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(1998 TV Movie)

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Fun & unusual
RushRhees14 May 2009
I wasn't really familiar with Lars Molin when I watched this movie. That is not a problem. Molin's movie is a very entertaining, a bit twisted little film about a 60-ish woman who suddenly seizes the opportunity to spend her life as she wants to. She moves away from her husband, a self-pitying drunk, and she has affairs with several men. But most of all, this is a film about unusual people, some of which have lost all hope in life, others who have just found their path. Stylistically, this is an interesting experience, too. There are a lot of sweet images of Swedish nature, and as if this is not enough Molin adds a layer of slightly sentimental music. If that was what the entire movie is all about, it would have ended up being an annoyingly romantic, rosy affair. But after these nature-celebratory images we are served scenes that display human relations in a very raw, unsentimental manner. "You are a f**** pompous head of s**t. I loved you as soon as I laid my eyes on you." is one memorable quote that rubs up against what would otherwise easily have become too sweet, too sentimental.
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Absolutely worth watching!
DisaOJ23 July 2005
This is a really sweet and unusual movie. I won't give anything away but if you have a chance to see this movie, I would highly recommend that you do. My only regret about this film is that it is not available to the West with English subtitles. I saw it in Sweden and my Uncle Leif translated the entire movie for my benefit. I have to say what I love most about this movie is the use of older actors. Mona Malm is one of my all time favorite actresses and always gives a great performance. I have heard that Sven Wolter is the "Sean Connery of the north" this could very well be true. God forbid we should see older actors in any roles here in Hollywood! Enjoy!
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