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Noah: Joel Courtney & Kat McNamara's Movie Star Movie Crix Movie Review

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It's just a few weeks until Easter and Passover - the perfect time to dive into your faith and see the story many American kids grew up with: Noah's Ark. Check out KidsPickFlicks' Movie Star Movie Crix Joel Courtney (Super 8) and Katherine McNamara (Contest) review - here's an excerpt:

"One thing we can say about Noah is that there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding it. For our purposes, we are choosing not to take sides in the debate and focus on the film itself. Overall, the film itself was good. The cast gave outstanding performances, the standouts being Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Douglas Booth. The special effects team did a fantastic job of augmenting the epic landscapes to create visually stunning scenes - one of note being the scenes with the animals boarding the ark. The sound design of the film was brilliant as well
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Looks Like Rain! Aronofksy's "Noah" is Coming

The publicity for Darren Aronofsky's Noah (2014) -- the first big name biblical epic since, what, The Passion of the Christ? -- is a light drizzle now. Here's the first photo from the set tweeted Wednesday by Darren Aronofsky himself who writes:

I dreamt about this since I was 13. And now it's a reality. Genesis 6:14

So that scripture in case you don't have a Bible (no judgments) is along these lines 'Make yourself an arc with ribs of cypress: cover it with reeds and coat it inside and out with pitch.'

Jennifer Connelly wearing one of her Noah's Ark co-starsMore Noah news

Anthony Hopkins was recently announced in the role of super-ancient Methusaleh who (Spoiler Alert) dies right before the Flood. Maybe he can borrow Guy Pearce or Cate Blanchett's impossibly old old-age makeup from Prometheus or Benjamin Button.

Russell Crowe plays Noah and Jennifer Connelly as
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Mm@M: Charlie Chaplin and The Sad Clown.

Previously on Mad Men @ the Movies: 4.1 Live From Times Square 4.2 Sixties Sweethearts 4.3 Catherine Deneuve & Gamera, 4.4 Jean Seberg, 4.5 Hayley Mills & David McCallum

Before we begin, a hearty congrats to Mad Men team for their third Emmy. Confetti thrown.

Episode 4.6 "Waldorf Stories"

In this episode, Don and Roger continue their downward spirals (it seems to be the long arc plot of Season 4) drinking way too much and imbibing too much awards show adulation (Don wins a Clio) or nostalgia (Roger continually reminisces). Meanwhile Peggy and Peter are on the rise, choosing pragmatism and hard work over their individual personal discomfort. The older characters tripping themselves up and the younger characters changing and rising is definitely the long arc of Season 4.

The only character chatting up the movies this week was Roger Sterling (John Slattery).Roger: Charlie Chaplin was very lonely. That Tramp -- too much of a sad sack. Laurel and Hardy - they're much better.
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