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pdsca2127 June 2004
The only reason to watch this movie is to see just how awful it is and how far Tobey Maguire and Benico Del Toro have come as actors. The script and dialoge are awful, and appear to be written by high school level talent. The premise is absurd and loaded with ridiculous sub plots to further waste viewers time. In short, three just out of high school kids tango with death so they can keep a car. Adam West is good for a laugh as some sort of pimp/daddy business man. If you're a collector of some sort and want this film, the good news is you should be able to get it for about three bucks at any Target or WalMart style store. However, I certainly don't bother messing with this one.
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Trainwreck of a Movie
jangehr17 September 2005
Tobey Maguire had to start somewhere before becoming Spiderman. His acting is quite good even if his aimless and clueless character makes no sense. Here's the plot: a motel owner's son hooks up with a hooker tenant, hangs out with his gay buddy (who seems to have a crush on him) and steals a car from an icy villainess assassin. Then a lot of other plot points occur that have nothing to do with each other. The first half is OK but then quickly disintegrates into this tangled non-sensical mess. Wilson Cruz does his best as Tobey's gay friend but his acting is too good for the amateurish script. Adam West as a father who pimps his daughter is an interesting stunt cast but who cares by the end. I bought the DVD for five bucks and paid about $4.79 too much.
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A look at young, and no-so-young stars
lastliberal14 November 2008
This isn't award material. The dialog is pretty bad, and the story really doesn't go as far as it could have.

It is, however, a chance to see Tobey Maguire before he fell in love with Mary Jane. Here, he is all ga ga over Tanya (Amy Hathaway - "My Two Dads"), who is the first woman to show him her body.

You also get to see a young Benicio Del Toro, who played a detective trying to solve a murder.

I would have liked to see the character played by Christina Zilber beefed up. She was a hit-woman whose car they stole for a joyride.

Adam West, who was "Batman" in the 60s, played a pervy father that pimped out Tanya for blackmail.

Worth a watch for historical value.
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No Joy
Barclayandrew28 January 2007
After having watched Benicio Del Toro in some brilliant and engrossing roles, i decided id give 'Joyride' a watch. Toby Maguire isn't one of my favourite actors, and I've often found him to be a fairly boring, and in the hands of a movie such as this, Maguire is stretched far beyond his limits. The story is laughable for all the wrong reasons, and the movie plods on and on, without many scenes of any real depth. Del Toro is also slacking, mostly mumbling his way through the terrible script. As if all this wasn't bad enough, the movies production and soundtrack kill what little merit 'Joyride' had. I've tried to think of some good points to raise, but upon reflection, there are non.

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Not NEARLY As Bad As People Are Saying
luvkittys720 January 2011
I really CANNOT BELIEVE the amount of negativity being directed at this movie! I really enjoyed it! Amy Hathaway is HOT and fun to watch. She sort of reminds me of Alicia Silverstone in Excess Baggage. I was transfixed watching Toby Mcguire and Benicio Del Toro, as I have been fans of both of theirs for years.. The movie actually has quite a bit of tension and suspense, and it works, because you really feel for these kids, and the situation they are stuck in. Sure, there are some definite continuity errors, and the acting is far from perfect, at times, but somehow these don't detract from the storyline and the overall feel of the movie. I watched half of the movie last night, and was hooked enough to come back and finish it,today. A strong 5, but maybe even a 6, in my book. Definitely worth a look, if you're into these types of movies.
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Somewhat entertaining, terrible ending
steveh4620 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I obviously didn't find this as bad as many reviewers here did. I thought it started off well with Maguire and Wilson Cruz playing kids just out of high school stuck in a nowhere town with nothing to do and no future. The very hot Tanya is staying in the dumpy motel Maguire runs with his dad while her father pimps her out to blackmail men he brings back to the motel to have (never consumated) sex with her. So far so good.

Then the lethal, beautiful female assassin also staying at the dump makes a mistake, leaving her latest victim in the trunk of her car. Maguire and his two friends boost it, dump the body in the lake, then kick the crap out of some crackers. From here on it's all downhill. Ms. Smith (the assassin) proves too emotionally attached to her car to just walk away and get out of town. She keeps ineffectually threatening the kids while Benicio barely bothers to even try to appear to care he's supposed to be playing a detective in this movie. None of this makes any sense. The ending is ludicrous as Maguire, who's supposed to be flat broke, has the car repainted and adds on new tires. All this in an attempt to cover up the fact that this isn't the same car used throughout the earlier parts of the movie. In a final non sequitor, the assassin blows up the car she's hung around town to retrieve at risk of arrest for double murders.

Wilson Cruz is good, Maguire isn't terrible in an underwritten part, Amy Hathaway brings her role off. Most of the other actors don't have much to work with, even Adam West as the hotties pimp dad. Benicio has no excuses though.
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Worth a look
srussell1003611 August 2003
Watched this almost by accident on a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do and nowhere to go. This movie was much better than any expectations I might have had. Tobey Maguire and Wilson Cruz are fine together as is Amy Hathaway (not familiar with her). Adam West is fine as a sleazy father pimping for his daughter. Though the "losers making bad choices" plot can bore the heck out of me, this one kept my attention. Certainly not great in any way, it's not boring or stupid and can sometimes be surprising.
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Better than expected
LadyLanyon2 October 2002
I watched this movie because it starred Tobey Maguire. I read some comments and a review or two beforehand and as a consequence I expected it to be dire. However it wasn't, though it wasn't particularly good either. The performances were average, except for Benicio del Toro who was awful. The script definitely needed some work - there were a lot of loose ends dangling around that could have been tied together. Tobey Maguire is the lead actor, but towards the end of the film it seemed that his role tapered off in relevance to the story.The direction was flashy in a pointless sort of way. There were hardly any close ups used. I would recommend this film only really for die-hard Tobey Maguire fans as it is interesting to see him in a early role, before he got to work with first class directors of the likes of Ang Lee, Lasse Hallstrum and Woody Allen who he has obviously learned a llot from,since his performance in this film is a million miles away from his work in Spider-Man or Pleasantville or any of the other excellent films he has done in recent years.
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Quirky and Original
michael-daniels-845218 February 2018
First off, this is certainly not a "great" movie, however is is endearing. The quirky direction, style and simplicity makes this movie memorable and worth watching. It's just one of those movies that is just enough outside convention, yet manages to still be entertaining and purposeful. In "daring to be different", lies it's appeal, and shows that even with a low budget you can make a good movie, and you can have good actors driving it.
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Worst Movie Ever?
pattay7223 February 2004
I saw this because I am a fan of Toby McGuire and Benicio Del Toro. I never expected a movie in which the two appear to be so horrible. It was like a film school production, beyond bad. The acting was embarrassing, especially the woman who played the blond assassin. Benicio seemed like he didn't memorize his lines or something. You should see it if you want to learn about acting and what not to do.
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gazineo-12 September 2002
Silly and ludicrous thriller (if one could say so!) about two young friends who robbered a beautiful car just to find out a corpse in the trunk. A ordinary premise that never hit the point. There's only one curiosity in this misfire: old Adam (Batman) West living a pimp.Believe me, don't lose your precious time. I give this a 3 (three).
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Decent Movie, Great Cast
BareNakedJimmy3 January 2003
I rented this movie knowing nothing about it except what I read on the box. Believe it or not, I didn't even know who Tobey McGuire was, altho I just saw Spiderman last month (and damn, he's cute!) So, needless to say, I didn't expect much.

I was pleasantly surprised and amused by its portrayal of a boring, redneck small Texas town (like where I presently live) and its hick residents, and the typical bored teenage boys and the trouble they get into, just like I used to (well, not QUITE like I used to!)

Like many other reviewers, I'm very surprised that Christina Naify hasn't appeared in many other films, because I felt that she was the best player in the cast. I also loved Wilson Cruz, as a scared, whiney, (and cute!) Gay boy, and really got off seeing him kick the crap out of a redneck from school. The concept of Adam West playing the part of a pimp was quite entertaining too.

The plot was a bit twisted, with several unexpected turns that kept me guessing what would happen next. Unlike some other reviewers, I'm not bothered by slight inconsistencies and/or loose ends, I mean, come on, I paid a buck (for all three of us to watch it), and we got an hour and a half of decent entertainment!

All-in-all, I give it 2.5 stars on the Leonard Maltin scale. And I'd watch it again if I can catch it on late-night TV.
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Lucky number 7
JermaineM10 December 2017
This film is good enough to purchase. Not a ground breaking film, but a well composed one, which makes it special considering how difficult it is to find those. The common film watcher will not enjoy this, no more that they would enjoy listening to His Name Alive on a Saturday evening. It would also help if the viewer understood the meaning/message of the story, or even resonated with the characters a little.


  • I knew the script might've been an issue when I saw the writer, but when your acting cast is solid enough to support the greener members, it pans out. This would be a good example of when not to blame the writer, or the dialog, it's delivery.

  • There's "flow", simply meaning that there were no long blank spots of "when is something going to happen" or large missing pieces of the story that makes you feel as if entire segments of the screenplay where chopped out at the last minute, making you say "I think there was suppose to be a connecting scene there". I hate it when films do this, and I've seen bigger budget film completely screw up because there are too many hands in the story and no one can keep it straight. This is why I always give Director/Writer films special attention, simply because it gives them the power they need to see their vision through to the end.

  • Thank you Ivo Watts-Russell for the splendid OST, literally already had almost every song that played. I imagined a movie that ended with a Dif Juz top 10, just didn't think it was out there, but here it is. Well done. I always say that the music makes the movie. It's the element that people often ignore, but only when broken down do the realize how crucial it is.


  • Wilson Cruz's acting came off very "Disney" (So scripted it was almost comic). I tried many times to excuse it, telling myself that this is how it was supposed to be, "this is his role", "this is what they wanted". I like to believe there's a measure of logic behind these things, not in this case.

  • Christina Zilber's acting came off the same way, but with hints of "I'm not really an actor", which is understandable considering she isn't, actually Joyride could be considered her only feature. She wasn't horrible, just decent enough to tolerate.

  • In some scenes, you would expect something to happen, and it does, but not the they way you were expecting, which is how it should've happened. An example of this is in the mirror shattering scene where she hits the ceiling light instead of throwing something onto the mirror causing a dramatic shatter... only to (moments later) hit the same mirror with her hand, causing several cracks, but no shatter. That was a very disappointing build up.

  • There were a few scenes where a little extra dialog could've gone a long way, for example, one scene where someone ask J.T "have you seen/done/gone to xyz" and Tobey responds with a simple "not really", if you saw the movie, you would hear these missed opportunities, as if he meant to say "No, not recently", that one change would've added so much to the scene, and a few others where the dialog sounds as if it were cut short, not that what was already there wasn't good, it just could've been better.

I've seen some trash Sci-fi productions receive more praise than this film. I think people are upset because of the trailer, honestly, that trailer does no justice to the movie at all. It panders to people looking for a certain flavor, but doesn't deliver, merely because it can't. I only found this movie when reviewing the filmography relationships of the cast members, a tailored search that doesn't tend to disappoint me.

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A surprisingly engaging "B" movie
lhunt19 May 2003
Clearly a "B" movie, this feature lacks the wooden acting that so often typifies low budget fare. In fact, all the characters are engaging in this somewhat improbable fantasy, which manages to address a number of very serious issues in ways that are alternately gripping, humorous, and tragic - e.g., child abuse, the need for young people to have goals, contrasts of social class, hypocrisy, etc.

Having started watching this with very low expectations, I was surprised at how memorable and thought-provoking this moral parable - almost a fable really - turned out to be.

Fun, funny, sad, shocking, frightening, and redeeming. This is worth a watch for those willing to look beyond the minimal budget to the accomplishment not only of the actors, but also of the screenwriter and the director!
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A surprisingly good suspense!
Slug-315 December 1998
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't expecting much from this movie. What do you expect with a name like Joyride? I expected some silly sexist comedy, which wasn't funny, and failed miserably to keep my attention with quick over-used one-liners. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find that this movie actually wasn't all too bad.

Checking up on Christina Naify, known only as Smith in Joyride, revealed how few movies she has done and I'm left wondering why. Her performance was outstanding to say the least. Unlike most action figures Naify's character uses her intelligence as her main weapon. In one scene where Tanya (Amy Hathaway) is beaten by a client she's hooking for, Naify's character busts in the room, shoots the assailant, takes a picture of stunned Tanya with gun in hand over the assailants dead body and proceeds to threaten Tanya with the picture if she doesn't get her car back which Tanya had helped steal.

She is the freshest face I've seen in a long time and would like to see her in bigger roles in the future because she certainly appears to have the talent to pull off a big production.
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Never cast a good actor in your crappy movie
H_Spengler30 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this the other night purely because there was nothing else on. I am actually dumbfounded as to how inanely bad this movie is. The sad part is, almost ever actor in here has been in much better movies. Tobey Maguire(Cider House Rules, Seabiscuit), Wilson Cruz (Party Monster), and perhaps the biggest shame of them all Benecio Del Toro (Traffic, The Way of the Gun).

The acting was god awful, the script was absolute messy non sense, the story: b o r i n g and it made no sense. I've seen better films from student filmmakers.

Look I know that every actor has to cut his acting chops on something but there are thousands of better ways to do it than this film, which felt more like a cheap low budget porno with a she-assassin and a few cops thrown in on the side. Not one character in this convoluted mess reacts like anyone would in real life to the situations they find themselves in. For example: I'd be pretty freaked out if I found a dead guy in the truck of a car, Tobey and company look at him as though he's nothing more than a spare tire. Seriously not one yelp.

The only actor who even attempts to do anything resembling acting is Del Toro as your stereotypical police detective, and he's not in the film nearly enough I suppose that's good for his resume though considering. Avoid at all costs!!
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I seem to be all alone with not liking this film
guil1214 August 2002
I found this movie very disturbing in the fact that the acting was horrendous. Never have seen films where director and writer are the same. Except for a few, it never works. Story line was a bit twisted and in many cases just plain boring. Casting of lead characters were not to my liking. I wonder if Tobey Maguire regrets that this film is in distribution having such later hits as SPIDER MAN and CIDER HOUSE BLUES. Too bad. It's a wonder that he got cast in another film after this one, but lucky for us he did. He's a good young actor, although directed in this movie to go around with his mouth open wondering what is going on around him.

Meanwhile we have Amy Hathaway, a terrible actress, walking around beating up people, namely men. They seem to just stand around and let her do this. Are they paralyzed? The scene with Adam West [Batman] just letting this bimbo push him around was a joke. She certainly wasn't a looker and in this viewer's opinion, not worth the price of admission. The same thing goes with the other bimbo, played by Christina Naify, who streaks her face with mascara and lipstick, looking like a clown from a freak circus and supposedly is attractive to the male community in the film. Guys, open your eyes, these broads are not that enticing.

So, I give the film a 1 on the fact that someone had to pay to have it made. I feel sorry for that person.
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Christina Naify blew me away...
derail-212 August 1999
Good movie. I've seen it more than once. Christina Naify as Smith was just AWESOME, why haven't we seen her in more films. The rest of the cast was good also. It was nice to see Batman play a sleazemeister. The guy playing the sheriff did a good job, I've seen him in other films and he seems to talk that way all the time.
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Mellow entertainment
gdalesmith12 December 2020
Perfect for a relaxed evening after a hectic day at work. It's what might be described as a crime drama that doesn't take itself too seriously. The actors fleshed out their characters very well, and one gets a sense that they were having fun during the production. The interplay between Detective Lopez and Sheriff Cork is an example.

Quinton Peeples wrote the script for Joyride, and also directed it. He did a fine job. Yes, there's more than one plot hole in the story, and Adam West's character was something of a drag, as he had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. None of that significantly detracts from an enjoyable viewing experience.
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If you are looking for a film to hate...look elsewhere.
brianschoonover14 August 2020
The film is full of the unormal ,with things to dislike in each character. Each with exaggerated normal flaws. Like a crippled dog, you will care for this film but it won't be a keeper.
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mimiybyazphil24 July 2020
The script must have been greenlighted by the producer's housepet! No SANE human would let this HOT MESS get made!! AWFUL!!
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A gritty tale with a heart.
redrift_hi_lilly13 August 2004
Joyride was a fantastic piece, a classic mix of dark comedy, gangster/cop-ish, teenage drama with maturity.

This film is about two guys from a small town trying to find some entertainment. Together with a girl who was currently living at the motel to which one of the characters fathers' owned, one night stole a car. Unfortunately the car belonged to a killer, on finding the dead body in the trunk, they disposed of the body in the lake, to where all the trouble started.

I really enjoyed this film it was funny and it never took things to seriously. Tobey maguire is nothing like his usual roles. It was a nice chance to see him out of character and what seemed "free" at times. Considering that this film is practically un-heard of, i think the acting was superb. Each actor/ess got into their characters wonderfully.

In all i think this was a decent film, i would even go as far as calling it good. There was little to fault in this film and throughout the whole 93 minutes i was glued to the screen (not literally) in anticipation of what was going to happen next. Its a sweet sexy and slick film, which ends magnificiently.

Any Tobey Maguire fans?--its right up your street! Anybody else?-- its worth seeing to, its not over the top and its a really pleasant film to watch.
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Trashy and Stupid
sithornia2 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The scriptwriter should have been shot in this movie. They took a fairly good plot and left it going nowhere. Three dumb kids get drunk, steal a killer's car, find a dead body, and make a drunken decision. Okay. Now a killer lady who loves her job and her car is ticked off at them. Not bad. The police are running around asking questions and looking for clues. They see nothing. They look smart professional, but see nothing to amiss. Cute. The dumb kids are still making even better choices now that they are sober. Well, on we go with the killer lady and the three really dumb kids. The cops are still looking around, and yes, we let the killer go and the three dumb kids continue with their bad choices. The end. Time- do not waste it because it is a bad choice in this movie. Yes, they even get paid to film this crap!
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Terrible movie
iansmiler-228 January 2009
Do not go out of your way to see this movie it was awful, Tobey is such a good actor and to see that this well he had to start somewhere but this was terrible i bought this when it came out on DVD and i paid 20 bucks for it. Being honest i wouldn't suggest you to watch it unless you get paid to watch it. I was looking forward to this so much and was let down it looked great but in reality it was crap well at least Tobey did make great movies like seasbuiscuit and spider-man. I was never let down as much as this in any movie at all except for oceans twelve but what a bad bad f*cking s*it movie you can watch it of course but i wouldn't suggest i would rate this 1.5/10.
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Warning: This is NO 'Spider-man'.
kirk-2468 October 2009
Tobey Maguire goes from swing from webs to stealing an assassins car in 'Joyride', a rather underrated feature that has a lot of potential and didn't disappoint.Know that this movie is not at all like 'Spider-man'.What I'm saying is that 'Spider-man' was a kid targeted movie about an ordinary teenager who goes from zero to hero.In 'Joyride', he and his friends steal an assassins car and they discover a dead body in the trunk.While they try to deal with this problem, the owner of the car finds out that it was stolen and she will stop at nothing to get it back.Kids absolutely loved Tobey Maguire's performance in 'Spider-man'.This movie will definitely change their minds once they see it.He even uses the F-word a couple of times. and has sex with his girlfriend in the car.I was absolutely shocked and kids will be too.Still, that's not to say that the movie isn't in the least bit entertaining.I enjoyed the ride, and if you like Tobey Maguire and movies with interesting twists, then you should enjoy it too.
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