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  • Zeppco, by answering machine, declines their offer to buy the company, and the brothers argue about betrayal - Ernie is angry that Lars turned down Zeppco's first offer without consulting him first, while Lars is angered that Ernie was willing to sell the factory without telling him. The argument eventually shifts towards the subject of their father, who always favoured Lars over Ernie because Lars was the elder brother, and Ernie's bitterness about never winning their father's approval before his death.

  • No,Catzilla is extremely strong enough to have survived the fall (the vet already tried to gas him before and it was just fine).Because this is basically a live action cartoon, Catzilla, like so many other cartoon "monsters" don't die, it's just off screen and probably just knocked out after going down with the chute in the dumb waiter and is knocked out for a bit. It probably crawls away or is rushed away with the water filing the house during the auction. So to answer the question,No,it's not dead. If there ever was a sequel made (which by now I'm sure they won;t, Catzilla would probably be back.


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