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I love this movie!!
alanismorrisette727 February 2007
I loved this movie, it's so funny :D one of the best comedy movies ever!!! It has (like many movies) a message, that it's best to tell the truth, but above all it was very funny. My favorite scene was:

About Mr. Allen

Miranda: Well, what do you think of him? Fletcher: He's a pedantic, pontificating, pretentious bastard, a belligerent old fart, a worthless steaming pile of cow dung, figuratively speaking. a moment passes and Mr. Allen starts laughing. The other board members follow his lead and start laughing also] Mr. Allen: That's the funniest damn thing I have ever heard. You're a real card, Reede. I love a good roast. Do Simmons. Fletcher: Simmons is old. He should have been out of the game years ago but he can't stay home because he hates his wife. You have met her at the Christmas parties, she's the one that gets plastered and calls him a retard, and you, Tom; you're the biggest brown nose I have ever seen. You have got your head so far up Mr. Allen's ass, I can't tell where you end and he begins. Mr. Allen: *roaring with laughter* Priceless! *Fletcher continues with every member* Fletcher: You have bad breath caused by gingivitis. You couldn't get a porn star off. Your hairpiece looks like something that was killed crossing the highway. I don't know whether to comb it or scrape it off with a shovel and bury it in lime. Loser! Idiot! Wimp! Degenerate! *Slut*! Mr. Allen: I like your style, Reede! That's just what this stuffy company needs - a little irreverence! Fletcher: Good! I'll see you later, dick-head!

Great movie!!!
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One of Jim Carrey's funniest movies
Atreyu_II21 August 2007
This movie is absolutely hilarious! There are few movies as humorous as this one, being "Mousehunt" one of those few - another 1997 motion picture.

Every minute of "Liar Liar" is pure fun and every minute means a good laughter. Many moments are hysterical! Jim Carrey is often a great comedian, but this is him at his funniest side.

The story is very funny and entertaining: Fletcher Reede, a lawyer with the habit of lying and breaking promises, suddenly sees himself forced to become honest during the next 24 hours after his son's birthday wish comes true. He doesn't understand what's happening to him and that is driving him insane... he can't tell any lies, not even write a little lie! Whenever he tries to and whenever he talks, it's a huge mess for sure! He even transforms the court room into a circus, seems to lose his mind and makes goofy faces! Incredibly hilarious!

The actors have great performances. Jim Carrey is great as Fletcher Reede, but there are other equally good actors, like Maura Tierney as Audrey Reede, Cary Elwes as Jerry and little Justin Cooper as Max (Fletcher's son). Max is also referred to as "Maximillian" and "Monster Max" by his father, who loves to do "The Claw" much for his son's delight. I know Cary Elwes from "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" and I do know that he is an English actor, but he speaks with a good American accent in this film. Some might think that Jim Carrey overacts here and that his humor is too crummy, but the energy he shows here is not something anybody could do. It requires a very energetic and patient comedian and Jim Carrey proves his talent to do so. The kid is cute. He almost looks like Sean Marshall in "Pete's Dragon", with that face and long hair.

At my point of view, "Liar Liar" has funny humor, not irritating or dirty humor. It is a modern light-hearted comedy. Its aim is purely fun at the highest level. I think it's difficult not laughing while watching this movie. Lots of very funny lines are another attribute.

Directed by Tom Shadyac, "Liar Liar" is the best thing Jim Carrey and Tom Shadyac ever did together and slightly superior than the later "Bruce Almighty".
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Pants on fire
DeeNine-220 October 2002
Jim Carrey puts so much energy and pure comedic brilliance into this movie that we hardly noticed how corny and hackneyed was the plot or how wearily didactic was the moral lesson for all fathers who neglect their children for the goddess of success. And really we didn't care. What we loved almost as much as Carrey's rubber mouth and oral blockage (like an overheated boiler fighting not to explode) was the premise: a lawyer that can't lie. Now there's an oxymoron! As Carrey tries to explain to his son Max, lawyers need to lie. Actually he says grownups need to lie, which is a truth that we really do not need to exam too closely here. To laugh at something deeply troubling in our nature is a way of dealing with it.

So the genius of this movie is first the talent of Jim Carrey, but second, for kids who come to the realization of adult mendacity for the first time, it is the discovery of comedy as a way to cope. Why do adults need to lie? is a question that a kid can never figure out, and then by the time he is an adult himself (or actually a teenager), he can no longer comprehend how important the question once was. Call it innocence lost, or the socialization process.

My favorite part of the movie is the courtroom scene with Jennifer Tilly dressed oh so sluttily and her adulterous beaux looking like a model for the cover of a romance novel and Carrey in tatters in his $900 suit. Second would be the bathroom scene in which Carrey tries to tear himself apart (and seems to almost succeed). His flapping mouth between the toilet seat and the bowl was inspired. Give some credit to director Tom Shadyac, who managed to steer the vehicle with Carrey at the controls, and to writers, Paul Guay and Stephen Mazur, who wrote some funny lines.

The great comedians totally let themselves go. They are totally on. They go to extremes and beyond. It's like transcending not just the ordinary, but even the imagined. See this obviously for Jim Carrey, one of the great comedic talents of our time, an original who would have delighted Charlie Chaplin with his extraordinary muggings, his blatant audacity and his suburb timing.

(Note: Over 500 of my movie reviews are now available in my book "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote!" Get it at Amazon!)
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The best comedy of 1997!
jhaggardjr5 December 2000
Warning: Spoilers
"Liar, Liar" was easily the best comedy of 1997. When I saw this when it first came out in theaters I was literally laughing my head off. Jim Carrey gives the best comic performance of his career here as Fletcher Reede, a fast-talking lawyer who's always lying. His son Max doesn't like this one bit. Fletcher promises Max that he'll be at his 5th birthday party. But Fletcher calls and tells his ex-wife Audrey that he can't make it because at the moment he's being seduced by a female partner. Max has had enough. His birthday wish: for one day his father can't tell a lie. And it miraculously comes true! And this is where the movie gets explosively funny. This is the beginning of a long and crazy day for Fletcher. He gets in trouble left and right. Everyone around him thinks he's going crazy. And the habitual liar continuously makes a complete fool of himself. Carrey is the whole show here in what has got to be the craziest, nuttiest, silliest, goofiest, and downright best comic performance of his career. And he's got a terrific cast of actors to support him. Maura Tierney and Justin Cooper shine in the main supporting roles as Audrey and Max, respectably. Swoosie Kurtz, Jennifer Tilly, Amanda Donohoe, Anne Haney, Cary Elwes, Mitchell Ryan, and the late Jason Bernard also generate laughs amongst the craziness. "Liar, Liar" is one extremely funny comedy directed by Tom Shadyac who directed another crazy comedy, the aptly titled remake "The Nutty Professor". "Liar, Liar" has lots of big laughs and I enjoyed it alot. One of the best comedies of all-time.

**** (out of four)
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Jim Carrey is back in yet another great comedy, although it doesn't quite live up to the spectacular Dumb & Dumber.
Anonymous_Maxine3 September 2000
Liar Liar is about a boy who, after being stood up by his big-shot lawyer father one too many times, wishes that for just one day his dad couldn't lie. This wreaks havoc on his personal life and even more on his professional life as a lawyer who makes a living putting criminals back on the streets.

Carrey is immediately and constantly hilarious in his role as the unwillfully honest Fletcher Reede. Every scene is full of awkwardly straightforward behavior and dialogue ("Whatever takes the focus off your head!) that is funny because it is so unusual and unexpected. Maura Tierney delivers one of the best performances of her career (second only to her wonderful job in Primal Fear), but Cary Elwes plays a disappointing turn from his amazing job in The Princess Bride. Seeing him as the endlessly charming Wesley in that film and then seeing him as a squirrely step-father type in Liar Liar just didn't seem to fit, but the film was able to overcome such small problems and present itself as a good and entertaining comedy.

In addition to the good comedy that Liar Liar presented, there were strange comedic scenes that Carrey had never done before. For example, I have never seen him portray a descent into madness as was shown with the blue pen, and it should be noted how well this funny man played the part of a man trying very hard not to be funny, with hilarious results. This is a bit like his role in Man on the Moon where he was a comedian playing a comedian who was often deliberately not funny, and the results there were hilarious as well. Jim Carrey's great comedy acting skills were a crucial element of this film, but they are not the only redeeming value of the movie itself. The story is solid and legitimate as well, and it is well-presented and directed, resulting in a good, fun comedy.
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Jim Carrey's best film!
Smells_Like_Cheese15 November 2003
Liar Liar is in my top 3 favorite comedies of all time and my favorite Jim Carrey flick! He was just so awesome and hilarious in Liar Liar! Not only did he do mental comedy, but physical comedy that will make your stomach hurt from laughing so much! I'm not kidding when I say that I know a dozen people where we just rehearse the lines from Liar Liar back and forth, because all the scenes are just so memorable.

Fletcher Reed is a lawyer who, surprise, lies to win cases. He's a huge success and is about to be made partner by his firm if he wins one last case for Mrs. Cole, a divorcée who cheated on her husband with tons of proof against her, Fletcher has to prove that she was a victim of circumstance. Fletcher has a son and an ex wife as well, he lies to them all the time as well and makes excuses why he can't spend enough time with his son, Max. When he lies and cancels going to Max's birthday party to sleep with his boss to get ahead, Max is terribly disappointed and hurt, so he makes one birthday wish, that his father cannot lie... guess what? It works!

Fletcher wakes up and tells his boss she was not the best he had, leading to an encounter with a hottie in the elevator and making offensive comments about her "jugs". He passes a homeless man and tells him why he doesn't give change to "the decay of western society!" and goes to court not very ready to fight his case that could make or break his career since he can't lie. More comedy ensues as Fletcher deals with the pressure on how to learn to tell the truth to win the case and prevent his son and ex wife from moving to Boston with her new boyfriend.

Liar Liar will make your sides hurt and you'll watch this movie again and again when you see how hilarious Jim Carrey is. My sister isn't a Jim Carrey fan and even admitted that she had more than a few good laughs watching this film. Not to mention that it has a great feel good ending that you'll just fall for.

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Gotta love the concept
mjw230520 January 2007
Jim Carrey is an attorney, who finds putting his family before his work to be a tough challenge, when he fails to show up at his son's birthday party; his son make a wish that prevents him from lying. With a huge career changing case that is based solely on lies about to go to trial, he is stuck in an unfamiliar position, that may just change his life.

Jim Carrey is on top form for this one, giving one of his most hilarious performances to date, he is well supported by the likes of Jennifer Tilly, Swoosie Kurtz and Amanda Donohue, and the winning concept of the movies theme realises its potential.

7/10 Great fun
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Carrey at his best
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews30 July 2004
I have to admit, I'm probably a little biased with this movie, as it contains two of the things I love the most in any movie; court scenes and Jim Carrey. I'll try my best to be objective in this review, though. The plot is good, and as the film barely takes 90 minutes it's fairly fast-paced(well, for a Jim Carrey comedy, anyway); I don't think there ever passes 5 minutes without one single joke. The acting is fairly good; Jim Carrey is in his element, so it's no surprise that he's good, but I did find both Maura Tierney and Cary Elwes pretty good too. I know that Elwes is English, not American, and after seeing another movie in which he has a strong English accent(Robin Hood: Men in Tights), I was impressed at how well he does American parts as well. The characters are well-written and credible. The humor is great, partly because it's, well, Carrey, but also because unlike some of Carrey's previous roles, this is fairly "clean", so teenagers and some kids will be able to enjoy it as well. The theme of the film is great; I mean, we all know that we lie several times a day(heck, it's even been scientifically proved), but what about if we, for one whole day, couldn't tell one single lie? Great theme, provokes some thought and is executed fairly well in the film, though I do think it could have been done a tad better. Overall, I don't have any major complaints with the film though; I guess it could be argued that most of what Carrey does in this film, the comedy and all, is stuff he's done before, but that's OK; it's not any less entertaining here, regardless of the fact that we've seen it(or something similar to it) earlier. The dialog is great, with some very memorable and quotable lines. All in all, a typical Carrey film, which can be a good thing as well as bad; Carrey does exactly what you expect him to, and he's very entertaining and all, but it never transcends the standard level of the typical Carrey comedy. On a final note, I think this(as well as his other work) proves that Tom Shadyac is the best there is at bringing out Carrey's talents(he also directed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty). I recommend it to any fan of Jim Carrey and/or Tom Shadyac. 7/10
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"I CAN'T LIE!!!"
Petey-109 November 2000
Jim Carrey plays a liar lawyer called Fletcher Reede.His son Max (Justin Cooper) makes a birthday wish that his father can't tell a lie in 24 hours.And the wish comes true. That gets Fletcher in many embarrassing situations.It's hard to tell the truth all the time especially for a lawyer.That's not the only problem Fletcher is having.His ex-wife Audrey (Maura Tierney) is moving to Boston with his boyfriend Jerry (Cary Elwes).That must be stopped.Jim Carrey does incredible role work in this Tom Shadyac's 1997 comedy Liar Liar.Jim is amazing comedian.He can pull his face just like Jerry Lewis.This is completely a Jim Carrey show.There are many hilarious scenes in the courtroom.Liar Liar is for all you liars out there.
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Cute message movie with Jim Carrey
StanleyStrangelove12 September 2005
Liar Liar is one solution to the problem of what kind of movie vehicle to write for overacting, rubber man Jim Carrey. Following the success of Ace Ventura, director Tom Shaydac casts Carrey as a divorced lawyer who has no time for his young son. In the film, the word liar is a pun on lawyer, equating the two words since his character is a lying lawyer. Every time he promises to attend one of his son's school events or play with him, Carrey finds some excuse to get out of it. His son makes a birthday wish that just for one day his dad would tell the truth and it happens. Carrey is incapable of lying and when he tries to lie, his face and body go into every contortion imaginable as he tries to suppress the truth. There is a literally "off the wall" scene where he beats himself up in a bathroom. Carrey is a likable guy and carries the movie. Of course, you can't believe for a second that he's a lawyer but belief is not needed in this film. This is a movie with a message that fathers shouldn't ignore their children. For a film aimed at kids, there is a surprising amount of boob and sexual humor. Maura Tierney is very cute as his ex-wife. Amanda Donohoe plays Carrey's seductress law partner and Jennifer Tilly is a buxom, bimbo client. Director Tom Shadyac later worked with Carrey in Bruce Almighty. Liar Liar is for Jim Carrey fans and fathers who ignore their kids.
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One of Carrey's best!
FiendishDramaturgy21 October 2003
The premise is simple. A heartbroken and often disappointed 5 year old boy makes a birth day wish that his father, a prominent and up-and-coming civil attorney, cannot lie for just one day.

In this vehicle, through obvious wish magick, the wish is granted.

In pique form of Jim Carrey's classic Dick Van Dyke-meets-Jerry Lewis style, the results of his son's wish wreaks total havoc on his life, and on the lives of those around him.

With an all-star cast, fine direction, and expert screen writers, this production is top notch, classic Jim Carrey fare. IMHO, this is his best performance yet.

There is not one millimeter of wasted film to this work. Every moment is either vital in the building of a principal character, or filled with side-splitting laughter.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who wants, enjoys or needs, a truly genuine belly laugh.

It rates an 8.4/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Quite possibly my favorite Jim Carrey role
mattkratz21 December 2000
This was perhaps my favorite Jim Carrey movie. I found it to be hysterically funny, and Carrey was perfect for the role. His son wishes Carrey can only tell the truth for 24 hours, and it comes true. Unfortunately for Jim, it comes just as he is about to embark on the court case of a lifetime. Watching him go through the motions was a treat, and i guarantee you will love it. You will have to see it to understand, because most of it is too difficult to describe with written words, but it was FUNNY!

*** 1/2 out of ****
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Good spirited and absolutely hilarious film!
TheLittleSongbird10 September 2009
True the plot is a little corny, my only criticism of the movie, but Jim Carrey's wonderfully energetic and most of the time hilarious performance more than compensates. Liar Liar is easily one of Carrey's better films, I do confess I will need to see a few more of his movies before concluding which one's his best to save bias. What Liar Liar manages to do is have a slightly corny though very interesting idea, and make into a good spirited and absolutely hilarious film. The script almost the whole time verged on hysterically funny, and there are many priceless scenes, especially the courtroom scene- I needed to go to the bathroom to check I hadn't wet myself from laughing so much. The other performances were great, Cary Elwes was excellent, and the boy was very sweet and charming. Overall, a hilarious movie, that does cheer you up considerably after a hard day, I still chuckle even thinking of it. There is so much to recommend this, but at the end of the day, it is Carrey's picture. 9.5/10 Bethany Cox
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Liar Liar is a great example of a film that teaches the audience to appreciate their loved ones and to be honest.
matt0489-514-60462628 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Liar Liar stars Jim Carrey as the lying, self-full lawyer, Fletcher Reede. His life takes a turn for the worse when his son, Max, wishes Fletcher would not tell a lie an entire day. This came after Fletcher broke yet another promise and missed his son's 5th birthday party. The theme of this movie is honesty and appreciating your family and friends. During the film we learn that Fletcher and his former wife, Audrey were divorced due to Fletcher being unsupportive and breaking promises like he does through most of the first act of the movie. Fletcher finds out that Audrey and Max will be moving to Boston after Audrey's new boyfriend, Jerry, proposed to her. Audrey had mixed feelings about leaving from Los Angeles to Boston, as this would make it more difficult for Max to see his father, Fletcher. After missing Max's birthday party, Audrey decided to move to Boston with Jerry and Max. While blowing out his birthday candles, Max wishes his father could not tell a lie for an entire day. This wish comes true and Fletcher finds out the hard way. Throughout most of the movie Fletcher struggles to do his job and nearly loses his job, friends, and family during the way. He even gets put in jail and gets his car towed away. As mentioned, this film's theme is honesty. During the film Fletcher realizes he is a bad dad and even he knows it. During the day he cannot lie, he says "I'm a bad father." This saddens him and he realizes he is a bad father. The directory uses a low angle to put emphasis on Fletcher hitting rock bottom. The audience at this point begins to realize just how important it is to be honest with your friends and family. Fletcher wants to change, but his friends and family are sick of giving him second chances. By the end of the movie Fletcher is able to make everything right and get back together with Audrey and restart his family with Audrey and Max. Liar Liar is a great example of a film that teaches the audience to appreciate their loved ones and to be honest. Even though Fletcher is a successful lawyer, he made his way to the top by lying. He even got a case by agreeing to lie to the judge. However, we learn in this film that being a liar will eventually cause you problems. For Fletcher this happened all at once. This life lesson can be implied to anyone.
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Fabrication Retardation.
dunmore_ego1 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is a lawyer aka, ergo, ipso facto, a liar. His little son Max (Justin Cooper) makes no distinction, as Fletcher is a callous dad who is always breaking promises to Max, putting his job first.

Max makes a birthday wish that his dad won't be able to lie for one whole day. It comes true.

In LIAR LIAR, Carrey is once again directed by Tom Shadyac (who rocketed both their careers with ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE) and the result is once again as magical as the inexplicable force that compels Fletcher to tell the truth no matter the consequences.

The hook in LIAR LIAR is that Carrey plays a normal guy, not a "character" - and the honesty "curse" turns him into a "character." Because he is just a regular man in the real world, his descent into truth and his resistance to it is all the more explosive. And his normalcy sometimes catches us off guard, highlighting what a brilliant dramatic actor Carrey can be when he isn't careening off the walls, as when he blurts to his wife "I'm a bad father!"

Maura Tierney is Fletcher's long-suffering wife, who has put up with his dishonesty long enough and plans to move to another town with her new boyfriend (Cary Elwes), taking little Max with her. Though his actions prove him discourteous, disrespectful and untrustworthy, Fletcher's abiding love for Max causes him to identify and make the changes he needs to keep Max nearby. It takes a day of telling the truth for him to realize what a big liar he's been all his life.

Jennifer Tilly is the unethical defendant Fletcher must represent without the ability to lie. Amanda Donohoe as the office slut who exploits Fletcher's honesty by asking him what he thinks of the office staff and the boss - in front of them.

Each scene is a Carrey masterpiece of ingenuity, of twisted faces and frenetic limbs, of speaking in tongues and grappling with oneself; as with his best work, it is indescribable and inimitable.

One of Fletcher's clients calls him after being arrested again, needing advice, to which Fletcher screams into the phone, "Stop breaking the law, asshole!" Every time I call my own lawyer, I'm grimacing and waiting for him to say the same thing...

During Fletcher's Truth Phase, Max asks him if it's true that if you make weird faces they'll get stuck that way, to which Fletcher assures him, "No, in fact some people make a good living that way."

Awesome Carrey. That's no lie.
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One of Carrey's finest -- it doesn't try to be anything it isn't. Would I lie?
MovieAddict201616 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
"My dad is a liar," a small child says. "You mean a lawyer," his teacher responds. He shrugs his shoulders. They're both the same, aren't they?

Jim Carrey is a liar in "Liar Liar" (1997), which successfully uses Jim Carrey -- the king of annoyance -- to its full advantage.

Jim Carrey has, given time, grown on me. I didn't like him at first. Then I learned to put up with him. Now I find him perfect for some film roles such as Lloyd Christmas in "Dumb and Dumber" (1994).

I never think that Jim Carrey is ideal for a role, really, until I see him in it, and then I think that no one could have done it quite so well. But I still don't particularly think he's a very good comedian, per se.

Here he plays Fletcher Reede, a high-grade attorney so caught up in his work that he has little time to devote to his young son, Max (Justin Cooper), the type of plot-created kid that these type of films deserve. Max is mad that his dad keeps missing out on all his activities, so his birthday wish is every lawyer's worst nightmare: no lying.

Max wishes (or commands) that his father can no longer tell any lies, and the wish is granted by the powers that be. This is a problem for Fletcher, indeed, since he has just acquired the case of an adultress housewife (Jennifer Tilly) who wants to keep her kids. She spills the truth to Fletcher -- that she has had many affairs -- and this is not the type of thing a man uncapable of lying is able to cope with.

Fletcher spills his guts at the court proceedings, tarnishing his image as a professional lawyer. In one of the film's better scenes, he walks into a court bathroom and beats himself up, slamming his head in a toilet and punching himself so that he can postpone the trial to a later date.

Why is the sight of a man violently clapping his head against and between a toilet seat funny? Because it's Jim Carrey who, as I mentioned above, may not be the funniest man alive, but by the box office numbers may technically be -- and he does have a knack for physical, spastic comedy (too bad it can overtake his roles sometimes). Here he unleashes it when it is needed, and it works, because it is not a pointless exercise in energetic behavior, but quite the contrary.

The situations one can get into with the restrictions of only telling the truth are limitless. These types of formulas always work good in Carrey's movies -- those involving abnormal abilities. There's a reason they keep making similar films following the same formula.

As my (small number of) readers probably know, I am not a commercial critic with my grading scale. I am quite conservative, only giving high ratings to films that really deserve them. I hesitate to give "Liar Liar" anything more than the rating I have given it, although I must say that it is a very fine comedy with some great gut-busting laughs, and that any fan of inventive comedy -- Carrey fans or not -- should see this movie.

After all, would I lie?

4/5 stars.

  • John Ulmer
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funny, that's all you need to know
Special-K8825 April 2002
Carrey is an unreliable, chronic liar of a divorced father, skills which alienate his lonely young son but benefit him greatly in his career as an attorney. Circumstances eventually force him to be incapable of telling a lie for a period of twenty-four hours, a definite burden as he prepares for one of the biggest cases of his career. The premise is formulaic, but it's made worthwhile by a perfectly cast Carrey who pulls out all the stops, taking viewers and his first-rate supporting cast along for the ride. There are plenty of genuine laughs, classic moments, and a premise that works even better for fans who dislike lawyers. ***
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More over the top than even Jerry Lewis
Bento_de_Espinosa22 April 2018
I do not believe in reincarnation, but there is no doubt in my mind that Jim Carrey is the reincarnation of Jerry Lewis. As a kid, I was a huge fan of Lewis, but if you find his acting annoyingly over the top, it is nothing compared to Carrey's over the top acting. This movie is not good, yet I still laughed - exactly because Carrey's acting is so over the top from beginning to end, which means every 10 minutes or so some of his overacting will inevitably make you laugh. In fact, Carrey's overacting is the very reason why you should watch this movie, because it really is amazing!
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Solid funny entertainment
triple818 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Liar Liar is one of those movies that's great when you just want a pure comedy. And what a comedy it is too! Carey turns in a manic and very good Performance as the dishonest attorney, forced to his horror, into telling the truth for an entire day because his son made a birthday wish that happened to come true. Liar Liar takes a concept that's funny to begin with and makes it, at times, actually hilarious , mainly by not taking itself to seriously and just going wildly creative and outrageous with the concept. This is a movie that I would solidly recommend to someone who just wants a light, if rather manic, comedy.

I am picky about my comedies and consider this to be actually hilarious in some places, a good example being in the court room when Cary in the middle of questioning a shady client (who is lying), objects to his own questions. LiarLiar is not without flaws, there are some times it gets a bit to slapstick, a bit to obnoxious and the ending, while very sweet was a little over the top with the airport scene. I still liked this a lot though as a whole. It's purpose is to entertain which it does. I really do love this concept. Imagine someone who lies regularly having to tell the straight truth no matter what. I could think of a few people who might have trouble with that(and who it might be really entertaining to see while they do it!). In closing, I really liked this very much and the movie makers and cast, especially Carey, did a great job of having fun with the concept and pushing this as far as they could. My vote's 7 of 10.
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great movie
crazylad1926 January 2006
Liar liar is one of Jim Carreys finest movies EVER, he is the funniest actor and he really shows it in this movie, he has this thing about being very silly but it really works for him that made him what he is today. liar liar is very well written and very very well acted the producers should be really proud. of course the film is made even better by Jim Carreys yet again fantastic acting and general being silly. The movie is about a slick lawyer (Jim Carrey)who fibs a lot, until one day his son makes a wish on his birthday that he cannot lie for one day which comes true, he ends up being humiliated and of course very daft. its based on a true story honest.... mwaaaaaaaaaaaah
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Has Its Moments, But Wears Thin
ccthemovieman-114 May 2006
This is another of fairly-early Jim Carrey films in which he played a dopey, exaggerated character that is funny but can wear thin on you after awhile. It's almost exhausting to watch this guy for over more than 45 minutes at one time with all the gyrations, rubber faces, screaming and yelling. I am glad he has mostly abandoned roles like this since the turn of the century and done a lot better work.

But, the premise of the film is good and there are genuine some laugh-out-loud scenes, mainly early on in the film. If the language and Jim had just been toned down a bit, this would have a really good movie.

Once again, this PG-13 rating is a joke. It is not what you want your young teens to watch.
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Tailor-made Carrey vehicle provides gut-busting laughs
george.schmidt11 April 2003
LIAR LIAR (1997) ***1/2 Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Jennifer Tilly, Swoosie Kurtz, Amanda Donohoe, Cary Elwes, Cheri Otari,Krista Allen.. Frenetically funny high concept comedy with Carrey cast as a chronic lying lawyer who finds himself under the spell of his 5 year old son's birthday wish for him to tell the truth for 24 hours with some truly inspired slapstick and painfully truthful one-liners. Tailor made for the elastic spastic talents of our boy Jim and finely attuned nuanced direction by Tom Shadyac.
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Insanely Funny
sterlinrivera-200019 June 2019
While The Mask is my favorite because Carrey pulled off a funny and impressive performance, Liar Liar is my second favorite because he manages to take slapstick to a whole new level. He is incredibly goofy in this one and is able to keep the audience laughing and smiling from beginning to end.

Liar Liar is about Fletcher Reed (played by Jim Carrey) who is a lawyer that does a perfect job of being dishonest. His son, Max, is not happy with him not showing up to this birthday party. So, he wishes for his birthday for his dad to not tell a lie for a whole day. This happens, and Fletcher can not lie at all. Because of that, Fletcher now fears that his upcoming case is going to be bad since he has to be straight up honest. He also must promise to spend time with Max before Max and the mom/wife move away for good.

Liar Liar has a lot of great comedy. Many funny and quotable lines, and Jim Carrey did a wonderful job. He managed to deliver a performance that was spectacular enough to make the movie worth it.

The film also has a good plot too. The story had a clever concept to it and pacing worked very good and fast. The message to the film is essentially saying "Be honest no matter what.", and I thought that was a great message the director, Tom Shaydac, was going for.

Overall, Liar Liar is a hilarious Jim Carrey flick and holds up to this day very well.
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Yeah, it was stupid, but it was funny.
theVade11 July 2017
Liar Liar was a good movie, and definitely something I'm glad I had the time to watch. Sure the storyline was crap, and Carrey's acting is either something you love or hate, but in the end I still decided to give Liar Liar a "Good" on theVade Review Bar or a 7 out of 10. Yeah, it was stupid, but it was funny. And if a movie can get me to laugh hard enough for me to not care about story, then I guess it deserves that rating in the end.

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Nonstop laughs
Snoopymichele20 March 2005
Jim Carrey proves once again his prowess for physical, slapstick comedy in this hysterically funny film about a lawyer who finds himself unable to lie. As a fan of the show, "In Living Color," I enjoyed Carrey immensely when he was at his zaniest, doing just about anything for a laugh. This movie allows him to let everything hang out without being overly silly (like in "Dumb and Dumber" and "The Mask", and he hits all the right marks. A perfect movie for when you want to just sit back and laugh, his performance is brilliant. Justin Cooper, the little boy who plays his son is absolutely adorable. Maura Tierney does a bang-up job as Carrey's ex, and she plays the straight role to a tee. Swoosie Kurtz and Jennifer Tilly, and Amanda Donohoe are tailor-made for their roles and add the perfect flavor to this delicious film. I loved it.
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