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MPAA Rated PG-13 for images of violence and gore

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex
  • A few offhand references to brothels.
  • Many women wear loose clothing that displays cleavage, but it is not sexual by any means.

Violence & Gore

  • A teen girl is shot in the face, however, she survives unharmed since it strikes her mask and shatters it, but doesn't actually hit her.
  • Although animated, it's has some gore and blood but would be hard to call violent.
  • A man has his arms shot off by an arrow, and another man has his head shot off with an arrow. The former is seen up close, but briefly, the latter is seen from a distance without detail, but then seen up close with plenty of detail.
  • A man has his arm cut off with a sword, and another man is shot in the chest with an arrow, though little detail is seen and it's fairly brief.
  • Many instances of men being shot with arrows and guns, but blood is not shown.
  • A man is shown being shot with a gun, but the bullet passes through him harmlessly. The wound still bleeds through his clothes. Eventually, plenty of blood is seen leaking all over him and he soon passes out from blood loss.
  • Animals are shot at and bombed with grenades(neither are graphic). A wild boar dies, we see its body burn and deteriorate. A wolf is shot at and we are shown the bloody entry hole of the bullet. The dead (but not bloody) bodies of animals are shown. An elk is shot with an arrow and has blood dripping down it's leg. A massive boar with multiple bloody injuries is shown. A boar vomits out huge amounts of red sickly blood a couple of times in a row. A mythological animal is shot with a gun and there is a brief splurt of blood.


  • Japanese version: two uses of d*mn
  • English version: A couple uses of "damn," a few "bastards," 1 use of "piss"
  • Some name-calling, but nothing too bad (i.e. "wolf girl," "idiot," "moron," "ruler of beasts," "dope," "dumb," etc.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters drink sake, as was common in the time period

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie isn't like other Studio Ghibli movies, it's very intense and rather violent throughout, rather than humorous.
  • Please Note: While this movie is still bloody it definitely doesn't have as much blood as the average PG-13 anime. The amount you'd see in one today is way more than what you'd see in this movie.
  • A deer's head is shot off (only a faint trickle of blood). Black goo pours out of the body and kills everything it touches.
  • A creature under a magical curse is covered with a mass of worm-like tentacles, giving it a horrific, spider-like appearance. The opening scene in which the creature is met is very intense, and ends with flesh melting off the creature's bones, leaving a huge bloody skeleton behind it.
  • A character is placed under a curse which appears as a black-violet scar on his arm. As the curse progresses the scar spreads as far as his back and chest; at times it becomes agitated and causes the arm to swell grotesquely.
  • There are some very creepy looking creatures.
  • MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for images of violence and gore.
  • BBFC/UK - Rated PG (moderate violence, threat, scary scenes, mild language).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A major character ends up getting corrupted and turns into a demon, it then ends up corrupting another even more major character and turning them into a demon as well. To prevent them from rampaging, a spirit kills them both out of mercy. This scene isn't too violent, but very emotional.
  • A main character is revealed to have been abandoned to die by her own parents as a baby, this revelation is very emotional.
  • Towards the end of the film the scenes can get very intense, as the forest dies, turning into a nightmarish landscape and the previously benevolent Daidarabocchi becomes a frightening, transparent giant that kills everything it touches.

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