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  • Vincent Freeman is born in a futuristic society which people are genetically engineered. But, Vincent wasn't genetic engineered upon birth and suffers from a genetic disorder. After Vincent's genetic engineered brother Anton is born, Vincent's parents favor Anton over him and due to his genetic disorder, Vincent cannot fulfill his dreams of becoming an astronaut and going to outer space. Leaving home and disowning his parents and Anton, Vincent gains employment as a caretaker for Gattaca, an elite corporation that trains genetically engineered people for space missions. Vincent meets Jerome Morrow, a disabled athlete and Jerome agrees and allows Vincent to impersonate him and assume his identity so Vincent can join the Gattaca space program. However, Vincent's dream of going into outer space is threatened when a Gattaca executive is assassinated and Anton, now a police detective is assigned to investigate. But, Vincent's eyelash is discovered at the crime scene and Vincent becomes the chief suspect. With Anton and the police following his trail, Vincent sets out to cover his tracks. But, he is soon forced to reveal the beautiful Gattaca employee Irene Cassini his true identity and that he conned the system so he could fulfill his dream when his cover gets blown and Anton confronts Vincent over his actions. Edit

  • It's indeed mortally dangerous for a normal human being like Vincent even to attempt such a reckless act. However, Irene was genetically designed like most (if not all) of the drivers in the highway, so it could be argued that most of the Valid (genetically enhanced individuals) have far better senses and reflexes other than the InValid or God's Children (normal human beings), and an inherent lower level of fear in front of dangerous situations. Note how Gattaca's world seems to have no traffic lights whatsoever, for instance. Maybe they are not needed at all. Edit

  • The piece played by the six-fingered pianist ( is a variation on Impromptu in G Flat Major, D899, No. 3. by Franz Schubert (1797-1828). The original version is obviously possible to play at 10 fingers (for instance, watch this version:, however, Michael Nyman (who composed the entire soundtrack and made this arrangement) did a beautiful job embellishing the piece with additional notes/harmonies to something that "can only be played with twelve" fingers, as the Irene Cassini (Uma Thurman character) notes. The piece was digitally composed from the human-capable pieces put together with the impossible to play ones.

    Many experienced pianists have noted how this variation is in fact impossible to play by human beings, not only because the lack of additional fingers, but also the uncomfortable way it would be to attempt it as a duet. Edit



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