The Sweet Hereafter (1997) Poster

Sarah Polley: Nicole Burnell



  • Mason : Nicole, did the Pied Piper take the children away because he was mad that the town didn't pay him?

    Nicole : That's right.

    Mason : Well, if he knew magic, if he could get the kids into the mountain, why couldn't he use his magic pipe to make the people pay him for getting rid of the rats?

    Nicole : Because... he wanted them to be punished.

    Mason : So he was mean?

    Nicole : No, not mean, just... very angry.

  • Mary : (Speaking of a new computer, a gift) From Mr. Stephens... That was him on the phone just now. He was calling to see how you were.

    Nicole : Who's Mr. Stephens?

    Sam : Uh, he's a lawyer. He's our lawyer.

    Nicole : You and Mom have a lawyer?

    Sam : Well, yes. He's your lawyer, too.

    Nicole : My lawyer. Why do I need a lawyer?

    Mary : Well maybe we shouldn't be talking about this just now, with you barely home. Aren't you hungry, honey? You want me to fix you something?

    Nicole : No. What's this lawyer business?

  • Nicole : As you see her, two years later, I wonder if you realize something. I wonder if you understand that all of us - Dolores, me, the children who survived, the children who didn't - that we're all citizens of a different town now. A place with its own special rules and its own special laws. A town of people living in the sweet hereafter.

  • Nicole : No matter what I'm asked I'lltell the truth.

    Mitchell Stephens : It's not going to be easy Nicole.

    Nicole : I won't lie.

  • Sam : Nicole, tomorrow Mr. Stephens wants you to make your deposition at the community center. Thought I'd take you over.

    Nicole : Great.

    Sam : You seem, uh, I don't know. Distant, I guess. Hard to talk to.

    Nicole : We didn't used to have to talk a lot, did we Daddy?

    Sam : What do you mean?

    Nicole : I mean, I'm a wheelchair girl now. And it's hard to pretend that I'm a beautiful rock star. Remember, Daddy? That beautiful stage that you were gonna build for me. You were gonna light it with nothing but candles.

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