Jackie Brown (1997) Poster


Chris Tucker: Beaumont Livingston



  • Beaumont : I'm still scared as a motherfucker, O.D. They talking like they serious as hell giving me time for that machine gun shit.

    Ordell Robbie : Aw, come on, man, they just trying to put a fright in your ass.

    Beaumont : Well, if that's what they doin', they done did it.

    Ordell Robbie : How old is that machine gun shit?

    Beaumont : About three years...

    Ordell Robbie : Three years? That's a old crime, man! They ain't got enough room for all the niggas running around killing people today, now how are they gonna find room for you?

  • Ordell Robbie : Look, I hate to be the kinda nigga does a nigga a favor, then, BAM!, hits a nigga up for a favor in return. But I'm afraid I gots to be that kinda nigga.

    Beaumont : Whatchu mean?

    Ordell Robbie : I need a favor, nigga!

  • Beaumont : Man, you must be out of your fuckin' mind if you think I'm gonna get in this dirty-ass trunk.

    Ordell Robbie : We ain't going nowhere but to Koreatown, man. You ain't gonna be locked in here no more than ten minutes.

    Beaumont : I ain't ridin' in no trunk for no minute, man.

  • Beaumont : I just ain't getting in no goddamn, dirty-ass trunk man. I got a problem with small places.

    Ordell Robbie : Well I got a problem with spending ten thousand dollars on ungrateful, peanut-head niggas to get 'em out of jail, but I did it!

  • Ordell Robbie : [Ordell has bailed Beaumont out of jail]  Look at you and your free ass. Come here, boy, gimme a motherfuckin' hug.

    Beaumont : Good lookin' out, man. I don't know what to say. Thank you, thank you...

    Ordell Robbie : Uh-huh. Who was there for your ass?

    Beaumont : You were there for my ass.

    Ordell Robbie : Who?

    Beaumont : You.

    Ordell Robbie : Who?

    Beaumont : You!

    Ordell Robbie : Whooo?

    Beaumont : You nigga, damn!

    Ordell Robbie : You goddamn right. That's how that shit works: you get your ass in trouble, I get your ass out. That's my motherfuckin' job. And I don't mind telling you, nigga, it's steady work.

  • Beaumont : Man, you catch a nigga off-guard with this shit.

  • Beaumont : I'm ready, man. What's the problem?

    Ordell Robbie : There ain't no problem, it's more like a situation. You remember them three M-60 machine guns I sold last year outta the five I got?

    Beaumont : Yeah.

    Ordell Robbie : Well, I'm gonna sell the other two tonight. There's this group of Koreans over in Koreatown, starting' this neighborhood watch thing. They need some weapons so they can show the neighborhood niggers they mean business. Now, I'm gonna sell them the other two machine guns, all right? The problem is, I ain't never done business with these Koreans before. Now I ain't worried, 'cause by and large Asians are very dependable, they don't want no trouble. You might argue with them about price and shit, but you ain't gotta worry about them shooting you in the back, you know what I'm saying? But I got me a rule: Never do business with people you ain't never done business with before without backup. And that's why I need you: backup.

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