Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997) Poster

John Glover: John Jeckyll, James Jeckyll


  • John Jeckyll : [to his twin brother, James]  There are so many things I've never said to you. Things we've never spoken about. I don't want to wait until it's too late to say them... I resent you. I resent everything about you. You had Mom and Dad's unconditional love, now you have the world's. How could I not envy that? I wish I could say it was because you're so much better looking than me. No, the real pain is that it's something so much harder to bear. You got the good soul; I got the bad one. Think about leaving me yours... So, what's your secret? The secret to unconditional love, I'm not going to let you die with it.

  • James : I must say, for a young country you've turned out almost as many pooftahs in 2 centuries as we have in 20.

  • Buzz : Well, this tea is not doing it for me...

    [looking at James] 

    Buzz : would you like real real drink? I know where they hide the hard liquor.

    James : [thinking]  An ice cold martini, very dry.

    Buzz : Is that going to be good for you?

    James : ...Absolutely terrible.

  • Ramon Fornos : Fuck you, John.

    Buzz : That's right, sweetheart, you tell 'im- fuck you, John!

    John Jeckyll : Americans use that expression entirely too often.

    All but John : Fuck you, John!

    John Jeckyll : In England we think it nearly as often as you do, but you don't actually say it to someone's face- it would be too rude.

    All but John : Fuuuuuck you.

    John Jeckyll : What do you mean when you tell another person 'fuck you?'

    Ramon Fornos : Fuck you! And don't you ever call me 'chiquita' again!

    Buzz : This is good.

    John Jeckyll : I think it means several things- mixed signals, I believe they call them in theraputic circles. 'I hate you, get out of my life.' At least 'I hate you, get out of my life for the moment.' 'I love you, but you don't love me.' 'I want to make you feel small and insignificant, the way you've made me feel.' 'I want to make you feel every terrible thing my life right up until this moment has made me feel.'

    Ramon Fornos : I said fuck you!

    John Jeckyll : Well I say fuck you right back. With every last fiber of my fading British being- every last ounce of my tobacco'd English breath. Fuck you Ramon. Fuck all of you.

    [stunned silence] 

    John Jeckyll : Well... I think I've said my piece.

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