The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Poster

Peter Stormare: Dieter Stark



  • [about the Compsognathus] 

    Dieter : It gives me the creeps, like it's not scared.

    Dr. Robert Burke : There haven't been any visitors on this island. There's no reason for it to fear man.

    [Dieter touches a cattle prod to the dinosaur's head, causing it to flee] 

    Dieter : Now it does.

  • [During the dinosaur chase, the dinosaur hunters close in on a Parasaurolophus] 

    Roland Tembo : [over radio]  Dieter, get in the outrigger. You're closing in on a parasauro...

    Dieter : [over radio]  Say that again, Roland. A what?

    Roland Tembo : [over radio]  The one with the big red horn! The pompadour! *Elvis!*

  • Nick Van Owen : You looking for a problem?

    Dieter : And I found you, didn't I?

  • Dieter : Wait, what's that, veloc-o-?

    Dr. Robert Burke : Velociraptor. Carnivore, pack hunter. About two meters tall, long snout, binocular vision, strong, dextrous forearms, and killing claws on both feet.

    Sarah Harding : And the rex may continue to track us, too, if they perceive a threat to themselves or to their infant.

    Dr. Robert Burke : No, no, you're wrong there, Dr. Harding. We'll lose them once we leave their territory.

    Sarah Harding : No, don't bet on it. Tyrannosaurs got the largest proportional olfactory cavity of any creature in the fossil record with the exception of one.

    Dr. Robert Burke : Right, right, the uh, turkey vulture. Could scent up to ten miles.

    Peter Ludlow : Right, this is all very thrilling, but I say we should push on to the village, hmm?

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