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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and sci-fi violence

Sex & Nudity

  • In the Background we see one of the main characters trying to help out a women whom is still in the car Giving Birth to an Alien Baby in a very Comedic way. While the Husband an Father is outside in the Foreground being questioned by the other main Character.
  • In a Scene Frank the talking Dog Tells the Character J To Kiss His Furry Little Butt if he doesn't like it.
  • Agent J Shakes his Butt In Front of The Front Windshield and the Camera for a couple of minutes, in an Attempt to Regain his Seating Position.
  • After Shooting an Alien Character in the Head and having it Grow Back the Character Agent K Threatens the same Alien Character that next time he's going to return and Shoot him where it wouldn't Grow Back
  • The Character Agent J Briefly Comments on the Main Female Characters Body.
  • While being Heled Hostage by the Leg by the Villain of the Film the Main Female Character has made some Comments that could be viewed as Sexual, and the Character Agent J has taken it that way.
  • A few innuendos.
  • The principal female character wears a short skirt that reveals a lot of her bare legs. Once, for less than a split second, it hikes up to reveal a little of her lower buttocks.
  • A woman is taken hostage by a man who hides behind a hospital bed. She tells another man that she wanted him to see something, and she begins to point downwards. It is implied that the man believed she was referring to her genitals. She later accuses him of not understanding "sexual independence".

Violence & Gore

  • A man fires a hi-tech gun in a street that causes a large explosion and knocks him backward.
  • A lot of the violence is implied rather than shown.
  • An alien dressed in a human suit is shown holding a man's head, which turns out to be fake.
  • An alien is shot, causing his blood and guts to go flying everywhere, but you'll see that it looks just like ordinary blue goo.
  • An alien dressed in a human suit throws himself off of the roof of the building (this is not actually shown; all we hear is a splat then his body is shown lying on the ground surrounded by a crowd of people; there's no blood)
  • An alien disguised as a human falls off a building. However, we cut away as we hear its body hit the ground (it is implied he does this to avoid a worse fate at the hands of the alien he was working for)
  • A man's skin is completely ripped off of him by the bug. Although this is unseen, we do see the man being pulled into a crater, followed by a rather graphic ripping sound and the man screaming briefly moments before the man's skin pops up out of the crater before being pulled back in.
  • A man's head is shot off, and we see some blood, but it turns out he's an alien considering his head grows back immediately and he's fine.
  • A bug extermination vacuum-type hose is shoved down a man's throat (not graphic; no blood).
  • A pregnant alien woman disguised as a human gives birth in her car, but nothing graphic or explicit is shown (it is meant for comical laughs, as she grabs J with her tentacle and starts waving and shaking him around).
  • The alien "bug" kills two aliens in human robot bodies in a restaurant by stabbing both of them in the necks with his tail (not much is shown and there's no blood).
  • A man is pinned up against the ceiling by layers of the alien bug's slime (this could seem very gruesome to some people, however, it is implied that the man survives).
  • Gross little organisms are shown coming out of the bug's mouth.
  • The bug removes the human skin to reveal his true identity, this entire process may seem a bit gross or even disturbing to some people.
  • The bug swallows "K", and some of its inside is shown briefly.
  • The bug is shot twice, both times showing his guts and insides spewing everywhere, including on "K" and Smith's character.
  • There is a long scene in the morgue where a medical examiner is digging around in the insides of a corpse (we don't see anything, but we hear squishing and squashing noises.)


  • In the Scene before where the farmer Edger is about to have his skin used as a Disguise, he tells his Wife to get her Big Butt Back in the House.
  • A man talks about skill and another says skill is d**k
  • 1 possible f-word but it's easy to miss, 15 anatomical terms (1 mild use each of; dick, prick, ass), 18 scatological terms (crap, shit, piss), 29 mild obscenities, 3 religious profanities, 2 religious exclamations. Some minced oaths. Name-calling (bastard, slimy, parasite, pudgy, etc.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jeebs tells Jay that he's "still a huge crack dealer."
  • "K" and other people are briefly shown smoking cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The violence may seem a little intense to some. The movie has its scary parts, but its mostly played for laughs.
  • The scene where the bug kills the man in the pit might disturb some viewers. Although nothing is seen, what is heard and the results shown make it obvious to the viewer what the bug did to the man.
  • The bug's true form might frighten younger audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The Scene where Frank the Talking Dog is being interrogated and being Shook all Over the Place Repeatedly, could be a Little Distressing and Intense for some Animal Lovers
  • At the End of the Scene where after Edger's Body was Stolen and used as a Disguise he Pulls Up his Face and Says "There Is That Better/" just after his wife Says to him "Edger Your Skin Is Half Your Bones" and before she Faints to end that scene. Could be a little Disturbing for the Younger Viewers.
  • In a scene the Camera Zooms on a Newspaper with a Black and White Photo of a Woman Standing Next to a Skeleton with Headline "An Alien Stole My Husbands Skin" Both the Photo itself and possibly the Headline could be a little freighting to some viewers, such as Young Viewers.

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