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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language, and for sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman's breasts are briefly seen during an autopsy
  • Women's breasts are seen about three times very briefly throughout the movie
  • Sex is implied between two characters, but not shown
  • An officer finds a woman who is fully nude and is tied up to a bed and has a gag in her mouth implying that she was raped
  • Some pornographic photos are visible.
  • Two men encourage a man to have sex with another man.
  • As an officer making an arrest enters a house a women's breasts are briefly seen for a split second.
  • A main character is a prostitute.
  • A man and woman kiss passionately.

Violence & Gore

  • Lots of violent takedowns and standoffs.
  • Two police officers watch a man abuse his wife. A police officer then beats up the husband.
  • Two man are shot up inside a car with some blood mists. Blood can be seen coming out of their mouths.
  • Two men get shot up inside a house with blood spurts.
  • A woman's dead corpse is briefly seen along with another man's corpse.
  • A girl is seen tied up with several bruises on her body. Implying that she was brutally raped and beaten
  • A rapist is shot in the chest, blood pours out of the wound.
  • A detective finds an extremely rotten corpse underneath a house.
  • A woman is punched in the face twice.
  • Two police officers fight each other over a woman.
  • During an interrogation scene a man's face is bashed into a mirror, drowned in a toilet and then shoved through a wooden screen and dangles from a balcony.
  • A man is shown dead inside of an office, we see some blood on his mouth. It is implied that he was beaten to death.
  • The final action scene is a lengthy shootout. Corrupt cops are shot at point blank range by shotguns and pistols. A man is fatally shot in the shoulder. He is then shot in the face. Blood splatters onto the floor. A man is shot in the back with a shotgun.
  • One character is something of a loose cannon and violence usually occurs around him.
  • A police officer walks into a diner and finds a corpse with blood a very bloody wound. He walks into a bathroom and finds a whole bunch of extremely bloody corpses with graphic gunshot wounds.
  • A man is unexpectedly shot in the chest, we see blood pour out of his wound. Very shocking and disturbing.
  • A man is seen dead on the ground with his throat slit.
  • A man is seen in a chair with his wrists slit and two of his fingers broken.
  • Several gunshot sequences resulting in death and violence. When someone is shot blood mist sprays and splatters on the surroundings and blood pours from the wound.
  • In a bloody sequence, two men shoot at another group of men with shotguns. One is hit in the chest with a bloody wound spewing blood, a shotgun wielding man is shot several times which results in blood spray, another man is shot with a shotgun splattering blood and blood smoke. Some blood is seen on a police officer's face.
  • A group of men are beaten in jail by police officers. A newspaper story is shown with such a photo.
  • Several scenes of police interrogation sessions, and the people being interrogated are often beaten with a belt by Russell Crowe's character.


  • 1 use of "cocksucker"
  • 24 uses of "fuck" (mainly by Russell Crowe's character), 10 uses of "shit", 3 uses of "whores", 3 uses of "screw", 3 uses of "hell", 3 uses of "goddamn", 2 uses of "bullshit", 2 uses of "ass", 2 uses of "bastard", 2 uses of "Jesus", 2 uses of "Christ", 1 use of "jerk-off", 1 use of "prick", and 1 use of "dykes".
  • Some uses of older language like "Negroes", "queer", "homo", and "swishy".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are also drugs that are openly discussed such as heroin and marijuana.
  • There are scenes where drugs are visible, but not used.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's a seedy tone pervading much of the film, and the violence can be rather gritty in nature. The beating, the abrupt kill-shot, and the climactic shoot-out are all fairly intense.

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