The Peacemaker (1997) Poster

Marcel Iures: Dusan Gavrich



  • Dusan Gavrich : [a tape meant to be played after his bomb explodes]  You will look at what I have done and say, Of course - why not - they are all animals. They have slaughtered each other for centuries. But the truth is, I'm not a monster. I'm a human man - I'm just like you, whether you like it or not. For years, we have tried to live together, until a war was waged on us, on all of us: a war waged by our own leaders. And who supplied the Serb cluster bombs, the Croatian tanks, the Muslim artillery shells that killed our sons and daughters? It was the governments of the West who drew the boundaries of our countries - sometimes in ink, sometimes in blood - the blood of our people. And now you dispatch your peacekeepers to write our destiny again. We can never accept this peace that leaves us with nothing but pain, pain the peacemakers must be made to feel. Their wives, their children, their houses and churches. So now you know, now you must understand. Leave us to find our own destiny. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Dusan Gavrich : [to Devoe and Julia]  Who decided that my wife... MY CHILD! should have to die? And for what? FOR WHAT? Who decides for me?

  • Colonel Tom Devoe : Sir, it's not our war.

    Dusan Gavrich : It is now!

    [He raises his gun to his head...] 

    Julia Kelly : NO-!

    [... and shoots himself] 

  • Dusan Gavrich : Music should flow like a language. Changing a single note can turn joy to sorrow.

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