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MPAA Rated PG for some mild language and thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

  • a shot of selena's dad in his underwear notwithstanding
  • Passionate kissing in some scenes between two main characters.
  • Brief references to "making babies," though most are not in a sexual context but simply in reference to a husband and wife wanting to start a family.
  • Selena was known for her revealing costumes during her performances and wears bustiers and midriff-baring tops throughout the film, though mainly during performances. It should be noted that at the time (and this is mentioned in the film), many performers were wearing similar fashions. Offstage, however, she dresses more conservatively (this is accurate to the real-life Selena and her offstage and onstage personas).

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene, nightclub goers start a riot; pushing and throwing bottles at people.
  • Four men trash a hotel room as the fifth sits around and allows it to happen.
  • A woman, upset with her boyfriend, heatedly confronts him and punches him in the arm before storming off.
  • A woman is shot and killed offscreen by another woman. Later, the murderer barricades herself inside a truck and holds the gun to her head as a SWAT team surrounds the vehicle.


  • Two profanities, one reference to "boobs"
  • In a scene, "shit" and "damn" are used out of frustration.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some use of alcohol; empty beer cans shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • No dialogue is heard in the final scene, but it is an obvious re-enaction of the title character's family - parents, siblings and husband - receiving news of her death from a doctor and grieving their unfortunate loss. Get the tissues ready, because it is a highly emotional scene, albeit brief.
  • Selena's right hand woman and fan club president, Yolanda Saldívar, is extremely manipulative and, while seemingly sweet to her employers, eventually gets caught stealing money from them. She also gives Selena a ring and passes it off as a gift from her, but fails to mention that the ring was actually a gift from all of Selena's employees.
  • After shooting Selena, Yolanda locks herself in her truck, cries and holds a gun to her head (the same gun she used to shoot her former employer). This scene is intercut with another scene in which an unconscious Selena is wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance. The audio is overlayed with real-life news reports surrounding these events and ends with the aforementioned ring falling from Selena's fist. The scene is very fast-paced but still rather unsettling to watch.
  • Many of the arguments in the film are remarkably heated, particularly those involving Abraham. However, as this film is rated PG, there is little to no profanity or violence.
  • Abraham loses his temper several times and has a tendency to raise his voice. He is undoubtedly the most high-strung person in this film.
  • Selena bungee jumps at a carnival.

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