Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) Poster

Joan Cusack: Marcella



  • Marty : Why are you so interested in me going to my high school reunion?

    Marcella : I just find it amusing that you came from somewhere.

  • Marcella : Sir, I'm really beginning to worry about your safety.

    Marty : Look, I got to go.

    Marcella : Yeah, we all got to go sometime, sir, but we can choose when.

    Marty : No one chooses when.

  • Marcella : You can take care of business and stop by Grosse Pointe for your reunion...

    Marty : Look, Sgt. Pepper, I really need you to shut up about that.

    Marcella : Sir, it's out of my hands. The gods want you to go back home and they want you to delete someone while you're there.

  • Marcella : Don't hang up! Wait! Did ya' read yesterday's offer?

    Marty : Hold on a minute.

    Marcella : It's in French. It's a Greenpeace boat. It'd be so easy.

    Marty : No way! I have scruples.

  • Marcella : Sir, they're very unhappy.

    Martin Q. Blank : I'm very unhappy.

    Marcella : It was supposed to look like a heart attack! He was supposed to die in his sleep!

    Martin Q. Blank : Well, he moved.

  • Marcella : [Marcella dances around the office, pouring gasoline all over everything, pounding on computers with a hammer, throwing bits of equipment across the room, all the while humming cheerfully to herself. The phone rings] 

    Marcella : Hello?

    Marty : Are we out of business yet?

    Marcella : [sing-song]  I am taking down the office now.

  • Marcella : [Carrying on multiple conversations over the phone]  Okay, got it.

    Marty : Bye bye

    [hangs up] 

    Marcella : Amelia?

    [the other line beeps] 

    Marcella : Wait, hold on a second.

    [switches to the other line] 

    Marcella : Pacific Trident Global. Janice?... Yeah, where the fuck is it? I ordered it three days ago... No, that doesn't work. That's, that's not right. Let me go over it again, alright? Let's see: 3,000 rounds of 9mm sub-sonic. You had that. I gave that to you on the fucking list!... Well I don't give a God-damn where it is, you get it here now!

    [hangs up] 

    Marcella : Amelia? I'm sorry... Yeah, no... No, I, it's not going to be a boring soup! It just, that's just the base! You put the chicken in, you gotta add other flavors. Carrots and celery are just a base of a soup!

  • Marcella : As a graduate of the class of 1986, you are someone special. Remember, there's nowhere you can go that you haven't learned how to go in time. Whatever the hell that means.

  • Marcella : You know, when you started getting invited to your ten year high school reunion, time is catching up.

    Martin Q. Blank : Are you talking about a sense of my own mortality or a fear of death?

    Marcella : Well, I never really thought about it quite like that.

    Martin Q. Blank : Did you go to yours?

    Marcella : Yes, I did. It was just as if everyone had swelled.

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