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Excellent film, pleasant surprise
caa82129 April 2008
I simply "happened upon" this flick one afternoon when I had a couple of hours free which I hadn't expected.

I never was a fan of either of the leads' television respective series. Tim Allen's appeal was lost on me, and I frankly found Kirstie Alley downright annoying.

So this movie was a total surprise for me. When I tuned-in, I expected I'd probably switch channel within two minutes, but got interested and enjoyed it throughout.

Neither lead displayed the least bit of "ham," nor gnawed any scenery, as I would have expected.

Their performances were both excellent, their chemistry on-screen complete, and the supporting cast were plausible where appropriate and provided some comic hi-jinks, likewise.

One of those thoroughly warm and pleasant films, which flies under the proverbial "radar," and appears with little notoriety.. It's a fine presentation which I'd also view again when opportunity presents.
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Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley. Hardly A Match Made in Heaven
possumopossum25 November 2006
Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley made one of the most mismatched couples I have ever seen, but that was the beauty of this movie, and the key to why it was so funny. They played off of each other very well. I also liked the fact that it didn't bash religion the way a lot of movies do nowadays, and that it won out at the end of the day.

My only complaint about this movie was the scene where they spent the night sleeping in a cow pasture. Kirstie Alley was either very distracted or had to have her nose cut off not to notice until early the next morning that she was sleeping in cow manure. Whoever wrote that script obviously didn't spend much time in the country. To him (or her), I say if you're standing or sleeping in the middle of cow manure, you would notice it right away. Kirstie Alley is a Kansas girl. I'm surprised she didn't take the writers to task over this.

Otherwise, this was a pretty upbeat, pretty funny movie. (I guess Big John was saying in horsease "I don't think so, Tim."). Seven out of ten for this one.
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For Better or Worse
gavin694219 November 2005
"For Richer or Poorer" was something I dreaded, even more than girls dread Shannon Hamilton. How could Tim Allen and that waste-of-flesh Kirstie Alley make a good film? Well, I was shocked and awed. Should you run out and buy this movie? No. But don't go running away from it either. You'll find a film that is generally heart-warming, sincerely funny, and underneath its comedy exterior a good moral tale. Allen and Alley assume the roles of two Amish folk to escape the IRS. As their lawyer fights to get them acquitted, they find a whole new world they had been missing while enjoying caviar and martinis. You might not be able to get the modern world into the Amish, but maybe you'll find a little bit of Amish in us modern folk. While not something you "must see", recommended if you're stuck home and you see it listed on Comedy Central. You could do worse.
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Timeless 20-year-old feelgood comedy that works on several levels
jrarichards11 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently not very demanding at all, Bryan Spicer's "For Richer or Poorer" remains a pleasure to watch in 2017, as it was when it came out. Perhaps because of its Amish setting, there is a particular timelessness about the concept of city slickers in trouble with the law and with a marriage on the rocks rediscovering older, deeper values - and each other - that defies or goes beyond both this movie's sillier moments or easy attempts to ridicule or deride the piece on the part of the watcher. At some level there is a pleasant depth and warmth here that owes much to Tim Allen's approach to movies, as nicely complemented by Kirstie Alley's surprisingly tangible sexiness ... and considerable capacity for comedy. The fact that both play characters incompetent and out of their depth in the midst of the simplicity and incredible hard work of the rural idyll in which they find themselves (for them actually a refuge from the IRS) is fun, but far augmented by the actuak willingness of the characters to adapt, muck in and keep trying, which ultimately yields its rewards.

And the reward for us watching is to note the at-times sweet and subtle ways in which our misfitting pair experiencing strained relations gradually come back to each other. Those not made of stone will find themselves rooting for the couple, willing them to get back together - and that surely has much to say about the good and the bad (but also the essential value and sweetness and even sanctity) of the much-derided institution of marriage.

If the Amish presentation is a bit one-dimensional, well it's certainly not hostile, indeed doing much to suggest that this lifestyle is an ideal one that can change much for the better.

It's actually surprising that one even feels the need to raise such issues in the context of what looks at first glance like nothing more than a lightweight screwball comedy, but then that is really a tribute to this film, which in my view achieves quite a bit more than it sets out to.
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Funny movie
chitowndale27 July 2006
This movie strikes me as the reverse of Tim Allen's Home Improvement. There, Tim's the over the top ham and his sidekick Al is the tempering force trying to contain him. Here, the Amish do the job and they are the greater force that really tone him down while still giving him plenty of opportunities to be funny. The theme of materialism getting into the way of relationships is needed in 2006 even more than in 1997 when this movie was released. It would be well for everyone to re-watch it now to realize that materialism has gotten totally out of control in today's world. Another thing that makes this movie enjoyable is that it isn't frantic like most comedies are. Too many try to emulate the Marx Brothers. In the frantic lives we do lead today to sustain our materialism, it is nice to have something slower paced yet still not bore you to death.
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Lots of Fun & Beautiful Scenery
jkucharik19 October 2007
This movie is great and I can't understand why it didn't do better at the box office. It's a fun film with lots of laughs - also heartwarming how this totally foreign and initially irritating environment at the Yoder farm leads the Sexton's from chaos in their lives to stability in their marriage. Yes, some of it is far-fetched and highly unrealistic, but folks, it's a FILM! Why must everything be reality these days?! Reality can really suck sometimes and an escape with a movie like this is just the ticket to two hours worth of wishing life could really be like this. I thought the actors portraying the Yoder family performed extremely well and were immediately likable. I am a Pennsylvanian and have been to the "Amish Country" countless times. I know this film was shot on location in Maryland, but it really does closely resemble the Amish Farmlands in Lancaster County, PA. Who cares what the critics thought in 1997. This film is a favorite!
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Excellent movie, especially to a Pennsylvanian
buddha1329 April 2005
I saw this movie originally in NYC (Times Square) after I couldn't get seats to the Broadway show I wanted to see. After watching this movie, I was glad I missed the play. I laughed so hard, I was afraid I was going to be asked to leave the theater. I am a resident of Pennsylvania and have spent lots of time in Amish country. Their life style makes me hunger for the simple life, the peace and tranquility of sensible living. I have watched this movie about 25 times and I still look forward to seeing it again. Some thought should be given to a sequel perhaps. In these times of turmoil and discontent, maybe this blue-print for the simpler life should be considered. Incidentally, I know that Maryland locations were used as Pennsylvania stand-ins, but that okay. The scenery was almost as beautiful as ours.
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Amish reminder of all we needed to know we learned as a child
hellokitty_girl26 February 2005
granted this is not high brow sophisticated comedy, but it was actually a really fun movie! Kirstie Alley was not her usual annoying self, and it was enjoyable to watch her character change due to the Amish influence. Tim Allen was more relaxed and less of a ham, so his character was fun to watch. the Newman mailman guy from the Seinfeld show always cracks me up. the Amish child was cute too.

the Amish were not disrespected, and this movie made me want to learn more about the Amish. just a quick and simple Google search for Amish brought up several good sites. perhaps this is the real success of this movie - that viewers hear the message of simplicity and virtue in living one's life, then take the next step to learn more about the Amish culture and beliefs, and finally take to heart these life lessons we learned as a child.
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When Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley meet....
mrsanta_is_dead6 April 2001
They are absolutely hilarious! I thought this movie was funny. The story wasn't bad either. It's a regular "Good" comedy movie. The CIAs were hilarious too. Well, the fashion show stuff was pretty dumb, but it seemed neccessary for the movie. If you like comedy movies, watch this flick. I don't think you'll hate it.
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Gentle amusing comedy
corek25 January 2001
This is a gentle and amusing comedy. It is the story of a (very) rich couple on the point of divorce forced to flee from the IRS. They end up in Amish country and ‘pretend' to be from another Amish community. The main comedy is from how they try to adapt to the new life, whilst keeping up the pretence of being Amish, and is quite remarkable in portraying the Amish way of life sympathetically. Even the Amish accent is a little more accurate than is normal in a comedy (having lived there myself). It is understandable why it was not a great hit in the Cinema, as it has no big blockbuster special effects, but for the TV it is just what is required when a good laugh is required – and the language is suitable for all (except for possibly an Amish viewer).
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this movie is hilarious!
Sunshine14clr28 December 2002
i love tim allen. he is so funny. he's got the gift of comedy. brad (allen) and caroline (alley) are the example of a marriage in shambles. the two of them are very materialistic and into their money. this changes when brad gets in trouble with the IRS and they flee the city. funny how things change for the good in a bad situation. they live with the amish for a while and learn some important lessons. watch this movie and you'll laugh from beginning to end. i recommend this to ardent tim allen fans. 8 stars out of 10.
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I love this movie.
Monkey-3926 March 1999
I don't know why, but I have loved this movie from the moment I first watched it. It isn't even that funny, there's just something really cute about it. It's very fun.
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Lighten up Folks its HUMOR not ROFL
flash-10826 November 2003
This is a nice fun movie that I really enjoyed. OK, its not great art, but it serves very well as entertainment. I thought it was not insulting to Amish or their way of life, it was very amusing to see how caught up we sometimes allow ourselves to get in things that in the long run don't really matter. I like how the characters interacted with one another. This is light humor with a little depth, its not slapstick. If you enjoy being amused, without having to "LAUGH OUT LOUD", you will probably enjoy this film.
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Lots of Fun
wavylady13 December 2002
This movie may not be Academy Award material, but I found it very entertaining. The performances by Kirstie Alley and Tim Allen are hilarious. There's also a "moral to the story." I've seen "For Richer or Poorer" several times and highly recommend it.
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great movie and lived this movie.
joexps28 December 2009
My 3 kids love it, 10,13 and 15. My wife and I like it. It's nice to just watch a plain fun movie. its a breath of fresh air. Some movie and shows setup the funny parts so much their not funny. I am telling on my self now but it is a movie about our families life. Sold everything in New York moved and bought a farm in Virginia. People are much nicer down here. It's a slower pace and people even open the doors for you. I even have started saying "Yawl". I know nothing about farming but the people in the community helped us with out charging a dime. But all good things must come to an end. So many people have moved down here from up North. Had a man come up to me last summer, said I had to cut my grass it was ruining his property value. He was head of home owners assoc. and he was going to write a citation. He lived at the closet house to house about a mile and half away. The grass he wanted me to cut was the front 100 acres, It was a hay field. I told him he was trespassing and to kindly leave property. Funny thing he had just moved down here not 6 months ago, from not even 2 miles from wear we lived in the city. point is, he needs to watch this movie
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Alley--Allen, Great Team!
davidtraversa-11 April 2013
Very enjoyable film indeed! Just imagine the shock of finding yourself, accustomed from birth as a limousine liberal, iPhone user, city dweller (Manhattan), huge luxury Penthouse, Armani wardrobe, all of a sudden thrown amid an Amish community, android users for sure (if not older generation devices as to make them Luddites from a bygone era) and put to pound over rural handwork from past times --as Amish do-- with such intensity as to make you forget your previous and recent big economic and legal problems.

The situations are hilarious and Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley go through them with flying colors, both superb comedians.

Their situation within that community lasts only a few weeks, and during that time they changed a lot from their previously artificial, secluded by money (plenty of it) Manhattan Walled Life of the Ultra Rich to become appreciative of humane qualities that they've forgotten living the "glamorous" type of life of the Limitless Credit Card world.

Inconsequential movie, maybe, but very funny?: YES INDEED!!
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An entertaining, feel-good movie
headshot699 July 2001
I am not a lover of comedies, however this is one of those exceptions.

What can I say? The title says it all. Tim Allen is brilliant (as usual), and Kirstie Alley is great as his support. The movie does not knock the Amish people too much, and the movie ends with everyone living happily ever after - even 'Big John'.

I thought the deleted scenes/bloopers i the closing credits was a great idea too.
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Cute story, easy target.
Rumples15 November 1998
Well, another gentle poke at the 'wacky' Amish while doing the city folk move to country - Green Acres thing. Kirstie Alley gets to expose all of her acting ability - bitchy/whiney/pouty but can't quite stretch to 'likeable'. Tim Allen once again does well in his 'good hearted simple rogue' character. In all, a cute story and watchable enough. Not too taxing on the old grey matter and rather pleasant. Of course, it's always easy to mock the Amish and talk in atrocious German/Penn. accents because you know they'll never get to watch the movie!
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A cute mushy comedy with Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley!!
Doc_Who29 December 1999
This movie is about a rich couple who flees the I.R.S because of a mistake made in their takes. They end up in Amish country!!Eventually , they fall in love again!The FBI and the IRS eventually find the hiding couple!This movie also spoofs movies such as "Witness" with Harrison Ford!!It is a must for die hard Tim Allen fans!!!If not then at least see it for the cool amish fashion show!!!
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brookenichole-9805417 May 2021
For Richer or Poorer is an okay movie. Honestly, I was really bored with the beginning until the car chase scene. The couple didn't have great chemistry, yet it wasn't awful. I loved seeing the little girl be so attached to Caroline/Emma. Also how the group bonded with each other. It taught a great lesson that money isn't everything. What really saved the movie, though, was the comedy. Plus, the dinner scene with the prayer had me laughing for the rest of the night.

I didn't love this movie, but I found it to be really funny!
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My 2nd favorite movie about Amish life!
Dr.Lecter66613 March 2001
This is a fine film about a pair of city folks trying to blend in with the Amish. Although my favorite movie about Amish life is Witness(1985) this movie does a good job showing you what life is like in Amish country. The plot was fine, the acting was great and funny, and the outline of the movie was creative. All in all: I give it a 10 out of 10, only because I love comedy movies.
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much better than expected
johnral3219 December 2019
I missed this movie for about 22 years. It's not great --- don't get me wrong. But the humor, acting, timing, plot, and underlying message are all well-done. It's a very watchable movie, with some laughs, and a solid story-line. Nice pairing of Kirstie and Allen.
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It's just a good movie!
Baseballcoachn28 November 2019
My range of movies is wide! Avengers to Inception to the oceans series. Murphy's Romance to Madea Christmas and everything in between. This movie It's nothing over the top it doesn't have big stunts or anything like that. It's not a big drama or wild comedy. It's just a good movie with a good message! Kristie Alley and Tim Allen did a great job! A well as the rest of the cast!
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This is a fantastic comedy movie! Watch when not distracted.
rlane10005 July 2017
This movie requires your undivided attention. Many of the one liners are off the cuff. If you don't get it you are distracted by something else. Try watching again when you can actually enjoy it. The movie has a congruent cast that complement each other. Evidently very poorly promoted by the studios as it should have been number one for sometime. It is a must have for any comedy movie collection. Kudos to the costume department and the cinematography team as well who did a wonderful job. An easy choice when you need some comic relief.
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I don't know about the guy who wrote the comment below mine, but I liked it.
Jack the Ripper18888 December 2002
This movie is one of the funniest movies that I have seen in a while. There haven't really been many good movies that contain loads of crude humor lately. I know this movies is several years old now, but it is still good for a laugh.

FOR RICHER OR POORER stars Tim Allen, Kirstie Alley, Jay O. Sanders, Wayne Knight, Larry Miller, Michael Lerner and many more. The cast is pretty good, and the acting is decent. The Amish people act like how true Amish people do and the costume designs were very good.

I watch this movie once every so often, maybe after I have forgotten some of it and watch it again, and there you go it's new again! So, if you are like me and enjoy some good, old-fashioned Tim Allen crude humor, then slide FOR RICHER OR POORER off the shelf.

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