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suspiria1023 January 2005
Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich star in this wonderful sci-fi tale. Chock full of killer performances and excellent effects.

Korben Dallas is your average ordinary New York taxi driver. Fresh out of the military, unlucky in love and this close to losing his job. One day the ultimate fare literally falls into his lap as Leeloo enters his life via the roof of his cab. Leeloo it seems was genetically manipulated to be the ultimate weapon against pure evil but her beauty and butt-kicking hide a more fragile nature that Dallas and a host of others will have to step up and help her save humanity.

This amazing sci-fi adventure from Luc (Leon) Besson has a little something for everyone. Beauty (the gorgeous Jovovich with orange hair even), action and gun-play, excellent acting, amazing visual effects, romance, creative sets and costume design, dynamic and interesting music and a mildly annoying but funny Chris Tucker. You name it…this film has it in spades. 5th Element is hands down one of the best science fiction films ever.

I've seen it many times and always want more. I highly recommended it.
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"That's ma favorite!" (Gary Oldman)
uds39 November 2001
THE FIFTH ELEMENT is a complex film....if you WANT it to be! It offers varying levels of analysis depending on the tools you have to dig with! On the surface, a "leave your brain in the cloakroom" sci-fi yarn, you may well find wanting! As far removed from STAR WARS as Austin Powers is from DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER. this film is pitched uniquely at those who can laugh at life but who have deep down an unquenchable desire for adventure and the romantic.

Set on a futuristic earth, where really nothing has changed except the technology, Bruce Willis is STILL John McLane, a has-been stormtrooper reduced now to driving air-cabs for a living...same old premise for him - nothing's changed much since STRIKING DISTANCE, except maybe the yellow hair-rinse. Now, legend has it that in a time long long ago, the forces of darkness visited earth and were repelled by the unification in close proximity, of four stones representing the four elements. earth, wind, fire and water together with a fifth "element" of unknown origin.

Dear old Ian Holm is Priest Cornelius, an expert authority on the five elements and keeper of all knowledge on things magical and mysterious. Gary Oldman in arguably his most way-put role is General Zorg who has done a deal with "The Dark Side" and whose sole purpose is to take possession of the elemental stones. The scene wherein he demonstrates the new weaponry to his alien henchman (from which the one-line "summary quote" above is taken) is an absolute classic of cinema. Milla Jovovich (Married to Besson at the time of the flick) is absolutely rivetting as Leeloo, the cloned/unzipped humanised fifth element. She must have practised long and hard perfecting her ancient language's amazing. She strikes exactly the right note as a being of purity, femininity and warrior woman. As the film progresses she assumes the identitiy of the perfect girl any man would wish for and want to protect.

The comedy angle is hysterical, the action sequences in your face, and the fx generally impressive if not mega weird at times. Color and visuals play a major role in this pro-European production, the continent where not surprisingly it was most successful. The outcome naturally is predictable and in the best traditions of "will love save the day?" as if it wasn't always going to???

So, there u have it. Watch it one-dimensionally and that's what you'll get back. let it flow, immerse yourself in IT and you couldn't fail to have a good time, unless of course you are clinically dead or devoid of any sense of fun or fantasy ....but in that case you'd be wasting your time anyway, it wasn't MADE for you!
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A Movie With All the Necessary ELEMENTS!
KissEnglishPasto2 August 2016

The Fifth Element is in a category all its own. Just take a careful look at the IMDb info for the film. Country: France, Director: Luc Besson, Filming Locations: Pinewood Studios, UK (Mostly), an International Cast, and most certainly, a rather International feel to many aspects of the production. As an avid, lifelong film buff, it seems that as the years pass, the more I watch ELEMENT, the more I really come to appreciate practically every exquisite detail!

Oddly, after my first viewing, I wasn't really all that impressed. I suppose it wasn't at all apparent to me just how much of an "onion" ELEMENT really was. From the onset, labeled 1914, exquisite design, costume and set elements are obvious! Analyze the external appearance of the alien "protectors"Quite artistic, indeed. The same can be said of their spacecraft. The music, by Eric Serra, has won awards and quite deservedly, I would say. It adds delicious depth and an International flavor and texture to most of its scenes.

There is really something for everyone in ELEMENT. If you want straightforward action/comedy/entertainment, that really doesn't require much in the way of analysis, there is plenty. If you're a bit of a romantic, you, too, should be satisfied. And if you are looking for a "Message" or some sort of philosophical moral, if you look, I'm sure you will encounter quite a bit. IMDb lists it as Action/Adventure/Sci-FiTo which I would certainly add Comedy, among other elements.

Not that ELEMENT is perfectIt does have a few minor flaws. Gary Oldman, for example, is frequently over-the-top, (but then again, when ISN'T he?) But, I must say, these moments add to the overall entertainment, all-in-good-fun, quality of the movie! Pretty much everything in ELEMENT honestly "Works" Which, in the total scheme of things, is what really matters, isn't it?


Any comments, questions or observations, in English o en Español, are most welcome!
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Korben, my man.
Calicodreamin23 January 2022
One of the greatest sci-fi movies ever, wrapped up in one of the most subtle love stories ever. The characters are well cast and well acted. The creature costumes and effects are amazing for their time. The story is unique and dynamic. A true classic.
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Negative, I am a meat popsicle…The Fifth Element
jaredmobarak2 August 2007
After making heavy movies like La Femme Nikita and Leon, it is somewhat of a departure for Luc Besson to do this comic, pulp, sci-fi film The Fifth Element. Looking at his work now, with such high-octane humor as the Transporter series, among others, (written by Besson, but not directed), it doesn't seem that out of place. He just must have decided to only direct his more serious fare and leave the fun stuff to others. However, The Fifth Element is by no means a slight film without a fan base. As far as sci-fi goes, this is a very capable installment. With its mythology, creatures, action, and special effects, the movie has everything going for it. The humor that's infused just makes it better, vaulting it through genres and making it accessible to almost everyone who gives it a try.

Like most of its ilk, the story revolves around an evil force about to devour Earth and the rest of life itself as it increases in size and power with each influx of destruction and hate thrown at it. Every opportunity to blow it up only makes it stronger. Through a series of fortunate/ unfortunate happenings, (depending on who you are aligning with), we have the paths crossing of a priest who holds the answers for survival, an ex-military, cab driver bent on having some fun and excitement, a strange woman from another place at the center of it all, an evil mercenary out for money, and the government of the galaxy trying to save face in front of inevitable extermination. It is good versus evil traveling through space in order to either shed light or death out to the universe as victory.

In what is a nice little introduction to the myth of the fifth element that will unite with the more common four to wipe out evil, we learn of those who keep the secret of its location. We don't quite know if these aliens are good or not until later, but we do find out the impetus for their coming to the temple on display. A cut forward in time introduces us to the president of the galaxies, (played in what would seem to be horrible casting, but ends up being pretty good with Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.), and our head priest in the guarding of the truth, Ian Holm. Holm explains what the dark force coming after them is and goes on the quest to find the fifth element and her four stones needed to combat it. This supreme being, played wonderfully by Milla Jovovich with a childlike glee and discovery, falls into the unwitting hands of cabbie Korben Dallas—Bruce Willis at his sarcastic bad-ass best. Willis must join with Holm and Jovovich on a mission to recover the stones and find a way to save the world.

A lot of the success lies with the man behind it all, Luc Besson. His script is made up of a pretty solid plot line as far as the world destruction goes. Everything makes sense and is explained in a way to not bore us, but instead in tidbits culled from the numerous characters running about it this singularly unique landscape. The art direction is spectacular and for being a decade old, still has some nice special effects that stand up. I've always been a proponent for prosthetics, when able, at the expense of computer graphics. Reactions are always better from actors who have something real to play off of and the lighting and environments just become more realistic. Even so, when computers are used, the effects are more subtle than flashy and never take away from the story that is being told. No matter what spectacle is on display, the script is what is important.

All the personalities on display also lead to much of the greatness that The Fifth Element has to offer. Bruce Willis is the king of this kind of role. His quips and rapport with those around him are priceless. Other standouts are Chris Tucker, in an early role for him, and the great Gary Oldman. Tucker takes loud and obnoxious to a whole new level, but it works flawlessly. His radio DJ has no shame when it comes to working a crowd or chasing the ladies, but his utter fear of danger is hilarious. As for Oldman, I have to believe Besson just said create something fresh. This villain is a pastiche of so many crazy components. His futuristic hair, complete with plastic half shield, is plain weird; the southern accent and buck teeth look is just the right amount of hillbilly; and the disposition of greed and ambivalence is perfect for a bad guy. When he explains how destruction allows all the little machines that man created to finally have work cleaning up the mess, it's fantastic. The real beauty, though, is that no matter how many strong lead roles are here, the little guys steal scenes as well. Singer Tricky is great as Oldman's "Right Arm" and Mathieu Kassovitz partakes in one of the best scenes in the film when he attempts to mug Willis at his apartment.

Even with all its camp and fun, Besson keeps it all grounded in drama as any fantasy tale does. He has a real vision for aesthetics and has changed his scope often as he goes from film to film. From the mobster/corrupt cop world of New York, to the countryside of war with Joan of Arc, he never pigeonholes himself in a style. I am still holding out hope that his newest, Angel-A, with all its black and white, stylish noir feel, will hit the big screens here in Buffalo. It will be a real shame if the rumors are true and the completion of his children tale, Arthur and the Minimoys, will be the final work by him as a director.
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rbverhoef2 November 2003
There is so much entertainment in this movie it would be almost stupid to write about its flaws. Especially the story is not the best thing here, but who cares. I liked every scene, every moment in this movie. The movie opens in Egypt, 1914, and we meet some strange creatures. From here on we know this is not going to be a normal or very serious sci-fi action movie. The creatures tell a priest that the stones are no longer save on earth and they take some things. They tell the priest they will return in 300 years, when evil arrives.

300 years later. The strange creatures return but they are attacked by other strange creatures. The only thing that survives is reconstructed and turns out to be Lee Loo (Milla Jovovich). She is the fifth element, the ultimate weapon against evil. Evil here looks like a great ball of fire. Lee Loo escapes from the authorities, and in an astonishing shot we see how a city looks like now. She jumps of a building and ends up in the flying cab of Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis). He saves her from the police, she asks for priest Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm), he brings her there.

We learn a little more about Lee Loo here. She needs four stones, the four other elements, to save the world. The stones are on a vacation resort where we meet DJ Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker). He has some funny scenes as well. We have also met Zorg, who is played by Gary Oldman in a great way. The attack on the strange creatures early in the movie was planned by him. He wants the stones as well, he is offered a lot of money for them. How the story develops from here I will not reveal.

The story doesn't even matter. In every scene we have something to like. Beautiful settings, great visual effects, Gary Oldman, the beautiful Jovovich or the funny moments from Bruce Willis, Chris Tucker and Ian Holm. May be this movie is not for everyone but if you don't think to much you will definitely like it.
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A mainstream-cult classic?
bowmanblue11 September 2020
I remember when 'The Fifth Element' first came out in the cinema in 1997. I saw it twice. It was awesome. It was only really after its release did the narrative begin breaking through (the ways thing did prior to the internet!) that it wasn't 'very good.' And yet everyone I spoke to loved it. I worked in a video rental store in 1998. It was still a major title and the public seemed to love it, too.

Over time I realised that, despite critics seemingly delighting in pulling it apart, the general public thought it was great. They say there are only about ten different story types and that every film is just a variation on the way each is told. With that in mind, 'The Fifth Element' isn't anything particularly original in terms of the actual story - in the distant future, a giant planet of 'pure evil' is hurtling towards the Earth preparing to wipe all us humans out. The only thing that can destroy it is a being of pure goodness (Milla Jovovich before she hit the big time in the 'Resident Evil' franchise), who just so happens to be in the care of a wise-cracking New York taxi driver (Bruce Willis when he still put effort into his performances). However, what makes the film stand out is the way its presented.

If ever a film 'built a world' it was here. The special effects may look just ever-so-slightly dated today, they were amazing for the time and I think most people will still enjoy them for what they are. You'll see New York in the future with mile high skyscrapers and flying queues of cars gridlocked around their peaks (beating the 'Star Wars' prequels by a few years!). You'll see a variety of futuristic settings and technology, presented as if they are just everyday items that everyone uses. I hear fashion designer Jean Paul Gauteur (spelling!) personally designed every costume - right from the stars' own wardrobe to the background characters to give every person that 'space-age feel.'

I've already said that Bruce Willis was still an A-list star when he made this. His once natural charm and endearing smirk, mixed with wise-cracks and macho heroics worked well here with Milla Jovovich's faux naive persona which underlies her true mystical powers. But they're just the icing on the cake. 'The Fifth Element' is practically an ensemble cast with villainous Gary Oldman as the bad-guy and Ian Holm as the well-meaning priest who's on hand to help out. Maybe the reason there was a certain amount of hate directed towards the film was down to Chris Rock. If you ever see some online list of 'Most Annoying Characters in Films' you'll probably find him as 'Number 2' (only pipped by Jar Jar Binks from 'Star Wars'). Yes, he's pretty obnoxious - but he's supposed to be! You're supposed to be irritated by his antics and he only comes into the story in the last third, so - personally - if you really can't stand him that much, I'm sure he should ruin the whole film for you.

Basically, 'The Fifth Element' has everything an enduring film should have. It has action, romance, sci-fi (if you're into that!), adventure, sets, special effects, costumes, humour, brilliant direction (the way characters in one scene answer a seemingly unrelated question a different character had just posed is very nice and adds to the quirky feel very well) and - perhaps most importantly - if has all that without needing to be 'adult' in content. It was rated 'PG' here in the UK and I think it's a film that all the family can enjoy together. Better still... it never received a sequel or remake (to date, 2020!), therefore leaving this as a perfectly self-contained little gem of sci-fi brilliance.
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Simply put, this movie is FUN!!!
Penfold-628 October 1998
I really believe that they billed this movie wrong. Many folks came in expecting the next Star Wars and were disappointed, to say the least. It's not like Star Wars. It's kinda like a live action comic book. Visually stunning, awesome use of color that just jumps out at you, and non-stop action, lots of it done with tongue firmly in cheek. Plot? Well forget the plot, it's the weak point of the film. But hey who ever said comic books had to have strong plots? Willis, Jovovich, and the rest do a fine job. I especially like the casting of Jovovich, she exudes innocence, vulnerability, sex, exotica, intelligence, and kung fu machismo all at the same time. So turn off the cynicism sign as you watch and just enjoy the ride. Great stuff!
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earth meet Jovovich, Jovovich meet earth
A_Different_Drummer23 March 2015
Talk about love at first sight.

This is one of those movies where if you were lucky enough to see it first-run, you did not really appreciate it at the time.

It holds up very well. And gets better with subsequent viewings (As does MS. Jovovich who went on to do a string of very memorable sci fi flicks, and one drama where, believe it or not, she played an aspiring wedding singer) Massive (truly massive) talent in front of and behind the camera. Luc Besson in front (crazy as a loon but boy can he write scripts) and Willis/Oldman in front.

For the day, the special effects were top notch.

There a joyful innocence about the film which was rare at the time, and even rarer today.

See it once. See it often. It'll make you smile
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Hugely imaginative and enjoyable
TheLittleSongbird5 June 2011
This sci-fi fantasy had a lot of ingredients to be great, a wonderful concept, Luc Besson who directed the brilliant Leon:The Professional and Gary Oldman who is one of the best underrated actors working today being just a few.

The Fifth Element is a hugely imaginative and enjoyable film, with only Chris Tucker's annoying character and performance and the occasional lack of flow in the plot being its sole drawbacks. I adored the concept and the story even with the lack of flow never failed to intrigue.

The script and satire are fun and slick, the visuals are breathtaking and unusual especially the amazing Big Apple effects with honourable mention to the camp trip to the resort planet Fhoston Paradise and there are plenty of thrills and imagination in the atmosphere to be had.

Besson's direction is excellent, Eric Serra's music is atmospheric and jaunty and the characters are fun. As is the acting, Bruce Willis is charismatic, Milla Jovovich is beautiful and Gary Oldman is the personification of haute-couture corruption. In conclusion, a great sci-fi fantasy. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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BrunoRatesTheMovies24 July 2022
Still amazing after 25 years! By far Luc Besson best feature in my opinion. The story holds up, the acting and even the effects look pretty good by todays standards. Amazingly, the jokes are still funny and nothing about this has aged poorly. A classic action, funny one liners and great fun all round!
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Luc Besson creates fun sci-fi
SnoopyStyle26 January 2014
It's 300 years after the previous visit, a Mondoshawan spaceship is bringing the Fifth Element back to Earth to defeat a coming great evil. However it is destroyed by the evil Mangalores on the behest of the greedy Zorg (Gary Oldman). A team of scientists use the DNA found at the crash site to recreate the Fifth Element, a perfect warrior called Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). She escapes from the laboratory and drops in on taxi driver Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis). He helps her find Father Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm) to bring the five elements together to defeat the evil.

This is a great looking sci-fi movie from director Luc Besson. It proves that big sci-fi production is not just an American domain. Luc Besson brings an entirely different sense and visual look to the genre. It is artistic and wonderful. The fashion from Jean-Paul Gaultier really sets this apart. Bruce Willis does his John McClane persona once again. Milla Jovovich makes the best entrance, and Chris Tucker is wacky funny. It is visual candy coated fun.
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I finally get it
crb-0049427 June 2022
I saw the fifth element at home for the first time on Netflix, many years after it had come out. I enjoyed it a lot. Didn't love it, but had a great time. Bought if for my wife since she loves the movie. We enjoyed it again.

Recently, the movie was playing at one of our favorite theaters for it's anniversary. I was blown away.

This movie is such a great adventure, a visual feast, and just alot of fun. I love all the characters and the action holds up. They don't really make movies like this anymore. It's a weird one and I love that about it. On the big screen I really felt like I finally experienced this movie the way it was meant to be seen.

This movie rocks, check it out!
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Excellent Fantasy Movie
Fancyfiddling22 December 2004
This is a great movie. It isn't your typical same alien vs. human movie where there is blood everywhere, and the humans win right before they've thought it was the end. It is much more interesting. The story has love vs. evil in a whole new way, and there's a lesson to be learned through it.

Honestly, I didn't really care about the plot all that much. The imagination and creativity is awesome! I love the colors and the ideas they came up with, especially how the design of the city. The futuristic clothing is cool too. The only thing I was disappointed in was the enemy aliens. They looked a little too artificial.

My favorite thing about the whole movie was the music. It went from techno to opera to jazz, and to all over. I loved the music, partially because they used Engima and Vangelis. Many people are like, "what the heck was that?" when they hear the music, but it fits the movie perfectly and leaves you with a feeling more than a theme. I like the randomness of the music, it works well with the quirkiness of the movie.
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Plot wise it is weak and rather silly but, for all its weak points it is great fun with a good sense of energy and wonderful design
bob the moo10 July 2004
Three hundred years ago, the powerful weapon of the fifth element was removed from Earth. Three hundred years later and pure evil has stirred in the far reaches of space – and is heading straight for Earth, with traditional weapons unable to stop it. When the Fifth Element is returned, the ship is attacked and seemingly lost – but scientists are able to recreate the fifth element and are surprised to find it is a beautiful young woman, Leeloo. When Leeloo escapes custody she is helped by ex-army taxi driver Korben Dallas. Korben takes her to the priest she names, but he finds that everyone wants her for one reason or another – then he finds that both the army and the priest need him to go on a mission to reclaim the missing four stones and save the Earth from evil.

I have seen this film several times and will usually come back to it if I find myself in the mood – but yet I also find myself thinking of its flaws whenever anyone asks me about it. I can't understand why I do this because I really do enjoy this film even though there is much I sort of dislike about it. The plot is one of the weak points; generally it is quite good as an idea but it has many weak points that make it seem rather silly and overly busy. While this is not enough to really damage the film I know that it has put some people off in some audiences, but for me it was only a minor problem as these rather silly bits were all part of a film that had a great sense of fun running through it. Some of it didn't make much sense and at times I got the feeling that the film had more ideas than it really knew what to do with, but the majority of it worked well. The action is good but you should be prepared for the fact that, like much of the film, it is done with a certain amount of tongue in cheek humour. Suffice to say I never found it dull and it has plenty going on for the majority of the film

Visually is the area where the film is strongest and I could watch it for this alone. The effects are great and are full of imagination as well as looking very impressive. The design work of Dan Weil is very well used and compliments the effects used – the film looks lavish and rich all the way through and matches the wonderful costumes from Jean-Paul Gaultier. Of course much of the praise goes to Luc Besson who has managed to pull this together really well to produce an endlessly impressive film, which manages to be a fun and exciting sci-fi.

The casting also backs this idea up and features many performances that are spot on with tongue in cheek performances that match the tone of the film perfectly. Bruce Willis delivers the same, great mocking performance that he tried in Hudson Hawk but here he does it in a film that is better structured and less silly than that one and it works a lot better. He still delivers the goods as an action lead but he puts his tongue just far enough in his cheek so as to be there without hurting the film! I don't want to overdo it (after all – he is Bruce Willis!) but I thought he was very well cast here. Oldman is very hammy but this also works as it matches the humour of the piece. Jovovich had a very difficult role and it is easy to laugh at her baby talk etc but I think she made it work well and gave a good performance against the odds. Holm is pretty good and brings humour to his role as well. Tucker, sadly, fails to do the same as these and his overblown performance doesn't even fit well within this film (god knows where it WOULD fit!) and he only succeeds in being shrill and very annoying throughout – not all his fault, his character is a wholly unnecessary part of the film. The support cast is roundly good and features a raft of famous faces in minor roles including Lee Evans, Brion James, Tricky, Luke Perry and Kim Chan. Generally the cast seem to be right on the same page as their director and compliment the material and tone perfectly.

Overall this is far from a perfect film and some may find the humour to be at odds with the sci-fi action; but for my money the fact that most of the film backed up this tongue in cheek tone made it all work. Some of the plot has too many ideas or unnecessary elements but most of it is really good and, combined with mostly good performances and stunning designs and effects make for a film that I will watch many times even if I cannot help but see the weaknesses that many others cannot get past.
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Another Fine Luc Besson Film.
freemind300018 December 2000
The Fifth Element is another fine example of the filmmaking talents of Luc Besson. Luc Besson, a creative genius and the director of classic films such as The Big Blue, Nikita and Leon (The Professional) has returned to the genre that started his filmmaking career, sci-fi. In The Fifth Element Luc Besson realises his life long ambition to make a film based on a story he thought of while still at school, Zaltman Bleros. Writing and directing the film, he skillfully mixes humour with action and amazing visual effects that put The Fifth Element in a class of it's own. Stunning performances are put forward by Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman, who returns to work with Luc Besson after playing Norman Stansfield in Leon. The Fifth Element show us how well comedy, action and romance can be put together. Overlooked at the Academy Awards, Luc Besson won the Cesar for Best Director at Cannes in 1998 for The Fifth Element. Simply, an excellent film, 10/10.
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One of those rare films you can watch over and over
avqrhbxk15 June 2020
Think V For Vendetta or Shawshank Redemption.

It has violence, action, science fiction, imagination, war, great music, total thin leggy eye candy and the acting is impressive!
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Very fun, but not meant to be taken seriously
Xophianic3 February 2000
At first, I didn't know what to make of THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Much of it was corny; some of it was just stupid. But when I stopped taking the movie so serious, I really started to enjoy it. I thought it was a very fun movie.

THE FIFTH ELEMENT is about an evil force coming to destroy the world. Five elements are needed to destroy the evil force and save the Earth. Four of them are stones and one of them is a beautiful woman named Leeloo (Milla Jovovich), who is absolutely "perfect". A priest named Cornelius (Ian Holm) seeks the elements to try to save the world while the military sends a the retired Major Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) to find the elements and stop a bunch of alien bounty hunter-like bad guys and a very evil man (and of course very rich) man who is under the employment of the evil force named Zorg (Gary Oldman).

And of course, there is the insane but loved radio DJ Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) who gets trapped in the middle of this whole thing and becomes the comic relief of the movie, even though this movie really does not need comic relief. At first you will probably find him annoying, but he will grow on you. At least, this happened to me.

The acting is fair, but nothing special. Chris Tucker does a good job as the nutcase radioman, and Ian Holm does a pretty good job as the priest set out to save the planet. This was a very different type of role for Gary Oldman. He was still a bad guy, of course, but it was a much more comical part. It surely wasn't his best work, but it was still OK. Bruce Willis did a great job playing his part, and Milla Jovovich was excellent as the sexy but strong fifth element.

The special effects were fantastic. The story to this movie is nothing big, but like I said the main purpose of this movie is for the viewer to have fun. Don't expect to do much thinking and just enjoy yourself and I'm sure you'll like this movie.
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Funny and Entertaining
claudio_carvalho13 May 2012
In the Twentieth-Third Century, the universe is threatened by Evil in a Dark Planet. The only hope for mankind is The Fifth Element, who comes to Earth every five thousand years to protect the humans with four stones of the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

A Mondoshawan spacecraft is bringing The Fifth Elemant back to Earth but it is destroyed by the evil Mangalores. However, a team of scientists use the DNA of the remains of The Fifth Element to rebuild the perfect being called Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). She escapes from the laboratory and stumbles with the taxi driver and former elite commando major Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) that helps her to escape from the police. Leeloo tells him that she must meet Father Vito Cornelius (Ian Holm ) to accomplish her mission.

Meanwhile the Evil uses the greedy and cruel Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman) and a team of mercenaries Mangalores to retrieve the stones and avoid the protection of Leeloo. But the skilled Korben Dallas has fallen in love with Leeloo and decides to help her to retrieve the stones.

I have just seen "The Fifth Element" maybe for the fourth or fifth time (last time was on 16 February 2002) and I enjoyed this film the same way I did fifteen years ago. The special effects are excellent; the story if funny and entertaining; Chris Tucker steals the movie with his gay character; Bruce Willis is excellent in action films; and Milla Jovovich is impressively gorgeous. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Quinto Elemento" ("The Fifth Element")
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You can tell where they are in the movie by how torn up Bruce Willis's shirt is.
lee_eisenberg25 February 2006
For pure wacky comedy action, look no further than "The Fifth Element". Although I usually don't like Bruce Willis, he's really cool in this movie, as 23rd century cab driver Korben Dallas trying to save the world with super-being Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). But overall, this movie's all about one-liners (you'll know 'em when you hear 'em). AND CHRIS TUCKER IS SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!!!!!! I gotta wonder how someone could have so much energy. This is one truly great sci-fi comedy. I'll spend my whole life thinking about it and laughing.

As it is, while I was in St. Petersburg, Russia, last semester, I saw a spoof of this movie on the cartoon "Magazinchik Bo".
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A wonderful action movie to see over and over again
lparedero12 September 2001
I think The Fifth Element is the movie I have seen the most... It is a perfect mixture of action and comedy, science-fiction, suspense and romance. Set in a not so far future, the eternal battle between good and evil is shown to us in an extravagant setting. Flying cars, aeroplanes that go at the speed of light, weird creatures and ugly aliens are only a few things that are present during this film. The story has never been seen before : Good has only one weapon to defeat evil; it is composed of four stones representing the four element (water, earth, fire and air) and a perfect creature. These five elements have to be united before the forces of evil arrive to earth. But evil has found help and the stones have disappeared. Bruce Willis (one of the best action actors of our time), Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm and Gary Oldman make the suspense even more intense. Chris Tucker is incredibly funny and ads a lot to the comic side of the film. The story is extremely imaginative and is, in my opinion, one of Luc Besson's best. I have never seen anything else like it. The costumes, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, are unbelievably imaginative and fun. They are a big part of the extravagance and originality of the movie. The score, by Eric Serra (one of my favourites) is simply a work of art. And last but not least, the special effects are absolutely excellent, adding to the quality of the movie. If you are looking for action and a good laugh, this is the film to see. But the actors are not the only things that make this film worth seeing. Click here
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A great change of pace
Agent1018 April 2002
Most sci-fi films try to break new ground with special effects and visual eye candy, but The Fifth Element created a whole new concept in the genre: the art-action science fiction.

While this film has many flaws, particularly in the flow of the plot, visually, it surpasses most sci-fi films I have ever seen. Not even Planet of the Apes (2001) could compete with this film's cinematography. I firmly believe 1997 was a great year for this concept of film, considering the highly visual Alien Resurrection came out the same year. Hopefully, some of the more modern sci-fi films will encompass some of the visual ideals this film set forth.
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One of the most entertaining and fun sci-fi movies ever
gatorgus4818 July 2022
Great movie. Almost perfect.

It amuses me how so many of the critics of the time bashed it.

All of the actors were perfectly cast and did a great job.

Laugh out loud moments, touching moments, and just plain fun moments throughout.

I think Gary Oldman made comments critical of his performance, but I loved his character.
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This movie has all the right elements!
Galina_movie_fan22 January 2008
Last night I watched "The Fifth Element" (1997) written /directed by Luc Besson for the first time - somehow I missed it and not being a huge fan of sci-fi, I did not search for it. Better later then never - the movie is pure and marvelous fun. It smiles at itself, does not take itself seriously and it is outrageously beautiful. It is a perfect mixture of Action / Adventure / Romance / Sci-Fi / Thriller/ with the comedy and the funny one, too. It seems to me that Steven Spielberg might have used some ideas of "The Fifth Element" in his great "Minority Report". The story's five elements, four stones that represent water, earth, fire and air, and a perfect human creature - a girl, must together fight the absolute evil. Bruce Willis is as good as ever doing what he does best -fighting the bad guys (ugly scary aliens and very bad Gary Oldman with a hairdo you have to see to believe) and saving not just a hotel or one big city or even the great country but the Life as we know it. Luc Besson, the director, also wrote the story and the screenplay and I read that he had written it when he was 13. I think it is great that he adapted his own early writings because there is so much joy in it, the joy and happiness that only can be felt in one's childhood. The visuals, the sound, and the music to the film are terrific. The costumes created by another boy-genius, "enfant terrible" of Paris haute couture Jean-Paul Gaultier will grab your eye and attention - so shockingly creative and unforgettable they are - the garment Milla was wearing in her first scene, for example. Who would think the wide band-aids can look so sexy yet innocent yet crazy when wrapped around a beautiful girl? Bruce Willis's orange top that matches Milla's blinding red hair, absolutely hilarious outfits DJ Ruby Rhod (Chris Tucker) was proudly wearing? I am smiling now when I just think of them. Milla Yovovich possesses a rare exotic unusual beauty and the eyes, radiant and green like a new spring grass - she was a perfect choice for a perfect creature, the Mankind's only hope for survival in the eternal ferocious struggle between Good and Evil, Creativity and Destruction, Life and Death, Love and Hatred.
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Legendary film that has stood the test of time.
kirillvanheerden30 December 2018
22 years later and this film is still next level compared to the best films today, even today it still plays like a new blockbuster and is excellent entertainment. Comedy, action and sci-fi are regularly overlaid on top of each other, the volume of content this film manages to squeezes into ~120 minutes is totally amazing and waste scenes are non-existent. The comedy is actually unique and funny and it mixes well with the action. The sci-fi is great and the view of the future is still intriguing (sleeper cells in airplanes, apartments with vertical storage and reconfiguration, instant makeup devices, instant food devices, flying cars, trains that ride vertically up super tall skyscrapers, smart rifles, nuclear powered jetliners, medical devices that can reconstruct human bodies, etc). The acting is great and the characters really come across as real. The action is excellent and is greatly enriched by the previously mentioned overlays.

This should really be taught as an example in film school of how to do movies right.
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