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Greta Scacchi: Juliana



  • Juliana : You can't swim. I suppose you could drown, though. Anybody can do that. Even on dry land.

  • Fitzmaurice : Don't you remember? Cousins can do things that other people can't. And we were more than children before anyone knew what we were up to.

    Juliana : Even we didn't know.

  • [Chrome and Juliana are talking in the hothouse at night] 

    Chrome : There will be flowers of brown and green and black.

    Juliana : Black?

    Chrome : The Larousse collection specializes in dark plants, often black. Primula Arricula. Canna Indica. Tulipfera Nigra. Anemone Atrocarrulea.

    Juliana : I would be unacceptable then in a Larousse collection.

    Chrome : Oh, I think you would be rare enough, exotic enough.

    Juliana : But my skin is white.

    Chrome : Completely white?

    Juliana : Completely.

    Chrome : No blemishes, no stains?

    [Juliana shakes her head "no."] 

    Chrome : But inside

    [Chrome licks his fingers and begins to put out the candles, one at a time] 

    Chrome : ... deep inside... there is a darkness.

    Juliana : I feel there is. I can't be sure. It would need an expert touch to discover and comfirm it.

    Chrome : Perhaps if Monsieur Larousse was here he would be able to verify.

    Juliana : But in the absence of Monsieur Larousse -...

    Chrome : I am not worthy.

    Juliana : And I might not always find it convenient to wait for the arrival of Monsieur Larousse. May I move now?

    [She flutters her fan, extinguishing the last candle] 

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