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Val Kilmer: Simon Templar



  • Simon Templar : Do you know what the worst part about being you is?

    Ivan Tretiak : What.

    Simon Templar : Pretending to be so bad in bed.

    Ivan Tretiak : You son of the bitch!

  • Dr. Emma Russell : After all, you are my personal saint.

    Simon Templar : You have to be a very good, and usually very dead person to become a saint. And more importantly, you need to work three miracles. Now, get to work.

  • [Simon prepares to pick the lock on the door of a Russian government building, only to find it unlocked] 

    Simon : I love this country.

  • Simon : Tell me you love me.

    Emma : I love you.

    Simon : Simon.

    Emma : I love you Simon.

    Simon : Miracle three.

  • Simon Templar : My name is Buro Houtenfaust. I was named for a Saint who was a very wealthy man. He had the wine, the women, the songs, the whole bit, and then inexplicably, took a vow of poverty and became a hermit. Ran off to live in the forest, in the nude.

  • Simon Templar : Allow me to introduce myself. My name is August Christopher. I was named for St. Augustan, who coined my favorite phrase, 'Give me chastity and give me constancy, but do not give it yet.'

  • Ivan Tretiak : What?

    Simon Templar : What?

    Simon Templar : Don't look down. You know who I am?

    Ivan Tretiak : No.

    Simon Templar : I'm the thief you tried to cheat.

    [Takes a phone] 

    Simon Templar : And this is your accountant.

    [Gives phone to Tretiak] 

    Simon Templar : Talk to him.

    Ivan Tretiak : [Taking phone backwards] 

    Simon Templar : The phone goes the other way, you moron.

    Ivan Tretiak : [Turns phone]  Hello, Tretiak speaking. That money to Zurich, send it now. I said now.Yeah.

    [Returns phone to Simon] 

    Simon Templar : Thank you. You know what the hardest part about being you is? Pretending to be so bad in bed.

    [Walks away] 

    Ivan Tretiak : You son of the bitch.

  • Simon Templar : If you think that by giving cold fusion to the world and giving up unimaginable wealth you'll make us happy, you're right.

  • Emma : [reading Simon's journal aloud]  "I see my angel for the first time. Know my purpose, feel my birth, Hear, at first faintly, then distinctly The sweet strains of our union. Our love heats up the cold universe And gives my tired, desperate hope A reason and season to be revealed."

    Simon : "We, purified by our kisses, are eternally healed."

  • Simon Templar : My name is Thomas Moore. I was named after a Saint who died for his faith.

  • Simon : I've never felt like this before.

    Emma Russell : What do you mean?

    Simon : I'm freezing.

  • Frankie : The president's quarters are here... but there are many guards, so I suggest...

    Simon Templar : What? An alternate route?

    Frankie : Money!

    Simon Templar : O' ye of little faith!

  • Emma Russell : Who are you?

    Simon Templar : Nobody has a clue. Least of all me.

  • Dr. Emma Russell : You're not Martin.

    Simon Templar : No.

    Dr. Emma Russell : What is your name?

    Simon Templar : I don't have a name.

    Dr. Emma Russell : Sad. Will you have a name when we get home?

    Simon Templar : I don't have a home.

  • Simon Templar : I am Marin Depores. I am from Spain but I am named for a Peruvian Saint, who could cure the sick, or the injured, by the laying of hands.

  • Emma : I'm glad it stopped bleeding. You don't need stitches. We have to disinfect it though.

    Simon : You really are an angel.

    Emma : Mmm hmm.

    [soaking cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and approaching the cut with it] 

    Emma : It's gonna hurt.

    Simon : AHH!

    [surprising Emma, laughing] 

    Simon : Ha ha...! sorry...

    [serious, realizing it wasn't funny] 

    Simon : I'm sorry... Are you alright?

    Emma : Yeah...

    Simon : I-I should go.

    Emma : No... take off your pants.

    Simon : [beat]  Pardon?

    Emma : [embarassed]  I mean your sweater. There's blood on it. I'll wash it.

    Simon : Very domestic. There's blood on your blouse as well. I'll wash it.

    [unbuttons her blouse, revealing her hidden cold fusion notes. He tries to remove them, but she doesn't let him] 

    Simon : Do you have any wine?

  • Simon : So you know the way to the embassy?

    Frankie : [eyeing Simon's watch]  Like the face of a Bvlgary Chronograph.

    [Simon removes his watch and hands it to Frankie] 

    Frankie : I remember! This way...

  • Emma Russell : When am I going to see you again?

    Simon : I'll find you, you found me.

  • Simon Templar : Emma!

    Emma Russell : Hi.

    Simon Templar : I-I'm overwhelmed. You found me.

    Emma Russell : It wasn't very hard.

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