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Cute movie for your kids
musiqmmker26 August 2001
This movie is cute for one of those nights with the kids. It is a clean movie that the whole family can enjoy. Of course it is not the kind of movie you would see win any awards or get any real recognition but it is enjoyable and a nice movie for families to watch.
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Well, yeah, it was silly, but it was meant to be that way
Kristine8 November 2006
The Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise was a huge deal and not to mention very famous. I loved Honey, I shrunk the Kids when I was little. It was an original story and had such an exciting plot! The sets were so amazing and the cast seemed like they enjoyed each other's company. Now Honey, I blew up the kid was pretty stupid, so I think they wanted to go back to the story that everyone loved.

Basically, Adam is a little more grown up now and the mom's are going on vacation to leave their husbands with their children. But when Wayne's favorite item is threatened for the garbage, he wants to shrink it and keep it, but he and his brother get in the way. But when the wives come back after forgetting to give some meds to their son, they get caught in the machine as well, leaving the kids in the house alone!

The plot is silly, but like I said, it was just a family film that I think some might get a kick out of. The original Honey, I Shrunk the Kids is the best, I think everyone could agree. The third one wasn't so bad, I would recommend this one at least over Honey, I Blew Up the Kid movie, it was at least a little more fun.

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Not bad. Better than the second one.
Tommy Nelson8 March 2007
Stars: Rick Moranis, Eve Gordon, Stuart Pankin, Bug Hall, Allison Mack.

Well we've already shrunk the kids and sent them outside, and blew up the baby, I guess we might as well kill two birds with one stone and shrink the adults and show their adventures inside the house. This is a very competent and entertaining made for video Disney sequel that could have gone in the theaters. Some major problems with the film were it's obvious budget cost's, but it still looks good with an obviously small cost. In this outing, after Wayne, Diane and Wayne's brother and sister-in-law get shrunk they ride in a toy car, ride a daddy long legs like a horse, hide from a cockroach in a roach hotel, ride in a bubble, almost get eaten in sour cream and much more. Meanwhile the kid's think they're gone so they throw a party and the parent's learn how responsible the kids can be. It's a pretty good sequel that is a little too silly at times, but still thoroughly entertaining.

My rating: ** 1/2 out of ****.
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Great Movie
Swayze524 October 2000
I think Koolwiz is wrong. This was a great movie! The fact that Nick and Amy weren't there leaves a lot to the reality of family life. The older kids go off to college. Rick Moranis is not the only character left. Adam is there. Remember, Honey I Blew up the Kid? This one was great just like the other two "Honey" movies. If they hadn't got Rick Moranis to play Wayne again, then I would have agreed with KoolWiz. They got the actors as close to the originals as they could. However, they could have cast an actress with straight hair for Diane. But on the other hand, who says Diane couldn't have gotten a perm. I liked Marcia, but the storyline was not based around her, it was based around the characters.
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A nice shrunken movie.
OllieSuave-00726 July 2014
This is the second movie sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, a story about absent-minded scientist Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) accidentally shrinking himself, his wife, his brother and sister-in-law to microscopic sizes with his shrinking machine. What results is another wild adventure as the adults must navigate through the now humongous everyday items like household objects and insects to get the children's attention to restore them back to size.

It is another amusing plot device to see the usual everyday stuff become huge obstacles and used for new purposes for the adults. All these epic proportion objects and creatures are highlighted in some great and believable special effects; I especially liked the huge but friendly daddy-long-leg and its encounter with the adults.

Moranis is likable as Wayne Szalinski and Marcia Strassman is zany as his wife, Diane. Stuart Pankin as Gordon Szalunski was a little too much of a loud-mouth and overacted. The younger characters didn't take center stage; therefore, we didn't get any sappy teenage romance on the side or any childish antics.

At 74 min, this is a pretty short movie, so, the plot really concentrated on the action and fun overall and didn't have room for boring filler scenes. Overall, it is a mostly entertaining film from start to finish - it's a typical, silly, whimsical Disney movie for everybody.

Grade B
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More "Honey" for everyone!!!!!
Seth Nelson6 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Disney's next video only film, "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves," is from 1997 and it is a live action film, too!!!!!

Here, the parents of both the families from the "Honey" movies were accidentally shrunken down to small size!!!!! However, for the kids, that meant PARTY TIME !!!!! LOL So, the kids have done crazy things from making a chili volcano with hot dog people to holding a very teenage party (don't worry; it's still a family flick)! And while those things happened, the parents went for a wild ride on a Hot Wheels loop ramp (I had that!!!!!), hiding in a Roach Motel, swimming in dip to avoid what would happen to the kids 8 years earlier, and the best part????? When one of the dads played God using a stereo system (a speaker, two pieces of aluminum foil, a blocked circuit "highway," etc.) MAJOR FUN !!!!!

I loved every bit of the "Honey" series, and I wish this would continue soon!!!!!

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Small Budget Film... Tiny People.... Big Thumbs Up!
Darryl Jason14 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I like this movie! I do! I find myself watching this one more so than the first & second. Having grown up in the 90s, I was first introduced to 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!' (1989) from an early age & I have to say the special effects are just pure genius. I've never really cared so much for the second movie 'Honey, I Blew Up The Kid!' Not a bad sequel but the real winner is this trilogy. I think it's more fun to watch & it's very clear the real stars of the movie are the adults; Rick Moranis plays it cool with his scientific knowledge & creations of attracting the kids attention. Eve Gordon (Diane) is just hilarious! & I've always liked her as an actress but her comedic skills really show during this movie, her facial expressions are spot on (especially during the insect attack) but then she's just a pleasure to watch throughout the whole movie. If only all moms were like her! I also like Robin Bartlett (Patti) another great actress who shows no fear when it comes to heights & daddy longlegs. & Stuart Pankin I'm not familiar with but I'll give him credit for his chirpy upbeat character (Gordon).

The supporting roles of the kids are clearly on form. Allison Mack (Jenny) great actress, although she was only 15 at the time of filming this movie, she's gone on to star in bigger & better projects ('Smallville' of course). The teenagers that gate crash the party do become annoying. Like you'd really enter someone's house & disrepect the place like they do? & how many times does 'Ricky King's' full name need to be said in one scene?

The special effects in the movie are great! Fantastic considering the movie was made on a low budget & I particularly love the race car track scene! Brilliant too watch & makes me wish I was shrunk to be able to do that. The cast must have really had a blast filming this movie especially that scene. Very likeable entertainment & clearly the adults in the movie are having more fun than the kids!

It's definitely a 10/10 for me this. Very impressed with the film. One in which I do quite like to watch.... over & and over again!!
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Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
Jackson Booth-Millard20 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you liked the first two films, then I'm sorry to say you're not going to like this one. This is the really rubbish and unnecessary straight to video, probably TV made sequel. The still idiotic but nice scientist Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) is still living with his family and he has his own company, Szalinski Inc. Unfortunately his wife wants to get rid of a statue, Wayne is so stupid he shrinks his statue and himself with his brother. Then he shrinks his wife and sister-in-law too. Now the adults have to find a way to get the kids of the house to get them bigger. Pretty much a repeat of the other two with only one or two new things, e.g. a toy car roller coaster, swimming in dip, etc. Pretty poor!
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Very Good.
mum-615 May 2000
A must see movie. This movie is a good sequel to the last two. Introduces new characters and actors. Very funny too. I like this movie alot it is a good movie. A very enjoyable movie about the Salinskis and their cousins(Wayne's brother's family. Adds alot of fun. Go and see it, rent it, or buy the video. This is a very good movie.
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It's best to skip this entry...
MorbidMorgan10 June 2012
In 1989 Disney scored a surprise box office smash with 'Honey, I Shrunk The Kids', a fun adventure for all the family that placed a handful of miniaturised kids in a perilous and amusing thrill ride that showcased some truly amazing special effects. It's success led to a sequel in 1992, 'Honey, I Blew Up The Kid', a joyous effects-heavy romp about a rampaging over-sized toddler that although not quite on par with it's predecessor was nonetheless frenetic and entertaining. Then in 1997 came 'Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves', a direct-to-video sequel. By this point only Rick Moranis as wacky inventor Wayne Szalinski remained onboard. Marcia Strassman as his wife Diane is replaced by Eve Gordon and Bug Hall takes over the role of their young son Adam (their other kids Amy and Nick are mentioned but not seen). 'Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves' pales considerably in comparison to the other two entries. It seems overall to be very pedestrian with woefully inferior effects and a dumbed down script. The budget is shrunken dramatically and it seems to solely target the very youngest audience with it's heavy handed life lessons. Even Rick Moranis appears bored by the proceedings, turning in an adequate but tired performance. It's a shame that a series that had started out on a high had to end with a bargain basement clunker. It's probably best to skip this entry and re-watch the other two 'Honey' films instead.
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b-a-h TNT-629 December 2001
Yes, talk about bad sequels. Rick Moranis stars in this awful third sequel to the once-funny-and-entertaining "Honey I Shrunk the Kids". The concept basically plays the same way as the first film, but with the adults instead of the kids being shrunk and the inner house instead of the garden as the universe to explore. If you think this sounds interesting, think again. The movie is boring at best, right down an embarrassment at worst.

First of all, the continuity of the series has been completely flushed down the toilet. The only remaining actor of the first movie is apparently Rick Moranis. The actress playing his wife has changed, the actors playing the kids have changed, the ones playing the neighbors have changed... you name it. They try to make us believe this is the same family, but the results are puzzling to say the least.

Second, the story is a rehash of the first one, with not one bit of originality. All the few jokes (and there's barely any) and the dangerous situations presented in the movie are just copied straight from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids".

Third problem, the special effects. I'm sure this has been done on a smaller budget, but they are pathetic, way way worse than the ones appearing in the rest of the series. You're supposed to admire in awe these tiny figures exploring the huge domestic area, but you'll probably end up cringing most of the time.

Fourth problem, to locate the action inside the house is just boring. Only few things happen, and when they happen, they are not thrilling at all. The first movie was amusing because the kids were dealing with nature, the grass, and the bugs that live in it. In this one, the adults (which come up as rather boring, compared to the kids) deal with dust, a cockroach and a cockroach trap. Disgusting.

I don't know why the idea of releasing such a trite sequel to the already moribund series appealed Disney's executives, except maybe because they needed to cash in without spending five minutes thinking about something new. I'm warning you: leave this tasteless cash-in garbage where it should stay: getting dust on the shop's shelves.
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This is not the worst sequel I have seen, but it was sadly pretty awful.
TheLittleSongbird27 September 2010
I liked Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Honey I Blew Up the Kid and the Disneyland 3D attraction Honey I Shrunk the Audience, but I didn't like this film. And part of the reason why is because I found it unnecessary pretty much. I wanted to like it, but I found too many problems in order to enjoy it. That said it is not the worst sequel ever like Home Alone 4 or Superbabies:Baby Geniuses 2, and Rick Moranis does at least try hard to still maintain the likable character he created in the other movies. But really, it is strictly direct-to-DVD, and regrettably it isn't good really...at all. The problems primarily lie in the predictable story, the leaden direction, the repetitive gags and the awful script, while the rushed camera work, lacking acting(with exception of Moranis) and forgettable soundtrack don't help matters either. In conclusion, for me this was disappointing and not recommended. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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Now, this is a better sequel than the second.
maxnsam0530 October 2007
Once again, Rick Moranis stars as Wayne Szalinski, but, this time it's not kids that get shrunk. When Moranis hangs around the house with his long-time brother, Gordon, they decide to take the "Tikey-man" that Wayne bought just to have a little fun upstairs to shrink, so that Diane won't notice it anymore, but, after they shrink the ti-key down, something goes terribly wrong, and Wayne and Gordon have now shrunk down into a quarter of an inch tall of their size. Then, Diane with her long-time friend, Patty come over to see what the boys are doing upstairs and get shrunk down, too. Now, they can only hope that their kids will come and find them and restore them back to their regular size, but, in order to make them do that, they must make their voices full-size, so that the kids cannot see them, but, hear them.

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Honey, I think this film shrunk my brain
helpless_dancer15 April 2000
I guess I didn't just hate this show, but it didn't grab me real good either. It wasn't as good as the original, but much better than "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid", which was pretty dull. The race car scene and the bubble episode were fun, but I suppose I feel this horse has been run into the ground.
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Oh Honey! We messed up the sequel!
dhvidrine-movie25 January 2001
You know I liked honey I shrunk the kids and honey I blew up the kid. But now the sequel to this cool and funny series of movies was a big flop! I was looking forward to finally see the sequel since the commercials made it look so good and cool. What was supposed to be a great piece of cinema turned out to be a crummy corny disaster. There was so many cliches and used jokes that no one in the theater laughed or giggled. Some people in the third row fell asleep and four and five others kids in the nosebleed section were having a pop corn fight so I watched them a couple of times while the movie was at its boring and slow parts. Anyway I watched the rest of it and it got so corny that people started to leave the theater in ones,twos fives and sevens! A sad ending to a great series!
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Honey, I'm blowing up this movie
The_Light_Triton23 July 2014
While the 1989 & 1992 Honey movies were enough to be satisfactory, The 3rd and final one in the series just sucks the life out of the series and makes me want to lose my cookies.

In this one, Wayne Szalinski is preparing the machine for display at the Smithsonian institute. Unfortunately, He also has a little momento his wife wants him to rid - the Tiki man. After thinking to shrink the Tiki man with the machine after promising not to use it again, Wayne accidentally shrinks himself and his relative. and when their wives return home because of a bunch of potassium pills, they shrink too, and so begins a miniaturized adventure through the szalinski home.

Sadly, only one original cast member returned - Rick Moranis. And he looked like he didn't care at all. Almost every scene he did felt more phoned-in than anything. All the other actors are re-casts.

On another note, this was one of famous actress Mila Kunis's first roles, as a party girl. That's really all this movie really has going for it.

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Absolutely wild and wacky sci-fi comedy that you will surely enjoy
Catherine_Grace_Zeh7 December 2005
HONEY, WE SHRUNK OURSELVES, in my opinion, is an absolutely wild and wacky sci-fi comedy that you will surely enjoy. If you ask me, the cockroach was the scariest of all the dangers in the house. Also, Wayne (Rick Moranis) really was an absent-minded scientist. Don't get me wrong, but I thought that it was funny when he told Diane (Eve Gordon) that he shrunk himself, his brother (Stuart Pankin), and his wife (Robin Bartlett). In conclusion, if you like Rick Moranis or hilarious sci-fi comedies, I highly recommend this absolutely wild and wacky adventure that you will surely enjoy. You're in for a good time if you haven't seen it, so be prepared!
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The only way Rick Moranis finds work
rchrdshelt14 November 2004
This film is preety bad. The only member of the original cast left is Moranis and he is very poor in this movie. To be fair him and the rest of the cast try their best but fail miserably thanks to a diabolical script. The effects are OK, but there is a stupid subplot about a boy trying to go out with a girl at a party and it just doesn't work. Anyway, there were one or two moments I found funny but other than that it was crap. The parts which are most annoying are the scenes with the teenagers which were compeletely unbearable. It seems that Rick Moranis can only get work through this movie and he may now need to move into TV if he wants to get anywhere.
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Honey they shrunk the running time (and plot & effects...)
TelevisionJunkie24 April 2004
The premise of shrinking Moranis himself seemed natural after the first two films, however their execution was way off. I never had any intention of watching this but I had on the TV Guide channel and saw the name Eve Gordon and it was driving me nuts trying to figure out why I knew her name... So I watched it. At first I didn't realize why I knew the name and then it hit me -- both Eve Gordon (who doesn't even look like the same person in this film) and Robin Bartlett starred together in the shortlived sitcom "The Powers That Be." They had good chemistry as enemies on that series (an all-time favorite show), but their chemistry together in this film really sucks. And then came all the other TV actors (Mila Kunis, Stuart Pankin, Allison Mack)... Talented Moranis and his cohorts are completely wasted in this film. What were these people thinking?

The effects are atrocious -- there's perhaps only two shots of the shrunken parents that look like they might actually be in the house rather than standing in front of a bluescreen. The plot's a rehash (drolly executed). The script is laughable, and not in a good way. Most of the "jokes" are painfully unfunny and/or in poor taste, even for a child demographic audience. It seemed like each commercial break lasted 10 minutes and I found out why when I came here and discovered the film is only 74 minutes.

Can't really say much that hasn't already been said, so I'll leave it at this with apologies to the cast: avoid this turkey!
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Oh Lord, did this suck.
Nellaberry20 October 2002
Possible Spolier

This is terrible. 110%. Everything from the horrific computer aided special effects, that were used on stupid,poinless things.. ( I.E. the station wagon driving down the street ) to the terrible acting by uneducated child performers ( I.E. the scene where " Jenny " drops a minute amount of Onion Dip on the table and she is told she is making a mess, to which she replies " I can't help it this stuff is good, what's in it?" [ it's onion dip what do you think is in it idiot ])and the cliches everwhere you look ( I.E. parents assumed gone, party with girlfriends gets out of control by jerky pre-adolescent uninvited boys trashing the house ). If you have this video, you should use it as kindling in your fireplace. Rick Moranis never was the best actor, but even HE could do something better than this monstrosity. Yuck...a -10 out of 10.
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Not the worse sequel I've ever seen
Dawn25 July 2002
I bought this film because a) Allison Mack is in it and b) I own the other two "Honey" films, so I decided to complete the collection.

This movie is a pretty good family film that actually does logically take off from the series. We saw Amy leave in the second film, in this, the third film, we just assume Nick is gone. He was already a teenager when Adam was 2 (in the second film) and Young Adam (played by Bug Hall in this film) is at least seven or eight years older than he was back then which makes both Nick and Amy old enough to have moved out. If the film had taken place in the space of months or years instead of a few days, I might have expected more Nick and/or Amy ref. , but as the film stood it wasn't neccessary to do more than acknowledge they exsist (which they did). As for the new family, again because of the time-frame of these films, it's easy to assume we just never met these people before. Cousin Jenny (Allison Mack)is annoying at points, but that a fault of her characters age group. She's filling the role of teenage girl in the film, a role first fullfilled by Amy in "honey I shrunk the kids" and filled by Nick's love intrest Mandy (Keri Russell) in "Honey I blew up the kid". There is a problem with "Honey we shrunk ourselves" recycling plots from the previous films (riding in toy cars, taming large bugs) and they also pulled the overused "teen invites a few friends over and it turns into an out of control party" trick, but overall it's fun to watch. Instead of the parents panicking because something has happened to the kids, the kids rejoice in having the house to themselves not knowing there parents have been watching the whole time. And while the parents don't hessitate to want there kids "back to normal" that isn't as true when the situation is reversed. It's not a Great film, but as far as sequels go, this pretty much remains believable and loyal to the previous story (unlike movies like 'The Lion King II' and 'the Neverending Story III') and it is still as fun to watch as the other two films. I have two types of 'family' movies in the house, the ones I have to put in and I leave the kids alone to watch (because they are annoying) and the ones I can watch with them. This one I can easily sit and enjoy with them.
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Honey we're sick of sequels
andykleinendorst9 October 2001
After the Disney channel repeatedly played this movie, I finally watched it. (Of course I wouldn't waste my money on it) It was full of stupid inventions, that could've been thought up by a 5 year-old. Half of the inventions, are so unrealistic it's scary. The one that plays Jenny is very immature for her age, in the movie. Every time she says Ricki's name, she always yells out "Ricky King!" I mean how many Ricky's are there? Then she is telling someone that they are making a mess, in a high pitched, defensive voice. Then the other girls, try to act mature, they pretend that the Ginger-ale is champane. It's really stupid, how everything is not to scale at all. Like sometimes, their bodies will be the size of a button, then they'll fill up a race car. Another thing is that when he uses the Gum wrapper, that sounds like tinfoil, which is shouldn't. Overall this movie does not deserve to have a price tag on it.
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Talk about bad sequels!
KoolWiz15 May 1999
This movie was really boring. First of all, the only character from the original one is Rick Moranis. If Marcia Strassman, replaced by Eve Gordon, was the mother, I would've enjoyed this movie a little more. There wasn't even Nick & Amy mentioned, except in the two minute camp discussion sequence. There were the new family included, Gordon, Wayne's brother & his family. This movie was starting to bring me down, when they got totally off-subject when Jenny's party went underway. This movie I would not suggest to anyone who's looking for a good movie (because it's not), loves sequels (because this will be the first one you don't like) & anyone over the age of ten, either sex. (because it will amaze the little ones, but it's tetious for the older ones)

The only good thing was that it was a little over an hour, so if you really got sick of it, there wouldn't be much more. I own this movie, but I got it for a gift. I only watch it as a last resort.
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