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Funny and touching
bob the moo30 June 2002
When their father dies, brothers Ernie and Lars inherit a rundown string factory and a run down house. When they find the house may be worth millions they set about renovating it to auction it. However they don't reckon on the house's one inhabitant – a small mouse – who has no intention of going anywhere.

In the wrong hands this could easily have turned into a cruel slapstick and nothing else. It's easy to see this sort of thing turning into a Home Alone type thing with the mouse dishing out cruel punishment after cruel punishment. However it's more than that, although it has elements of those films. The film is witty – mixing the slapstick with a more adult humour and, although the slapstick is cartoony, it is also clever and imaginative in most cases.

The strength of the film is in three performances. First and second is Lane and Evans, both have an air of Laurel and Hardy (especially Lane) and they make for a good double act. Lane gets to do his usual stuff while the more goofy antics of Lars suit Evans' stand-up routine background to the ground. However the main success is the mouse. In other hands he would have been a mere excuse for destruction, however here he has `humanity' – a character if you will. This is perfectly demonstrated by the unintentional chase with a nail gun – how dramatic! How tense! But also how touching – the mouse is given intelligence and has a motivation for what happens.

Of course at heart this is a kids film and it is a very good one at that. However these other points give it the feel that it was made for adults too. Certainly the inclusion of Walken as a pest controller is one no child will get.

Overall this is well made and is more that just a crude slapstick affair. It can be enjoyed on that level but it just feels that little more mature. To illustrate what I mean – can you imagine the difference if Chris Columbus had directed it? Now you've got me!
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A Fun Fare!
namashi_19 February 2015
'Mousehunt' was one of my favorites movies as a kid, thanks to its funny script, that held my attention, much more than I would've thought of. But even today, 'Mousehunt' remains as a fun fare, that hasn't lost its touch.

'Mousehunt' Synopsis: Two stumblebum inheritors are determined to rid their antique house of a mouse who is equally determined to stay where he is.

Don't ask questions & I can assure you 'Mousehunt' will prove to be nothing else but fun. Its twisty plot, coupled with the series of unfortunate events that happen to its protagonists, bring the house down on numerous occasions. Made with heart & joy, this 1997 box-office hit doesn't run out of gas, despite a few hiccups in its Screenplay.

Adam Rifkin's Screenplay, despite a few bumps, is a riot overall. Gore Verbinski's Direction is typically solid. Cinematography is grand. Editing is well-balanced. Art Design is comment-worthy.

Performance-Wise: Nathan Lane is stupendous, pitching in a genuine comedic performance from start to end. Lee Evans supports Lane, admirably. Christopher Walken is deliciously weird in a bit role. Vicki Lewis is first-rate.

On the whole, Wanna laugh & relax on a lazy weekend? Watch 'Mousehunt'. You won't be disappointed!
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Laurel And Hardy Live !
aesgaard4129 March 2001
I love this movie because Nathan Lane and Lee Evans both seem to be doing an homage to the slapstick movies of Laurel And Hardy. One of my favorite actors, Nathan Lane has quite a few scenes where he looks like he's duplicating Oliver Hardy's mannerisms and quirks. Bronson Pinchot could have made a better sidekick especially for the physical humor, but even with Evans, the movie is a fast furious laugh riot as the guys try to catch one inescapable mouse which knows the house better than they do. Ian Abercrombie of Seinfeld fame also joins the fun as does veteran actor William Hickey of Wings in this his last role. The mouse which is in part portrayed by real mice, puppets and computer animation steals much of the movie as does a cat from Hades which then in turn unleashes a wild and funny John and Larry (Tom and Jerry ???) sequence far funnier than the sadisticly lousy cartoon. This movie rates a ten for humor, plot and camera effects as we see the world within the walls of our house.
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a successful tribute to Tex Avery
dbdumonteil4 December 2002
What a pleasant comedy! Here's a movie that brings back a subject which was specific to the cartoons from the forties and fifties: the game of the cat and the mouse. Here, there's a real mouse and the cat is epitomized by the Schmuntz brothers who wish to get rid of her in order to sell an old but expensive house. The more the film advances, the more the traps prepared by Lars and Ernie Schmuntz are worked out: it begins with the simple, trivial trap: the mousetrap and it ends with the appearance of the mouse-exterminator ( an unexpected and irresistible Christopher Walken). In short, what it seems to be a child's play at the beginning of the movie, ends up becoming a merciless fight in which there'll be no winner, no loser... Gore Verbinski adopted an inventive and clever making and he rightly choose his actors. Nathan Lane and Lee Evans form an ideal duo, not very far from the legendary Laurel and Hardy. They've got a different personality but are united to kill this mouse. Moreover, the movie doesn't only focus on this "mouse hunt" but also on the Schmuntz brothers' efforts to earn money in order to save their father's string factory ( a world without string is chaos...). Let's add some hilarious and efficient gags ; the movie pays a tribute to Tex Avery. Dialogs that kick the bull's eye and some cues are powerful such as: "in this mouse's mind, you are the intruders" says Walken to the Schmuntz brothers. At last, the real mouse is, of course, a little pest (she's even compared to Hitler with a tail) but in parallel, Verbinski attempts to make her touching. At the end, a comedy without too many claims but efficient enough to please to a large public.
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Strangely dark and wickedly stylish, "Mousehunt" is an oft-hilarious slapstick comedy for both kids and adults. Though it may be too extreme for younger children.
Released twenty years back in 1997, director Gore Verbinski's "Mousehunt" has always been something of an odd beast in the world of entertainment. Seemingly inspired by classic comedy duos like Laurel and Hardy, while also updating the style with spiffy modern-day effects and filmmaking techniques, the movie was shaping up to be a surefire hit. And to an extent, it was. It did well enough in theaters and built a moderate audience, but it was savaged by critics and has become an increasingly forgotten film in the ensuing years since its release... overshadowed by bigger and wilder films that emerged in its wake.

And honestly, that's kind of a shame. Because despite some minor flaws and an overly simplistic high-concept hook, "Mousehunt" remains a pretty charming and well-accomplished comedic tale that appeals to both kids and adults alike with its broad humor and oddly dark tone. Starring the delightful comedic geniuses Nathan Lane and Lee Evans, the story of two down-on-their-luck brothers trying to deal with a rodent infestation in the mansion they've inherited is an appealing and well-made release. It still brings the chuckles and belly-laughs two decades later... though in retrospect, it might be a little too extreme for particularly young children.

Following the death of their businessman father Rudolf (William Hickey), brothers Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans) are both forced to stay at the run-down old mansion that was left to them. Soon after, they discover documents inside and realize that it was one of the final houses designed and built by the world famous architect Charles LaRue, and that it could be worth millions with proper restoration. However... there's a catch. A single mouse inhabits the house, and the brother decide that they must eliminate it at all costs in their effort to turn a quick buck from the property. But it won't be an easy task, as the two quickly realize that this isn't just any mouse...

The film's strength lies in the charming lead performances and the absolutely manic and highly cartoonish comedy, brought to life with Verbinski's trademark dark and stylish visual direction. Lane and Evans light up the screen, and their chemistry is just perfect, with both men given their fair shot to shine from scene to scene. They really do compare well with the classic comedy duos of yesteryear, and its too bad we thus far haven't really seen them together on screen since. Supporting roles by the likes of Hickey, Vicki Lewis and Camilla Søeberg are also quite good, and everyone really gets into the right mood and mindset of the film. And of course, special praise goes to the legendary Christopher Walken in a scene-stealing supporting role. I won't spoil it, but you can tell Walken is having an absolute blast with the film.

The comedy of the film is absolutely awe-inspiring, comprised of both broad and completely whacked-out slapstick for the kids and some truly twisted and subtle dark laughs for the adults. There really is something for everyone with the humor in "Mousehunt", and its made all the better thanks to director Verbinski's keen eye. I've always been a big fan of his work, and his style lends itself well to the material. His films always have a very gritty, Gothic and over-stylized "hyper-reality" to them, and he is able to deliver the laughs and even the occasional gasp with glee and gusto.

However, there is a certain trade-off that comes as the result of this, and I do feel the need to warn parents... this movie might be too much for particularly young children. While I won't spoil anything about the plot or story, I will comment that many of the darker gags and jokes deal with content that might scare children under ten or at very least leave them feeling uneasy. This includes jokes involving death and property destruction, a hilarious but genuinely disturbing background gag involving a young girl's pet being put to sleep and some overt innuendos and suggestive sight- gags. If you're not sure, I'd say watch the movie first and decide for yourself. And I'm really only bringing this up because the case for the DVD is significantly more bright and "cutesy" than the film itself.

"Mousehunt" isn't a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination. The concept and characters are simplistic and it's sometimes a bit confused in terms of tone. But that doesn't stop it from being just a ton of fun and a completely enjoyable experience for both kids and adults. The cast is great, the titular mouse is adorable, the comedy is laugh-out-loud funny, and the stylish direction is just fantastic. And so, I give it a very good 8 out of 10 and would recommend it to most audiences. It's a criminally underrated comedic gem that deserves far more recognition than it receives.
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concordepa20 January 2003
When I first saw this movie in the theater, I did not really know what to expect. In the end, I never laughed so hard in my life. Granted, its not everyone's kind of humor (which certainly can be seen by the IMDB people that trashed it) but it is an extremely intelligent, yet slapstick dark comedy that may have you rolling on the floor.

I do not think that this movie is good for kids. From the very beginning, the movie isn't afraid to "cross the line" by causing upheaval at a funeral. But it handles things without the gratuitous use of sex, unlike most comedies these days.

Some of the funniest things about Mousehunt are in the details. (Keep an eye on the painting...) But the thing that I enjoyed the most was how the mouse was interweaved into the rest of the story. Although the movie isn't really about a mouse (it was about two brothers coming together in the wake of their father's death), I think we all could use a little chaos in our lives once in a while.
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Many hidden gems in this film........
bladerunnerdek4 February 2000
Nathan Lane just makes me laugh........this film is sophomoric and silly but it's so inept that it's hilarious, however improbable it might be. Christopher Walken is superb in his small role, and the mouse is magical ( notice he takes a dump in Walken's mouth at the end of his sequence ) , down to his sense of nostalgia ( pictures of Hawaii on his wall , and old mementos ) Don't dismiss this first time round, you'll need to view a few times to catch the clever inserts ( like when Nathan Lane says " akuna matata " to an Arab at the auction ) Also note the beautifully whimsical moments of labor within the garishly dated string factory.......a lot went into this and although it is ridiculous there are many things to love about this film.............James
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A true family classic.
the red duchess14 February 2001
A children's film with a moral. Unlike a certain purveyor of saccharine entertainment, however, this moral is political, even metaphysical - if you exploit your workers, if you pursue greed until it makes you mad, if you break the ties that bind; if, in short, you snap the string, a Pandora's Box of chaos will be your lot, until you become a latterday Roderick Usher, your crumbling mansion a metaphor for your disintegrating mind.

With its Gilliam-like recreation of a dank, Orwellian universe; with its Tim Burton pervading of Gothic atmosphere; with its twisted Coens' live-action cartoon sensibility (imagine Christopher Walken in a children's film? Even better than that), and you have fun for all the family.
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Energetic, fun and highly inventive- the mouse steals the show
TheLittleSongbird11 December 2009
Mousehunt was a very energetic, fun and highly inventive comedy. I just worry however that some of the darker moments might scare younger children and maybe not for those with a phobia of rodents and also one or two of the gags are a tad too obvious. However, it is a very entertaining family film. The plot tells of two brothers who inherits a large house only to find it is already occupied by a pesky mouse. The script is often hilarious, and there is plenty of Laurel and Hardy-like visual flair to suffice the entertainment value. There are some nice sets and costumes. And the performances are great. While I am not that fond of Lee Evans, both he and Nathan Lane give stellar performances as the hapless brothers, and you can see clever nods to Laurel and Hardy. Then there is Christopher Walken's hilarious turn as the exterminator, but of course it is the mouse who steals the show. Very cute, intelligent and funny for a rodent.

All in all, great film. Maybe not for everyone, but essentially it is lots of fun. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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austind6925 December 2005
This is one of those movies that catches you off-guard. As campy and seemingly silly as it's still all around fun. From the first opening minutes you'll see some of the humor is a bit on the dark-side, which is what holds it's appeal. The brothers both seem dim witted, yet lovable. You see their just as fumbling and off as many of us have felt attimes, which helps us relate to the characters. The way the CGI andmouse was done gives a real sense of interaction, and a surprise cameo by a notable Hollywood HEavyweight is a nice surprise. Yet in the end, without giving too much away, it's about tolerance and someone trying to find a balance to everything and their surroundings. This falls along the ways of Babys Day Out. So if you enjoy prop driven humor and gag setups or just need a break from the stamped out Hollywood flicks, this is a MUST see and you'll find yourself laughing uncontrollably. :)
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Masterful comedy
UniqueParticle21 December 2020
The slapstick comedy is one of the most enlightening aspects ever! Lee Evans, Nathan Lane, Christopher Walken and the director Gore Verbinski are all magnificent beings at their craft; I absolutely love them! Mouse Hunt is a rare gem from the 90's that doesn't get enough credit. The pivotal mouse makes you hate him and love the creature from hell.
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Laurel and Hardy vs. the mouse
filozof9 January 2001
Smuntz brothers are Laurel and Hardy type buddies inheriting an old house from the father. They discover that the house is a real classic and worth millions. However the current houseowner, one little mouse will give them a hard time.

Smuntz brothers'war with the mouse is really great fun. Christopher Walken as the Exterminator Caesar with his weird mouse hunt equipment is wonderful.

Don't hesitate to see this film. Though it is rather for kids, it has still much to entertain all. Enjoy it.
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fun family friendly romp
ksf-225 May 2021
The awesome nathan lane and british lee evans are Ernie and Lars, the Smuntz brothers. Their father has just passed away. Leaving them an old house and a string factory. Dad is played by Bill Hickey, who was the wacky old grandfather in family vacation... and was also the drunk in The Producers (1965). Ironic that Lane starred in the NEW version of the Producers! And Evans was so GREAT in funny bones. Ernie has just lost his job as a chef, after accidentally killing the mayor. They spend the night in their new, haunted house. Which turns out to be a rare, house by the famous LaRue! They could be millionaires! If they can only do something about the resident that is also living in the house -- a very smart mouse, who out-smarts them at every move. And it's about to be foreclosed also. Can they come up with the money in time? Christopher Walken is the dedicated exterminator, who takes his job very seriously. Dreamworks project. Directed by Gore Verbinski (oscar for Rango, and did a bunch of Pirates of the Caribbean films). Written by Adam Rifkin, who seems to like wacky, offbeat themes. It's fun, very family friendly.
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An overall sweet family comedy with enough comedy for the grown ups and enough cute mouse for the shorties.
slumlordian6 October 2006
Luna Macwilliams, age 6, Chicago, il.- 10 stars. "I love this movie because there are real people and a real mouse and it's real-ly funny! I also like the mouse's secret tricks that the viewer will wonder-how did he do that? Check out the mouse swinging across a chasm on a light bulb chain! It's amazing!" Kris- I give this movie 8 stars. Luna, age 6, gave it 10 stars and I thought since this is a family film, one I might not have seen without her, she deserved a voice. She gives a lot of kids flicks 10 stars, but not all. I thought the film captured the perfect feel of a cartoon, but done in live action. There are a few films that come to mind from the past that pulled off the cartoon feel, the Coen's Hudsucker Proxy, or more so even, Raising Arizona, Tim Burton's early films and a few others. None may be shot as perfectly in cartoon style as Mousehunt however, and none are as perfectly suited for kids age 3 to 10. Some of its visual delights could be called cinematic bliss, as great as anything procured by Welles or Lean. There is a fade from a white plastic home on a white cake that dissolves into a white home on a snowy white hill that should be shown in every film school. There is use of shadows and water that would make Ingmar Bergman proud. And of course, there is the mouse. The effects and photography are done so well that he convinced the kids he was real, and really smart and acrobatic. Lee Evans and Nathan Lane are perfectly cast as black and white characters. They don't look like they're related, Evan's too nice and Lane is too mean, but hey, it's a kids movie. Their characters work perfectly in the cartoon world they inhibit. They make you laugh, no matter how old you are. Christopher Walken plays an exterminator and it was right before he became overexposed in every other hip movie made. His best dialogue comes off-screen from a tape recorder. Walken could be just as funny on radio I guess, it's all in his verbiage. So rent or buy this for the family. It's one of those few gems that will have you all laughing at the same joke.
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Predictable..... But Fun!
GrantCAGE10 June 2001
Nathan Lane and Lee Evans star in this fun and sometimes touching film as brothers Ernie and Lars who inherit a mansion from their father. They are really dissapointed when the mansion turns out to be an old dump! They're keen when they find out that it's worth an absolute mint! They go about selling it to a collector of LaRue houses for loadsa dosh but there's one problem.....the mouse living in it! Throughout most of the movie we see the two comic stars chasing after the mouse and coming off the worse for it! It's fairly predictable but still very funny and the storyline and the scripts are actually quite original. Nathan Lane was pretty good in this movie as was Lee Evans. I'd say that this movie appeals to adults and kids because it has a decent storyline and engaging comic moments. 8/10
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"You have to get inside their mind. You have to know what they want, need. You have to think... like a mouse!"
Galina_movie_fan5 March 2009
This movie came with the highest recommendation from my friend who insisted that I should watch it. I missed it when it was released and I was not too eager to see a family live/animated drama about two simpletons who want to get rid of the mouse in the house but in the traditions of Tom and Jerry or Home Alone always get outsmarted by a much smaller but smarter, quicker and unpredictably creative opponent. But hey, when someone whose opinion I respect tells me that it is one of the greats and I must keep my expectations high, I at least should check it out and see for myself. The fact that it is included in many viewers' Top 10 lists like BIG TIME SLEEPERS, Forgotten Gems, and Laugh-out-Loud actually added to my interest and anticipation. Besides, any movie with Christopher Walken doing what he does best - a crazed, creepy, and funny character, is a must see.

So the story is simple - once there was a mouse, a very smart mouse that lived in an old mansion alone. One day, two brothers (rather losers) who inherited the house found out that it was a forgotten architectural masterpiece worth of millions. They wanted to sell, the mouse wanted to stay -thus the epic Mousehunt began. I am happy to report that I had a truly wonderful time watching the movie. It is darkly funny and creative. It combines live action and animation masterfully and seamlessly, and one hilarious scene runs after another without any pause culminating in the auction sequence that was made as an astounding mixture of slapstick comedy and disaster movie. Another favorite scene was at the animal shelter where Ernie (Nathan Lane) and Lars (Lee Evans) wanted to get the meanest scariest cat, "and preferably with a history of mental illness. I'm talking' one mean pussy", in short -not just a cat but Catzilla. Christopher Walken's exterminator who took his job very seriously by trying to get inside the mouse's mind and to think how the mouse thinks, delivered a delightful cameo. I also think that the movie benefits tremendously from its timeless look meaning that we don't know in what decade of the last century it takes place but that's exactly what makes it universal. It won't look outdated for many years from now.

The film was a first feature for its director Gore Verbinski, who had stunned millions of TV-viewers in 1993 when he created now legendary Budweiser commercial featuring three croaking frogs, for which he was awarded the advertising Silver Lion at Cannes and also received four Clio Awards. Verbinski then delighted the whole world with three (well, he delighted this viewer - with two) films of Pirates of Caribbean. For some reasons, Mouse hunt received controversial and rather harsh reviews from the critics that accused the film of not been able to find a target audience and not creating any characters the public could identify with and root for. I believe it is a great film for the whole family, and it talks about serious mattes while entertains. I was fascinated by the clever inventive little mouse, and the movie kept my interest and child-like joy until the very end. Even the fact that the premise of the movie in not new or original did not make it any worse. Lane and Evans are very funny together, and the movie is a work of art from the enormously visually and sound talented director, his cast, and his production team.

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Loads of awesome fun
NateWatchesCoolMovies2 August 2015
Gore Verbinski's Mouse Hunt is a comfort movie for me. I find myself revisiting it during times of stress or hardships, and it always has me laughing and feeling better. It's an overlooked classic in my opinion. Implausible? Yes. Silly? Oh yeah. But this is the movies guys, it's where we go to escape. And this one is an hour and a half of pure joy. Nathan Lane and Lee Evans are stellar as Lars and Ernie Smuntz, two bumbling brothers with an unmissable kinship to Laurel and Hardy, who fall on hard times financially. When they inherent a spooky old mansion in the sticks, life begins to look up as it seems the estate is still worth a tidy sum. There one problem: the house has a tiny, belligerent resident, a cute little mouse who is faster, smarter and more resourceful than them, and damn impossible to get rid of. From there the movie takes off in a funhouse of slapstick pratfalls, brilliant physical comedy, cartoonish and imaginative set pieces, and a sense of humour that's playful, yet ever so subtly not appropriate for kids. Verbinski is one of my favourite directors, with a very diverse filmography. He a.ways has a great sense of spectacle and action, winning us over with fluid, funny, balanced sequences of cinematic satisfaction (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Rango). The 1940's setting adds a cool twist and almost feels like a silent film type aesthetic at times. The supporting cast is speckled with knowing comic turns from various characters actors: Maury Chaykin eats the scenery, and everything in sight as a real estate debonair, William Hickey makes a ghostly cameo as the brothers father, and literally looks like he's on his death bed for real! When they inevitably call an exterminator, he's a wacky loony toon played but Christopher Walken because of course. Walken is time capsule gold as Cesar, bringing his well known loopy side to the short but sweet role. I don't get the negativity for this one. It's fun, beautifully crafted, great for kids but with a subversive, wink nudge bit of fun for the adults too, and made with an undeniable love for the screwball comedy, and cinema itself. Check it out.
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I love Mousehunt
tscosj16 April 2017
I'm pretty upset to learn about "score" system of IMDb, as such garbage movies with millions of dollar in budget, sorry for my language, Dr. Strange, La La Land, Snowden, Suicide Squad, etc., nominated to more than ten Oscars at once, had got 8 or more scores, but... Moushunt only 6.4? "People are such ignorant creatures", - one had to start thinking.

Moushunt is a classic... Not classic. It's a movie of my childhood. Sure, I watched it more than ten times, and it's never stop being such a hilarious, fun, wisdom movie for me. Yes, wisdom! Wisdom is that two brothers never stop dreaming and taking an action. One wouldn't be able to overcome such a burdensome events in his life, but they are true entrepreneurs.

And mouse, mouse!

Natan Lane, as I learned just know, I'm an ignorant person at this point, has distinct portfolio of titles, but it's only one movie where I watched his acting, the same for Lee Evans. Surprisingly don't know why, I've never ever saw them in other movies I happened to watch.

Script is magnificent, camera-work is... what was the word? Invigorating! And acting? Did you see the acting fully integrated to its characters, set, camera-work and script? Hollywood isn't making anymore so subtle yet full of enthusiasm movies anymore. Sad.
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One of the funniest movies I have seen
ctyankee122 September 2015
This movie is so funny. Nathan Lane and Lee Evans are the sons of a man that died that owned a string factory.

Right in the beginning the fun starts. The brothers argue about the color of Lee/Lars Smuntz's funeral clothes. As they walk down the stairs of the church the handle breaks off the casket, their father's body goes flying out of the casket, into the air and down a open manhole in the street.

The characters are all funny. The animation is amazing. Nathan/Ernie Smuntz has a restaurant and serves dinner to the Mayor who is very fat who is with his family. His daughters see a cockroach without a head running across the table. The Mayor realizes he has eaten the head. He falls back in the chair and passes out. The movement of this giant roach running on the table is so hysterical.

The sons inherit a house from their father who was kind of weird. No one lives in the house and when the men go there they find a mouse who is like the owner of the house. He crawls in all the spaces and takes what he wants and just takes over and causes problems for the sons. The animation of what the mouse does and what they do to catch it is so funny.

The sons end up hiring a man to trap the mouse. The exterminator is played by Christopher Walkens. He is really good in this movie. He has his own equipment and is experienced. He talks loud so the mouse will hear what he has to say because he believes the mouse understands him from his experience and he is trying to fool it. More laughter.

The mouse is smarter than everyone this is a great funny movie to see.
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Of mice and pain.
Hey_Sweden4 April 2021
Nathan Lane and Lee Evans play Ernie and Lars Smuntz, two odd-couple brothers who inherit a creaky string factory from their recently deceased, aged father (the great character actor William Hickey, in his final feature appearance). Ernie would rather sell it and run, but Lars feels a loyalty to the old man and a desire to keep the business going. They see a possible end to their financial woes when they learn that the rickety mansion that their father also left to them is not nearly as worthless as it would seem at first. In fact, it could be worth a true fortune. That's all fine and good, but one single thing is standing in the brothers' way: a tiny, extremely stubborn mouse who's just as determined to stay in the house as the brothers are to get rid of him.

Granted, this does get rather over-the-top overall, but a refreshing amount of black comedy to go with all the slapstick helps make this pretty enjoyable. It IS genuinely funny at times, with Ernie and Lars suffering the kind of pain and misery that we saw Harry and Marv subjected to in the "Home Alone" movies. Excellent production design, an appropriate score by Alan Silvestri, and a variety of visual effects aid in the entertainment value. The scenes with the tenacious rodent are a combination of real animal shots, animatronics (it's just too cute when the mouse retires to what he thinks is peace and quiet, in his little bed), and CGI. In fact, the mouse ends up a rather endearing character in his own way. If you're anything like this viewer, you may end up rooting more for him, especially when he shows a special kind of ingenuity in dealing with these pesky humans. It's like watching an old Looney Tunes cartoon.

Lane and Evans make for a comfortable comedy team; they're good enough to compare favourably to many of the classic comedy duos in cinema. They're supported by a solid variety of familiar faces - Christopher Walken (as a wacky exterminator), Maury Chaykin, Vicki Lewis, Eric Christmas, Michael Jeter, Ian Abercrombie, etc. Ernie Sabella, who was Pumba to Lanes' Timon in "The Lion King", appears as a pound employee from whom Ernie and Lars obtain a ferocious feline known as Catzilla. (It's no surprise that even this killer kitty is no match for our clever rodent.)

All in all, "Mouse Hunt" is good fun, and worthy viewing for people who enjoy riotous farces.

Seven out of 10.
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I remember laughing so hard
rubenvanbergen7 October 2013
It's been many years since I saw this film but I remember at the time (I would have been about 8 or 9 years old) I laughed and laughed. And that's exactly what this movie is supposed to do: make kids laugh. And if their parents get anything out of it that's a nice bonus. So everyone here who's critiquing it as if they were expecting an intelligent grown-up comedy (reviews whining about it being "crude" or even "too dirty" - seriously?) have only themselves to blame and should probably have a bit of a think about what they're doing knocking a funny, innocent kids movie for using slapstick and being a tad predictable (that's what's great about being young: clichés are often still new and so execution is more important than novelty).

If you are a child or have one, this movie will not disappoint.
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*sigh* Poetic cinema!
MissSimonetta6 January 2022
I expected this movie was going to be the usual lame 1990s attempt to riff on HOME ALONE style slapstick without getting what made that movie work. I did not expect a cross between Gilliams' BRAZIL and a Tom and Jerry cartoon. This is a delicious dark comedy that kids and adults (especially adults) will get a kick out of-- unlike some dark comedies, it never sands the edge off the nastiness by injecting needless sentimentality into the proceedingst. It's also notable for how it plays with viewer sympathies: one minute, you want the mouse to win, then you're on the brothers' team. It's like the swamp scene from PSYCHO, adroitly testing viewer loyalty.

Yes, I just compared this movie to PSYCHO. No, I will not take it back!
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classic slipstick
stewartcarl30 April 2021
Proper old school comedy,one hilarious mishap after another,all parts played too a T,absolute belter of a film 🐁🐁🐁
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The Mouse Owns The House
vampyrecowboy1 January 2009
One of few comedies that is a true comedy.

For the most part, this entire movie can be a silent movie and still be just as funny.

The lead cast and even the supporting cast are great...but nothing beats the mouse...and I do mean...nothing beats the mouse.

A very creative film with some really cool concepts and absolutely hilarious structured story.

From the very opening scene to the very closing scene...pure genius. With clever storytelling, awesome effects and some bold daring stunts (BY A MOUSE) - this is one of the est films I've ever seen.

When I first heard of it, I thought that this movie was just a lame kids film - like most are, however I was very wrong.

Even William Hickey's part was great...and his menacing photo on the wall looked like it changed faces in every shot...did it? Superb story - even if it is largely animated...

  • and you might even feel sorry for the next mouse you try to catch.
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A major slapstick comedy film from the mouse, Nathan Lane & Lee Evans
abalpn-9947211 October 2019
I loved this film and I laughed at every scene. It's like Tom and Jerry mixed up with Laurel and Hardy's comedy. Alan Silvestri's composing was fun and great. The mouse rules the whole house. Nathan Lane and Lee Evans are hilarious along with Christopher Walken. There was a deleted scene that Christopher's character danced in the attic while the radio's music was too loud. I laughed at that deleted scene. This film is still funny to this day.
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