The Postman (1997) Poster


Will Patton: General Bethlehem



  • General Bethlehem : Great men were made by other great men. Patton had Rommel, Grant had Lee, I get stuck with you.

  • General Bethlehem : I was at the Battle of Georgetown; I watched the White House burn to the ground!

  • General Bethlehem : You see the reason you don't want to die for anything is because you have nothing to die for. That's the difference between you and me. You don't believe in anything.

    The Postman : I believe in the United States.

  • General Bethlehem : Great men were made by other great men. Patton had Rommel. Grant had Lee!

  • General Bethlehem : U.S. Mail... Restored United States... Do these people really believe that shit?

  • General Bethlehem : I know what your problem is. Do you know why you won't fight? Because you have nothing to fight for! You don't care about anything! You don't value anything! You don't believe in anything! That's what makes me better!

  • General Bethlehem : Law one. You will obey orders without question. Law two: Punishment shall be swift. Law three: Mercy is for the weak. Four: Terror will defeat reason. Five: Your allegiance is to the clan. Six: Justice can be dictated. Seven: Any clansman may challenge for leadership of the clan. Law eight: There is only one penalty. Death.

  • General Bethlehem : A military man, especially a commander should keep a journal. After he's gone, it's the only real defense against the slander that later arises.

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