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MPAA Rated R for violence/gore and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Paulette reveals her breasts to Albert before they have sex (implied).
  • Christine and The Phantom have sex twice, the first show bare breast and buttocks, the 2nd they are under the sheets, while Ignace is watching (In the R-rated cut you do not see the 2nd and only half of the 1st).
  • Christine wears revealing outfits throughout the film.
  • While the Phantom threatens Carlotta, we see her bare breast when he rips off her corset (fairly quick).

Violence & Gore

  • This is a very violent film, cut or uncut.
  • A worker gets his body chopped in half (off-screen) but we see the bloody remains.
  • 2 more workers get dragged away but they die off screen.
  • Ignace gets his hand caught in a mousetrap and rats nearby eat away at his thumb, we see the thumb down to the bone (very graphic).
  • Albert gets his neck snapped, thrown away onto a marble spike in the catacombs.
  • Paulette gets her tongue ripped out by the Phantom and later in the film, we see what happens to her. Her face has been bitten off (brief but graphic).
  • A magistrate chokes on a drink, white foam comes out of his mouth.
  • The Phantom sees 7 people on a giant mousetrap as a hallucinogenic image.
  • A man has his face and throat bitten off by the Phantom (quick but graphic).
  • Ignace and his assistant capture rats on their custom machine, cutting off rats tails, grinding them.
  • They crash their machine on a marble rock. Ignace becomes unconscious and his assistant gets his head chopped off, blood spurts from the wound (in the R-rated cut, you do NOT see this happen).
  • Carlotta gets threatened by The Phantom, bites her ear (no blood) and claws her breast (little blood).
  • a Chandelier falls onto the crowd, killing 12 people instantly (very graphic) with crushed faces, lots of blood, severed arms and such.
  • Christine hits the Phantom with a rock to the face, blood pours down his face.
  • The Phantom gets shot in the shoulder by Raoul.
  • The Phantom gets shot again in the chest by a soldier.
  • The Phantom uses the butt of a gun on the soldier's jaw, lots of blood is shown.
  • Ignace stabs The Phantom in the chest, close-up of the knife in his chest and taking it out (in the R-rated cut, this does not happen).
  • The Phantom stabs Ignace back, twisting the knife in his stomach (Again the R-rated cut does not show this).
  • The Phantom gets stabbed in the back by another soldier.


  • 2 uses of the word bitch, Carlotta is referred to as a cow. nothing much else.

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