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Cute family movie with a message
janziff23 April 2000
Baby Bear meets Ed Begley Jr in a sweet family movie from Canada. He's a mean Dad who turns kind, when a family "adopts" a lonely bear cub, protecting her from the forest ranger who has a side business of selling the animals he's supposed to be protecting.
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It's no Ms-take, this is a most wonderful family film, worthy of much praise
inkblot118 February 2007
Greg (Ed Begley, Jr.) has moved his wife and two daughters, Melissa and Emily, from California to a remote, forested community in the Northwest. Melissa seems to be adjusting but Emily is having a very difficult time, at school and at home. This changes when Emily finds a darling little bear cub wandering near the family home. Emily carries her up to her own room, intent on having a furry new bunkmate. Needless to say, the bear cub, named "Masha", is not something she can keep secret for long. Father Greg is upset, decrees Emily can not have the bear as a pet, and takes the little cub to work. From there, Greg calls the conservation division and urges them to pick up the bear. However, Masha is very smart, escapes their clutches, and heads back home. Somewhere in the disturbance, Greg finds himself mistrusting the conservation officer's intentions (as well he should) and allows Emily to hide the bear in their yard. But, for how long? And, isn't there a mother bear out there somewhere, looking for her baby?This is a darling, darling film that should have gotten more exposure. The bears in the film, a mother and a cub, are adorable and talented to the extreme. Just watch Emily bake cookies with Masha or try on clothes with the little bear. If your heart doesn't melt, you might consider taking your pulse. The scenery is stunning, the cast very fine (the lovely actress playing the mother is most interesting), and the production values nice for a low budget film. Families everywhere, please go get this film from whatever store or library that has it available or order it online. This movie is a keeper to enjoy often and to pass along to relatives and friends, too.
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