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Uma Thurman: Irene



  • [Irene has discovered Vincent's secret] 

    Irene : I don't even know who you are.

    Vincent : I'm the same person I was yesterday.

    Irene : I can't hear any more of your lies Jerome...

    Vincent : My name is Vincent, all right? Vincent Anton Freeman, and I'm a "faith birth" or a "de-gene-erate", whatever you want to call it; but I am NOT a murderer!

    Vincent : You're a "God-child"?

    Vincent : [takes Irene's hand and places over his heart]  But we do have one thing in common, only I don't have twenty or thirty years left in mine. Mine is already ten thousand beats overdue.

    Irene : It's not possible.

    Vincent : You are the authority on what is not possible, aren't you Irene? They've got you looking for any flaw, that after a while that's all you see. For what it's worth, I'm here to tell you that it is possible. It is possible.

  • [Vincent is looking at the 12-fingered pianist] 

    Irene : You didn't know?

    Vincent : Oh, I knew.

    Irene : It's amazing, isn't it?

    Vincent : Twelve fingers or one, it's how you play

    Irene : That piece can only be played with twelve.

  • Vincent : A year is a long time.

    Irene : Not so long. Just once around the sun.

  • Irene : How many launches are there each day, Vincent? A dozen?

    Vincent : Sometimes more.

    Irene : You're the only one that watches all of them. If you're going to pretend like you don't care, don't look up.

  • Irene : I have this crazy idea you're more interested in the murder case than me.

    Vincent : You're right. That's crazy.

  • Irene : "Unacceptable risk of heart failure." I think that's what the manual says. The only trip I'll take in space is around the sun on this satellite right here.

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