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Such an underrated film
Youre_My_One6 August 2004
Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry) is a New Yorker sent to Las Vegas to oversee a construction project. There he meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek) and some serious chemistry brings them together for one night. But Alex doesn't see Isabel again until 3 months later, when he learns that she is pregnant. On a whim and a prayer, he proposes. However, there's more to marriage than a Vegas chapel and an Elvis impersonator, as Alex and Isabel soon learn… Overall, Fools Rush In follows the same formula of any romantic comedy - Two people fall in love and then a problem arises that breaks them apart for a period of time and then eventually one of them wakes up, the problem is resolved, they say I love you and live happily ever after. - I know, but I still absolutely love this film. There's just something so delightful and enchanting about it. Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek are both so loveable and the story is fresh and vibrant with a big heart. It's one of my all-time favourite movies.
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An under-appreciated movie
ChrisDickerson29 November 2004
This is one of those movies that I can't help but love. It certainly isn't the best movie ever, but Perry and Hayek both turn in wonderful performances. You can't help but like both of them. You care for the characters. And that is something that is becoming more and more rare in today's movies. The supporting cast does a great job as well, especially Perry's real father and Jill Clayburgh as his parents. It probably is the first time Hayek shows that she is a star and can carry a movie (or at least half of it) on her back. Perry brings a great sense of comedy to the movie. Some of his scenes and lines are laugh-out-loud funny. On top of that, the story is just quirky enough (based on a real-life romance) that the entire situation makes you chuckle.
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Fools Rush In...but we get something good from it
Chrysanthepop13 July 2007
'Fools Rush In' is one of my favorite romantic comedies. Though, I know that many will dislike it but I'd take it anyday over any Julia Roberts rom-com. It's sweet without having too much sugar. It's one I have repeatedly watched and never got bored of. Director Andy Tenant deserves credit for putting it all together.

It has the unusual pairing of Matthew Perry and Salma Hayek (which really works). Both share a great chemistry and look good together. While Perry's Alex is a little similar to Chandler Bing (except with a much bigger problem to deal with), the actor knows how to make the audience like him. Hayek as the vibrant, stubborn, mean but adorable Isabel is simply brilliant. The rest of the cast provide adequate support.

The movie is full of light and delightful moments. Though there are certain aspects of culture clash, it is all presented in a humorous manner. Supporting the movie is a wonderful soundtrack, some fine location shots and the funny screenplay itself (which is predictable but doesn't spoil the fun on the way).
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Great Film
cjpearlman4 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoy this movie. I've seen it many times and it never fails to touch me. Great messages about life and love, reality and perception. Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek are both funny in this movie. She is amazingly sexy in it too. I give it 9 out of 10 stars. Make you review your life goals and what's important to you, as the characters do in this film. I can honestly say this film had an impact on me and always does. The story is very credible. Selma is so compelling it makes every guy want to go out and find a girl just like her immediately. Then take her home and marry her. Matthew does, then screws up and loses her, then figures it out and gets her back again -- for good.
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A romantic 90 mins getaway
gmt-416 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
If you are a woman who loves fantasy and romance novels/films, this might be a good 90 mins getaway for you. The beginning seems unreal and foolish (something like Britney Spears marrying her childhood sweetheart in Vegas only to annul it the next day). Basically, its boy meets girl in restaurant, both had a one night stand, girl disappeared next morning, only to come back to boy 3 months later to tell him that she is pregnant with his child. Girl brings boy back to meet her family, boy decided to marry her in Vegas with Elvis Presley as witness. I don't know if anyone would really do something like that in the real world, without making sure that the girl is really pregnant with your kid and not someone else's, or worse - marrying a total stranger. Story goes on with boy not telling his wife that he is from New York and will be moving back there when his construction project ends, and also lied to her about his parents being in Europe and therefore couldn't tell his folks that they got married. So the wife got upset and mad, pretended to have a miscarriage and left him to go back to Mexico. But the ending was really sweet and you'll wish your husband can be as sweet as Matthew Perry (who discovered he had married his wife not because she was pregnant but because he loved her, and had to navigate his way to central Mexico/Vegas/Hoover Dam to win his wife back).
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Excellent Movie - one to watch over and over
dondoss18 June 2004
I'd seen this movie several times on some of the cable channels and liked it well enough that I went and bought the DVD. Since I received it, I found that the overall theme of the movie is learning to love someone else more than yourself. Yes, there are elements of two cultures colliding (and that's not just the Mexican American culture colliding with the WASPs but also a strong theme of east coast versus west coast) but that simply allows the showcasing of some of the best (and funniest) aspects of each.

In the end, it is the strong performances by Salma Hayek and Matthew Perry that make the movie so special. The scene where Salma is going to go to the bathroom and Matthew leaves (and is brought back by Salma with her underwear down around her knees) is particularly delightful. I laughed so hard at the scene where Matthew is brought home full of cactus and says "Lucy you've got some explaining to do" that my wife came in to see if I had hurt myself.

All in all a very pleasant experience.
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A Nice Romantic Comedy even for Guys
dc-4326 November 2002
This was a fun movie to watch. It is about an American who falls for a Mexican girl. After they are married a lot of humorous situations arise due to their cultural differences. I am a Canadian married to a Portuguese lady so a number of these differences I have experienced first hand. For example, when you meet the "family" it is not just three or four people it is half the town. Also when you sit in the sun all day, some people tend to melt (I do) and others do not. In the movie, I also found her father's line "Presbyterian is not a religion" a nice summary of why the parents didn't think the marriage could work.

The movie has nice scenery of the grand canyon, the hoover dam, the desert and the great grandmother's Mexican "casa". The surround sound is very enjoyable. It includes a great many songs all of which blend in nicely with the movie. The Elvis songs near the end of the movie are quite touching.

Finally the two leads are sensational. Matthew Perry's body language is superb for the kind of light comedy role he plays. He also did the emotional stuff really well. Although not quite certain about his feelings, his heart pulled him head-first into marriage.

Salma is very cute and her tan does her wonders. She also is a good actress and adds a lot to the humor.

I've seen this movie six times in the last year. It is a nice relaxing watch.
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Cute but somewhat predictable
mistymidnight29 March 2005
I just saw Fools Rush In recently, and I loved it. If this review was based solely on my personal opinion, I would have rated it even higher, but I'm trying to be objective here. (Note the word 'trying' :D )

I can honestly say I enjoyed this movie whole-heartedly, even though it had its not-so-shining moments. I actually decided to watch it because Matthew Perry was in it, but the movie really proved to be great all on its own.

The storyline is a pure romantic comedy setup, as other reviewers have noted. It's not exactly the most original plot line. However, certain plot points put a slightly new and different spin on things, and I think these (along with some clever dialogue and great acting and chemistry) save the movie from being totally unoriginal.

There were a couple times where I was thrown for a loop, but towards the end, I had pretty much figured out how the movie would end. Well, not EXACTLY how the movie would end, but I had the basic idea. However, the plot progressed in such a way that, even though I knew what was coming, I was still on edge.

All in all, a good movie to watch, buy, or rent. Personally, I'm just waiting for a chance to run out and buy the DVD, but that's me: the biggest sucker ever for romantic comedies. But I promise: if you watch this movie, you won't regret it.
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Now this is what I call a `romantic comedy'
khatcher-214 February 2004
Sometimes the mood one is in at a given moment is just right for the film you are about to see. This, obviously, has its setbacks. One night you are just not in the mood, and you write a film off as trash; another night, in a more favourable frame of mind, you lap up a film just loving it. This is of course pre-emptive and subjective: but we are all human. We all have our foibles and manias. So if you forgive me for dismissing out of hand all those delightfully dreadful romantic comedies with Richard Gere or Hugh Grant, whoever the delicious young lady may be playing with them, without forgetting Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, as being pure unadulterated slush, we might meet on level terms and wade in where fools fear to tread.

I just love Salma Hayek.

She is not only superbly gorgeous to look at - those deep Mexican-Lebanese eyes just keep you enchanted throughout - but she is also pretty good at acting. That, together with a nicely-told story with intelligent directing and dialogues which do not fall flat on their face helps make `Fools Rush in' stand out above the rest of the ilk. Firstly the film does not try to be sickly funny. It does not make ireful bile rise into your throat. Perhaps Matthew Perry is not the exact partner for the role, but the chemistry between him and Salma Hayek seems to hold together fairly well. The story is also an indictment into situations which must be arising daily: especially in the United States of America where racial intolerance can become highly murky. A white New-Yorker falls in love with a Mexican girl. Well, if they are all like Salma Hayek, I would not be at all surprised. I would, too. But sociological barriers - in the Mexican family also, with a wonderful interpretation here by Angelina Calderón Torres - produce the logical but hypocritical obstacles which still persist in what for me should be classified as erstwhile societies.

A film I shall see again, which for me must be unique among films called romantic comedies. But there is just that something in the petite thirty-year-old Salma Hayek which lifts me heart and soul into clouds of surrealistic fantasy, that has me fascinated, enchanted.

Therefore any objective commenting on this film is out of the question for me. Tut, tut, my lad.
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Great Movie!
MrMovieMan348524 November 2004
I don't know what anybody is talking about. This movie is great. I am a guy and I usually don't like "chick-flicks" but i thought this movie was great. Salma Hayek was unbelievable. She has me hooked on her. She is perfect in this movie. Matthew Perry was not exactly very strong on his part but he was still performed well. Hayek is by far one of the best actresses out there and I don't know why she wasn't "discovered" after her performance in this movie. I can watch this movie over and over again and I will never get sick of it. It makes you feel warm inside and makes you want what Isabel and Alex have. I became a huge Salma Hayek fan after watching this movie. It is highly recommended. Whoever said that this movie was not good, does not know what they are talking about. Sure it is predictable, but almost all movies are, that is no excuse to pass up on this movie. Watch it you won't regret it! Also, Salma is in After The Sunset, which is out now! Go watch it. Salma is great and beautiful as usual.
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Very Cute!
reblit26 March 2005
Matthew Perry does a great job playing a "Chandler-like" character in this film. Selma Hayek is believable in the movie. Perry's and Hayek's on-screen chemistry work well together in this romantic comedy that has a touch of drama in it.

Matthew Perry is a young man that has been on the "upperwardly mobile" career path without strings or attachments. Perry discovers that what he thought was most important to him - isn't that important after all is said and done.

The cultural differences of Perry and Hayek are illustrated very well in several different scenes. The scene where the couple's parents meet, sharply illustrated their differences and at the same time showed that they had things in common also.

The film work and the colors are beautiful and rich.

I have watched the movie twice, and it was as entertaining and touching the second time as it was the first.
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its wonderful!
mollypop927 May 2007
I only just discovered Fools Rush In through my mom, who loved it when it came out. It is an adorable romantic comedy that, despite a cliché plot, delivers in more ways than one. Here's my version for those of you who don't read the IMDb plot summary:

What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas right? That's what's going through Alex Whitman's (Matthew Perry) head when he has a one-night stand with a Spanish beauty (Salma Hayek) during a construction project in Sin City. Little does he know, his one wild night results in big consequences, something that only happens in a select few Hollywood movies. (Most illustrate only the pure fun and spontaneity of having sex with strangers.)

Isabel Fuentes shows up on Alex's doorstep three months afterward and announces that she is pregnant. She doesn't insist on child support or that Alex even be a part of the child's life. She only wants Alex to know solely for knowing, since it is the right thing to do. But Alex has a different plan in mind. Shocked by the news, he follows Isabel and the two impulsively decide to get married. Cultures and ideas clash as they soon learn.

Don't miss out on this great movie. It qualifies as a chick flick, but has genuine humor and beautiful people as well. I love movies when people from two different worlds fall in love... it proves that it's not impossible!
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Wise Men Say...
ksgrano12 July 2003
I love this movie. As a guy, I am not afraid to say this is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's simply outstanding. Both Matthew Perry and Selma Hayek have great on-screen chemistry and I doubt that anyone else in the industry has the same. I love it. I've seen it like 10 times now and just saw it again tonight. Its heart warming and I love how it shows the differences between two cultures and how the differences can be overcome. I do not like, as another user said, that they do not say the name of the baby, but I think it should 'Faith'. Makes sense, and it's a real pretty name too. But anyways, the movie is awesome and should have won some awards. My cable provider only gave it 1 and 1/2 stars, which is WAY off, and irritates me. Great Love Story, and if only I had girl like Isabel. 5 out 5 stars
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wandering_grace7930 August 2004
Ooo, I absolutely love this movie! it was funny, cute, sexy, and it also made me cry. I love Matthew Perry, though, so that's probably 97% of why I like this movie. If you aren't a Matthew Perry fan, or an S. Hayek fan, then this probably isn't for you. But it was really good anyway. I loved the proposal part of the movie. This was a movie that I taped from TV, then watched, and I'm really glad I did. I don't know if this is a movie you would want to buy, but I highly recommend taping it if its on. I love Matthew Perry's acting, and I love this movie. This is a really good movie to see with your girlfriends, cause its a real chich flick-but laugh out loud funny.
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An interesting movie.
triple827 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I thought I'd hate Fools rush in but Luckily I didn't. It stars Mathew Perry and Salma Hayek and their on screen chemistry is interesting. This movie differs a bit from other romantic comedies in that the two main characters get married At the beginning and THEN their problems start. Didn't know that was gonna happen and made it a bit different then other romantic comedies.

Actually, I really wouldn't call this a comedy. It is more of a drama and has an element of realism(at times!!) in depicting the hardships of marrying someone when you really don't Know the other person-or yourself very well. I liked the premise and liked the casting-particularly Hayek who was wonderful here.

I wouldn't say though, that I loved this or that my attention was captured as much as with some other romances, but I will say the first time I put this on I thought This was a 5. I just put it on for a second time. And now it's up to a 6 rating so who knows? Maybe by the third time, I'll love it.

All in all, this is not such a bad movie and isn't dull like I originally thought it would be but it also shouldn't be listed as a comedy though there are certain comedic elements present certainly. If one's in the right mood, this can make fun viewing.
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browneyedgirl346516 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. There are some people who say it is a basic romantic comedy. They say it just a Mexican stereotype falls in love with a New York stereotype. Well, maybe it is but oh well, it was cute funny and romantic.

If you like movies like that, watch this! I absolutely fell in love with it. Matthew Perry is a great actor and Salma Hayek is gorgeous, and it's just perfect! The end was so cute where he went to see her at the Nevada/Arizona line and almost got hit! Matthew Perry just being his funny self makes this great. Salma Hayek is great. The chemistry is wonderful between them!I absolutely give this a 10/10!!!
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Charming Romantic Comedy!
filmbuff-3122 August 1999
This movie has been accused of stereotyping its characters in some of the reviews I have read. "Fools Rush In," however, is anti-stereo- typical in a number of ways.

The movie concerns a one-night stand between a beautiful Latina photographer and an upwardly mobile young businessman from New York. They meet in Las Vegas, and the movie details the relationship that develops between them, since the one-night stand results in her pregnancy.

On one level, this is the story of what happens when two individuals with scarcely an idea of serious love and commitment are confronted with a relationship, in the pregnancy, that is more than they bargained for. That is not so unusual. There are many unplanned pregnancies that occur in the world. What is unusual is the way in which the movie handles this fairly conventional situation and the many unconventional issues it brings up.

The reversal of stereotypes begins when Isabel arrives at Alex's house and tells him she plans to keep her baby. This is after he tells her that he is pro-choice. When most people today say "pro-choice," they usually mean allowing for clinical abortion. They don't mean "I plan to keep this baby." Yet, this latter choice is also "pro-choice." This is just one of the ways in which this movie challenges the conventional stereo- types of our time.

There is another important way in which "Fools Rush In" challenges stereotypical thinking. It presents, as a very serious and viable option, the possibility of an intercultural or even interracial marriage. That is

a topic which may still disturb some people, but which should become

more accepted if we are really serious about welcoming a multicultural world and an end to racism.

The movie uses the Grand Canyon and its environment as a metaphor for this and I believe that the attitudes of Isabel's and Alex's family to their budding relationship are exaggerated for this reason: a kind of culture shock. I don't think the movie's director is interested in perpetuating conventional stereotypes.

"Fools Rush In" is charming and truly romantic because it shows how Isabel and Alex--against long-standing cultural opposition and even their own expectations--are inexorably, metaphysically drawn to spend the rest of their lives in love together.

This is an exceptionally strong role for Salma Hayek. She displays a kind of relational integrity in the role of Isabel that is independent of her supposed sex symbol status. She takes control in this movie. Of course, the attitudes and reactions of the other characters are credible, even if slightly caricatured.

In summary, "Fools Rush In" is nothing to rave about, but it is rare enough to award three stars. It is well worth watching!
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Thoroughly enjoyable film about love and compromises that make it work.
rondine27 February 1999
I will start by saying that this is a great "date" movie since it is both funny and makes a point that both sexes can appreciate. I must tell a previous reviewer that we are not all plugged into the Friends feeding frenzy. I never heard of Matthew Perry before this and have never seen an episode of Friends. NEVERTHELESS- I enjoyed Perry's charm, wit and funny facial expressions to the maximum. I must also express dissenting opinion that this is a BETTER movie than When Harry met Sally. But then comparing movies is pointless since it should really be judged on its own merits. Salma Hayek does a terrific job playing a woman who believes in herself & her culture but not to the exclusion of everyone else. I am American & my husband is Mexican so I can appreciate a clash of cultures but love the way his culture has expanded my whole experience as a human being and that is part of what this movie is about. Besides love, romance and attraction, it is about having the courage to open yourself to another person. As her Great Grandmother noted, if you do not surrender to love, you will never know love.
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Put the rush on and see this film very soon
inkblot1128 November 2007
Alex (Matthew Perry) is a hotshot construction supervisor who works for a company based in New York City. He loves Manhattan and wants to live there indefinitely. However, management needs him to travel to Las Vegas and oversee the production of a new casino. As the assignment will last a few months, Alex is less than enthusiastic but makes the trip. Things begin to look up, however, when he meets beautiful Isabel (Salma Hayek), a photographer, in a trendy bar. They are instantly smitten with one another and the result is a hot one night stand. In the morning, Isabel sneaks away with no forwarding address, perhaps because of a touch of shame. However, a month or so later, she comes once again to Alex's condo to announce that she is pregnant and that, yes, Alex is the father. Alex is thrown for a loop, especially since Isabel is adamant about having the baby. Casting caution to the wind, Alex decides to marry the lovely Isabel on the spot. But, there are complications. Isabel is a Mexican-American with a Catholic family who is terribly upset that the marriage did not take place at a church. As for Alex's parents, they are whitebread, uppercrust America and they are equally appalled at their son's choice. Then, too, Isabel loves the desert Southwest but Alex can only imagine living in the Big Apple for the rest of his life. Will they be able to survive their first year? This is a very funny, very romantic film about unlikely marriage partners. Perry is a talented comedian whose humorous delivery is priceless, especially in this movie. Hayek, although known more for more serious roles, does a nicely comic turn here, too, and she is utterly gorgeous. The rest of the cast, including Jill Clayburgh and Jon Tenney, are very good as well. Then, too, the scenery in Nevada is of the put-your-eye-out variety and the costumes, script, and production values are sharp, also. If you are a fan of romantic comedy, you should definitely rush out to see this one as soon as possible. It is worthy of many a "top ten" list. But, even if romcoms are not your cup of tea, this one will charm you with its funny situations and delivery. You will not be foolish at all to give it a try.
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Maybe predictable, but hardly formulaic
sugar_daddyo22 March 2007
Romantic comedies are all the same: two young professionals in Manhattan or San Franciso meet, fall in love, fall out of love, then fall in love again.

This one however, takes a hard right when Matthew Perry, the young Manhattanite, goes to Arizona to supervise a construction project. In the heat of the desert, Perry loses his way again when he knocks up the beautiful Salma Hayak, who is deeply rooted in her Hispanic culture, family, religion, and has no desire to run off to NYC. What follows is hardly formulaic and more akin to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Gringos will probably not appreciate the cultural tensions between Perry and Hayak, but I can truly testify that it is authentic and well worth watching.
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'Fools Rush In'
lupinsmoon1239123 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
'Fools Rush In' is probably my favorite Matthew Perry movie. It has the heart that 'The Whole Nine Yards' lacked, and the seriousness that I felt oh-so-deprived of in 'Three to Tango'. And, you know, it wasn't 'Serving Sara' at all (thank God).

This is your basic guy-meets-girl, she asks to go pee, they have a one night fling, she ends up pregnant, they get married by Elvis, you know...the whole shebang (and I promise I'll never say that again). But what I like about this film is that the characters aren't perfect. They aren't predictable, and they aren't wonderfully wholesome people.

Isabel (Salma Hayek) is blindly led by her faith and nearly lets her almost God-fearing beliefs lead her life. Basically, if this chick got a sign that she should kill you, I'd be running.

Alex (Matthew Perry) is almost the anti-Isabel, but not quite, for that would be clichéd, and this movie is anything but. Addicted to work, Alex cannot seem to comprehend that there might be something more to life.

Towards the end of this film, Isabel, the once guiding force in their relationship, has given up on it, and Alex, the work-a-holic, is willing to throw the order of his life aside for the feisty Latina. Despite coming from different cultures and leading different lives, these two characters are made for each other.

With some excellent dramatic acting from Perry (gasp) and Hayek, I think this film will leave you on edge, unless you've read this review, in which I tell you a very happy ending occurs.

7, for being complicated, without losing its simplicity (which is the simple message that love conquers all. Awwww...).
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Why such a low rating?
raiden196931 January 2004
A light and enjoyable romantic comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously. Good acting, funny situations, good chemistry, happy ending. I hate most romantic comedies but this was cool. If you've lived in the SW United States like I have, you will relate to much of this. I liked it.
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Funny, cute and a loveable movie!
CricketGirl883 December 2003
This has got to be on my list of top ten movies. Both Matthew Perry and Selma Hyak are great. They are two loveable charitchers! This is the kind of movie that makes you have a smile on your face at the end. People who are saying bad things about this movie must not have a romantic side....because this movie is great.
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Romance vs. culture clash
MartianOctocretr53 July 2006
One of the better romance stories about star crossed lovers from differing cultural backgrounds. It's not exactly a new premise, but the chemistry, acting, and comedic talents of Salma Hayek, Matthew Perry, and a strong supporting cast make this among the better of romantic dramedies.

Isabel (Hayek) is a working class Latin, Alex (Perry) is a rich New Yorker. They meet in Vegas, and as the title suggests, rush in to a Vegas quickie wedding complete with Elvis. Then the culture clash sparks begin.

However, what could be a tiresome cliché-fest of stereotyping, quickly develops into a pleasing character study of the leads and their respective families. Isabel's father at first acts erratically, almost as a comic relief, but the story properly elevates him to be a very strong, sympathetic, and positive character. Many of the other supporting characters are very likable, as well. Alex's elitist parents are more of an obstacle, and provide some interesting conflict.

It would be easy to dismiss this story as a typical love conquers all routine, but much more happens than that. I love the symbolism of such landmarks as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam (including the state line located there), New York, Las Vegas and how they are used in the story. In the case of Vegas, the music of entertainers associated with it is integrated well into the emotional moments. Isabel's flight to her grandmother's house is an endearing sequence, and the "Donka Schoen" scene was very touching. You really feel for the lover who gets rejected in the latter.

Perfect date movie; highly recommended.
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Adorable love story, Salma and Matthew are wonderful
Adriane25 November 1998
I loved this movie and so did my boyfriend, and he doesn't like that many love stories. These two are a great couple on screen, and they would look very cute off as well. Great idea, and the love story was entertaining.
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