it´s okay i can forgive that, thats why this movie deserves 9/10.
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A good sequel
jmmustchin4 November 2018
Many view Toy Story 2 as better than the original. I'm honestly not sure which is better, but regardless, both are quite good (as is the 3rd one). In this one, Woody is kidnapped by a toy dealer, who wants to sell him. The toys must go to Woody's rescue.

As usual, it's quite funny. There's some interesting (and humorous) Star Wars allusions. The animation is quite good, and the voice cast adequate.
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Collector's Item
Rindiana24 October 2010
Hugely entertaining sequel, that lacks its predecessors compact and harmonious storyline as well as its dark subtext. Instead, we've got our toy friends on an epic rescue mission through town, along with some all too obvious pop culture references - another Star Wars parody, please?! - and sightly forced action moments.

But it's still a good movie, full of funny one-liners and meticulous care for detail. The characters - old and new - are as amiable as ever, and here and there Pixar is still able to achieve moments of great beauty and wit.

7 out of 10 double Buzzes
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A lot of fun!
GeneralB26 March 2000
This movie was highly enjoyable, and included a number of jokes clearly aimed at adults. I watched with an audience that included few kids, and everyone enjoyed it. While sequels are usually inferior to their predecessors, Pixar didn't miss a beat with this exceptional film. Watch for the references to other movies, some are obvious, others less so. Also watch for the man in the short film shown before Pixar's last movie, "A Bug's Life."
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A wonderful follow-up.
Hootie-216 November 1999
The film is perhaps one of few film sequels to surpass the quality of the original. This film is more of an adventure, yet still has plenty of room for emotion and humour. The voice cast is sublime and the animation is quite remarkable, a step up from the already stunning original. You leave with a big, stupid grin on your face that is hard to lose. A better time is rarely had at the movies
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Finally, a sequel that surpasses its predecessor!
TheLittleSongbird12 March 2009
I love Toy Story, which I still think is the best Pixar animation to date, but Toy Story 2, not only surpasses its predecessor, ,it also manages to make rock-solid entertainment out of a simple story.

The animation is faultless. I could find nothing wrong with that. The script was just as irreverent and witty as the one in the first film, with jokes that adults will enjoy as well as kids. And the song When She Loved Me was beautiful and vital to the story.

The voice talents are also faultless. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are brilliant here as Woody and Buzz, but they were equally brilliant in the first too. Wayne Knight was also fine as Al, who kidnaps Woody to sell him to a museum. Joan Cusack was great as Jessie, though I do agree she has been better. Frasier's Kelsey Grammar is resoundingly entertaining as Stinky Pete(what a great name!). Solid support also from Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, Jodi Benson(Ariel from little Mermaid)and Annie Potts.

All in all, a fantastic film, that has enough visual jokes(like Wallace and Gromit) to satisfy adults and kids alike. Rock- solid entertainment that thoroughly deserves a 10/10. Bethany Cox
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Very Funny!
noralee21 December 2005
Despite the baby who screamed in back of me for the entire "Toy Story 2" (so much for picking an evening showing to try and avoid that), I adored this follow-up.

The references to "Star Wars" are very very funny (though not a single other person in the audience of very young children with their parents got them).

Randy Newman's music is not as good as the original, except for a beautiful ballad sung by Sarah McLaughin. I did expect more from the Riders in the Sky (I'm a big fan of theirs) involvement of cowboy songs, but then none of the audience got the references to boomer TV shows either as the parents in the audience were way younger than me.

Kelsey Grammar was mis-voice cast as the old prospector; he's best as Sideshow Bob on "The Simpsons;" I don't know why they didn't pick a wily Western voice instead of snobby Eastern voice. Joan Cusack was a live wire as a cowgirl. Wayne Knight was as terrific a villain like in "Jurassic Park."

But the animation was fun and the story quite clever. I figure the theme of playing and loving toys rather than saving them for collectors benefits Disney in the long run, as they encourage people to buy two of each!

The "outtakes" at the end are also funny satires.

(originaly written 1/16/2000)
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Battling Films
tedg10 September 2008
Shucks, my original comment for this was deleted. Here is a replacement.

My admiration for Pixar to date is significant, on the order of rat filmmakers that seem to care about ideas in film. There aren't enough of these, so if you find one (here a collective) that not only has intelligent notions of cinema but also make successful movies, you have to celebrate.

Overall, I think this is the weakest of the Pixar films, because it is the least visually adventuresome. What they did instead was explore what I call folding and did so in the written bits, following a pattern where films include the dynamics of other films in some way. "Blue Velvet" and "2001" are sort of landmark films along these lines, where film types become actual characters. Here the folding is just as radical, perhaps more so because the story overtly mirrors what they are doing.

Here's the setup. Buzz — actually an army of Buzzes — draws his existence from space movies, specifically "Star Wars." Woody draws his from cowboy movies (actually TeeVee shows) specifically "Howdy Doody." Each prototype "doll" gets pulled into his original cosmology. That's the background, what usually serves as the establishing world for a movie. Pixar even uses this in the first shots where other movies work to introduce us to a world.

Within this movie in the movie context is a foreground story: about the value of "play" which we are reminded is a re-enacting or borrowing of stories. Its what life is, I think and we are reminded in the script. They'd trade one day of human play (meaning recovered movies) for an eternity in a sterile heaven.

I know that there are many in Hollywood who talk about this sort of story dynamic. There are few that would dare to build a film around it, and very, very few who could do it, make it as visible, overt as it is here, and have audiences be happy for such immersion in reflective dynamics.

Interestingly, the original comment was tossed by IMDb along with a couple hundred others of mine because I failed in a similar enterprise. Someone complained because the original included an observation about religion being recovered narrative and increasingly recovered cinematic narrative. That reader at least did not like such baptism.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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