Hurlyburly (1998) Poster


Kevin Spacey: Mickey



  • Mickey : You don't know what you're saying. You don't.

    Eddie : I do.

    Mickey : No. I know you think you know what you're saying, but you're not saying it.

    Eddie : No, I know what I'm saying. I don't know what I mean, but I know what I'm saying. Is that what you mean?

    Mickey : Yeah.

    Eddie : Right. But it's not like anybody knows what anything means, right? It's not like anybody knows that. So at least I know I don't know what I mean, which is better than most people. They probably think they know what they mean, not just what they think they mean.

  • Mickey : What kind of tone is that?

    Eddie : What kind of tone is that? That's my tone.

    Mickey : Yeah, but what does it mean?

    Eddie : My tone? What does my tone mean? I don't have to interpret my fucking tone for you, Mickey. I don't know what it means.

  • Eddie : Flip is sarcastic.

    Mickey : No, it's not. That's crazy. Sarcastic is mean, it's heavy - it's funny, sure, but it's mean. I do both, but this was flip.

  • Phil : Hey, if my karma's to whack people when they do some fuckin' irrelevant thing... fuck it!

    Mickey : Absolutely right Phil, fuck destiny, fate, all metaphysical stuff. Fuck it!

  • Eddie : Oh. I was wondering. You came in this morning at something like 6:02? So... I guess dinner was a success.

    Mickey : Yeah, you know.

    Eddie : Or does it mean - and I'm just tryin' to get the facts straight here - does it mean that you fucked her?

    Mickey : Darlene?

    Eddie : Yeah.

    Mickey : Did I fuck... Darlene? (picks up phone) Last night?

  • Mickey : You're right. Good taste has undoubtedly deprived me of any number of friendships.

  • Artie : He's got this thing.

    Phil : It's a vibrator I carry around with me.

    Mickey : You carry a vibrator around with you?

    Phil : Yeah. As a form of come-on. So the girls can see I'm up for anything right away. Sometimes as a sort of, uh, mood-setter I turn it on. But, uh, today there was, uh, extenuating circumstances.

    Artie : You forgot about the weights.

    Phil : Yeah.

    Artie : He forgot about the weights.

    Mickey : You forgot about the weights?

    Phil : Yeah. Forgot about the weights. Unbelievable.

    Mickey : Unbelievable! You forgot about the weights?

    Eddie : Do you know what he's talking about?

    Mickey : No, I have no idea what he's talking about.

    Phil : You prick, you disgust me.

  • Mickey : Funerals. Sex. Death. I'm gonna go out and play.

  • Eddie : You have no feelings at all!

    Mickey : No, Eddie. You know what? I... I just don't have your feelings. That's all. I have my own. And you know what? They get me by.

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