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MPAA Rated PG-13 for disaster related peril and violence, nudity, sensuality and brief language

Sex & Nudity

  • A girl and a guy run into a car. The girl starts sucking his fingers. She puts his hand on her breast before having sex. *She does NOT "suck his fingers". She kisses them briefly. Sex is implied, but not shown. The breast is clothed.
  • A woman's bare butt can be briefly seen.
  • One female frontal naked body scene at about 20 seconds but there are no sexual activity. Also there is one implied sex scene. the entire scene does not show any nudity and this is very brief scene. Some kissing scenes.
  • There are several drawings of nude women. Full frontal nudity is shown (to note, they ARE drawings).
  • A 19 year old woman strips down for a man to draw her naked. She strips down revealing her bare butt. She lays down on the couch and her left breast is shown for about 20 seconds.
  • A young man and seventeen year old girl proceed to have sex in the backseat of a car. Afterwards, her hand is seen slamming against one of its windows. The man is shown lying atop her and it is implied they have just had sex. He kisses her and she kisses his forehead in response, before allowing him to rest his head on her chest. Nothing inappropriate is shown in this scene and it is at least for a few minutes.

Violence & Gore

  • A man punches another man in the stomach.
  • A woman punches a man in steerage. We see his bloodied nose.
  • A man falls off the titanic and hits the propeller, spinning many times before hitting the ocean. Many people get crushed by the Titanic or pieces of the Titanic. The final 90 minutes of the movie is when the movie becomes a disaster film.
  • A man on a small boat threatens to throw a woman off the boat unless she keeps her mouth shut.
  • A man and girl attempt to save a young boy left behind in the lower levels of the Titanic. The father comes and grabs the boy, pushing the man and running in the opposite direction. The man and the boy get killed by water. The other man and girl are swept by the water and crash hard against a cage.
  • A survivor grabs a woman with a life jacket and pushes her down, making him float. Another man comes by and punches him, saving the girl.
  • Character slowly freeze to death in the ocean.
  • The film tells the true story of the Titanic sinking. Lots of peril and disaster violence. People drown and freeze to death. People fall off of decks, dishes and furniture go all over the place. A man is breifly shown with blood on his face.
  • A man shoots at another man but he does not get shot.
  • An officer accidentally shoots a person dead. We see blood on his life jacket and on the deck floor. The officer then commits suicide by shooting himself on the head (no blood, but it's an intense scene).


  • A woman gives the middle finger to a man. Although the purpose of this seems to be comedic in nature.
  • 8 uses of shit
  • 1 use of son of a bitch
  • 1 F word (not sexual, used for comedic effect)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are shown smoking throughout the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The sinking sequence is very distressing and intense. We get to see prolonged scenes of screaming, yelling and frantic passengers who are in peril, including women and children. These scenes are very distressing and may be frightening to others. The aftermath scene of the sinking may disturbing and horrifying to some viewers, which showcases frozen bodies with pale greenish faces covered in frost, including bodies of a mother and her baby.
  • One of the main characters is arrested and is placed in the lower decks of the ship, as it is sinking. Water is shown rising as he is handcuffed to a pole. His rescuer frantically searches for him in the lower parts of the ship, where gushing water is present. The ship's lights flicker on and off. Eerie rumbling sounds are heard during the sequence as she is the only person in that part of the ship. This whole sequence can be ominous and distressing to some viewers.
  • Two main characters are trapped in the E deck behind locked gates as they try to escape the inundated level. Water is shown to rise higher and higher as the level is almost submerged. The characters would be in heavy peril during this long sequence, where they are in danger of drowning. Those suffering from claustrophobia would find this scene difficult to watch.
  • People (including women and children) are cruelly kept from entering the gates in the third class deck, as the ship starts to sink. They become rowdy and disorderly as the officers keep them where they push and shove each other, after only women and children only are ordered to enter.
  • A main character tries to commit suicide by jumping off from the ship at nighttime. She is warned that the water would be really cold and that alone would kill her. She accidentally falls off whilst climbing on the railing and screams desperately for help.
  • After seeing his fiance passionately embracing another man in the grand staircase, a character snatches a gun in madness, and chases the lovers down into the sinking ship, shooting at them multiple times. This scene is more suspenseful and exciting than downright distressing.
  • The main female character refuses to get on a boat after her mother, who is on the boat, pleads her to get on it. She dismisses her mother's maternal request by saying "goodbye mother" and walking off. Her mother gets frantic, yelling her name a couple of times as the boat is lowered. This scene may be emotional to those who have a strong relationship with their mother.
  • We see an old couple in bed, holding each other, whilst Nearer My God To Thee is playing. Water is shown emerging in their room. Right in the next scene, where the somber music is still playing, we see a mother reading her children a story inside a third class cabin. To note, these two scenes occur during the sinking. We are reminded that these two families will obviously not make it.
  • Just as the ship plunges into the ocean, the two main characters are separated due to suction created by the ship under the water. The female main character comes out of the water and frantically looks for her lover but cannot seem to find him for a few moments. As the camera rises, we see hundreds of screaming and panicking people in the bitterly cold water calling for help. Two men try to 'drown' the main female character, using her as a buoy, just so that they can stay afloat.
  • The beginning of the movie has real footage of the Titanic in its watery grave. You see items that belonged to the passengers. It is quiet eerie and a little spooky.
  • The second half may be emotional for some viewers, where characters are seen getting parted from their families as they're put in boats, including the main characters.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A main character dies from hypothermia in the cold Atlantic Ocean, and is survived by his female lover. She repeatedly tells him that "there's a boat" in a desperate voice, but he is unresponsive. Acknowledging his death, she mourns over him and lets him submerge into the water. This scene is very intense, emotional and also rather creepy, considering that every human around her in the water is a corpse. To add to that, her voice is croaky and she is very pale, just as her deceased partner is.
  • We hear "is anybody alive out there" from the boatmen in a distorted and rather spooky manner, which would frighten some people, as a main character is lying on the table in the middle of the ocean besides her dead lover. To survive the night as she promised her dead lover, she tries to yell "come back" to the boats, but can't produce higher vocals as she lost her voice due the cold. This is distressing and nerve-racking as viewers would think the boat is leaving here all alone in the cold, dark ocean.
  • Virtually everyone in the ocean seem to have died from exposure, where there is a ghastly silence. Only the main female character is conscious, lying lethargically on the door with a very pale, icy face. We hear the boatman yelling "is there anyone alive out there" in a distorted, echoing and creepy manner. The music during this scene is very eerie and spooky.
  • The surviving main character, who is lying on the door in the water, desperately tries to yell "come back", with her hoarse voice, to the boat that is presumably leaving and getting further away from her whereabouts. This scene may be very distressing and upsetting to viewers.
  • A main character in the freezing waters desperately and arduously calls, as she lost her voice due to the cold, for the only boat in her vicinity to return after she sees that it is leaving. This scene may be very distressing and upsetting to some viewers.

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