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Keanu Reeves is a Queer Superhero

Recently, the intrepid co-hosts of Sound on Sight radio asked me to help host a podcast devoted to Keanu Reeves. I had been hoping for a long time that they would have just such a podcast, and I wanted to take this opportunity to explain a little bit more about why I find Reeves to be such a fascinating figure, and why I have spent so many hours of my life thinking about him and enjoying his films. It’s already fairly common knowledge that Reeves is a pretty spectacular human being. In terms of recounting his personal awesomeness, this article ( does a better job than I ever could. Give it a glance. But being an amazing human hasn’t necessarily won Keanu the accolades he deserves in the artistic world. And so, in terms of arguing for his value as a film star,
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The 'last' resort: the ultimate in film title folly | Joe Queenan

The release of M Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender has reminded me that, with few notable exceptions, most movies with 'last' in the title are really bad

M Night Shyamalan's latest release is always aggressively advertised as "An M Night Shyamalan Film" – perhaps to preclude the public's confusing it with "An F Night Shyamalan Film" or "A Film by Tilda Night Shyamalan". This is a generous, conscientious act on the part of the producers, but it is also a cunning ploy from the consumer protection standpoint, because it means that moviegoers who have voluntarily paid to see daft offal such as The Village or The Happening or Unbreakable or Lady in the Water can't turn around and say: "Hey! Why didn't someone warn me that The Last Airbender was an M Night Shyamalan film?" The minatory phrase "An M Night Shyamalan Film" is like a brightly lit road sign reading: "Serious Accident Ahead.
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Adrien Brody Would Be "Disappointed" If Gay Men Did Not Hit On Him

Adrien Brody would be "disappointed" if gay men did not flirt with him.

The Oscar-winning actor - who plays a homosexual in 1997's "The Last Time I Committed Suicide" - insists he doesn't mind attracting attention from other men.

When asked if guys still hit on him in an interview by gay magazine The Advocate, the star answered: "I guess I'd be disappointed if they didn't."

Adrien - who has also starred in movies including "The Pianist" and "King Kong" - also revealed he sometimes hangs out in gay bars.
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