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Come on...
dimebag_anders30 December 2001
...this is one of the most stupid ideas in swedish film-history, making a "junior" Jönssonliga. Well, the story isn't much worse than your regular Jönssonligan-movie, but where is the charm? Not in the movie or in the characters, that's for sure. Ok, I won't slay the kids because there's no need to, but come on, they look lite they come from directly from the last episode of Joel-bitar or something. The acting isn't as horrible as it could be, but it's absolutely not good, except for one character, "Biffen", played by Mats Wennberg. That's f-cking acting. Nope, I think this was one idea they could have put in the bin from the first day. It just doesn't work without the great acting of Gösta Ekman and the others.
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