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Xander Berkeley: Lamar



  • Vincent : What's this?

    Dr. Lamar : New policy, what's the matter? Flight got you nervous.

    Vincent : Nope, there's a problem Lamar...

    Dr. Lamar : ...I still haven't told you about my son, have I? He's a big fan of yours...

    Vincent : Just remember. I was as good as any, and better than most...

    Dr. Lamar : ...He wants to apply here...

    Vincent : ...I could've gone up and back and nobody would've been the wiser...

    Dr. Lamar : ...unfortunately my son's not all that they promised. But then again, who knows what he could do.

    [test reveals Vincent as invalid] 

    Dr. Lamar : For future reference, right-handed men don't hold it with their left. Just one of those things.

    [Lamar hits button revealing Jerome's valid i.d] 

    Vincent : [Vincent stares into Lamar's eyes, hesitating] 

    Dr. Lamar : You're gonna miss your flight, Vincent.

  • [Vincent is applying for employment at Gattaca. He has supplied a urine sample for analysis. When Dr. Lamar puts the sample into a genetic analyzer, the machine identifies it as "VALID", "MORROW, JEROME", "011010100-09564"] 

    Dr. Lamar : Congratulations.

    Vincent : Well, what about the interview?

    Dr. Lamar : That was it.

  • Dr. Lamar : Jerome, never shy, pisses on command. Beautiful piece of equipment you've got there, Jerome. I ever told you that?

    Vincent : Only every time I'm in here.

    Dr. Lamar : Occupational hazard. I see a great many on the course of any given day. Yours just happens to be an exceptional example. Don't know why my folks didn't order one like that for me.

  • Dr. Lamar : You go up next week. Please tell me you're the least bit excited.

    Vincent : I'll tell you at the end of the week

  • Dr. Lamar : Jerome, Jerome, the metronome.

  • Vincent : [after Vincent's genetic test]  What about the interview?

    Dr. Lamar : That was it.

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